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HHRA Chapter 35


Chapter 35 – Extra (1) School Opening Day

Chi Lang woke up once in a daze, probably at dawn, when a few rays of sunlight came in through the window and floated on Sheffield’s face.

Sheffield was still asleep, it was one of the few times he saw Sheffield asleep. Often when he woke up, Sheffield was already dressed and ready to go out.

Chi Lang cherished such moments very much, he leaned over and kissed Sheffield’s face, which made him feel the joy of stealing a kiss, and then he leaned on the pillow and closed his eyes.

The curtains were blown slightly by the wind, the sound of the clock ringing faintly, and occasionally, there were laughter from downstairs and chirping of some unknown bird.

Chi Lang enjoyed such leisurely moments, there was nothing to do later, and the worries and concerns were far away, he could sleep in and even enjoy his dreams.

When Chi Lang woke up again, the sun had already covered the whole bed.

He leaned over to Sheffield’s side and found that it was empty. He raised his eyes to the door, Sheffield was leaning against the table, fully dressed, smiling at him as if he had been watching him for a long time.

“Now…” After Chi Lang spoke, he realized that his voice was hoarse.

Sheffield was stunned and asked him, “Do you want some water?”

Chi Lang nodded.

“Wait a moment.” Sheffield had already poured water, but the water was already a bit cold, so he used fire magic to warm it up a bit, and then handed it to Chi Lang.

Sheffield touched Chi Lang’s face with his hand, and then touched his hair.

Chi Lang thought, Sheffield’s hands were always cold, but since he came back yesterday, his hands had been warm, maybe because he had been using fire magic?

Anyway, this morning seemed no different from all mornings, just an ordinary, uneventful morning.

—if one could ignore the faint soreness in his body.

Sheffield took the cup again and asked him, “Do you feel any pain?”

It’s here. It was finally time to face this not-so-unholy question head-on.

Chi Lang retracted into the quilt again, he covered his face with the quilt, and said in a muffled voice, “It hurts a little bit… It’s also quite good…” His voice at the end curled up.

Sheffield leaned forward slightly, put his hands on the bed, and smiled.

“—what do you mean it’s quite good? The way you put it, it would make me feel like you’re saying it begrudgingly.”

Chi Lang took a deep breath and said, “It’s comfortable, it’s very refreshing, and I want to do it again many times… No, not many times, just the usual number of times, are you satisfied?”

Sheffield just kissed his forehead: “Very satisfied, let’s get dressed.”

Chi Lang: “…you turn around?”

Sheffield did not embarrass him and turned around.

Chi Lang slowly buttoned up.

Sheffield suddenly smiled and asked, “You used to put on your trousers first and then your top when you woke up, but today you are putting on your shirt first?”

Chi Lang’s movements stopped for a while, and he felt embarrassed: “you…don’t talk.”

Their life was still very harmonious, Chi Lang felt that Sheffield, although sometimes his words were too much for him, but his actions were very gentle.

It was so gentle that Chi Lang felt embarrassed that he hoped Sheffield could use more force.

Then he, embarrassingly and meekly, expressed his true thoughts to Sheffield one day.

After hearing that, Sheffield touched his head, suppressed the dark surge in his eyes, and smiled gently: “Okay.”

Chi Lang felt that that night was very long.

Tears leaked from the corners of his eyes, and Sheffield licked them very gently, but his strength didn’t diminish in the slightest.

Well, other than that, they had no more twists and turns.

Sheffield seemed to be hooked on baking bread and cookies, and followed him to the Magic Research Society every day, with Chi Lang going to the mechanical department and Sheffield going to the logistics department.

Later, Dana also came with them.

However, Sheffield refused to give him those cookies. Even with all his efforts, Chi Lang could not taste any of the cookies that Sheffield made.

Every time he asked about the cookies, Sheffield would kiss him until he was so dizzy that he couldn’t think of anything else.

Then Dana seemed really unable to bear it any longer and gave Chi Lang a baked cookie.

After he tasted it, he felt that although the cookie tasted a little rough and had a little too much sugar, the rest was fine, neither delicious nor unpalatable.

He asked Dana: “It tastes okay, why didn’t he give me a taste?”

Dana: “I made this. Sheffield’s, well, it’s probably ten times worse than this.”

Chi Lang imagined the concept of ten times harder to eat…

“Well, can you help me out a little at the academy tomorrow? Probably just greeting the new students or something like that. I talked to Sheffield about it, but I’ll ask you too,” Dana asked him.

Chi Lang finally realized that the holiday was almost over, and although there was no homework this holiday, he still felt a sense of nervousness about starting school. His happy, carefree, shameless vacation was almost over.

“Sure, but is there anything I can do to help?” Chi Lang asked.

“You don’t have to do anything, just stand there and show the demeanor of the academy,” Dana put away her cookies. “I’ll bake some more today and give them to the freshmen tomorrow.”

The next day, Chi Lang and Sheffield went to the gate of the academy, it was called a gate, in fact, the academy and the surrounding buildings were integrated together, and the gate only had a stone engraved with “Saints Magic Academy”.

There were more than a dozen of them, sitting beside a stone with only a few tables in front of them, looking rather desolate.

Chi Lang waited here for a long time, but he didn’t see anyone coming. It was a little strange: “Do those who come don’t go through the main gate? Then how do they enter the academy? Don’t they need to sign in?”

Dana: “Because a lot of people won’t walk in.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a section of the road in front of the table suddenly bulged upward, and some dirt overflowed.

Then Chi Lang watched helplessly as more and more soil spilled out to the sides and a boy emerged from the dirt.

The guy shook the dirt off his body, handed out a crumpled piece of paper, and bowed ninety degrees: “Pike.”

Dana was not surprised, put a stamp on his paper, and said kindly: “Classmate, the dormitory building of the Elemental Department is the innermost building in the east, you should be able to find it by yourself… This is a small school for new students. Here are some cookies, take them and eat them.”

Pike maintained his bowing motion, took the paper and biscuits, and burrowed into the soil again.

There was a pit left on the ground, which looked messy, and made their group look more shabby.

Joyce also came and said, “I’ll fill it up… It just so happens that there are biscuits here, I didn’t eat breakfast, can you give me some?”

Dana handed him some square cookies.

But Joyce had always been the kind of person who lacked the ability to beat around the bush, and who never wronged himself when it came to eating food.

As soon as he took a bite, he said: “Wow, Dana, where did you buy these biscuits? It’s too awful.”

Dana glanced at him sideways, her demeanor and tone were very natural, and said, “Oh, I made them.”

Joyce: “…It doesn’t seem to be too bad. I just had a problem with my taste.”

Chi Lang patted Joyce on the shoulder, took a round biscuit from Dana, and said, “You’re exaggerating, it tastes okay,” he also took a bite and suddenly couldn’t go on, keeping the chewing motion and pausing for a moment.

Dana: “Is it really bad?”

Chi Lang said weakly: “No, no, no, just a little more sugar and a little more salt than the other day.”

Sheffield picked up, “The round ones are made by me.”

Chi Lang hurriedly swallowed, and then took a few more round biscuits: “…It’s okay, I just like food with more sugar and salt.”

Chi Lang and Joyce’s eyes met in the air for a moment, and at that moment, Chi Lang finally felt that he and Joyce, too, had a moment where they were able to communicate through brain waves.

“Excuse me, how do I get to Miss Biffles’ office?”

While they were talking, a timid female voice came in, and Chi Lang looked at the place where the voice came from. There was a very thin girl with short brown hair, leaning forward, and her whole body was tense.

Chi Lang didn’t know this place, Joyce and Dana never went to the teacher’s office, and the place became quiet for a while, and finally Sheffield said: “Go forward, turn left when you encounter a fork in the road, it’s the third building with two oak trees in front of the door.”

The girl let out an “ah”, thanked constantly, blushed a bit, and then trotted away.

Dana asked at the back, “Don’t you need a stamp, classmate?”

She ran back and handed out her notification document. Chi Lang glanced at the name on it that said “Ella”.

Ella thanked again and walked away with her head down.

“You must be so ugly that it scares people away,” Chi Lang said to Joyce.

Joyce: “It must be because you acted too fierce and scared her away.”

Sheffield wiped the residue on Chi Lang’s mouth with a handkerchief, and said softly, “He doesn’t have to be too gentle with others.”

Joyce felt that the atmosphere here was weird and took a step to the side, but Dana also looked cold, so he could only cast his eyes into the distance.

At this time, the sky was blue with white clouds, the sun was just right, and the breeze was blowing. There was the sound of horses’ hooves in the distance, several teenagers slowly approaching on horseback, a girl wearing a hood floating like a ghost, and several children descending from the wind.

The new students reported in various ways, and there was a student of illusion department, seeing that they were too shabby here, gave them a magic of illusion, making the reception look a bit neater and more orderly.

But the next moment, another freshman with wind magic came and blew the paper on the table to bits.

Chi Lang bent down to pick up the paper, and hooked Sheffield’s finger when everyone was not paying attention. In this messy situation, he actually felt that this moment was so beautiful.

On the way back to the dormitory, Chi Lang was humming an out-of-tune tune.

He just learned about his new semester’s class schedule, and was surprised to find that he was actually in the prophecy department. Facing this mysterious and esoteric department, he felt a little anxious.

“Actually, if you don’t want to study these courses, you can drop out.” Sheffield looked at him, “You don’t have to study these.”

Chi Lang: “No, no, no, Longbeard said that I must graduate from the academy, otherwise, he won’t let me go to the Magic Research Society.”

Sheffield: “That’s okay. If you really can’t pass, I can help you.”

Chi Lang stopped, made a very big determination, and said, “No, I’m going to work hard on my own and take the test as what it is.”

He sighed and pulled Sheffield’s sleeve: “You can’t be so indulgent to me, you have to be stricter, such as urging me to study hard.”

Sheffield raised his eyebrows: “Like telling you to get up early every day and then study with you late into the night?”

Chi Lang’s eyes lit up: “For example… if I don’t get good grades, I won’t be able to do unholy things that week.”

Chi Lang felt that he was very smart and was quite complacent: “Yes, that’s it, I must be especially motivated to study.”

Sheffield looked at him, his eyes were a little dark, he lowered his head and smiled: “Is this a punishment for you, or for me?”



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