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HHRA Chapter 4


Chapter 4 – Moving bricks at the construction site

In the next few days, Chi Lang still attended classes according to his schedule. Although he couldn’t understand the class and knew in his heart that it was difficult to learn these lessons in a short time.

But as a teenager who had no previous contact with supernatural powers and who was full of aspirations for the magic depicted in movies and novels, he still had some expectations for magic.

For example, he expected to learn some basic magic.

But he still thought wrong.

He went to find a book called “Introduction to Magic”, which is the most basic magic book and only talks about the basic rules and meditation methods of magic, accompanied by a few zero-class magic.

But Chi Lang could never feel the “magic” described in the book.

He even fell asleep when he was “meditating” according to the book.

According to his understanding of the original owner, the original owner must be able to use magic. Why can’t he use it?

Chi Lang looked at the book “Introduction to Magic” and felt that he was reading a heavenly book, he could not learn anything. He looked at the snowy scene outside the window with a trace of envy.

—There was snow outside the window.

It was July, the hottest time of the year, but the whole college was covered with snow.

When Chi Lang first saw the snow, he and Sheffield were in the library.

Although Sheffield had promised to help him cheat, Chi Lang believed that he could still learn classes such as “History of Magic” and “Monster Illustration” by relying on the rote memorization talent of the great Chinese students.

So, he also joined the army of final reviewers in the library and gave up the normal course.

He first saw a small flake of snow, which fell slowly, stuck to the library window, and then melted in the sun. Then, large swaths of snowflakes fell one after another, reflecting the sunlight, and covering the entire academy.

This spectacle caused a sensation in the library, and almost everyone was attracted to look.

Chi Lang: “Why is it snowing?”

Sheffield also frowned: “It should be an elemental riot.”

Chi Lang silently digested this incomprehensible term, and heard another student say: “It’s the elemental riot of Teacher Chloe from the Elemental Department. I remember that this teacher was recently studying the magic of ice elements.”

“That should be right, the snow will melt in a few days at most.” Sheffield looked at Chi Lang.

At this moment, Chi Lang was all focused on the snow outside the window. He was staring intently at the falling snow, with a look of longing and dazed expression on his face.

“Do you… like snow?”

“No,” Chi Lang shook his head, “I just think…that teacher is so powerful… magic is really powerful…”

And I’m just a little rookie who can’t even open his dorm room door.

In addition to studying in the library, Chi Lang spent the rest of his time working in a pub outside the school.

Sheffield saw his financial distress and kindly offered to give him some financial assistance. Chi Lang struggled to refuse, and after wandering around the college a few times, he actually found a job he could barely do.

In a pub not far outside the college, the owner was recruiting helpers.

The pub is not very big, the entrance hangs a dirty signboard – “House of Hope”, and the pub floor also looks like it has not been cleaned for a long time, it has dark traces left and right.

When Chi Lang pushed the door in, the first thing he saw was an old lady. The old lady had an apron around her body, and her face was smiling.

“Hello, I heard that you are looking for helpers here?”

The old lady was a bit surprised: “Are you a student of Saints Magic Academy?”

Chi Long nodded his head.

The old lady’s expression was a bit odd.

After talking with the old lady, he learned that the two previous helpers of this tavern were also students of the academy, only that they had gone back to school to study for their final exams during this period.

Only he had to come to work because he was poor.

And his job is to go to the outer city to buy fresh fruit during the day, because the pub will also provide some fresh juice every day, and in the evening, he needs to help in the pub to serve tea and pass wine, check out, and wash glasses.

The old lady, Mrs. White, promised to pay him one silver coin a day.

It is really a cheap labor. Chi Lang only sighed with emotion, and then he started his life as a tavern-library-dormitory runner after this sentence.

His day started at six in the morning and he left his dorm room with a piece of black bread. He had to walk halfway across the inner city to buy some fresh and cheap fruit. By the time he carried the basket of fruit back to the pub, it was almost eight o’clock.

Then he went to the library, where he stayed until five o’clock in the afternoon, and then went to the pub to help. The closing time of the pub in the evening depends entirely on the guests, so Chi Lang has been extremely sleep-deprived these days.

Although he was half-tired every day, lacked sleep, and had a poor diet, he was still at a loss as to the way forward, but the sense of security that money gave him gradually washed away some of his worries in the other world.

But he was troubled by another thing.

He returned to his dorm late each day and he couldn’t get into the door of his dorm, so he had to have Sheffield open it for him. So he had to wake Sheffield up from his sleep almost once a day.

He felt that Sheffield was really a very good-tempered person, and did not show his displeasure even after being woken up. Chi Lang became more and more restless, feeling that his behavior was inappropriate.

This day, he returned to the dormitory late at night again.

That teacher Chloe’s elemental riot was not over yet, and the whole academy was still covered in snow.

Chi Lang stood in front of his bedroom door without knocking. He stared at the magic array on the door and put his hand over it.

Sheffield had taught him several times how to operate this magic array, and Chi Lang believed that it was not difficult to operate this magic array. But he really couldn’t feel the magic, so he couldn’t open the door.

Chi Lang thought about seeing Sheffield in the library today, he had some bluish color under his eyes.

Guilt stopped him from knocking on the door. Chi Lang walked alone to the stairway, sat down, and thought to just forget it. Wait until six o’clock to buy fruit, then head to the library to lie down and sleep a little longer.

But he couldn’t sleep, and countless thoughts flashed in his mind, and Chi Lang suddenly thought of another thing.

He walked down the stairs, and when he got out of the dormitory building, he found an open space.

It was not snowing at this time, but the snow was thick. Chi Lang started to build a snowman.

He remembered a guest he met today.

This person left a deep first impression on Chi Lang – his hair was red.

The first time Chi Lang saw him, he thought to himself, ‘This man must be very unruly and untamed.’

This guy entered the pub and ordered ten bottles of the most expensive wine.

Chi Lang: “Ten bottles?”

The red-haired weirdo gave him a sideways glance and nodded very rebelliously.

Chi Lang set him ten bottles of wine, and the red-haired weirdo picked up one and began to pour it. But he immediately spit out the wine he drank and shouted, “What kind of wine is this, so hard to drink?”

Old Mrs. White’s smile was a little frozen, and Chi Lang didn’t know what to say for a while.

It’s just that the red-haired weirdo finished all ten bottles of wine while saying it was hard to drink, and at a very fast pace.

After drinking, he started to go crazy.

Very unruly and untamed crazy.

At this time, only one customer was left, Chi Lang was looking forward to him leaving, so he wandered around him.

The red-haired weirdo stared at him: “Say, why doesn’t she like me?”

Hearing this kind of second-year of middle school youthful pain, Chi Lang wanted to end this topic quickly, so he said, “It’s okay, you will meet someone better.”

The red-haired weirdo was hard-hearted: “I only like her,” and then he was very sad. “I helped her organize all her subjects’ notes, but she said that I was not from the illusion department and that we didn’t have a common language, and then she got together with an illusion boy. “

Chi Lang: “You can also… find someone from your department… and get together.”

The red-haired weirdo still stared at him, and then spit out a pile of vomit with a “blerg”.

Chi Lang’s face was stiff, but he resigned himself to cleaning up the puddle of unidentified objects on the ground.

The red-haired weirdo was still telling his story.

“I want to switch to the illusion department.”

Chi Long: “You can switch if you want to, and bravely pursue your love.”

The red-haired weirdo: “But the magic of the illusion system is too boring, and the element system is more interesting.”

Chi Lang: “Your own interests are also very important, you force…”

The red-haired weirdo: “Magic is better, I won’t fall in love in the future.”

The red-haired weirdo seemed to have suddenly figured it out.

Chi Lang: ????

Fine. Chi Lang felt that the emotional problem of the red-haired monster was finally solved, and then the red-haired weirdo began to sing.

The singing was also indescribable.

The singing took forever, and when Chi Lang was finally about to stop his singing, the red-haired weirdo fell asleep. Chi Lang neatly packed his things, closed the door of the pub, and simply left the red-haired weirdo in the pub.

Chi Lang thought about what the red-haired weirdo had done, he felt so aggrieved, and then he built a snowman on the ground. He piled it up imagining the red-haired weirdo.

After stacking, Chi Lang was very satisfied with his work, then clenched his fists and punched the snowman.

“Die, you red-haired b*stard,” Chi Lang whispered, “Idiots like you don’t deserve love.”

Chi Lang felt at ease both physically and mentally after venting his anger on the red-haired weirdo snowman. He took another branch and wrote on the snow. He looked at the sky and felt poetic and wanted to encourage himself, and he wrote this sentence in Chinese characters —

“Do enjoy life while in prime you run high.”

It was a happy thing to see Chinese characters at a time like this.

Sheffield was standing in the bedroom. He looked out the window and happened to see Chi Lang.

With his alertness, he sensed it as soon as Chi Lang stood in front of his dorm room door.

It’s just that Chi Lang didn’t knock on the door, nor did he take the initiative to open the door.

He started by watching Chi Lang build a snowman, he watched him work hard to build it and destroy it with one fist. Then he saw what Chi Lang had written on the snow.

Sheffield was pretty sure it was a writing and not some meaningless symbol.

Light snow began to fall again, and Sheffield’s body revealed a gloomy aura. He narrowed his eyes slightly and drew the curtains.

Chi Lang still slept at the entrance of the stairs for a while, but when he woke up in a daze, he found Sheffield standing in front of him.

Sheffield had a faint smile on his face, but his tone was a little cold: “Don’t go out today, just sleep in the bedroom.”

This sentence was uttered by him with a meaning that could not be refused.

Sheffield opened the bedroom door for him. “I’ll help you ask Mrs. White for a leave.”

Chi Lang wanted to say a few more words. Sheffield raised his hand, his face softened a bit, and his tone was gentle, making people feel as if the warm March breeze was coming.

“If you don’t sleep, I won’t help you with your final exam.”



人生得意须尽欢,莫使金樽空对月 – (ancient poem) Do enjoy life while in prime you run high; Not to the moon just your empty cup ply. (“Drink Wine”, by Li Bai, a famous poet in Tang Dynasty)

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