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HHRA Chapter 37.2


Chapter 37.2 – Extra (3) Money Relationship

Later, Chi Lang understood that it was useless to talk logic to novices.

Their werewolf killing game, a mix of novice and veteran players, had evolved into a game of grievances and hatreds in the end, for example, after everyone was tricked by Joyce for a game or two.

Longbeard said tearfully in the first inning: “No matter what, let’s vote Joyce out first, he can bring down the whole team if he’s a wolf, and he can vote out his companions if he’s a good guy.”

Joyce, who was focused on dragging his feet, was banished from the referendum by an overwhelming majority.

Sheffield had been paddling, he had won no more and no less, and he had made no mistakes, and appeared to be mediocre in the werewolf killing game.

On the other hand, when Chi Lang and Song Xinan were in the same camp, they often spoke in a frenzied and false manner. The two of them had played many werewolf killing games together before, and this tacit understanding was still there.

The reason for this is this.

Chi Lang and Song Xinan were once again assigned to the werewolf camp at the same time. The two of them stopped playing routines and played in a proper manner. However, the other two teammates, one Joyce and one Luth, have the buff of “bringing down the whole team”.

However, Chi Lang’s speech also exploded. All of his left and right people had already identified him as a wolf, and he also felt that he would definitely be voted out. Song Xinan was in the good guys camp at this time, and he had yet to reveal his flaws.

Sheffield is a civilian card and said: “We can analyze the last wolf…”

Although Sheffield’s performance in the previous werewolf killing was not very good, at this moment, Chi Lang looked into Sheffield’s eyes and suddenly had a strong premonition that Sheffield must know Song Xinan’s identity.

Chi Lang flipped his identity card over and said quickly, “I’ll blow myself up.” Self-detonation means going straight into the night, no one else can speak again, and there is no voting session. Sheffield’s speech was thus forcibly terminated.

Sheffield inclined his head, looked at him and smiled a little. Chi Lang was inexplicably a little guilty.

Song Xinan lived up to expectations, ambushed to the end, and led the Wolves to win like a lone hero.

Sheffield’s speech in the back was mediocre, making Chi Lang feel that it was just his illusion.

Only when it was over, Sheffield gave him a kiss on the right cheek: “Go for it in the next game.”

In this round, Chi Lang touched the Seer card, which he hadn’t drawn in a while, and put the check to use on Berg.

At the sheriff’s referendum, Sheffield was in his front seat and smiled, “I’m the Seer.”

Chi Lang’s heart skipped a beat. He looked at Sheffield. Sheffield’s smile was still gentle, but he was methodically playing with logic.

When it came time for Chi Lang to speak, he went on with a stiff upper lip, and he thought his speech was average, not particularly provocative.

But many people sided with him, and even Joyce said it in a well-organized manner: “Chi Lang’s speech this time is very good, and the logic is smooth. I will definitely side with him.”

Joyce used the word “definitely”, someone like him who has always been unable to understand logic and fell on both sides of the wall, actually said that he stood beside him.

Chi Lang felt that it was certainly not that Joyce had suddenly become enlightened and recognized his identity as the Seer.

Rather, they were playing barbs, letting the Werewolves side with the true prophets and confuse the good people’s sight. After all, this kind of behavior where multiple people side with someone is like Werewolves acting like a pack.

Chi Lang, the true Seer, ended up being voted out early by the good guys thinking he was a wolf.

Sheffield was made real as a Seer. There was nothing to criticize in his speech, only that he had advanced the round of voting Song Xinan: “If the vote is returned, Mr. Priest will be the first in this round, his speech is good, but as a civilian, he doesn’t have such a high vision…”

In the end, it was the Werewolves who won. The Villagers were almost all gone, which could be described as a big win for the Werewolves. When the final identities were revealed, Sheffield and Joyce were both wolves.

Joyce looked innocent and pointed to Sheffield: “He made me do it.”

Chi Lang was a little relieved and a little sad, he said to Sheffield: “You can actually play dirty, too.”

Sheffield put away the cards and raised the corner of his mouth: “No, I’ve seen it for a long time, I just thought you seemed very happy if I let you win.”

Chi Lang patted him on the shoulder: “A bit crazy, young man, I can’t see that you are still a hidden werewolf killer? Then why do you suddenly want to win again?”

Sheffield smiled and said nothing.

Chi Lang began to think that they might not be playing the same game.

Sheffield began his slaughtering journey, his hands folded on the table, always calm, speaking with a casual tone, acting as if he had God’s perspective.

When he was in the good man camp, he had the experience of pointing out the four wolves in the first round of speeches. When he was in the werewolf camp, he played both barbs and hard gangs very well. Chi Lang has never been in the same camp with Sheffield in subsequent rounds, and he lost miserably in every round.

But Chi Lang felt that he was hopeless. Once Sheffield got the Doctor card and revealed Chi Lang’s identity as a werewolf, his tone was still very indifferent at first.

Until the last sentence, Sheffield suddenly looked towards Chi Lang, smiled, and said, “Baby, turn in your cards, don’t force me to poison you.”

All right. Chi Lang thought, he said so, I simply admit defeat.

Although he was ruthlessly crushed by Sheffield in every game, he looked at Sheffield’s face and listened to him slowly and logically, and actually gave birth to a feeling of “he is so handsome”.

Alas, the loss was not unjust.

A new game began.

Chi Lang looked at his identity card again – Werewolf, and then looked at his werewolf companion as if his heart was dead.



Chi Lang’s eyes lit up, and he smiled at Sheffield, feeling that he was about to cry with joy.

Then in this game, Sheffield’s speech exploded, and was recognized as the werewolf and was finally resisted.

Chi Lang seemed to understand, he just didn’t want me to win.

Too much.

When they walked back to the dormitory, Chi Lang looked very depressed, and he whispered: “You just don’t want me to win, it’s too much, and there is no game experience.”

Sheffield took his hand, and Chi Lang responded quickly at this time, reaching out and covering Sheffield’s mouth.

“Don’t try to get away with kissing, I’m still very sad.”

Sheffield smiled, his eyes almost bent into slits.

Chi Lang: “Why do I feel …… your eyes are getting smaller and smaller? Is it because of smiling too much, come on, stop your smile.”

Sheffield: ……

“Then you can’t kiss me after I let go, you better think of a good reason.”

Sheffield nodded.

After Chi Lang released his hand, Sheffield was still close to his face and touched the corner of his lips. He narrowed his eyes and said in a bad tone: “When we were both in the werewolves camp, you didn’t blow your cover up to save me, right?”

Chi Lang: “…Can that be generalized? I blew my cover up at that time, I was not saving you, I was sacrificing myself.”

He thought for a while and finally remembered the game in which he blew up his cover, then laughed out loud and said, “You’re not… jealous, are you? Don’t, I saved him out of fatherly concern. It was completely impossible to win that game without saving him, not with only Joyce and Luth left.”

Sheffield: “No,” he turned sideways and hugged Chi Lang. “When you and that priest were in the same camp, I often felt that there was an atmosphere between you that no one could fit in.”

Chi Lang felt uncomfortable again: “I’m sorry, I’ll try not to…”

“You don’t have to say ‘sorry,'” Sheffield said. “I often feel sorry for not living in the same world as you. So—can you teach me anything else?”


“A field you are familiar with.” Let me get a little closer to you.

Chi Lang was stunned for a moment: “Do you really want to learn?”

After receiving a positive answer, he began a life of wandering with Sheffield.

First, he taught Sheffield the profound technique of mahjong, then he taught Sheffield almost all the card games he could think of, from UNO to Monopoly.

Sheffield didn’t learn fast. They and Luth often played Monopoly together, but Luth’s skills were also very poor. In the end, Chi Lang became the biggest winner.

So, in the end, he finally got rich by playing Monopoly?

Chi Lang felt a little embarrassed again, and he asked Sheffield, “Are you short of money?”

Sheffield could probably guess what Chi Lang was thinking, and replied casually, “Yes.”

So Chi Lang dawdled and pushed the coin next to Sheffield again, twitched his head, and said, “Just treat it as a reward for that!”

Sheffield raised his eyebrows and took his words: “Am I only worth so much money?”

Chi Lang: “…Then add a little more?” Then he found that he had become very poor again, and owed a lot of money to Sheffield.

“I think we are not in an improper physical relationship now,” Chi Lang lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling, “We are in a dirty money relationship.”

Sheffield held back his smile, kissed Chi Lang’s earlobe, and said a word in his ear.

Chi Lang sighed quietly: “…But I have no money.”

Sheffield said thoughtfully: “Then let’s not do it today.”

Chi Lang sat up from the bed with a bang, and then went to find a notebook. He bent the notebook into a tube shape, and then pressed it against Sheffield’s neck: “No, I want to rob you.”



The characters in Werewolf Killing Game; the villagers, the doctor, the seer, and the werewolves. I don’t know how to explain it in detail, but you can read “Kiss the Abyss” BL webcomic. It’s a BL survival webcomic, kinda like Squid Game, where they also played the Werewolf Killing Game.

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