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HHRA Chapter 32


Chapter 32 – Invent Instant Noodles

Chi Lang asked Sheffield, “Do you have any wine?”

Sheffield took the wine from the cabinet and asked him, “Why do you want to drink?”

Chi Lang shook his head, hummed twice, and reached out to Sheffield: “Give it to me.”

Sheffield poured the wine into the glass, shook the glass a little, and said, “This is ‘Twilight Dream’, don’t drink too much, it’s easy to get drunk.”

Then Chi Lang took the wine glass, drank it in one gulp, and gave the glass to Sheffield: “Pour a little more.”

He whispered, “Am I drinking too rudely… but get drunk a little faster this way.”

Sheffield nodded, put his hand on the back of the chair, motioned for Chi Lang to stand up, and changed the chair in another direction.

This time, the back of the chair was leaning against the table, and Sheffield let Chi Lang sit down again.

Sheffield lifted his sleeves up a bit as he began to pour wine into his glass again, asking with a bit of a smile, “It’s better to take your time tasting wine… Do you want to learn how to drink?”

Chi Lang doesn’t know much about wine tasting, but his primary purpose now is to get drunk, so he rejects the proposal: “Let’s learn another day, I’m now…”

Sheffield: “It won’t take long.” He raised his head slightly and drank slowly. When he put down the glass, the side of the glass was stained with purple drops, and the bottom of the glass was empty.

Chi Lang glanced at it: “You’re not drinking right either…”

Sheffield smiled and kissed his lips.

The ‘Twilight Dream’ was sent into Chi Lang’s mouth in this way.

Sheffield kissed very slowly, Chi Lang could feel the slightly sweet taste of the wine on the tip of his tongue, but he wasn’t sure whether it was because of the original taste of ‘Twilight Dream’, or… the result of his psychological effect.

He smelled a little scent of grapes, faint, like a vision far away, shrouded in mist.

“Does it taste okay?” Sheffield asked him.

“So-so,” Chi Lang tried his best to keep his face expressionless: “I’m drunk.”

“So, why do you want to get drunk so much?”

Chi Lang: “Because if I’m drunk, I don’t have to admit what I say next, and you can’t laugh at me when I wake up tomorrow.”

Sheffield smiled: “Okay, go ahead.”

Chi Lang asked very quietly, “Can you like me a little bit more?”

Sheffield approached him and asked with a smile: “How do you want it to be and what do you want to happen? For example, send you roses every day?”

“No, because I want to write a biography for you, but writing is too painful for me. I used to be forced to write papers, and I was very anxious every day, so I want to ask for a little payment.” Chi Lang’s tone was very serious. “If you like me a little more, I can write you a biography.”

“I’m sorry,” Sheffield rejected him, “I can’t like you any more than I already do.”

Chi Lang lowered his head: “Okay, even if that’s the case, I’ll… I’ll just reluctantly write a biography for you.

“When looking up at the stars, the vision is limited, you can’t expect to see all the stars, it is an inevitable and regrettable thing.

“If I could, I’d like to spend all the time I have liking you.

“But in those times, when I haven’t met you yet, it’s a little regrettable to think that I couldn’t have such a wonderful experience of liking you.”

Chi Lang’s brain was confused. He was just a little drunk, but now his drunkenness was expanded countless times. He didn’t think he could think of such words, let alone write them.

“No, I have to write down this sentence on the paper, as well as the nice words I said before. I will take good care of that piece of paper, and I will look at it every day — I don’t want to forget this kind of moment.”

Sheffield: “Then why do you want to write a biography?”

Chi Lang: “…In Hubert’s biography, you are the defeated party and are still considered the evil one. Then I’ll write a biography for you with you as the main character, a wonderful biography.

“Write the outline first today.”

Sheffield leaned over and took a look. Although Chi Lang quickly put it away, he still saw a few lines.

“Sheffield was a very nice man.”

“One day he met Chi.”

“Then Sheffield became a very, very good man.”

“And finally, they lived happily ever after.”

“Why not put your names together and write your own like this?”

Chi Lang: “Because this is your biography, it can’t be taken away from the main focus. Using “Chi” can reduce my creative desire. If I write ‘Chi Lang’ directly, I will not be able to resist writing it as a love diary.”

Sheffield’s tone was a little helpless: “If you are like this, I can’t help but want to kiss you again.”

Chi Lang was shocked: “It doesn’t look like you, don’t you always kiss whenever you want?”

Sheffield’s eyes changed a little, the smile in his eyes disappeared, and he became very aggressive.

“I always have to think about how to make each kiss better than the last.”

“Okay, you must think about it.”

Chi Lang was so absorbed in writing that he asked Sheffield questions while he was writing, and when he had finished writing the outline, he did not want to sleep at all, and was finally pulled to bed by Sheffield.

Sheffield’s movements were too neat and tidy to give him a chance to struggle. Chi Lang couldn’t help but say, “I have so much creative passion after all, so please let me write for a while.”

“Go to sleep.”

Chi Lang: “But it’s not the usual time to sleep, is it?”

Sheffield’s tone was gentle: “Since you’re a little drunk, go to bed early, or you’ll be very uncomfortable tomorrow.”

Chi Lang: “But I’m not sleepy.”

“Then lie down on the bed and rest.”

Chi Lang blinked: “Are you trying to do something unholy?”

Sheffield did not speak.

Chi Lang asked several times, and kept poking at Sheffield’s arm.

Sheffield, perhaps disturbed by him, clasped his wrist on the bed: “Close your eyes and don’t talk.”

Chi Lang closed his eyes, and then heard Sheffield say, “Then count how many times we’ve kissed.”

Chi Lang fell asleep quickly during this kind of counting, his breathing was even, and even in his sleep, the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

Sheffield also closed his eyes, he was not sleepy.

He had dreamed of making love with Chi Lang.

But when the physical pleasure reached its peak, he felt very sad.

Chi Lang would be very obedient, in his dreams, even after being treated so rudely by him, he would not refuse at all.

But what remained in his heart, those uneasy thoughts and hatreds that came to his mind by chance, together with those dark pasts, always entangled him like vines.

He met someone who could accommodate him, but he couldn’t help but want more.

When he was so distracted and completely immersed in it, he might treat this person rudely, as if he could vent those hazes out through this.

But the thought that the person he likes may be treated very rudely, Sheffield felt immense heartache. And such heartache is enough to block out his desire.


Margaret’s party was scheduled for three days later. Chi Lang was hesitant to go, but he thought that since he had decided not to communicate with the Howard family, he should not go.

He also went to Song Xinan to exchange feelings, and by the way, talk about the information about teleportation magic that he found in the Magic Research Society.

A heartless person like Song Xinan actually seemed to be very worried, frowning tightly, and was very anxious.

He told Chi Lang: “I found a way to return to the modern times…”

Chi Lang’s eyes lit up: “Really?”

Song Southwest: “Really… but that magic formation is damaged.”

Chi Lang was stunned for a moment.

“Can it be repaired? If it can’t be repaired, think of another way?”

“That is the magic formation left by Hubert… No one can completely repair this magic except himself.”

Chi Lang’s heart slowly calmed down.

“If that’s the case, then there’s no way to fix it, or I’ll go to the Magic Research Society and ask, let’s find another way.”

Song Xinan smiled: “Don’t worry, fortunately you are here, we can still chat, if we can’t go back, let’s do our best.”

Then they recalled the past together again. Chi Lang also thought of Song Xinan’s two ex-girlfriends, and sighed, “When you showed off your girlfriend in front of me back then, you didn’t think that feng shui would turn around, right?”

Song Xinan: …

Chi Lang asked, “Can you cook Chinese food? I want to learn something.”

Song Southwest: “…what do you want to do?”

“… I just have a craving.” Facing Song Xinan’s suspicious eyes, Chi Lang confessed, “Actually, I want him to try it too. Life is not perfect without having eaten fish-flavored shredded pork and spicy chicken, mapo tofu, diving fish boiled pork slices.

“But what if he can’t eat it so spicy. If the taste is not the same, it would be uncomfortable,” Chi Lang struggled again.

Song Xinan: …

Then he smiled and said, “You can make instant noodles – you might as well invent instant noodles and let him taste it.”

Chi Lang:  …

Song Xinan spread his hands on the table and took a deep breath: “Is the person you like named Sheffield?”

Chi Lang’s heart tightened, but it was obvious that he couldn’t hide it, so he nodded.

“Is he the Demon Lord in the abyss?”

Chi Lang sat up straight.

They were in the church’s parlor at this time, sitting at either end of the long table.

Chi Lang steadied his mind and said with a smile, “Do you dare to believe it? In our academy, there are a total of four people with this name, and everyone knows about that Demon Lord, and they usually talk about this as a joke.”

He believed in Song Xinan and his friendship, but he didn’t dare to take a little risk.

Song Xinan also smiled: “Really?”

Chi Lang: “…And with the attributes of a passerby like me, it is impossible to meet the Demon Lord casually. I think I will probably never be able to touch the abyss in my life.”

Song Xinan looked at Chi Lang and nodded.

On his unfamiliar face, there was a vague expression that Chi Lang was familiar with.

“Yes, in fact, whether he is the demon lord, I have no way to know… but, there is always someone who can know.” Song Xinan patted the shoulder of Chi Lang, “Wait for my good news, I will fix that magic.”

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