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HHRA Chapter 28


Chapter 28 – The Desire for Knowledge

“This is a gun passed down from the Dwarf Empire, and with my marksmanship…” Berg did not say more, but the meaning of the words was already clear.

The feeling of being offended suddenly rose up in Chi Lang, and his expression became cold: “Little friend, shooting at people at random is not a polite behavior.”

Berg casually put the gun on the shelf: “If you call me that again, I’ll treat you well with magic. As for politeness—”

He smiled slightly: “You can shoot me and it’ll be even.”

Chi Lang pointed to the firearms on the shelf: “Can I borrow one?”

“Be my guest.”

Chi Lang chose a rifled flintlock gun. He didn’t use “mechanical time” when reloading, and his movements looked slow and clumsy.

Berg had an expression of pity and superiority on his face.

Chi Lang aimed his gun at him, and then started “Mechanical Time”.

The passage of time became extremely slow, and the bullet was slowly fired from the muzzle.

With a “click”, a clock seemed to turn in the void, and the bullet arrived in front of Berg at the same time.

The young man with eyes above the top was a little stunned, and he watched the bullet come to him.

He dodged it with difficulty, but the bullet still hit his arm.

Chi Lang held the gun in his hand and said without any guilt: “This is the real marksmanship.”

Berg was using healing magic, but due to the material of the bullet, the wound on his arm didn’t heal completely, just stopped the bleeding.

He raised his head and pulled out a smile: “So, the tit-for-tat is over for the time being… Welcome, Lord Micah.”

“I’m Berg, Berg Howard.”

Chi Lang: “You don’t have to pretend to shake hands with me.”

Berg withdrew his hand without changing his face, with a tone of eagerness to try: “It seems that your marksmanship seems to be very good, do you want to compare with me?”

“Now? Here?” Chi Lang is not really afraid to compete with this guy’s marksmanship.

“The space here is too small, go outside the city…”

“You don’t have to go out of the city, you can go to the basement of my laboratory, where the walls are made of Eternal Stone, and you can compete any way you want.” Luth came in through the door and said this in a provocative tone towards Berg, and gave a “you’re done if you don’t win” look to Chi Lang.

It seems that this guy Berg is really not popular.

“Let’s compare it tomorrow,” Berg stared at the gun on his arm. “I need to find a gun with poor accuracy to compare with you. As for you, you can choose whatever you want on this shelf.”

Chi Lang looked at the shelf: “No, just use the same one as you.” Then he saw the trophy of Master Colin’s dragon slaying – the long gun on the shelf.

Chi Lang felt a sense of wariness rising from the depths of his soul.

Berg noticed his sight and smiled: “What, the mechanical department just bought it, do you want to use it?”

“No, that would be no fun, it’s too easy to beat you,” Chi Lang replied to him.

Berg’s eyes turned cold.

Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, Longbeard finally stood up to ease the situation: “Let’s go, newcomer, I’ll show you another place.”

Chi Lang followed, and when he left the mechanical department, he glanced back at Berg, still noticing the blood-colored sunflower emblem on his jacket.

“Berg is just like that, after all, he’s from that family, and he’s young, and he’s got a bit of a temper,” Longbeard rambled on.

“Is he from the Mechanical Department?” Chi Lang looked at the wooden floor.

“No, he pretty much wants to be involved in all the magic research for a bit, and has his name under all the departments.”

Chi Lang: “…is really quite powerful ah…”

Longbeard curled his lips: “You are all too young, young people, thinking that you can learn everything with talent, it’s better to find a direction to specialize in.”

He looked back at Chi Lang: “You have to remember, you can do whatever research you want in the Magic Research Society, just stick to it. No matter what the field it is, always stay inquisitive and don’t think you understand everything.”

“The desire for knowledge is what keeps us going beyond ourselves.” Longbeard’s tone suddenly became very cheerful, he pushed open an iron door, “Come, look, this is our logistics department, the very best in food research.”

Chi Lang followed him into the logistics department.

It was warm inside and seemed to have a constant stream of hot air coming from the floor, while in the middle of the room, a well-tended sheep was set up on a rack, while several magicians were chanting incantations and roasting this sheep with fire magic.

Chi Lang looked in other directions, there were dark food and a pile of pots and pans on several tables.

The magicians in the logistics department were very enthusiastic. Chi Lang refused the dark food they gave him, but he was still stuffed with a bunch of pots and pans.

“These are all newly made, take them back and use them.”

So Chi Lang came to the Magic Research Society for the first time and left with a pile of kitchenware in his arms.

In the dormitory.

Sheffield was sitting at the table, and he was flipping a book in his hand. On the front page of the book, a sunflower was drawn, it was about the history of the Howard family in the past 100 years.

He looked very fascinated, but the expression on his face was cold.

There was a sudden ‘tap tap’ on the window, Sheffield looked up and saw Dana sitting beside the window, knocking on the window, motioning for him to open it.

Sheffield used a little magic and the window opened slowly and Dana tumbled in from the outside.

“Why did you come in through the window? New fun?”

“No,” Dana straightened her hair, “I’m afraid that others will see and tell your little rose if I go to the front door.”

The words “your rose” clearly pleased Sheffield, who smiled: “So what did you come to see me about?”

Dana saw the book he was flipping through: “Just to ask, what do you want to do now?”

“Don’t know.”

Dana found this unbelievable: “Do you also say ‘don’t know’? According to the previous plan, the church, the Magic Association, the Howard family, all the characters are here, why haven’t you started yet?”

“Suddenly found it no longer interesting,” Sheffield closed the book. “Just let them think the Demon Lord is a coward.”

“You made Margaret aware of your whereabouts, let the people of the church go to the Abyss, and now even the people of the Howard family are here. You can now take revenge, and then go back, isn’t this what you have always wanted?”

“Hubert is dead, and as for the others, they’re not very important. I don’t really want to spoil the good mood.” Sheffield stood up and walked to the window.

He looked out the window: “My good mood is back, you can climb out the window again.”

Dana watched Sheffield open the door and walk out.

She hid behind the door and watched, Chi Lang came over from the stairs, holding a lot of pots and pans in his arms.

Sheffield greeted him and smiled: “What are you buying these for?”

“No, they gave it,” Chi Lang raised his head, “I also bought sweet potatoes, Sheffield, you know fire magic, right?”

“Yes,” Sheffield took some of the things in his hand, “you put things down first.”

Dana jumped out of the window. It was the first time she had heard such a patient and soft tone from Sheffield.

Chi Lang put the things away and looked at Sheffield expectantly: “Can you bake sweet potatoes? Yes, you can! And we can buy some meat back tomorrow.”

Sheffield first took a handkerchief and wiped Chi Lang’s face, then sorted things out, and picked out the sweet potato from it.

He tried to chant a spell, and fire came out of his palm. The sweet potato floated on the fire, and then in Chi Lang’s expectant eyes, it turned into a cloud of darkness.

Chi Lang didn’t know if he should feel heartache for sweet potatoes, but he should comfort Sheffield: “I’m too naive, not all fire magic can bake sweet potatoes… Don’t be discouraged, just practice more.”

Sheffield did not disperse the fire, his profile was reflected by the firelight, showing a little tenderness.

Chi Lang was a little distracted, and he wanted to go to steal a kiss.

Sheffield smiled slightly, and quickly stopped him from moving: “Didn’t you say before that you could only kiss three times a day? Today is already full.”

Chi Lang: “…Can’t you be accommodating?” He looked pitiful, and even his voice was soft.

Sheffield had a bit of bad taste in his heart and teased him: “Isn’t it your rule? Then follow it.”

Chi Lang lowered his head sullenly, and while Sheffield was still studying the pile of things, he quickly kissed him on the lips.

Chi Lang took a few steps back and gave in first: “I’m sorry, I lost, I’m a puppy, let’s not make such rules, okay?”

Sheffield raised his eyebrows and took a step in Chi Lang’s direction. Chi Lang stepped back subconsciously, his feet hit the edge of the bed, and he sat down on the bed unprepared.

Sheffield leaned over, and his body carried the fragrance of roses.

Chi Lang was a little intoxicated again, he was kissed by Sheffield, as if immersed in the fantasy of roses. He slowly, slowly leaned back and was pressed to the bed by Sheffield.

Sheffield kissed tenderly, all the way from his lips to his earlobe, and then, bit his earlobe again and again.

Chi Lang’s eyes widened as he saw that Sheffield had leaned down completely, trapping him on the bed. He tried pushing Sheffield, but felt Sheffield kissing from his ear down to his neck.

“Don’t…” Chi Lang was so embarrassed that he felt tingly all over his body and, more importantly, he felt his desire.

With such a close distance, Sheffield must have known his change too.

Chi Lang closed his eyes in self-loathing and whispered, “I really can’t kiss anymore.”

He felt Sheffield’s hand touch his face, and went all the way down.

After a while, Chi Lang’s mind was empty for a moment, he panted softly, and his consciousness was a little disoriented. He opened his eyes again and looked at Sheffield. From his perspective, behind Sheffield was the ceiling.

Yet it was as if he saw the stars.

The person he loved had the faint scent of roses on his body, and when he was with him, it was as if he was always under the stars, and all roads were bright and romantic.

Chi Lang was still very embarrassed: “Do you want me to… help you?”

Sheffield seemed to smile: “No need, but… let’s sleep together in the future.”


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