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HHRA Chapter 5


Chapter 5 – A Fire in Winter

It was dusk when Chi Lang woke up, and he thought about going out to find something to eat. But as soon as he pushed open the door, he bumped into Sheffield.

Sheffield was carrying a bag in his hand, which was strangely bulging, in short, it was incompatible with Sheffield’s style.

Sheffield put his hand on the magic array on the door, and then the pattern of the magic array disappeared little by little.

Sheffield destroyed the magic formation.

Then he leaned slightly, and with a few clicks, a new lock was put on the door.

He was hidden in the shadows, his fingers were well defined, and even the action of installing the lock was done very smoothly.

Chi Lang was in a slight trance, and he asked the question he most wanted to ask: “Won’t there be any problem if you destroy the magic formation like this?”

Chi Lang had studied the school rules of the Saints Magic Academy before, it was stated that the magic formations laid down by the academy could not be destroyed in any form, which is why Chi Lang asked this question.

Sheffield didn’t care: “There will be no punishment for such a trivial matter. Compared to that, I still hope that student Micah can sleep well.”

Chi Lang thanked him sincerely and wanted to help install the lock together, but Sheffield stopped him: “Just watch it.”

It’s not good for Chi Lang to leave the dormitory directly or go back to the bed to lie down, so he can only find something to say: “I remember the academy’s public magic array drawing is still relatively strict, generally speaking, it is difficult for the students themselves to destroy it…”

Magic formations such as these dormitory doors were drawn by powerful magicians from the academy. If they could be destroyed casually, the safety of the students would not be guaranteed, but Chi Lang watched Sheffield easily destroyed the magic array.

“Because I… have taken the ‘Advanced Magic Array’ class this semester, so I know more about Magic Array.” Sheffield paused for a while, and then showed his usual smile, “It’s also because I was once defeated by someone with a magic formation a long time ago, the memory is still fresh, so I am determined to learn the magic formation well.”

Sheffield’s smile is nice to look at, he never attaches negative emotions to the action of smiling, for example, he never sneers or snickers. There was no haze in his smile.

But the tone of his voice was sometimes cold and distant, extremely detached from others.

During this time together, Chi Lang would occasionally listen to him talk about something from his past, and whenever Sheffield mentioned how his past was, he would speak with a tone that gave the impression of indifference, as if he was very far away from others.

But Chi Lang thought it was normal, everyone had some unpleasant memories, so he didn’t think much about it.

Of course, most of the time, Sheffield is still a good roommate who can be said to have a very gentle attitude.

“The snow has melted outside, so you can wear less when you go out,” Sheffield reminded him.

Chi Lang wondered: “Didn’t you say that it will take a few days for it to melt?”

Sheffield: “Because there was a lovelorn elemental magician, he used dozens of fire magic during the day to melt away the snow.”

Chi Lang was stunned: “Does his lovelorn have anything to do with melting away the snow?”

Sheffield: “I heard that the person he likes likes snow, but she watches it with another person.”

This familiar feeling.

Chi Lang tentatively asked: “Does he have red hair, and does the person he likes from the illusion department?”

Sheffield was a little surprised: “Do you know that guy from the elemental department – Joyce?”

Chi Lang thought ‘wasn’t that the stupid b*stard from last night?’

“I don’t know, I just asked casually.” Chi Lang sighed, “But this person is too…” Chi Lang had difficulty finding an accurate adjective, “I still admire him for coming up with a way to melt the snow like this.”

Sheffield’s gaze moved to the window, he looked at the scene where there was no trace of snow at all, and said with a smile, “It is quite stupid. He can only use magic to melt the snow… if the person you like likes someone else, just get rid of that other person, isn’t that better?”

Sheffield’s words were very vague, and Chi Lang didn’t quite understand the meaning of the word “get rid” for a while, but he subconsciously understood it in a positive way. Sheffield should mean to defeat the rival.

After this incident, Chi Lang’s impression of the red-haired weirdo was solidified – an immature, brain-deficient, bad-tempered teenager.

His reunion with the red-haired weirdo was under the dormitory building.

It was very dark and Chi Lang had just returned from the pub.

Joyce swept away the depression in the pub before, standing straight with his right hand on his waist.

Chi Lang wanted to walk around him, but Joyce called out to him – “Hey”.

Joyce called out to this person purely because he thought this person looked a little familiar.

But Chi Lang ignored him, pretended not to hear him, and continued to walk forward, but just after he took a few steps forward, the ground under his feet burst into flames.

He suddenly remembered that Sheffield had said that this guy was an elemental magician.

“I told you to turn around,” Joyce said impatiently, and then took a few steps towards Chi Lang.

Chi Lang turned around helplessly, and Joyce saw his appearance clearly—”Ah, I remember you.” Joyce’s face suddenly became ugly, “You were in that pub that day…”

Chi Lang was expressionless: “Ah, I do work part-time at the pub, but the pub has a lot of guests every day, so which day were you a customer, I don’t remember you at all.”

Joyce gritted his teeth: “You threw me on the floor of that dirty pub and made me sleep on the floor all night.”

Chi Lang let out an “oh” in his heart. He remembered that the red-haired weirdo was leaning on the chair and fell asleep. Maybe he rolled on the ground while he was sleeping, but looking at the red-haired weirdo’s expression, he was very sensible not to say his own guesses out.

Chi Lang took a step back: “I really don’t remember anything. If it’s about the wine, you should go to Mrs. White.”

Joyce looked suspicious: “You’d better not remember anything.” Then he threatened, “If you say anything about what I said that night, I’ll burn you like the snow I melted today.”

He actually remembered a little bit about what he said after drinking, nothing more than nostalgia for that past relationship, and after sobering up today, Joyce suddenly let it go and felt so stupid about his past self.

Chi Lang remained expressionless: “I don’t remember.”

Joyce ended the topic for the time being and asked Chi Lang, “Are you a student in this dormitory?”

Chi Lang nodded, but heard Joyce say something horrifying – “Do you know Micah Rahman? Do you know where he lives?”

Chi Lang also thought about how familiar the name was, and instantly realized that it was the original owner’s name. He dryly denied it: “I don’t know.”

Joyce looked a little bad, and muttered a few words in his mouth: “Is this guy hiding?” The tone was complaining.

Chi Lang was startled and asked weakly, “May I ask, what you are looking for him for?”

Joyce suddenly blushed a little, and simply refused his question: “It’s none of your business.”

Many strange thoughts flashed through Chi Lang’s mind, and he felt that Joyce’s expression at this moment was exactly the same as the one he had last night when he was drunk and remembering his sweetheart.

Chi Lang stopped his brain in time and asked again: “Ah, I think I seem to have heard of this person… Wait until I think about it… Just tell me why you are looking for him.”

Joyce glanced at him. “I won’t tell you.”

God, don’t speak in such an arrogant tone, you’re making me nervous.

Chi Lang continued to insist: “Are you asking him for help? If you tell me, maybe I can help you find someone else…”

Finally, under Chi Lang’s perseverance, Joyce became impatient.

“You’re really annoying,” Joyce’s face was still a little red, hesitating and fumbling. And just when Chi Lang felt that Joyce would say something earth-shattering and destroy his worldview,  Joyce said: “I gave him fifty silver coins, and he promised to help me write three papers. The teacher is urging me to turn them in, and he hasn’t given them to me yet.”

Chi Lang: ? ? ?

“You blushed like this for this thing,” Chi Lang said what was in his heart for the first time.

Joyce was also annoyed: “That’s not a blush! I’m just a little embarrassed about someone else writing the paper.”

Chi Lang didn’t want to argue with him about this: “And how long was your agreement? Just the time he gives you the paper.

“This weekend. If he doesn’t give it to me,” Joyce lowered his voice, intentionally making a fierce face, “I’ll burn this dormitory building to the ground to find him.”

Chi Lang stepped back again: “You don’t even know what he looks like, how could you let him write a paper for you?”

“His message at the announcement board said that he could write papers on behalf of… He seems to be very short of money, and he made a lot of announcements during that time.” Joyce was still a little annoyed, “I asked my classmates later and they said that generally three papers only need thirty silver coins, but Micah charged me fifty, if he doesn’t write well…”

The threat was in his unspoken words.

Chi Lang lowered his head and answered him perfunctorily: “I’ll try to help you find him… I may not be able to find him though.” Even if you find him, this “Micah” will not write your papers ah!

I can’t even write my own papers!

Chi Lang finally asked Joyce’s thesis title, although Joyce thought this person was strange, he still answered. While answering, he continued to complain and threaten that Micah Rahman.

After he returned to his dorm room, he was once again torn between returning fifty silver coins to Joyce or creating three papers with his wild imagination.

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