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HHRA Chapter 6


Chapter 6 – Final Examination

The red-haired weirdo, Joyce, officially issued a wanted order for Micah Rahman. The whole academy knew that the two of them had a bad relationship.

The story also begins with the three papers written by Chi Lang.

Naturally, Chi Lang couldn’t understand Joyce’s class, and he couldn’t write papers either, so he could only make things up.

But he couldn’t bear to look directly at the things he made up, so he had to muster up the courage to hand over these three ghostly papers to Joyce.

At this time, Chi Lang met Sheffield.

Sheffield read his three papers from start to finish, and then Sheffield began to laugh. He laughed happily as if he had seen something very interesting,

“Your principles were wrong from the start… It’s also hard to believe that you can say one sentence so many times in different ways,” concluded Sheffield.

When Chi Lang heard Sheffield’s evaluation, he didn’t dare to hand these ghostly papers to Joyce. He felt that Joyce would really end him.

At this time, Sheffield found his previous papers and modified them slightly: “I have written these three papers before, just change my previous ones and give them to Joyce.”

Chi Lang was moved again: “Won’t this affect you?”

“It doesn’t matter, we have different teachers, it won’t be noticed.”

The story would have been perfect if it ended here.

At that time, Chi Lang looked at the three papers written by Sheffield, and the more he read, the more beautiful the words became. He slept with the idea that Sheffield’s words were really beautiful.

When he woke up, he put the papers in Joyce’s mailbox in a daze.

It was only much later that he realized that he had turned in his three ghostly papers in a daze.

Chi Lang inquired about Joyce’s situation and heard that Joyce’s teacher was furious and then ruled all three of Joyce’s classes as failed.

So, Chi Lang avoided Joyce even more these days. Fortunately, the final examination was almost here, and Joyce didn’t have time to come to him for the time being.

The first day of the final exam was a beautiful day, with the sun pouring in through the window, laying a golden glow on the floor.

Chi Lang was sorting out his magic robe, while Sheffield had just returned from outside.

Sheffield would always get up early and come back from outside to pick a rose.

There is always a rose in the vase in the bedroom.

Sheffield also picked a rose today. He walked straight to Chi Lang, bent down, and pinned the rose to Chi Lang’s lapel.

The sun shone on Sheffield’s body, and his eyebrows and eyes were all washed by the sun, which seemed to have a beautiful and almost illusory feeling.

Chi Lang’s heart trembled.

Well, he admitted that he was simply a face-con, and when he was with Sheffield, he often had a trance-like feeling.

Chi Lang took a step back and wanted to ask Sheffield what it meant, but he opened his mouth and didn’t ask for a while.

Sheffield showed a smile and said softly: “In my hometown, rose means… blessing. I hope you will get good results.”

His voice was also gentle.

When Chi Lang arrived at the classroom, he was still in a somewhat dazed state, but as soon as he saw Joyce, his whole body woke up.

He buried his head, but Joyce noticed him anyway. Joyce took three steps forward and two steps back. Originally, he wanted to ask Micah Rahman’s whereabouts, but he noticed Chi Lang’s name tag.

If you take the final exam, you must bring your name tag.

Before Chi Lang could put away his name tag, Joyce saw his name first.

Chi Lang didn’t dare to look up at all, he only heard Joyce calling out his name one syllable at a time: “Mi-cah-“

Joyce heavily patted Chi Lang’s shoulder and said with a sneer, “Well done, Micah, good luck with your exams!” Then Joyce sat down in his seat with a grimace, occasionally turning back to Chi Lang with a smile.

Chi Lang waited apprehensively for the test to begin.

The final exam is divided into two parts, the first part is the written test and the second part is the actual combat. The written test part is similar to the test that Chi Lang has experienced since he was a child.

It’s just that the exam rules are weird—

1. if the test paper is destroyed, then the grade of this course is recorded as a pass.

2. you cannot bring any objects related to the subject of the exam.

3. the examination room has a magic shield (i.e. all magic is cut), you can still use magic, but not violence.

4. cheating is entirely determined by the invigilator. (This rule is better than the first three)

Under such strange examination rules, Chi Lang saw a sight that shocked him.

This exam is the legendary “Formula Study of Magical Principles”. The invigilator was a female teacher with long, seaweed-like hair.

“I’m Bifus from the Department of Illusions, and I’ll be the invigilator for this exam. Before the exam some students sent me magic materials that I hadn’t been able to find, and I think such students are very, very good and deserve to pass this exam. Of course, I also wish other students can also pass this exam, by whatever means.”

‘Don’t make accepting bribes sound so open and honest!’ Chi Lang thought.

Immediately, a student asked: “Teacher, I will give you fifty silver coins now, can you let me pass the test?”

Bifus smiled slightly: “Teacher does not accept such vulgar bribes oh.”

Chi Lang:  …

Chi Lang was basically in a state of observing the others since he couldn’t answer anything. He watched as several people sat completely together with a book on the table and they started copying it.

Bifus obviously noticed this scene, but she didn’t react. Obviously, these people were the ones who bribed her before.

Bifus suddenly looked into the other corner: “Students over there, you guys seem to be cheating, please leave the exam room now.”

Chi Lang followed her line of sight. Several students there were sitting upright. There was only one exam paper on the table. Chi Lang didn’t see where the cheating was.

But after Bifus’ words, the scene there suddenly changed, as if several books had appeared out of nowhere on their desks.

Bifus laughed: “I’m the teacher of the illusion department, you guys are looking down on me too much for cheating with illusion magic in the exam I’m invigilating.”

Several students of the illusion department left in dejection, and Bifus hugged each of them as they left: “Practice your illusion magic well, and next time, go for it.”

Chi Lang withdrew his gaze, and he couldn’t quite see the cheating methods of others.

Anyway, in his eyes, except for the few who bribed the teacher and cheated in the open, everyone else was well behaved and he could not see any magic.

When Chi Lang returned his mind to his test paper, a piece of paper landed on his desk lightly.

This piece of paper suddenly appeared in mid-air, and then landed on the table. Chi Lang unfolded the note and saw that the handwriting on it was Sheffield’s handwriting.

Chi Lang looked out the window, Sheffield was standing outside the window and smiled at him.

Chi Lang began to copy the answers on the note onto his test paper.

Bifus looked in his direction, then looked at Sheffield outside the window, and murmured, “Space magic, huh… it doesn’t violate the rules either.” She looked away.

When Chi Lang finished writing his test paper, he felt a line of sight. He looked up and looked around and found that the sight was coming from Joyce. Joyce raised an eyebrow, then sneered again.

Chi Lang was frightened by his smile, he hurriedly got up to hand in the test paper, but when he got up, he stepped on something on the ground. This thing looked like an origami. After Chi Lang picked him up, he had a hard time recognizing that it was a frog origami.

After that, the frog origami stood up in his hand and jumped away from Chi Lang’s hand.

Chi Lang watched the frog origami slowly jumping onto the table, skipping over everyone’s papers on the long table, and staying beside everyone’s papers for a while.

Well, he got it.

He guessed that this was probably another big boss’s cheating method.

Joyce saw that Chi Lang got up to hand in the paper, and also stood up to hand in the paper.

Chi Lang’s hand shook, but what surprised him even more was that Joyce had turned in a blank paper.

The test paper of Joyce was clean, nothing different from the time it was handed out. He had already made up a mental picture of Joyce’s journey, it couldn’t be because the three ghost papers had hit him so hard that he decided to give up all his exams.

Then he heard Joyce say to Ms. Bifus, “Ms. Bifus, if my test paper was destroyed, then my grade was a pass, right?”

Bifus’ eyes were full of smiles: “Yes.”

Joyce raised his chin and walked out of the classroom confidently.

The second he walked out of the classroom, a fire suddenly sprang up on his test paper, destroying it in a few moments. Strangely enough, the fire didn’t reach the other papers at all.

Bifus seemed to have expected this situation long ago, and said happily: “The elemental control is not bad. Now I can mark one less test paper.”

Chi Lang:  …

He also had an assessment of Joyce’s strength in his mind. The first rule of the examination looks very simple, it is simply to let all students tear up the test paper and they are done. But in fact, all the test papers are made of special materials, and there will be magic shields in the test room. According to the students’ magical strength, it is basically impossible to destroy the test papers.

Chi Lang walked out of the door as if he were dead, and Joyce was standing outside the classroom waiting for him.

“Micah Rahman,” Joyce stood in front of him, his face very gloomy, “do you know what I lost because of you? I couldn’t keep my five years of straight A’s, and I got a scolding from my advisor, and then I have to retake those three classes next semester. My friends, and… my ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend are all looking at me like a joke.”

In fact, the last sentence is the point, Chi Lang lowered his head: “I’m sorry, I’m very, very sorry, I’ll give you the money…”

Joyce frowned and said, “First, of course you have to return my fifty silver coins.”

Chi Lang nodded slowly and accepted the original owner’s debt.

“Second…Second…” Joyce said for a long time, but he couldn’t say what he wanted Chi Lang to do in the second point. He was obviously very angry, but he couldn’t find any way to punish him.

Chi Lang recalled Joyce’s threat, and also recalled that Joyce seemed to be a murderous elemental magician, and was full of worries about his own life.

Joyce finally said: “You are also not allowed to pass the assessment in those three courses either, and you are not allowed to pass the courses I failed.”

Chi Lang: !!!

Chi Lang nodded quickly. In fact, he was very surprised. He really didn’t expect Joyce to make such… an indescribable request, but he didn’t care about his grades either. Chi Lang thought that this would be better than being tossed by Joyce with elemental magic.

“But I only have one of your three courses this semester…” The implication is that only one can fail.

Joyce said directly: “Then you take these two courses next semester and fail them.”

Chi Lang nodded his head to show his understanding.

“No.” Chi Lang heard Sheffield’s voice.

Sheffield came over from the corner. He didn’t look at Joyce, he just smiled at Chi Lang: “I promised classmate Micah that I would help him get a perfect score.”

Huh? When was this?

Joyce, who obviously knew Sheffield, snorted lightly, “Sheffield, I advise you to stay out of my business. This year’s actual battle is the home of the elemental department, and I have ways to make you fail the test as well.”

Sheffield: “It’s up to me to decide whether to pass or not. With your strength, you can’t do it.”

Joyce’s face was ugly, he looked at Chi Lang: “Do you agree?”

Chi Lang wanted to agree in his heart, but Sheffield put his hand on his shoulder: “Micah, you have been in the library for so many days recently, why do you want to erase your efforts for this reason?”

Chi Lang had no choice but to say, “Joyce… or you make me compensate in a different way?”

Joyce said nothing, snorted, and turned away.

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