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HHRA Chapter 40.3


Chapter 40.3 – Extra (6) Song Xinan’s Story

However, he could not stop Hubert’s resurrection from being known, the church leaders already knew about it, and were waiting for Hubert’s resurrection before making the matter public.

The fear of necromancy has already penetrated the hearts of civilians, and once this news came out, the blow to the prestige of the Magic Association was inevitable.

Song Xinan sat alone at the long table. After Chi Lang left, he had been in a daze all by himself.

Berg sat on the other side of the table. He didn’t seem to be in a good mood either. He frowned and asked, “That student named Sheffield is the demon lord, right?”

Song Xinan smiled: “Aren’t you still a student? Why do you call others that way, pretending to be so mature?”

Berg: “But I don’t want to expose him.” The side of his face was hidden in the darkness, and his words had some melancholy in them.


“There was also a Sheffield among Howard’s ancestors. But he was not allowed to be mentioned by name, I have asked my father about it before and was scolded,” Berg’s tone calmed down again.

“Is he from the Howard family? Now that I think of it, you really are quite alike.”

“Like? Hair color?”

“No, it’s the kind of attitude that doesn’t take anything seriously,” Song Xinan said. “Is it because you all believe in your own strength?”

Berg: “Maybe… I once saw this person’s information in the family’s library, and I thought it was strange that since this person had been removed from the family, then why did they keep his information…

“But when I saw his information, I had the answer… Such a genius magician, those old men in our family could not bear to destroy the traces of his former existence.”

“But you still changed the pattern of the family crest. Wasn’t it a rose before?”

“The family crest is definitely not allowed to use roses, a rose crest means standing on the same side as the Demon Lord… But I’m really curious, why did he become the Demon Lord? Could it be that being the Demon Lord is more beneficial to magic research?

“Other than that, I can’t think of any reason that would move him to take the path of the Demon Lord,” Berg stared at the table.

“How…how did you guess he was the Demon Lord?”

“Intuition. But I won’t tell the Magic Association… A magician like that, even if he has to die, I don’t want to take part in the process.”

“So, the choice is in your hands. If the church insists on arresting him, there is nothing I can do.” Berg looked at him. “Aren’t you in a hurry to get promoted? Now is the best chance.”

Sometimes having a choice is not a good thing.


When Song Xinan saw Hubert, he was still thinking about this question. In fact, he couldn’t help but ask: “The demon lord you sealed before… Was he always in the abyss, was he the demon lord from the beginning?”

Hubert shook his head: “No, we went to the abyss together to defeat the previous demon lord. It was just at the end that I suddenly stopped, and I had a very ominous premonition… then I gave him the final choice.

“I often recall that scene. Sheffield chanting the last words of the spell, the previous Demon Lord dying in the frost… At the same time, the genius magician also died at that moment forever.

“He became the new Demon Lord.” Hubert covered his face. “I was too scared, too scared… I escaped from the abyss, but they told me that the Demon Lord had to be sealed and that the abyss could not be allowed to run so wild…”

“So I went back to the abyss and sealed him there.”

Song Xinan was silent, not knowing what to say.

Hubert glanced at him, then looked into the distance: “I am sorry to have said so much to you, I did not have the opportunity to say these words while I was alive… fame and fortune bound me forever, and I could not have any stain.”

“Your words have helped me a lot too,” Song Xinan said. “Let’s meet at the Saints Magic Academy tomorrow.”

Song Xinan finally got a way to return to the modern times, but he did not use this teleportation circle.

He thought that he should at least tell Chi Lang about this. If one day, Chi Lang wants to return to the modern times alone, at least there is a way out.

Hubert told him the news of the death of the necromancer, and Song Xinan reported the news to the bishop.

The bishop continued to ask him in a mild tone, “Is there any news of the Demon Lord?”

“No, there is no trace of the Demon Lord in Zefnar City. The Magic Association has sent another person to look into the abyss and found that the will of the abyss has become much weaker… so they suspect that the Demon King has fallen.”

The second half of the sentence was, of course, nonsense from Song Xinan, but the will of the abyss did reflect the will of the demon lord to a large extent. If Sheffield could always be in a calm mood, or simply be a fool for love every day, then the will of the Abyss might also remain so weak.

“Is that so?” The bishop believed a large part of it. “In that case, you can come back this New Year, and you can almost catch up with the new year’s assessment… It’s just that Hubert hasn’t moved at all, so we can’t handle it…”

Song Xinan couldn’t hear what the bishop said after. He only saw the snow outside the window fluttering and falling, burying all the past on the ground.

Before leaving Zefnar City, he received a plate of dumplings from Chi Lang.

“The invincible leek flavor in the universe, you must like it, don’t worry so much, it’s good to have dumplings,” Chi Lang said.

“The magic array to go back to modern times is by that clock in the academy. I wrote down the method of activating the magic array on the paper, you can activate it even if you don’t know magic… If you want to go back, go back… You can also come to the imperial capital to find me…”

“See you later.”

“…See you later.”

Song Xinan still started his journey back to the imperial capital on a snowy day. He could probably be promoted to another position immediately, and then… he thought about the future in his mind.

It’s just that his car was stopped by a carriage halfway along the way.

There was a sunflower pattern on the carriage, and Berg stuck his head out of it and “tsk”: “The church is so slow even with its carriages.” Then the carriage began to gallop forward again.

The priest sitting beside Song Xinan was a little indignant: “This guy is too much… Really… How come magicians are all like this…”

Song Xinan did not speak, he looked at the traces left by the wheels on the snow. The traces were deep, but the snow would also bury them, and all traces of the past would no longer exist.

Just like he is now, he can still discard the past and travel toward the future.

The End.



This is the last chapter, I hope you enjoyed it. If you’re looking for a novel with a cute shou just like Chi Lang, I am currently translating “How to Feed an Abyss”. See yah~ 😊

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  1. Oh Song Xinan. I hope you can be happy too! Thank you so much for translating this super cute story. I thought it would have a little angst but it’s very relaxing hahah. I also adore your new translation project. The abyss is too cute! Speaking of which, the titles both have the word “abyss” but are very cute stories

  2. thank you for translating! I’m currently mtl-ing how to feed an abyss
    its so long and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel qwq

  3. Oh my, even tho the story is short, but it fills with bittersweet moments and a sense of melancholy for something i don’t even have, i can feel myself floating and in a trance for every chapter. Still dissatisfied and sad for injustice befall Sheffield, but in that sorrow life he manages to meet his rose and sun Chi Lang. I’m so so glad for every character.

    Thanks so much for translating this wonderful story, truly appreciate your efforts \(>,<)/ Love uuu and have a nice day!

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