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HHRA Chapter 34.2


Chapter 34.2 – Rosy Dream

Hubert’s arrival did not seem to stir up any ripples either. Chi Lang inquired from Longbeard, and according to him, Hubert had left alone again.

His ability to survive came from the necromancer, and that necromancer was dead, so Hubert wouldn’t live much longer.

Chi Lang met Song Xinan when he was going back to the dormitory that day.

Song Xinan stood beside the statue, as if blending into the night.

“Why are you standing here? It’s scary at night.” Chi Lang walked over.

“The magic circle is ready to use, back to the modern world,” Song Xinan said.

Chi Lang: “Did it go so well? But why don’t you look too good?”

Song Xinan: “Only one person can be allowed to go back.”

Chi Lang was stunned for a moment, then thought for a while: “Then you, go back, after all, you found it… also, I can’t go back alone like this.”

Song Nanxin clenched his fist: “Actually, I hope you can go back.”

Chi Lang felt a little strange, he asked: “Why? “

Song Xinan lowered his head, his voice a little dry: “In modern times, I’m not a very outstanding person, every day is repeating the last day. But here, because of that special magical power, I have also become a very prominent figure.”

Chi Lang didn’t know how to answer. He thought for a while: “It’s up to you to decide whether to go back or not. If you don’t want to, just stay here.”

Chi Lang, like thinking of something very happy, smiled and said, “I will not leave until I find a way to go back for two people, if you don’t leave, we can both study Chinese food together.”

Song Xinan closed his eyes and said, “But I’m also afraid that if I don’t go back, I’ll become someone I hate.”

Chi Lang: ?

Song Xinan: “The reason why the necromancer was able to resurrect Hubert and keep him from being discovered by the Magic Association is that there is someone from the church doing the covering.”

“What good does resurrecting Hubert do to you? He’s a magician.”

“If he stays in the Magic Association, one day, people will know that the Magic Association allows necromancy and is willing to live with the undead, and they will be afraid. This is the time to strike the prestige of the Magic Association.

“And that necromancer, in theory, can manipulate Hubert’s actions, so that, too, will not increase the power of the Magic Association, and may even enhance the power of the Church.”

“The last thing is, I can also let Hubert repair that magic circle.”

Chi Lang reluctantly understood what Song Xinan meant, and then said, “The Church and the Magic Association are already in a competitive relationship, so it’s understandable for you to do so. However, it’s not right to revive the dead, and nobody asked him if he wanted to come back to life, and now, he has to undergo a second death… Other than that, I don’t know what to say.

“But since you choose to stay here, with your status in the church, accept this… but again, I hope you don’t, I don’t want to have to part ways with you, too, one day.”

Chi Lang patted Song Xinan on the shoulder: “I appreciate that you still told me about the magic circle.”

“No, there won’t be a day when we part ways,” Song Xinan’s voice trembled. “I promise.”

After bidding farewell to Song Xinan, Chi Lang returned to his dorm room.

There was no light in the room, and the curtains covered the windows so tightly that only the scent of roses could be smelled.

When he took a step inside, he felt someone holding his hand.

一It was Sheffield.

Chi Lang let Sheffield pull him to the window, and Sheffield didn’t say a word during the process. Chi Lang was a little confused: “What is this?”

Sheffield kissed him and put his right hand on the back of his head. In this darkness, Chi Lang could only vaguely see the outline of Sheffield.

After Sheffield let him go, Chi Lang said almost immediately, “Use an illumination spell on your face later. I’ll be in a very, very good mood when I look at your face.”

Sheffield’s light laugh came from the darkness, he opened his mouth, his voice a little hoarse: “You only want to look at my face?”

Chi Lang felt that this sentence had the same meaning as “Do you only like my face?” He felt that answering “yes” was a bit sloppy, and answering “no” seemed a bit too perfunctory.

He dizzily thought for a while, and then said, “No, no, no… I still like… I like…”

What to say?

I like that you are gentle with me? Ah, this is too mushy.

I like your cooking? Ah, it goes against my heart, the cooking skill that always burns bread?

I like your mind? It’s a bit fake, it’s not impressive enough.

Chi Lang closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and said, “I also like your body.”

What a good answer, both vulgar and elegant.

In the midst of his complacency, he heard Sheffield say back, “What a coincidence, so do I.” Chi Lang was completely unable to find anything to say back at this point.

Sheffield suddenly reached out and opened the curtains. It was late at night. Looking up at the sky, he could see stars strung together, spreading all the way to the end of the sky.

Chi Lang: “Wow, I didn’t notice it when I just went back to the dorm, it’s so beautiful.”

Sheffield didn’t say anything, took him by the shoulders and they leaned together, looking out the window at the starry sky together.

Chi Lang began to talk about today’s events, which were nothing more than trivial matters, such as how Berg lost his temper today, and how Longbeard stole food.

“…I heard that Hubert left.”

“Yes, he won’t live much longer.”

“Do you still hate him?”

“…I don’t know, after so long, I can’t remember the hatred clearly.”

Chi Lang looked into Sheffield’s eyes, and in this window filled with scattered stars, he felt that the starlight fell into Sheffield’s eyes.

“So, what do you remember about the past?”

Sheffield kissed the corner of his eyes and said softly, “I don’t remember, even if I do, it’s just some vague fragments.

“But I remember now, and the memory has never been so clear since I met you.”

“If I wanted to know any more magic,” Sheffield looked out the window, “I would want to walk under the stars with you every single day.”

Chi Lang also looked out the window: “It’s okay, even if there are no stars, even if it’s raining, even if it’s filled with fog, there are still stars in your eyes.”

He heard the sound of a bell ringing. It was the big clock in the academy. The history of this clock is very old. At this time, it was like an old man making a trembling sound.

The bell rang in Chi Lang’s heart one after another. He counted the bells silently in his heart, but inevitably felt a slight loss, and when the clock finished ringing, he would always be a little disappointed, as if completely saying goodbye to yesterday.

Sheffield: “It’s the next day.”

Chi Lang: “It’s good, today is also a good day.”

Sheffield kissed him again. In fact, Chi Long has never had much willpower, so he was easily kissed into a daze, unable to tell north from south.

He sat down on the bed in a daze and reached out to feel rose petals on the sheets.

Beneath him lay a layer of rose petals. The realization made his heart tremble, and even the place kissed by Sheffield felt like being brushed by flame.

Sheffield suddenly stopped, and Chi Lang muttered a few words: “Why did you stop?”

“It might be painful.”

Chi Lang:  …

He didn’t know how to reply, this question really made him hard to say anything back, but it was really a little difficult for him.

“I really, really like you, if it really hurts, can you… kiss me more? I hardly know who I am when I’m being kissed by you… that would be better…”

The clock would ring every hour, and Sheffield listened to the chimes, feeling as if those past hatreds were getting farther and farther away from him, separated by a growing fog.

Losing these pasts did not make him feel lost.

In his new rose-colored dream, he forgot all the things that had brought him unpleasantness.

All that he had was accepted by another person, including his false appearance and his rotten heart.

Sheffield could feel that Chi Lang was too sleepy to open his eyes, and his consciousness was a little blurry.

At the end of the session, he whispered something in Chi Lang’s ear.

Chi Lang couldn’t tell what he meant and couldn’t give a response. He just used the last of his strength to kiss Sheffield’s lips, and then smiled – “Good night.”

Sheffield seemed to hear the bell again, “dang dang”, and his heart became very peaceful.

He could not restrain the reverie in his heart – he would always be there for his rose, cutting through the thorns, until the end of his life.



The End. There are still 6 extra chaps. 🙂

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  1. The ending feels very peaceful… They just went on with their lives instead of living in the past. I really like this story and thank you for this translation!! Looking forward to the extras

  2. Short but sweet story. Moving on peacefully is the best for them! I’d have liked it to be longer because I really enjoyed this, but I’m not complaining about how it ended either.

    Thanks for your hard work translating! I’ll miss this when the extras are done!

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