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HHRA Chapter 8


Chapter 8 – Combat Exam II

Lying on the bed, Chi Lang sincerely suggested, “If the situation is really dangerous tomorrow, you should go and finish the test by yourself, don’t mind me, our combined combat power is a negative number ah.”

Sheffield raised his eyebrows: “Why is it a negative number?”

“Think about it, if your combat power is recorded as one, my combat power is negative five, it adds up to a negative number.” Chi Lang is still very clear about his own battle strength of negative five waste.

Sheffield: “You still can’t use any magic at all? Can’t even do meditation?”

Chi Lang looked away guiltily: “Well…I don’t know why…”

“It’s okay,” Sheffield remained gentle, “you can think of my combat power a little higher, like ten or something.”

Chi Lang: “What’s Joyce’s combat power?”

“Joyce… maybe around ‘one’.”

Chi Lang: “…you don’t have to make others sound so weak.” He remembered Joyce’s grumpy old brother look and felt that Joyce’s strength should still be good.

Sheffield hooked the corner of his mouth: “I’m just telling the truth.”

“Sheffield,” Chi Lang suddenly called to him, “Thank you for your help during this time… Thank you very much, after the exam is over, I will invite you to the pub for a drink… I don’t have a lot of money now, so I can only invite you to that ‘House of Hope’ pub… if you want.”

When Chi Lang said this proposal, he was actually very guilty, because he was working in the “House of Hope” pub, so he had also tasted the wine made by Mrs. White, and the taste could never be said to be good.

But he has only earned a few silver coins after working so hard these days. Treating guests at the “House of Hope” is already the best he can do.

He looked at Sheffield expectantly and apprehensively.

Sheffield also knew about Chi Lang’s economic situation, so he didn’t agree directly: “Let’s talk about it after passing the actual combat assessment.”

Chi Lang’s eyes dimmed for a moment.

“If you don’t pass because I’m not strong enough, I should invite you.”

“No, no, you’ve already helped me a lot…” Chi Lang hesitated for a moment. In fact, he felt that Sheffield was very good to him, so good that it made him a little confused and uneasy.

He had thought that Sheffield was this good to everyone, but he had observed during this time that Sheffield did not have any particularly good friends in this school either.

“I’m really grateful for this time,” Chi Lang said again to say thank you.

Sheffield: “Actually, it’s just a matter of lifting a hand for me, you don’t need to thank me like that.” He did this indeed because he was bored. Margaret had already come to Zefner City, and his business in Zefner City was almost finished. For Sheffield, there was nothing worth lingering in Saints Magic Academy. The five years that he spent here were nothing but an unremarkable five years in his long life.

The appearance of Chi Lang brought something new to his life. Sheffield recalled the events of the past few days, he had never spent time with someone like Chi Lang.

He felt that Chi Lang’s situation was not good, he could not do magic, had no money, and the future days in the Academy were uncertain. Sheffield had not lived in such a situation; he had always put himself in a comfortable position and never allowed himself to be put into a dilemma.

But he could always feel some power of the sun in Chi Lang, even though he hated this kind of power.

Maybe Chi Lang didn’t realize it himself, even if he didn’t know any magic, he didn’t doubt his ability to live well in the Magic Academy. Sheffield felt that even if he did not help Chi Lang, Chi Lang would not be dropped out of school, and he could even live well in the academy.

Chi Lang put the covers over his head: “I’m going to sleep first. I’m going to use all my luck for the rest of the day to pray for a smooth passage tomorrow, if we pass, we’ll celebrate at the ‘House of Hope’, if we don’t, I’ll curse Joyce every day to never catch his sweetheart again, and tell Mrs. White that Joyce is from the change department, so he’ll never drink cheap wine again.”

There was a smile in Sheffield’s eyes. Although he smiled a lot, the smile rarely reached the bottom of his eyes, but at this time, he felt in a good mood for no reason.

Chi Lang woke up early the next day, and when he finished washing up and was about to go out to buy some food, Sheffield stopped him.

“Don’t go out,” Sheffield stared out the window. “The examination has begun.”

Huh? Chi Lang also followed to look out the window, the scenery outside the window was usually very clear, but at this time, it was like there was a layer of cloth, everything was hazy.

“Don’t open the door…” Sheffield paused. “The ice element is very active here. If I guessed correctly, the corridor outside has been completely frozen.”

Chi Lang: “This is the beginning? Then what exactly is this test?”

Sheffield: “It’s not clear yet. Let’s go outside the dormitory first.” Then he extended his hand towards Chi Lang, “We can only use some special means to go downstairs.” By “special means” he meant going down through the window, they live on the fifth floor, Chi Lang looked at the height, then fell silent.

Until Sheffield held his hand, Chi Lang still resisted going out like this, Sheffield whispered again: “Trust me.”

Humans have always had an ardent desire for the sky, and the realm of magic is no different. Although the magicians are studying the levitation technique one after another, at this stage, they can only use the wind element magic in the elemental system to temporarily achieve “levitation”.

Sheffield’s levitation technique, however, was quite good.

Chi Lang felt like he was stepping on a cloud, falling little by little. In this short time surrounded by the wind, what he felt the most was the touch on his hand. He always thought that with a smile like Sheffield’s, his hands should be very warm, but he did not expect to feel the cold touch.

After falling to the ground, Sheffield did not rush to release the wind element magic. Chi Lang could still feel the breeze regularly brushing against his face.

And beneath their feet, the land that originally seemed to be flat suddenly sank, and it sank so deeply that it was impossible to see the bottom at a glance.

“The usual tricks of the elemental system,” Sheffield explained.

As soon as he said that, the bell that was built at the top of the school building suddenly rang, the sound of this bell was different from the usual bell, at this time it was more like the call of a lark, which immediately attracted everyone’s attention in the calm morning.

Chi Lang saw Joyce standing beside the clock at a glance.

Joyce’s red hair was so conspicuous that Chi Lang could recognize him from such a distance.

Joyce stood at the top of the tall building and also used the magic of the wind element to transmit his voice to everyone.

He presented the rules of the test in a concise manner, “Those who can reach the auditorium pass the test.”

It wasn’t far from the dormitory area to the auditorium. Chi Lang was still wondering about the content of the test when he suddenly noticed that the scenery around him had changed. The academy was still the same as before, only there was something else on those trees, ground, and buildings.

In the area where they were, snow fell again. This snow was similar to the snow during the previous elemental riot, both came without warning. Chi Lang was paying attention to the snow falling in the sky, and when he moved his feet, he felt that his feet were soft – they were standing on top of a thick layer of snow.

“Sure enough, it’s really crude, just take an elemental field to finish setting up their home turf.” Sheffield also saw the surrounding scenery.

The snow itself had no effect, except that it made Chi Lang feel a little cold. It’s just that every time they took a step forward, out of nowhere, little snowmen would pop up from the surrounding snow.

These little snowmen were probably only as high as Chi Lang’s knees, but they walked very fast, walking in front of them in a few steps, and then grinned.

These little snowmen were not a threat, Chi Lang thought it was fun at first, and Sheffield just raised his hand and melted these little snowmen.

But as the number of steps went on, Chi Lang felt that something was not right—these snowmen were slowly getting bigger. After realizing this, Chi Lang felt frightened as he walked forward. At this speed, how big of a snowman would they eventually meet?

The snowman slowly exceeded Chi Lang’s height, Sheffield did not show any difficulty and still raised his hand to melt it.

When Chi Lang walked to the tenth step, the snowmen around did not appear, only a two-story snowman slowly drilled out in front of him. The snowman also wore a top hat on its head.

When it came toward them, even the ground trembled faintly.

Chi Lang wanted to step back, but he couldn’t take a step back. There was an invisible force in the void that imprisoned him to step back.

He guessed that on the way to the auditorium, there should be no turning back. This may be one of the rules, but Joyce didn’t say it.

The big snowman came quickly, and it punched quickly. Its body was clearly made of snow, and it carried a gust of wind when it swung its fist, almost reaching Chi Lang in the blink of an eye.

He could feel the cold wind of the punch, but with his reaction speed, he could only receive the information that the snowman had thrown a punch, and for him to make another evasive action was simply impossible.

But Chi Lang only felt some water splashing on his face in the end. This huge snowman melted into water in an instant, and its phantom still remained in the air, and the water fell all at once in the next second.

Chi Lang looked at Sheffield.

Sheffield held up his right hand, and some flames danced in his right hand.

Only then did Chi Lang realize that he was still holding Sheffield’s left hand.

At this quiet moment, there were two more sounds of wind breaking in the void.

Two arrows were shot at the two of them from somewhere in the distance. Sheffield used spatial protection magic, which could temporarily open up other spaces to receive such foreign sharp weapons.

Then he looked at the two arrows: “It’s a masterpiece of the enchantment department. It seems that someone has already tried to do something to us.” He threw the arrows on the ground at will and looked in the direction of the clock.

Joyce was still standing by the clock.

“Does he want to watch everyone there all the time?” Chi Lang sighed, “It’s too cold.”

Sheffield: “Joyce is a magician who is proficient in the element of fire, and… standing at a high place is inherently cold, isolated, and freezing…” He stopped talking and started another topic, “Keep going, the more time passes, the more people there will be.”

“Is that… also made by the elemental system?” Chi Lang pointed in another direction.

In that direction, two snakes appeared, and it might not be accurate to describe them as snakes because they still had raised scales on their bodies.

“No, it’s the Summoning Department.” Sheffield narrowed his eyes. “These two are easy to solve. What is more troublesome is that they summoned those creatures…”

“Get ready, there will be an endless stream of magic from other factions… and it’s not easy to get rid of them because there will also be people from the prophecy department who keep spying on our actions with magic.”

And they had only just taken ten steps outside.

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