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HHRA Chapter 30


Chapter 30 – The Boy who Killed the Demon Lord

“He’s right, curiosity is the most important quality of a magician, and losing that will lead to… accomplishing nothing,” Sheffield said.

Chi Lang: “I’m not talking about that, I wanted to ask, did you and the Howard family… have any kind of relationship?”

“Relationship? Before I became a demon lord, I probably had this family’s blood in me.”

“Before becoming a demon lord?” Chi Lang’s heart welled up with a kind of unexplained sadness, “Why did you become a demon lord?”

“Don’t remember,” Sheffield smiled.

Chi Lang was a little disappointed, he looked at his toes: “You don’t remember or… you just don’t want to tell me…” After he finished speaking, he felt that it was inappropriate to say this, and hurriedly added in a low voice: “I don’t blame you. I just want to understand you a little more.”

Sheffield paused for a moment. He had always been polite and gentle in front of Chi Lang, and rarely showed his dark side.

He tried as much as possible to appear like a genuinely mild-mannered young man with no bitter past so that he could take possession of his rose with a clear conscience.

But occasionally, for a few seconds, he would clearly realize that it was all an illusion, like a colorful soap bubble wrapped in filth, and when it was punctured one day, his despicableness and ugliness would have nowhere to hide.

However, in the next moment, Chi Lang hugged him and leaned in front of him.

Chi Lang’s right hand gently patted Sheffield’s back, and he whispered, “It’s alright, everything has passed, if you want to tell me, you can tell me then.”

Sheffield felt Chi Lang’s touch on his back, and his heart suddenly became very soft, and then an uncontrollable thought surged up, he really wanted to test Chi Lang’s bottom line.

He handed Chi Lang a book. This book looks very new, it is the latest edition of “Hubert’s Biography”, and basically every magician must read it when he enters the school.

“The description of Hubert in this book is that he successfully sealed the Demon Lord and stopped the malice from the abyss.

“You know why he didn’t kill me?”

Chi Lang inexplicably felt that Sheffield’s expression was a little sad at this time.

“Because the price of killing the Demon Lord is to become a new Demon Lord.”

Chi Lang held his breath, he felt as if time had stood still, a great sense of sadness swept through the heavy years.

“So, it was you who killed the last demon lord?”


The sky outside the window was very gloomy, and there was a bleak light on the ground. Chi Lang suddenly felt Sheffield hug him in return and buried his head in the nape of his neck.

Chi Lang asked cautiously, “After becoming the Demon Lord, what about your friends, family members, or other people you know?”

“I lost them.” Sheffield whispered, “For a long time, I couldn’t leave the abyss, and by the time I could, the world outside was completely different.”

“And I, after walking around outside, found that the Abyss was the only place for me to stay, so I went back in.”

Chi Lang asked, “Then why did you appear here this time?”

“I don’t have any hatred for the church and the Magician Association, but since they want to kill me, I also have the right to retaliate.

“Before I met you, I had thought that I could die by their hands if I had no other choice at the end. This kind of pain should continue on them.”

Chi Lang’s mind was very chaotic and confused, and he could only say awkwardly: “Trust me, this world is still very beautiful, it’s not just fighting and killing, I think it’s very good to keep studying one thing like Luth did happily. You can find new beliefs to keep you going…”

Sheffield interrupted him: “Chi Lang… you are now the light of my faith.”

This should have been a very moving statement.

However, Chi Lang resolutely broke free from Sheffield’s arms. He took Sheffield’s hand and let Sheffield sit on the chair.

He touched Sheffield’s head and said softly, “No, no one can be another person’s belief. It is very unacceptable to put your faith on me.

“I have no way to relieve your pain, if only I were luckier, so that I could give you half of my luck, so that you would be lucky in the future.

“Ah, no, although I am unlucky, I can still give you my luck, and the misfortune of two people seems to be less unfortunate…”

Chi Lang felt a little embarrassed: “I will accompany you, we can ignore the Howard family, and Margaret, and, um, can’t remember the name. There are so many interesting things to do, there’s bound to be something to make you believe again.”

‘There won’t be,’ Sheffield thought.

It was just that the person in front of him did make him feel that the future was bright.

He desperately wanted to do something to prove that this person belonged to him.

Sheffield asked: “Can I kiss you?”

Chi Lang answered very quickly: “Yes.” After he finished speaking, he thought of something and added: “But when you kiss, don’t…don’t do anything, you… behave a little.”

Sheffield stood up and kissed him first on the forehead, then on the tip of his nose, and finally lingered between his lips and teeth for a while

In this delicate kiss, Chi Lang felt that Sheffield was still a little sad.

He wanted to expel this sadness. He said, “Is the abyss cold? If it’s not cold, I can accompany you… Actually, it doesn’t matter if it’s cold, just bring more clothes.”

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