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HHRA Chapter 33


Chapter 33 – Return to the World

Chi Lang was a little uneasy, he pulled the topic in another direction: “By the way, is there any trace of that necromancer recently?”

Song Xinan was startled and replied, “No… not anymore.”

Chi Lang nodded: “That’s good.”

“Where do you usually stay these days?”

“Me? Magic Research Society, go do odd jobs or something.”

Song Xinan’s lips moved, but in the end, he just said, “Then be careful.”

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Sheffield was still working on baking bread with fire magic.

“You, this too… the fire is too big, you should go and see how they use fire to make food in the Magic Research Society,” Chi Lang commented.

Sheffield lowered his eyebrows, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “I submitted an application to the Magic Research Society, and I should be able to go tomorrow.”

Chi Lang’s first reaction was, “Won’t you be found out?”

Sheffield took him by the shoulders and pressed him back into his seat, saying, “You should believe in me a little sometimes. I’ve been in this academy for a year, and I haven’t been found.”

“If I don’t want to be discovered by others, they won’t be able to.” Sheffield raised his chin slightly when he said this, and his expression was mixed with a certain edge of confidence.

Chi Lang was dazzled, he could hardly move his eyes, and asked, “So what department are you in? Do you work with them on magic formations?”

“No,” Sheffield said naturally, “to learn how to cook.”

Chi Lang was a little surprised, he thought Sheffield would go to the magic formations or something. He stretched out his hand and hugged Sheffield. He rested his head on Sheffield and patted his back: “Then you must study hard.”


The next day, Chi Lang finally got his wish and went to the Magic Research Society with Sheffield.

He knocked on the door with one hand, and held Sheffield’s hand with the other. Longbeard happened to open the door and sized them both up from head to toe, his expression full of suspicion.

Chi Lang was inexplicably nervous, but Sheffield smiled and asked, “Can you turn a little sideways and let us in?”

Longbeard felt that the atmosphere between these two was strange, but could not say what was strange.

The Magic Research Society was still noisy, the hall was still piled high with scraps of paper, and the ground was covered with magic circles.

Chi Lang reminded in a small voice: “You should not step on these magic formations, when you walk a few steps forward, there will probably be some strange creatures running out, you just need to walk forward without looking at it… two little boys often do summoning magic.”

Chi Lang walked in front of Sheffield, almost on tiptoe, with very light footsteps, walking very slowly.

Sheffield took a few steps and went in front of him and half crouched down.

“Let me carry you over.”

With Longbeard still following them, Chi Lang felt that the eyes of Longbeard were a little strange again. He hesitantly rejected this attractive proposal: “I’m fine by myself, and there will be no magic circle after a few steps.”

Sheffield still kept his movements, with a smile in his voice but firm: “Come on, trust me.”

Chi Lang got on Sheffield’s back and lowered his head completely.

Sheffield walked very steadily. He stepped on the magic circle, and there was a glimmer of light on the bottom of his feet. These magic circles were not affected at all.

When he got to the corridor, Chi Lang whispered, “We should go separately, I have to go to the mechanical department.”

Sheffield: “Can you accompany me to the logistics department?”

Chi Lang: “Sure, but put me down first, there’s no more magic formations here.”

Sheffield turned his face sideways and said, “Then you can kiss me first.”

Chi Lang looked to the left and right and quickly kissed Sheffield on the cheek, with a sense of being a thief.

Then Sheffield put him down.

“Are you worried about us being found out?” Sheffield asked him.

Chi Lang: “No…but it’s better to do this kind of intimate action in private…” Seeing that Sheffield’s face still didn’t improve, he added, “You… look good when you kiss and are kissed, and I don’t want others to see it.”

Sheffield froze for a moment, restrained his smile, kissed Chi Lang’s face blankly, and then said, “Understood, I will try to kiss you expressionlessly if I’m here.”

He pushed the door open and smiled, “Then I’ll leave first?”

Chi Lang was a little reluctant at this time, thinking that he would not see Sheffield for a while, and that he would not be able to kiss here a few times today. He suggested: “Or I’ll join you in the logistics department today. Although I don’t know how to cook food either, I can verbally guide you.”

Sheffield didn’t hesitate at all: “Come on then.”


The holidays were almost over, and students from Saints Magic Academy began to return. The academy seemed to be noisier than usual.

Wearing a black robe, Song Xinan didn’t stand out among these students.

He was standing in front of Hubert’s statue, waiting for someone.

The sunlight sprinkled the ground with a layer of light. He lowered his head and stared at the ground.

Suddenly, a shadow covered this layer of light, someone stood in front of him.

After Song Xinan looked up, he found that it was an old man, his back was a bit bent and his face was full of wrinkles.

The old man was struggling to tilt his head to survey Hubert’s sculpture.

Song Xinan looked at the sculpture and then at the old man, feeling like he had traveled through time in a trance.

He said to the old man, “Let’s go there immediately, I don’t have much time left, I have to go back to the church.”

Song Xinan brought this old man to the big clock in the academy, and they stood on the rooftop with the wind in their faces, blowing their robes high.

There was nothing on the rooftop but the clock.

The old man slowly recited a spell, his voice was already hoarse and his words were a bit slurred, but as he recited the spell, even the wind stopped, as if it could not bear to blow away the spell, which contained a surge of power.

The pattern of a magic circle gradually appeared on the ground, but the magic circle was tattered and had not been completed.

“Can you still complete this magic formation?”

The old man said tremblingly: “Of course, I have done it in the abyss, otherwise, how do you think you came here?”

Song Xinan’s pupils shrank slightly: “In the abyss?”

“Yes. As compensation, don’t you guys also possess unparalleled divine magic power and mechanical abilities?”

“Are you trying to get us to kill him? To complete the unfinished task for you?”

“No, I just found that the magic circle in the abyss can be energized more, so I happened to make one. I didn’t expect it to be successful.

“But I have broken through the boundaries of magic and reached deeper levels of time and space, they do not allow me to be able to peek into such mysteries, that’s why my life span is so short.”

“Then, can you still complete this magic circle now? Will you be punished by the rules of time and space?”

The old man smiled and replied confidently: “Of course, even with such a body… But I have to remind you that even if this magic circle is repaired, only one person can leave.”

Before Song Xinan could say anything, the old man had already started to repair the magic circle. His movements had slowed down and his eyes were a little cloudy. After repairing the magic circle, it seemed like he was back in the old days.

He quickly repaired the magic circle, looked up, and said, “Since it has been completed, then we will be clear. You cover up for me and don’t let the Magic Association find out that I was resurrected by a necromancer. This favor, I don’t owe you anymore.”

Song Xinan: “That’s how it should be, but you, what are you going to do next? Although you still have your own consciousness now, after a while, you will be completely controlled by him, right?”

The old man replied: “I killed him… you, do what needs to be done, and then leave.”

Song Xinan watched the old man step out of his sight. He didn’t know what kind of future the old man would have, but he felt a little sad for no reason.

He put his eyes on this magic circle and clenched his hands tightly. As long as he stepped on it, he could leave here without thinking about anything and go back to his regular life.


Chi Lang still has the right to know about this.

Song Xinan turned around and walked downstairs.


Chi Lang felt that he probably did not have a talent for cooking. His hands were covered with flour, and the dough under his hands was still oddly shaped and a bit sticky, a bit disgusting at first glance.

While Sheffield had made the dough into a square, he had no flour on him at all, his clothes were clean and he still looked composed.

Chi Lang looked at his hand, looked at Sheffield’s face, and slowly reached out and rubbed Sheffield’s face.

– Sheffield did not hide.

Chi Lang only paused for a moment, and continued to rub the flour on Sheffield’s face.

He seemed to have found something extremely amusing, and looked closely at Sheffield’s face and said, “You are so ugly now.”

Sheffield didn’t even give him a look, but just slightly lowered his head and used a cleaning technique, and those traces of flour were all gone.

Chi Lang’s eyes lit up: “You can use the cleansing technique for me too, I’m too uncomfortable like this.”

Sheffield smiled and rubbed more flour on his face instead.

Finally, Sheffield patted him on the head and said, “Just stay like this, I think you look good like this.”

Chi Lang:  …

Suddenly there were a few knocks on the door, and after the door was opened, there was Longbeard standing outside the door.

Longbeard’s expression was a little dignified, looking at them: “You all go out for a while, there is a guest.”

Chi Lang definitely couldn’t get out like this, he said to Sheffield: “You go ahead, I’ll clean my face.”

Sheffield smiled and walked out the door.

Chi Lang thought for a second, he would have to make this dough later, and it would make a mess again, so he should finish the dough first and then wash his face.

He probably kneaded the dough for a while when Sheffield came in through the door.

“So soon? Or is it a rule that everyone must go? When we had guests here before, we could have hidden in here too. If you want to go, you use a cleaning spell on me.”

Sheffield didn’t speak, his face was very cold, the gentle aura that had been on him seemed to disappear in an instant, or perhaps, he had lost his ability to disguise himself.

He stepped forward, his fingers brushing over Chi Lang’s face inch by inch.

Chi Lang felt the coldness on his face and knew it was the effect of the cleansing technique.

He asked, “Why do you look so…”

Halfway through his words, he started walking out, and Sheffield didn’t stop him.

Chi Lang went to the door and looked out, and for the first time, he noticed how many people were packed into the Magic Research Society.

But he still recognized the old man standing in the center at a glance.

Anyone who walked by the Academy’s statue every day would know who it looked like.


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