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HHRA Chapter 36.2


Chapter 36.2 – Extra (2) Daily Life

“Who are you hiding from?”

Chi Lang felt depressed when he thought of this, he lowered his head: “It’s your fault. I had previously agreed with Mrs. White to come to the tavern that day and start the new semester, but the night before, you… you seduced me! Then the next day I slept through it, and then I forgot about it.”

“Then Joyce told me that Mrs. White was so angry that she almost wrote ‘No Micah and Change Department allowed’. I got another person in the freshman class to help Mrs. White out, but I’m still afraid to see her.”

Sheffield smiled: “Then you hide well, when there are more people in a while, she should not be able to find you.”

As a senior student, Dana wanted to help manage a freshman class in the Elemental Department. Just before the start of the semester, she invited them to gather together, and by the way, she also invited Chi Lang and the others.

Joyce also mixed in for some reason, and he also sat sneakily across from Sheffield and Chi Lang.

“Hello, I won’t disturb you, I’ll stay here,” Joyce said.

Chi Lang suddenly remembered what Dana had said to him before, and felt a little indescribable about Joyce. It happened that Sheffield was called over by Dana at this time.

Chi Lang asked, “Did you say that Dana was your ex-girlfriend?”

Joyce: “Why are you asking this all of a sudden? Do I still say nonsense?”

Chi Lang: “…No, how do you define girlfriend…I think you may understand differently.”

Joyce’s eyes widened: “We’ve kissed, isn’t that it? Although it was a drunken kiss.”

Chi Lang: “…other than that, you guys don’t have any other…?”

Joyce: “No. After that, she ignored me again, which is considered a breakup.”

Chi Lang handed the food on the table to Joyce: “Eat, eat more and be happy.”

“I really don’t understand, there is an entrance exam for freshmen tomorrow, and they come to drink tonight,” Joyce muttered.

“Then are you all right tomorrow?”

Joyce tried very hard to recall and said with a dawning sense of realization, “Oh! I’m going to invigilate tomorrow.”

Chi Lang: “…Why don’t you all get drunk together here and then you give them all a pass and forget it.”

Joyce pointed to the right: “Look.”

Chi Lang looked in the direction he pointed and saw Mrs. White, he was shocked: “I don’t think it’s safe to stay here, I’d better go to Sheffield.”

He moved slowly in the direction of Sheffield, and just now he noticed that Sheffield had finished talking to Dana, and was just standing in the crowd, not returning to his position.

He managed to squeeze in next to Sheffield and asked him, “Is there anything to drink? How come I’ve never seen these drinks when I’ve been here before.”

Sheffield pointed out a few types and said with a smile: “Dana’s collection, these types are not bad, but the degree is relatively high.”

Yesterday’s freshman, Ella, was standing beside Sheffield and was asking some questions. She noticed Sheffield’s expression changed almost immediately. Before Chi Lang came over, although Sheffield also had a smile on his face, the smile was very formatted, and the curvature of the corners of his mouth did not change much.

But after Chi Lang stood up, the expression on his face became much more vivid, those cold and alienated feelings suddenly disappeared, and even the tone of his speech was warm.

She heard Sheffield laugh and say: “Drink slowly, be careful of getting drunk again later… although I don’t mind if you get drunk.”

Then Sheffield turned around and looked at her: “Do you have any questions?” The attitude was not faulty, and the expression was not impatient, but the tone suddenly became a lot more alienated.

“No, no more.” Ella lowered her head. “Thank you.” She took a few steps out.

When she looked back again, Sheffield and Chi Lang seemed to be fighting over a bottle of wine, which had only a little wine left in it. Sheffield held the bottle high and drank it first.

He leaned down slightly and put the wine into Chi Lang’s mouth. The shimmer hit their faces as if they were snuggling up to the light.

The reason Ella could be sure the wine was being fed into Chi Lang’s mouth in this way was because there were drops of wine falling down where their lips met. They kissed intensely, but the position stood relatively remote, and did not attract much attention in the crowd.

Ella only looked at it a few times, her face blushed, and she didn’t dare to look again. That little bit of thoughtfulness in her heart was also gone.

Sheffield was wiping Chi Lang’s clothes.

Chi Lang also complained: “You are so childish, you are still fighting with me for drinks. I’m going to get some more.”

Sheffield smiled: “I’ll get it for you.”

Chi Lang: “No, the wine will be in your hands again. What if you don’t give me a drink again? I’ll get it, so I can steal some.”

Chi Lang held Sheffield’s hand, put his hands on the sides of his body in a regular manner, and then spoke: “You stand here properly, wait for me to come back ah.”

Sheffield did not hold back a smile, Chi Lang took a few steps forward, turned his head again and made a gesture to him – “Stand still ah.”

Chi Lang avoided Mrs. White’s gaze and found Dana.

Dana handed him the wine and said vaguely, “I thought you’d be a little upset right now.”

“Why?” He ate well and slept well every day, and had a harmonious sex life, there was really nothing to be upset about.

Dana cast her gaze into the crowd and smiled, “Just, since I got here, seven or eight freshmen have come to me asking about Sheffield… both boys and girls.”

Chi Lang didn’t know why, so he said “Oh”.

“But I told them the truth, so they’d better put out this idea.”


Dana thought his reaction was strange: “You don’t care about that?”

Chi Lang: “Ah, in fact, there should be quite a few people who have a good impression of him, I always feel that way.” Chi Lang looked back and saw Sheffield through the heavy crowd.

Sheffield was standing in the crowd, but he looked very lonely.

“Look, I think he’s obviously good-looking, has a good personality, is good at studying, and should be able to do housework… His quilts are neat!”

Chi Lang thought for a while, and continued: “I feel like he is not short of money, but sometimes I feel that he is restricted by the past, he seems very lonely, and sometimes he is a little unsure of himself.”

Dana was stunned for a moment, did not speak.

“Sometimes he would say something, say that he is not a very good person, even though I am so sure about him.” Chi Lang said slowly, “In fact, there are so many people who like him, so I can tell, even if it’s not me, there will be many people who like him and are willing to accept him…”

“He could be a little more, uh, confident.” Chi Lang smiled at Dana, then said “goodbye” and walked over to Sheffield.

Sheffield took the bottle, shook it, and raised an eyebrow: “You’re really stealing drinks.”

Chi Lang said proudly: “Yes, yes, this is finally left for you.”

“Aren’t you drunk?”

Chi Lang: “It’s okay, I’m sober now.”

Sheffield smiled and raised his tone a little: “Can you kiss me again?”

Chi Lang shook his head: “There are too many people.”

Sheffield shook the bottle: “If you give me a kiss, you can have all this wine.”

Chi Lang blinked, stretched out his hand, and pulled down Sheffield’s collar, causing Sheffield’s head to droop a little. Chi Lang touched Sheffield’s lips and snatched the bottle.

He wanted to sleep again. The freshmen of the elemental department seemed to be playing some kind of game, and they were a little noisy, but Sheffield sat with him on the chair, and Chi Lang felt that the surroundings were quiet.

“They’re playing the game of telling truth or dare, do you want to play?” Sheffield asked him.

“Truth… no, don’t tell.”

Sheffield leaned back on the chair, and even smiled: “Tell me.”

Chi Lang actually liked this lazy look of Sheffield, he also liked this smile of Sheffield.

He finally couldn’t help but say, “Actually, I prefer…peck kisses more than kissing for so long.”

Sheffield didn’t expect this: “Why?”

Chi Lang: “Once, I hiccupped, it was uncomfortable, and then you kissed me again, and I didn’t want to refuse… Later, it was even more uncomfortable, my hiccup seemed to be stuck in the middle and couldn’t get out, okay? So difficult… “

Sheffield almost burst out laughing, Chi Lang saw such a hearty smile on his face for the first time. After he stopped laughing, he kissed Chi Lang’s face: “You should have told me at that time, I will pay attention next time.”

Chi Lang: “Then you would have laughed even louder than now.”

Eventually, Chi Lang fell asleep in a daze. He felt Sheffield carry him on his back and head for their dormitory.

The night breeze was a little cooler, and Chi Lang was slightly more awake, there were only a few sparse stars in the night sky. Chi Lang closed his eyes again and let himself go back to sleep.

Sheffield’s footsteps stopped for a while, Chi Lang didn’t open his eyes, and asked him, “Why did you stop?”

In front of Sheffield was a sculpture of Hubert. Sheffield suddenly found that when he saw the sculpture again, his mood was very calm. The vines that stretched out from the ground and wrapped around him seemed to have died under the sunlight.

“It’s nothing,” Sheffield said with a smile. “You’re awake, come down and walk back by yourself?”

Chi Lang still closed his eyes: “I’m asleep.”

After letting Chi Lang lie down on the bed, Sheffield gently wiped his face.

Chi Lang’s eyes opened again.

Sheffield stopped and asked him with a smile, “You haven’t fallen asleep yet?”

“No.” Chi Lang explained, “No kiss before going to bed today, so I can’t sleep yet.”

Sheffield gave him a kiss on his forehead, just like a feather brushing against him, making his heart seem as soft as a feather.

“Go to sleep, good night.”

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