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HHRA Chapter 37.1


Chapter 37.1 – Extra (3) Money Relationship

Sheffield got up very early, it was just dawn when he got up.

Chi Lang, who was not quite awake, opened his eyes a slit and asked with a tilted head, “Why are you up so early?”

Sheffield reached out and covered his eyes again.

“You sleep well, and hopefully you’ll be up by the time I get back.”

“So what are you going to do?” Chi Lang’s eyes were on Sheffield’s hand, and he felt like he was going to fall asleep again.

“Letting me invigilate the freshman entrance exam.”

Chi Lang laughed a few times and burrowed into the quilt: “Then you go. Hahaha! it should be easy to invigilate the exam, anyway, according to the rules of the exam, isn’t the power in your hands?”

Sheffield: “No, if too many people pass an exam, the invigilator will be punished.”

Chi Lang gave a “um”, and then said, “Then you should be stricter. Don’t agree to people who want to bribe you to pass.”

Sheffield smiled: “Nothing can move me either.”

Chi Lang poked his head out and said, “Then can you apply to invigilate my exams in the future? That way I can bribe you, right! Can I move you?” After he said this, he felt a little shameless again, and the method of passing the exam had risen from cheating to bribing the invigilator.

“Forget it, forget it, it’s better that you don’t have the chance to invigilate my exam…” Chi Lang sighed again.


“…In this way, I always feel that we seem to have an improper physical relationship.”

Sheffield:  …


After this group of freshmen entered school, they had not learned anything else, but they had already learned how to cheat on their exams in a decent way.

Sheffield had seen through several illusion magics, and had driven several summoned creatures out of the exam room.

With a smile on his face, he moved without haste, looking over the students in the examination room one by one. In a trance, he felt that he was really just a senior student helping the teacher invigilate the exams – he was about to settle into such a mundane life.

Sheffield moved his gaze to the last row, where there was a row of students from the Illusion Department, who were burying their heads and struggling to write their exam papers.

“Misspelling the spell of even the simplest illusion magic, this is more than turning in a blank paper, it’s better to leave.”

He looked to the left and right again: “Prophecy magic can’t let you predict the answer directly either, it’s better to think of other magic.”

The freshmen didn’t stop moving their hands, still writing their papers properly, but secretly the movement of magic was getting louder and louder. Sheffield cast his gaze out the window, he would have been willing to let the group pass if the movement of magic was not too loud.

Just blatantly using the magic stone, this method is a bit too clumsy.

Sheffield looked at the girl who was using the magic stone. She obviously didn’t know how to use it, and just pressed on it indiscriminately.

Then a voice came from the magic stone: “…The Bogdo Beast’s sustainability treaty was signed on September 2nd of this year…”

It was the answer to this test paper.

But it was so loud that almost everyone in the row in front and behind her heard it.

The young girl fumbled and continued to manipulate the magic stone, which flickered twice and still broadcasted the answers, only this time it was for other subjects.

Sheffield stepped forward and stretched out his hand to her: “Give me the magic stone, and it is also possible to not pursue your companion’s responsibility.”

The girl gritted her teeth and nodded, but her finger accidentally slipped over the lower end of the magic stone.

The stone began to put other words, some of the words that its previous owner had chatted about, and in these disorganized words, Sheffield heard the sentence clearly—

“I like you very much, can we be together?”

This sentence was said by Chi Lang. In the afternoon many days ago, he was tricked by Joyce, and he kept this sentence in the magic stone.

Sheffield could hear who said this. In his memory, Chi Lang should not have said this to others, so it is obvious to whom this sentence was said.

His mood suddenly became very good, as if he saw a masterpiece painting of a rose, freezing the moment when the flower was in full bloom forever.

Sheffield withdrew his hand, with a gentle smile on his face: “You continue with the exam, except that the spell you just used with the magic stone was wrong, so it’s better not to use it next.”

“Won’t you take this away? Can I still take the exam?”

“Take the exam,” Sheffield said softly.

He glanced at the clock and felt that the time passed too slowly. He couldn’t wait to return to Chi Lang’s side, so he knocked on the table and said with a smile: “There are still 125 minutes until the end of the exam, but I don’t really want to wait any longer.

“I think you won’t be able to do some questions, so why don’t you submit the papers in advance.”

The mentality of “I don’t want to submit papers in advance even if I can’t do it” is common in every world. After Sheffield said this, no one got up to hand in the papers.

His eyebrows were raised and his eyes wavered as he added, “If you turn in 25 minutes early, you’ll get an extra mark for one question, but if you turn in now, you’ll get an extra mark for five questions.”

Everyone’s movements stopped for a moment, their expressions were a bit confused, only Sheffield still smiled and looked at them.

A few minutes later, Sheffield took a large pile of papers and closed the classroom door, finishing his invigilation work.

When Chi Lang saw him, he was also surprised: “I’ve only heard of turning in papers in advance, I’ve hardly ever seen even invigilators finish invigilating exams in advance.”


Chi Lang often went to Song Xinan to chat.

He often felt very bored, and urged Song Xinan: “Otherwise, let’s play a pair of mahjong to refresh our minds and improve our intelligence.”

Song Xinan: “…Aren’t you very poor? Don’t lose all your money later.”

Chi Lang thought about it and he was right. Later, in the discussion between the two of them, they finally found a game that they could play – Werewolf Killing.

Putting things together, Chi Lang called all the people he knew Joyce, Dana, Berg, Luth, and Longbeard, and then Song Xinan also found some people.

They formed a twelve-person werewolf killing game and basically came out to play every few days.

Chi Lang was actually not good at playing this game. He was often in a state of “what this person said makes sense” and “hey, what this person said makes sense, too”.

But these couldn’t kill his enthusiasm. He would never forget the thrill of being a “Werewolf” and finally leading the Wolves to victory.

However, he felt that even if he could no longer play, he still had some dirty routines.

For example, in the first round, he and Song Xinan were both in the werewolf camp. They discussed the self-stab cheat routine during the night, and then Chi Lang died on the first night.

The doctor actually did not save him.

It was too shocking. Chi Lang looked around the circle and didn’t think there was really someone who could see through their tricks without a teacher.

The rest had nothing to do with Chi Lang. Obviously, Song Xinan was also very confused, but a wolf died at the beginning, and the wolf team also lost miserably.

The doctor was Luth.

Chi Lang asked him, “Why didn’t you save me at that time?” He felt that it would be fine for Luth to even say something as metaphysical as reading faces.

Luth: “Young man, you don’t look very smart. Even if we are in the same camp, we can win without you.”

Chi Lang:  …


The characters in Werewolf Killing Game; the villagers, the doctor, the seer, and the werewolves. I don’t know how to explain it in detail, but you can read “Kiss the Abyss” BL webcomic. It’s a BL survival, kinda like Squid Game, they played the Werewolf Killing Game there.

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