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HLMS Ch 47


“Oh, I guess you don’t have any pride.”

“How can you be so stiff?”

“There is no way you think the noble princess will come by herself to greet you.”

The young girls behind the princess giggled and mocked me.

If I was an ordinary duke’s daughter, no matter how much she was a princess, I would have taken some action.

Moreover, the young girls who seemed to be close to the princess were in lower status than a duke’s daughter.

But I didn’t respond.

‘They must have wanted to see my reaction, but it’d be a loss to get angry here. It’s a loss to shed tears.’

The princess looked at my expressionless face and opened her eyes wide as if she were surprised and laughed.


Then the mouths of the young girls, who were babbling and openly insulting me, closed.

It was a spine-chilling sight. Because many of those people were acting like puppets solely on the princess’s behavior.

As expected of the evil girl in a ropan! Her power was extraordinary.

As if she never treated me coldly, the princess said.

“Perfect manners, flawless beauty, however…….”

The princess came one step closer.

Her bent eyes came over the fan and then she whispered to the point where only I could hear them.

“You. What if you have something that I really want?”

Ugh, I’m scared.

I was trembling violently inside.

I barely responded without trembling.

“If it’s an object, I’d be happy to give it away. But if it were a human being, then it’s different”

If the thing you’re talking about is Gabriel or my sister Rosériel.

Then that’s a no-no.

Those two should live happily with each other without anyone interfering.

“What if it’s a person? What would you do? What if that’s the only way the duke can show his loyalty to the imperial family?”

In cases similar to this one, a face like a lump of ice is very helpful.

Hostility to hostility.

Malice to malice.

“For people, it’s a different story.”

“Huh? How is it different?”

“A person has a free will, so isn’t it something not I can give to the princess?”

So take your attention away from our Rosé and Rosé’s fiancé, evil princess.

I was looking at the situation with a pretty sad heart, but as soon as I finished my words, the young girls behind the princess began to talk about something, huffing as if they had received a great insult.

“Oh my!”

The words that quickly passed by with the sound of screaming were roughly like this.

How rude, how dare she speak in that tone to the princess, how arrogant for the duaghter of Duke Hillington to even say that when her blessing is ominous.

Why are you saying about the congratulatory words here?


“…….You-” gasps

The last words seemed a bit rude, so I stared at them, and the plump young Ae who shouted those words had her face bright red.

Did I mess with something?

“F,f ,forgive me..….”

What do you mean?

I couldn’t understand it, so I looked at it more tenaciously, but now she was about to run out of breath as if she had seen a ghost.

Oh, now she’s not red, she’s becoming blue.

‘I think she’ll faint if I leave her like that.’

“Excuse me.”


I talked to her because I was worried, but I think she’s really screaming and staggering backwards in fear.

I was feeling a little gloomy nw.

It’d have been different if she acted like this when the fierce princess was looking at her, but right now only I was looking at her, and that’s the reaction.

Maybe it wasn’t just the workers of the Hillington family who saw me like that.

The princess, who was looking at the figure, snorted, and the young girls who were looking at the situation were confused.

“You try to show that you are a tough person .”

But I didn’t do anything.

“But you’re not being honest neither with yourself nor with anyone else.”

The princess tapped her fan and then turned her gaze away. I knew the princess was looking at my necklace…….

Huh? Why are you looking at this like that?

“Your eyes say “I don’t want anything,” but what you are wearing is showing that you are full of greed.”

What does she mean? Is it because that I don’t know what to reply seems like that I’m ignoring her words?

Now the princess had even erased the smile she had painted.

“Congratulations, darling.”


“Compared to the second daughter of Hillington over there, who seems to take everyone on her side if she talks to them…… You are much better.”

It’s getting annoying now.

‘Is that something to celebrate?’

At that bloody warning, I trembled invisibly.

After a while.

I touched my forehead as I looked at the back view of the imperial princess, who was moving away gracefully as if she was going to stop here for today.

‘It’s going to be more difficult tomorrow when the dance starts on the second day, there will be more people fighting.’

I was so tired that I wanted to go home right away and lie down on my bed, in my room.

Maybe if I ask Rosé to deal with this issue…….

No, let’s stop it.

‘Rosé might become the first aristocratic heroine to punch a princess.’

It was when I was shaking my shoulders at the bloody speculation that was quite possible.

There was a sign of someone approaching me, and he asked me in a rather gentle voice.

“Young-ae, are you cold?”

What surprised me was the kind voice.

Who’s gonna come to me at this bloody banquet?

As soon as I turned my head, I realized that people around me were looking this way with wide open eyes.

‘What? What’s wrong with their reactions?’

So I realized that the person who came next to me was no ordinary person.

A cold sweat was running down my back.

Who the hell came to me now?

I turned my head slowly.

Then what appeared was a normal-looking young boy.

Who is it?

“…… Young-sik, are you asking me by any chance?”

His face was docile with a bashful smile as if he didn’t know anything.

“Of course. You are the only young-ae in front of me right now.”

At the same time.

A memory popped into my mind. I’ve seen that face somewhere but where?

“Baron Youngsik?”

The man who heard my exclamation suddenly smiled broadly like a dog wagging its tail. There was a look of joy.

“Wow, you recognized me, didn’t you?”

“Yes, why are you here…….”

As soon as I saw the warm and friendly face, I briefly burst into admiration.

That’s definitely the Youngsik’s face I saw a few days ago.


‘Wait, something’s wrong.’

But that outfit is definitely.

‘That’s the banquet dress the Crown Prince was wearing. How could there be another human here dressed like the Crown Prince? … no!’

My heart pounded and fell when I found out.

‘After the princess, now I have to deal with the prince?’

When I looked at it with my eyes wide open, I realized it at once by looking at his embarrassed smile.

“Hildea Young-ae?”

So, the person I encountered on the street was not a rude Young-sik who exchanged invitations with me, but was actually a crown prince.

My head felt heavy.

‘Did you borrow the family name? To camouflage, for example?’

It wasn’t something I couldn’t understand.

Occasionally, some of the high-ranking nobles took this approach and acted freely outside.

It was also a method frequently used by the royal family.

And I became the person who unintentionally learned the secret of Prince Benjamin now.

That’s why he came to me. Are you going to make me keep my mouth shut?

One thing I didn’t understand was why he was smiling like that to the other person who he had came to ask to keep such a secret.

I didn’t like it.

The crown prince Benjamin saw Hildea von Hillington, who, was casted away and being judged under the eyes of the people.


She was treated in stark contrast to Rosériel von Hillington, who was being adored.

‘I’m not the kind of person to treat you like that.’

It was frustrating to see him, Gabriel.

I was annoyed that this was all because of Gabriel’s behavior, who accompanied her, made her wear a necklace which had jewels like the color of her eyes.

But even in the midst of it, she shone like the sun.

It was also very impressive that she had no intention of talking to the young girls who were arguing.

Even Benjamin couldn’t do that. She is brave.

Her movements were also like a sample of manners from a book, and the expressionless face got stuck in Benjamin’s mind.

‘How could someone be like that?’

Benjamin was already walking towards Hildea when he came to his senses.

‘Don’t stand out, Benjamin. Today is a day when those hateful words will be announced . You don’t have to feed…….’

Even though I knew it was the opposite of my mother’s order.

But , Rafia, the princess, was already bringing her people and pressuring her.

Although I was angry to the top of my head, I, the crown prince, was unable to follow my usual image.

I was watching with nervousness in case she would run out with tears…….


Benjamin swallowed a laugh.

As if others could never harm one’s own existence, her elegant and arrogant attitude seemed to provoke those who hated her.


‘That woman.’

A young girl with red hair, whose face turned blue.

That was the young-ae ,Count Seltheria.

Benjamin’s eyes flashed with curiosity.

The Young-ae of count Seltheria thought that Rafia is a powerful princess and stuck around her proudly, bullying people with the princess.

However, the young ae, Earl of Seltheria, was unable to say anything properly when she saw Hildea’s eyes attacking her and turned blue.

So Benjamin decided to approach her.

I thought she would be nothing like anyone else who would pretend in front of him, who ignore the congratulatory words and the impeccable Crown Prince himself.

And that guess was correct.


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