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HHRA Chapter 34.1


Chapter 34.1 – Rosy Dream

Hubert stood in the hall.

This fact made Chi Lang feel horrified.

It was very quiet outside, like dark clouds gathered quietly, just waiting for the last flash of lightning.

Hubert straightened his back and smiled: “It’s been a long time, it’s quite poignant to come back to the Magic Research Society.”

Longbeard stood out, and he bowed slightly: “May I ask if you want to…”

Hubert scratched his head, this action slightly reduced the sharp feeling on his body, he nodded with a smile: “I just remembered that I was in too much of a hurry before, and there is still research about magic that I didn’t write down.”

“Can you give me some pen and paper?” Hubert asked.

Longbeard stretched out his hand: “Please follow me.” He gave a look to the others, and they all dispersed as if nothing had happened, but still occasionally glanced at Hubert.

Chi Lang turned his head, Sheffield was still standing there, motionless.

He ran over and held Sheffield’s hand, which was as cold as ever, Chi Lang tried hard to warm him up.

Gradually, Sheffield used fire magic, and his fingers slowly became warmer, which made him appear softer again.

Sheffield said softly, “It’s all right.”

“Who is he? Hubert shouldn’t have…”

Sheffield said quietly: “Necromancy.”

Chi Lang: “No way… Then what is his purpose? Also, the necromancer from before…”

Sheffield: “Nine out of ten, he was resurrected by that one.”

Chi Lang felt terrified, so he pulled Sheffield to the corner, kissed Sheffield’s lips again, and said, “Otherwise, you can leave now while he’s not in the hall.”

Sheffield: “It’s useless, at such a close distance, he has already found it.

“Actually, I want to go and meet him.”

Chi Lang couldn’t say anything to stop him. He knew that Sheffield had a strong grudge against the name Hubert, so he only said quietly: “Then, be careful.”

Sheffield lifted Chi Lang’s hand up and kissed his palm, his brow softening again: “I’ll be fine, I’m not going to let Hubert hurt me anymore.”

“Is there anything I can do for you?” Chi Lang asked.

“Stay here and wait for me to come back.” Sheffield kissed his forehead.


Hubert sat at the table and was writing something on paper, his memory was vague, but his memory of magic was clear, he was writing and chattering: “Unfortunately, I was in too much of a hurry and didn’t leave these things behind, I always feel a bit sorry.”

Longbeard stood aside, looking at what Hubert wrote, hesitating for a moment: “What you have written has actually been studied.”

The implication was that it wasn’t worth Hubert writing down anymore, this magical knowledge was no longer new knowledge.

Hubert was a little dazed and murmured, “How long has it been?”

Longbeard: “What do you mean?”

Hubert: “How long has it been since I died?”

Longbeard rarely got nervous. After he learned the magic sloppily, he began to manage things in the Magic Research Society, always calm and unhurried.

Hubert seemed to realize that this was a bit unacceptable for Longbeard, and he explained it very understandingly.

“As you can see, I have been brought back to life by a certain necromancer.

“I know that necromantic magic is not allowed to appear with great fanfare in the magic field. I killed the necromancer during the resurrection, but I couldn’t kill myself, thinking of the Magic Research Society, so I came over.”

“In that case, can you help me go find someone named Sheffield to come over?”

When Longbeard was stunned, the door was knocked.

The knocker on the door knocked five times, all at intervals that sounded about the same.

Sheffield pushed the door into Longbeard’s room, and he looked over at Hubert.

Hubert said to Longbeard, “Bring me another copy of Hubert’s Biography.”

After Hubert let Longbeard out of the room, he opened the biography describing himself. He turned the pages quickly until he reached the place where he entered the abyss and sealed the Demon Lord.

“This seal, it is not difficult for you, isn’t it?”

“It’s not difficult, it just took a lot of time.”

Instead, it stuck him forever in his time. When he was in the Abyss solving the magic formation, his parents and almost all of his friends had left the world.

Hubert tore the page down and murmured: “This page glorifies me too much, in fact, I deliberately let you do the last blow to the previous Demon Lord.”

Sheffield smiled: “The past need not be mentioned again, what are you going to do now, expose me? If you can shut up, I can tell you some information about necromancy, you killed the caster, you should be almost unable to hold on now.”

Hubert shook his head: “No, I didn’t want to live like this. I didn’t know I would be resurrected by this method, I just wanted to do my last bit for magic. Now, I should find a place to slowly die again.”

Sheffield suddenly felt that this Hubert was too different from the person he remembered. The Hubert in his memory was once his friend. They made an appointment to go to the abyss together, but in the end, he became the demon lord and was sealed in the abyss by his friends.

He once hated this man and vowed to take revenge. After he desperately came out of the abyss, he was the one left behind by time.

And this Hubert, struggled to get into the Magic Research Society just to explain his previous knowledge.

Sheffield nodded: “Then I have nothing more to say, I wish you… a happy death.”

Hubert stopped him: “I’m sorry.”

It was as if light had passed through a long time and penetrated into his heart. Time has blurred his hatred, and he can be at peace when he sees Hubert again.

“Someone had to kill the Demon Lord, and if we exchanged identities, I might have done the same,” Sheffield said. “Farewell.”

Sheffield went back to the logistics department, Chi Lang was still working with the dough, his mouth constantly talking. Only after Sheffield got close did he hear Chi Lang repeatedly saying: “God bless, God bless, don’t have any trouble, otherwise I have to sacrifice myself heroically, ah no, a hero saves beauty.”

Sheffield’s fingers tapped on the table.

Chi Lang looked at him immediately, and his eyes suddenly brightened.

He saw Chi Lang running over to him and seemed to be trying to reach out and hug him. But Chi Lang’s movement stopped halfway, and he hesitantly looked at the flour in his hand.

Sheffield smiled: “It’s okay.”

Chi Lang almost threw himself into his arms and asked repeatedly, “Why so fast? Did he not recognize you? I just said, great, great, let’s go back first, I’m still worried. “

Sheffield originally wanted to kiss Chi Lang’s forehead and comfort him gently for a while.

Then Chi Lang, quite rudely, rubbed his hands on his back and smeared the flour all over his clothes.

Sheffield:  …

“After all, you can cleanse too, so there.” Chi Lang ducked back a few steps.

Sheffield narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, “Come here.”

Chi Lang shook his head.

Sheffield said helplessly, “I’ll use the cleansing technique for you.”

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