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HHRA Chapter 31


Chapter 31 – Fiancée

Sheffield looked at him: “It’s cold, very cold.”

Chi Lang drooped his head and said, “Well, it doesn’t matter if it’s cold.”

“But it’s warm in the rose garden, so – I’ll warm you in every way I can.” Sheffield’s words were faint and his voice was low, sounding vague and ambiguous.

Chi Lang looked into Sheffield’s eyes, and suddenly turned his head to the side: “Can you not be so erotic in your mind?”

Sheffield froze for a moment, then laughed, and the laughter lasted for a while, and his breath hit Chi Lang’s face without interruption.

He whispered in Chi Lang’s ear, “I mean, I could always use fire magic for you… But you, what did you think of?”

Sheffield held Chi Lang’s hand and said with a smile, “Tell me, what did you think of?”



So, it was just that simple meaning oh.

Chi Lang didn’t understand why every time he thought less, Sheffield seemed to have a lot of ideas, but when he thought more, Sheffield’s idea was very simple.

He patted Sheffield’s shoulder and said earnestly: “Let’s make an agreement, if you have any associations in that area in the future, please say it clearly, don’t be vague, I can’t guess. If you don’t say it explicitly, I will use the literal meaning to understand your words.”

Sheffield took Chi Lang’s hand and put Chi Lang’s hand on his face. He smiled again: “That aspect of association? So, you mean I have to tell you when I think of you… in the future too? For example, I think—”

Chi Lang couldn’t help himself. He lowered his head, pulled Sheffield’s clothes, and said in a low voice, “Shut up, don’t say it.”

Sheffield didn’t embarrass him, just smiled again: “Okay, look up, I won’t think about it, and I won’t say it.”

Chi Lang buried his head lower, and he almost immediately picked up on Sheffield’s words: “No… still think about it.”

“Two friends, can you separate a little bit?” someone said not far from them.

When Chi Lang looked up, Dana stood a bookshelf away from them and was knocking on it.

“Should I not disturb you? If you have more love words to say, I can come back later.” Dana folded her arms and leaned against the bookshelf.

“Yeah,” Sheffield’s voice was a little low, “so, if it’s nothing important, you can come back later.”

Chi Lang thought about the pros and cons, and said to Dana, “Dana, is there something? It’s better to… say it now. We basically talk about love all the time. It’s hard for you to come across a time when we don’t talk about it.”

Dana handed them two invitations: “I’ll be quick, this is Margaret’s party, almost all the magicians in Zefnar City will go, and someone from the Howard family will be there too. All the students who got full marks in this examination have received invitations…”

At the mention of Howard, she glanced at Sheffield.

“It’s up to you whether you go or not, I’m just here to send an invitation…” Dana’s tone was a little teasing, “Okay, I’m leaving, you can do what you want.”

Dana acted simply and neatly, then turned and walked away.

Chi Lang took the invitation. He didn’t rush to open it. Looking at Dana’s back, he asked curiously, “By the way, Dana knows your identity, right? Did you meet in the Abyss?”

“No, she was once in the Order,” Sheffield paused, “and once my fiancée before I left the Howard family.”

Chi Lang choked on his own saliva: “Fiancée?”

Ah, he was a little sad.

“But before I went to the Abyss, she already wanted to break off the marriage, but it didn’t work.”

“Later she also came to the Abyss to crusade against me and unfortunately died there, so I used a bit of necromancy to keep her alive as an undead.”

“Want to break off the marriage?” Chi Lang’s unhappiness disappeared in an instant, and he was still inappropriately, a little sympathetic to Sheffield: “Hey, it seems that you were not very charming at that time, and you actually got withdrawn from the marriage.”

Sheffield raised his eyebrows and smiled: “When you heard ‘fiancée’, you were jealous, right?”

“That’s not jealousy,” Chi Lang explained as best he could. “Anyone would be a little upset, right? Let’s swap, you’d be upset too.”

Sheffield nodded and asked Chi Lang, “So tell me, what was your relationship with your priest friend?”

What relationship?

It is probably the business relationship of “we all think we are very simple but call each other ‘big brother’”, and the superficial father-son friendship that is in jeopardy.

Chi Lang felt sorry for Song Xinan, and he wanted to temporarily ruin Song Xinan’s reputation.

“In fact, we also had a marriage contract…”

Sheffield smiled: “You are too good at lying… But you are right, it is indeed a little uncomfortable.”

He kissed Chi Lang’s lips, and then kissed all the way down his neck, stopping just above his collarbone.

Chi Lang’s heart was beating very fast, and then he was very keenly aware of Sheffield’s movements, and held Sheffield’s hand first: “I said that you can’t do it… This is the library!”

Sheffield continued to kiss, and Chi Lang felt that he was about to lose the touch on his neck. He was very undeniably, again, disoriented.

Then he heard Sheffield say with a smile, “If you don’t let me do it…then can you take off your clothes yourself?”

Chi Lang: …

Even after returning to the bedroom, Chi Lang’s face was still very hot, and he was uncomfortable when he thought of that scene.

At this time, Sheffield went out to pick a rose. This morning, Sheffield actually forgot to pick a rose, which shows that love does have a huge impact. Chi Lang thought happily.

But the next moment, he had a feeling he couldn’t tell. Although he rejected Sheffield’s request at the time, he felt that if it wasn’t in the library, he might have agreed.

No, he would have definitely agreed.

He would have offered himself to the Demon Lord.

And willingly.

Chi Lang unconsciously touched the invitation card in his hand, he opened the it, and unexpectedly found a note.

There was a line on the note:

When I come to you, I hope you will open the window.

Signed by Dana.

Chi Lang wondered if Dana had given the wrong invitation, this note was for Sheffield, and why open the window?

As he thought so, the window was knocked twice.

Dana was outside the window, knocking on the window, motioning him to open it.

Chi Lang immediately opened the window, stretched out his hand, and wanted to give Dana a hand: “Why did you come through the window? Be careful.”

Dana, however, tumbled in deftly, not needing his help at all.

“I just saw Sheffield go over there, so I rushed to look for you.”

“Looking for me? What can I do for you?”

Dana nodded: “You should know Sheffield’s identity by now, including Howard…”


“From the standpoint of Sheffield’s friend, I feel compelled to tell you something, something he probably won’t tell you,” Dana said in all seriousness.

“Go ahead.”

“Sheffield became the Demon Lord because he killed the last Demon Lord, and no one expected it to be so costly at the time.”

“I know that,” Chi Long’s voice was a bit sharp.

“Also, although his magic became much stronger almost overnight after he became the Demon Lord, he lost his thirst for knowledge.

“To put it in layman’s terms, he can no longer study magic beyond the forbidden spell. His magic will always be confined under the forbidden spell.”


“He can’t think about the magic above it, and he can’t use it, but he can easily master the magic below it.

“Since then, his love for magic has diminished, and in the end, magic has only become a tool for him to kill.”

Dana pursed her lips. “How should I put it, I once saw his notebook when he was reading, and on the first page it said, ‘I will always think magic is beautiful’.

“I guess he once thought of magic as faith, too.”

Chi Lang felt sad.

Dana: “In the imperial capital at that time, geniuses were born faster than the speed of fading, and even then, he was the best… After he emerged from the abyss, the geniuses fell, and the era of prosperous magic came to an end, and those who were once far inferior to him stepped into the realm of forbidden spells. “

After a while, Chi Lang asked, “So that’s why he returned to the abyss?”

“Not exactly, but it is the reason that makes me feel sad.”

“He came to Zefnar City this time, although he said that he wanted to take revenge on the church, but after so long, the hatred was almost forgotten. Hubert has also died. Who should Sheffield try to get revenge on?”

Chi Lang had a very bad connection.

“He is longing for death. I can persuade him, but I can’t stop him.”

Chi Lang heard himself speak: “…I understand. I…will not let him die, I will protect him, and I will go to many, many places with him…

“Thank you for telling me this.”

“It’s me who should say ‘thank you’,” Dana said, as if letting go of something. “Finally, a worry has been resolved.”

She remembered something else and smiled, “Don’t mind the fact that I used to be his fiancée, I already had someone I liked at the time, so I wanted to withdraw.”

Chi Lang: “Okay.”

Dana: “Actually, for people in the abyss, if they don’t harbor hatred, death is the only desire. And I, in fact, am not very willing to accept this undead magic attached to my body.

“But the man I liked is dead, and no one remembers him anymore. If I’m not around, no one can prove that he once existed so dazzlingly. So just live like this, until the moment when necromancy fails forever.”

Dana finally bowed to Chi Lang: “So please protect yourself as well.”

After Dana left, Chi Lang waited in the dormitory for Sheffield to return, sitting upright in his chair and staring at the rose in the vase. The rose had wilted a bit, and its petals were drooping downward.

When a rose is late and withering, it always looks uncomfortable.

When Sheffield pushed the door, all he saw was Chi Lang looking sullen.

“What’s the matter? Why do you look unhappy as soon as I go out for a while?”

Chi Lang remembered Dana’s words, and said sullenly, “Yeah, now once you leave my side, I don’t even seem to be very happy even when I’m happy.”

He looked towards Sheffield, a little surprised: “Didn’t you pick the rose back?”

“A rose will always fade, but now I have found a rose that is completely mine, and in my eyes, forever.”

Chi Lang was happy again, and he asked Sheffield, “Will you take me to the abyss?”

“Yes, I will.”

Chi Lang thought for a while: “Then, if it’s possible, will you come to my hometown with me?”

“I will.”

Chi Lang stopped asking, he was slightly drunk inside and ran up to Sheffield and hugged him.

Sheffield smiled: “Why don’t you speak again?”

Chi Lang didn’t speak, he just felt the word “I will”, as if, in a wedding ah.

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