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HHRA Chapter 40.2


Chapter 40.2 – Extra (6) Song Xinan’s Story

Colin, the master of magic, slaughtered the silver dragon alone on a moonlit night. When the news came back, the whole empire trembled, and the fame of magicians rose like never before, like a pot of boiling water ready to burst out of its lid.

Song Xinan asked the Howard family to help him find a way to be able to cross the realm, so Berg often came to him.

It’s just that Berg was a little disdainful of the dragon slaughter: “He has earned enough fame, but the mess has to be cleaned up by others.”

“Will the dragon come for revenge?” Song Xinan asked.

Berg’s eyes changed, his face had lost much of its teenage vigor and looked gloomy.

“Probably, can’t let them go to human land, that’s the most troublesome thing…” Berg sighed, then smiled that very open smile again. “Anyway, you priests only need to hide in the imperial capital. That’s it, we will solve it with magic.”

“The Pope has given orders that we can join the campaign to go to the border to stop the dragon invasion,” Song Xinan said.

“Don’t go, don’t you know clearly what kind of person this pope is? He will only pile up his merits with the lives of his subordinates,” Berg replied quickly.

“I signed up and I will leave tomorrow.” Song Xinan glanced at Berg. “This is a good opportunity. If I just stay in the church to rise in seniority, I don’t know when I will be promoted.”

“If I can perform better this time, maybe I’ll be promoted at once.” Song Xinan did not hide his thoughts in front of Berg, he always showed his desire for power clearly.

Berg: “I really don’t understand you, why do you care so much about…” Halfway through his words, he started another topic, “Then I’ll set off tomorrow too, I hope to meet you on the battlefield, don’t blame me for taking your credit .”

Berg’s eyes were amazingly bright in this dark night, and he said, “Just watch, I will use magic to defeat all those dragons, betting on the glory of the Howard family.”

The Howard family is a magical family, but at the time the family was founded, there were people in the family who were involved in the Order, and even now, the descendants of the Howard family are required to learn swordplay, but may no longer enter the Order.

Their forefathers had tamed dragons and fought for this kingdom for many years, but at the end of the war, the leader of the silver dragons, Arke, took the lead in betraying his master, and the others followed suit.

That group of ancestors was attacked by what they thought was a close companion after a blood-soaked battle. Since then, the Howard family has not allowed their descendants to become knights again, completely cutting off the possibility of taming dragons.

Berg really did what he said he would do, and became one of the brightest stars in the war. The shame of Howard was finally washed away in this war.

Flames began to burn from the dragon’s back, and its body melted to ashes in the firelight. Berg stood under the dragon, letting the ashes fall on him. And there was still some blood on his face, he suddenly glanced at Song Xinan, smiled, and made a mouth shape at Song Xinan.

-“I did it.”

Song Xinan maintained his gentle personality and used healing techniques for wounded soldiers. His magic was almost invincible in that one minute, so he was quickly noticed by the church’s top brass.

What’s more, after returning to the imperial capital, Berg also said extremely arrogantly: “What are those priests doing on the battlefield? There’s a guy named Raphael who keeps using healing magic, but our healing magic is much stronger than their divine magic, right?”

The more the people of the Magic Association hated him, the more importance was attached to him within the church. Song Xinan was already using divine magic quite well, plus Berg showed his dislike for him intentionally or unintentionally, so Song Xinan was quickly promoted to a position.

Then he received a mission to Zefnar City. The Great Magician Margaret had prophesied the appearance of the Demon Lord, but the Magic Association there could not solve this problem very well, so the help of the church was needed.

This was a mission on the surface, and secretly, he also received a mission to investigate the necromancer.

Berg handed him a copy of Hubert’s Magic Handbook and said, “If you give it to the Palace of Knowledge, no one else will have any more thoughts about the Howard family.”

Song Xinan took over the magic handbook and thanked him.

Berg waved his hand and said, “I’ll go to Zefnar City too, let’s talk about it later.”

“About the magic of crossing the realm, any results yet ?”

Berg’s movements paused: “In the known literature, only Hubert knows… but one day, I will surpass him, and I can also study that kind of magic.”


Song Xinan planned everything very well, including the necromancer who took the initiative to come to his door. The Necromancer noticed him because of the special power of his soul.

He and the necromancer reached an agreement that the necromancer would be responsible for resurrecting Hubert, and Song Xinan would help him cover up on behalf of the church so that he would not be noticed by the people of the Magic Association.

Based on what he knew about the demon lord, the Demon Lord Sheffield would never hide his whereabouts. As long as he was a little provocative, the demon lord would show himself.

‘After solving these two matters, I should be able to enter the council,’ Song Xinan thought.

The first day he came to Zefnar City, Song Xinan stood in the church, looked out the window, and saw the sun spread over the street, everything showed a warm scene.

‘It’s all planned out, let’s wait for the characters to come on stage,’ he thought.

What was beyond his plan was the transmigrator.

After visiting Margaret, he met the person whose soul’s fluctuation was extremely similar to his own outside the magic tower.

Song Xinan felt his spirits lifted up a little. He was like a dying patient, when his breathing almost stopped, the breath of spring came to his face.

He couldn’t wait to say something to this person to relieve the loneliness of this road.


The opera house was an event for magicians, and the priests were often excluded. Song Xinan thought he was completely prepared and also bought the star stones to break to show that he never had the heart to fight against the magicians.

He had to find the Demon Lord and finish him off himself.

He really felt the breath of the abyss in the opera house, he could almost catch the demon lord, but the transmigrator protected the suspected demon king.

The Church’s external image was gentle and could not behave very tough, nor could it just arrest a magician because of the suspicion of a demon lord, so Song Xinan gave up on the demon lord thing for now.

He set his eyes on the transmigrator.

The result was completely unexpected for him.

Song Xinan didn’t think that this transmigrator was someone he knew, it was actually his roommate, a good friend who used to share hardships together. Even after so long, this friend of his didn’t seem to have changed at all.

“If there is really a way to travel through the realm, I also want him to see my hometown.”

Chi Lang already looked like he was completely immersed in love. Song Xinan, every time he saw Chi Lang, found it very incredible. In modern times, he never imagined that Chi Lang’s relationship would look like this.

But he had some envy in his heart. Chi Lang still maintained a good disposition, but his mentality had undergone earth-shaking changes.

Song Xinan asked about the Demon Lord.

It was a sunny afternoon, and he and Chi Lang were sitting alone at one side of the long table, with what seemed like a long, long distance between them. He still asked the very inappropriate sentence: “The person you like is the Demon Lord, right?”

Chi Lang was very nervous. He was not good at lying, so Song Xinan could easily see through the lie.

But he softened. When the other two roommates in the dormitory skipped class, Chi Lang nervously helped them cover up in front of the teacher in the same way.

Song Xinan just felt a little sad. He rationally understood that Chi Lang did not tell him the truth, but emotionally he felt sad about this distrust.

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