HLMS Ch 45



“… … And, Her majesty, I greet the Moon of the noble empire.”

“It’s been a long time, Duke of Belkius. I have heard that you did great work. It is truly an imperial blessing.”

Then the Empress, who nodded her head with her graceful demeanor, turned her gaze towards the Emperor.

“Isn’t that right, Your Majesty?”

“The Empress is right. Besides, since you are a young war hero, won’t there be a line of young girls who would want to dance with you at least to one song?”

The emperor, who burst into laughter, spoke to the envoys from all over the world and to those gathered.

Then the people gathered looked at them and pretended to burst into laughter even though they didn’t understand.

Gabriel’s face hardened. It was because the emperor deliberately beckoned to a woman in the crowd.

“Princess Rafia, come closer. Aren’t you the one who can be called the most noble woman in this empire? You have to be in your rightful place.”

The most noble woman in this place.

At those leisurely words, the face of the Empress, who was next to the emperor, and the face of Prince Benjamin, who was standing behind her like a shadow with an innocent expression, hardened like a sculpture.

The empress is always said to be the most noblest woman in the empire.

‘He’s insulting the empress openly.’

The rigid atmosphere was very brutal, but neither the emperor gesturing in a casual manner nor the imperial princess slowly approaching felt formidable.

Gabriel already felt tired.

‘They’re only a boring bunch of royalty.’

I want to go see Hildea, who makes me happy just by looking at her, rather than fighting with mind games like this.

But this crazy old man messed it all up.

“Huh, you both look good together.”

“Dad! You’re embarassing me.”

“What? You’re talking too modestly, my lady.”

The nobles muttered.

Everyone remembered the move of the emperor Detroit, who was so obsessed with the marriage treaty set by the previous emperor.

But his attitude right now.

The nobles on the imperial faction side realized they had to do something today.

To set princess Rafia and the war hero, Duke Belkius together!

Gabriel, whose anger soared to the end of his head, did not hide his fierce gaze filled with anger whenever he made eye contact with the emperor.

But the emperor was shameless.

‘It’s ridiculous.’

What if Hildea sees this scene?

Gabriel, who burst into laughter was terrifying, he took two steps away from the princess when the princess came one step closer to him, and repeated it two or three times.

And everyone in the room saw it.



There was a chill silence.

A clear irritation flashed over the face of the princess.
Well, what was I supposed to do?

“Well, there’s something we shouldn’t forget at this point.”

Perhaps the fierce confrontation would have continued if it were not for the emperor’s words.

The eyes of the nobles turned to the emperor again.

“This is a victory party held in order to honor the young Duke of Belkius, but it’s also a social debut party for the aristocratic childrens that we couldn’t officially hold because of the ongoing war.”

Everyone understood what the emperor meant.

Blessings and powers.

Ordinary children of aristocrats boasted of their blessings and abilities when they debuted.

After the announcement, the situation greatly changed.

Those noble children with great blessings and abilities will receive much prestige, and those who display unappreciated blessings and abilities would be seen as worthless,

And here.

There were those who looked as if they were standing on a thin plate of ice.

Ironically, it was Princess Rafia, a member of the royal family, and Crown Prince Benjamin.

Until a while ago, they were the blessed prince and princess, but at this moment, they were only cold supporting characters.

Both of them didn’t look comfortable as they were people with high self-esteem.

They were the ones who had no blessings, no powers, or anything.

In particular, the face of empress Dejia, who felt terrible about her son, was murderous.

The emperor spoke indifferently, with one hand pointing at a certain direction

“That’s why we have brought in the highest priest for the event today. Please welcome him with applause.”

It was at that moment that the door on the side of the royal family opened wide, and a person appeared following the guidance of the attendant.


The eyes of Dad and Rosé were looking at me. I grabbed a glass of orange juice and moistened my lips.

A man, almost white from head to toe, was seen approaching the royal family.

Supreme Priest, Chris.

She recalled the conversation she had with him at that time, and a tickling smile drifted across the corners of her lips.

“I have decided not to back down, Dad.”

I straightened my back. I knew that all the curious gazes were heading this way.

The twins of Hilington

And the rumors about the first born.

Did the Duchess of Hilington, who died after giving birth, was killed by the power of the first born?

Their sullen curiosity.

“I won’t avoid it.”

“……I respect your wishes.”

“Oh, it’s becoming so gloomy”

It was also at that moment that Rose suddenly stepped in.

With her arms crossed, she laughed and whispered playfully.

“Why are you asking the obvious, Daddy! Why will my sister avoid anything? My sister is the brightest one here.”

Thank you so much , Rosé and it was very lovely of you to say that , but I want you to remember that this is a large banquet hall where all kinds of nobles gather.

Anyway, the tense moment has come.

Supreme Priest Chris stepped forward and looked down at the crowd as if looking down.


His face was not seen in detail, but Chris’s voice, soon rang out loudly as if it were vibrating through the hall.

“My name is Chris, who holds the position of the highest priest. Thank you for inviting me to this glorious place.”

With a small clap , Chris lowered his head slightly.

“What I will do here is simple. The supreme priest has always been in charge of interpreting the blessing given by the single god. So no one would know more about your blessings and your powers than I do today.”

I wonder why?

Even though the distance was considerable from here, His green eyes, which crept down, seemed to pierce people like an arrow.

In fact, there were some people who became pale whenever their eyes met with him.

There could be only two reasons for that.

‘It is a blessing that they don’t want to show.’


‘Someone who has no blessings.’

Until now, it was simply an atmosphere in which the cards were divided according to the rank of nobility, but now it was entirely different. Everything depended upon te congratulatory remark.

I clenched my hand in a cold sweat.

But then, someone tickled my hand and spread my fingers.

When I turned around, it was Rosé who was smiling softly.


“Yes… … .”

“It’s all right!”

It must be because of Rosé’s lovely blessing that the tension that had risen like a rock disappeared.

I nodded, feeling my mind calming down.

It would have been better if I could have given Rosé a big smile.

“Aren’t you nervous, Rose?”

“What’s there to be nervous about? My blessings and abilities are not meant to be judged by others.”

“How can Rosé be so brave?”

“Hehe, really? So,do you like Rose?

As we were having a conversation, Chris finished his speech and held out his hand.

The attendant of the imperial palace, who had just approached him, held out a cloth rolled up in a solemn manner.

‘That’s it.’

I squinted my eyes as if to take a closer look and looked at the endless stretch of fabric in Chris’s hand.

On top it was decorated with gold lacing, there must be both the names of Young-ae and Young-sik, who will make their social debut this time.

As I learned in etiquette class.

“Ugh, when is he going to call all of that?”

“Rosé, shh.”

Rosé was getting impatient.

I held Rose’s hand tightly as if to tell her to not do that.

“But sister, this is such a terrible tradition. Even the supreme priest would fall asleep reading it..… ?”

But at that moment. Was it a coincidence?

It felt as if the eyes of the supreme priest, Chris, met mine.

Even if that were the case, it must have been purely my misunderstanding,

“You will be called at the end, Hildea and Rosériel.”

I looked back at my dad, and I could see his expression looking at the supreme priest as if he were glaring.

It was frightening because his glare contained too much hatred to let go of course.

However, Rose’s fast-paced excitement cut off the net of thoughts.

“Is that so? Then me and my sister have a lot of time…… Can’t we go and fill our stomach for a minute?”


“The salmon over there looked so delicious! You made me not drink enough water to wear this dress, and this is no different than torture,Eupeup! Oops!”

“Rose, you’re so…”

I hurriedly covered Rose’s mouth and sighed.

You never give me time to be nervous, my dear little sister!

The Empress genuinely thought she would be damned by traditions like this.

What are these blessings and abilities?

Dejia, who was looking coldly at the joy and sorrow crossing over the face of Young-sik and Young-ae, who were called one after another, burst into ridicule at one point.

Because she could see two women who stood out in the distance.

Yes, Hillington.

‘It’s a gnashing name.’

A loyal dog named Belkius was already irritating her to death, and Hillington was also a formidable intrusive family.

Even if it’s not the same now as it used to be, if the emperor orders it, it’ll stand by him enough.

In that case, it is necessary to separate the Emperor and Hillington so that they do not get any closer, and the best option just fell in front of the Empress.

‘He wants to break up their marriage.’

Emperor Detroit, her husband, was the problem.Oh, of course she was greedy too, but at least she didn’t say it twice.

‘If the emperor and Belkius or the emperor and Hillington, become distant due to the marriage between Belkius and Hillington. It will be her victory.’

Then one of the ladies who read the Empress’s gaze whispered under her fan gently.

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