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HHRA Chapter 26


Chapter 26 – Sunflower in Blood

Song Xinan looked like he had seen a ghost, looking at the former roommate who was ignorant of the world and only knew how to study all day long, and now suddenly looked like he was in love.

He had a subtle feeling that he didn’t know whether to lament the fact that the object was a man, or whether he should remind his roommate about the identity of the other party.

“You’re too fast, anyway, you have to, you have to…” Song Xinan struggled for a while, “Please treat me to a meal.”

“Ah, this, I’ll treat you to dinner alone… We can have Chinese food.”

“You can do it?”

Chi Lang thought about his cooking skills: “Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and shredded potatoes.”

“Chi Lang, have you ever met a necromancer?” Song Xinan suddenly asked.

“I have, but luckily, I happened to escape.”

Actually, it wasn’t luck, it was Sheffield who saved him.

“I always thought he was still hiding in Zefnar.”

“Why would he be hiding in the city? With the way we used to play RPG games, shouldn’t necromancers like to stay away from the crowd?”

“I don’t know… Do you want to live near the church? I can still cover you.”

“I’m very busy. And it’s okay at the academy now, the school is a lot more guarded after his last visit. Thanks anyway!”

Song Xinan: “What are you busy with? In love?”

Chi Lang said as a matter of course: “Pretty much.”

Suddenly, the door was knocked on twice.

Song Xinan got up and went to open the door, a young man stood outside the door.

He was probably only a teenager, with leather boots on his feet, and his toes were nudging the ground not too heavily but not too lightly.

His expression was a little cold, and there was some arrogance between his eyebrows. A sunflower emblem is tattooed on the magic robe.

Chi Lang was stunned for a moment.

He was sure he had never seen this man before, but felt a sense of familiarity.

“Do you have anything else? If you have something, I can go first and come to you tomorrow?” Chi Lang looked at Song Xinan.

Song Xinan nodded.

The moment Chi Lang went out, he heard the arrogant-looking young man say: “…The Magic Association has come to the conclusion that the purpose of the necromancer may be just a personal grudge. Has the church found anything?”

“No.” Song Xinan closed the door.

“Then the priority of arresting him can be lowered. Recently, the manpower has been very short.”

Song Xinan changed the subject: “Berg, there is no problem with the magic handbook you wrote, right?”

“There’s no problem. They’re annoying the family to death. Everyone wants to know about Hubert’s magic handbook. It’s better for me to compile a book, now they are quiet.” Berg finally showed a disposition of a young man, with some self-satisfaction on his face.

He was the most gifted magician of his generation in the Howard family, born with infinite glory and a little arrogance about everything.

“But the Demon Lord didn’t show up.”

“Didn’t show up? But the seal in the abyss did loosen, I suspect he used some method to hide in the crowd.”

Berg raised his eyebrows: “It’s good that he didn’t show up, he can escape as much as he wants, I will finish him off.”

Song Xinan looked at this person, and then looked out the window: “I wish you victory in advance.”

After Berg explained the matter, he left, and Song Xinan sat alone in the chair.

He felt a touch of divine art, and his immediate superior, a cardinal, sent a request for divine art contact.

– “Is the purpose of the necromancer clear?”

– “It’s almost, because…”

– “Has the Magic Association found out?”

– “No, they think it’s just a personal grudge… won’t let them find out.”

The sun shone in from the window, but Song Xinan sat in the shadows. He buried his head for a while before looking up.


Chi Lang first walked out of the church very calmly, looked left and right, and then ran under the silver oak tree.

Sheffield’s head was lowered and his expression was indifferent, which instantly made Chi Lang feel very distant.

Hearing the footsteps, Sheffield looked up, and he smiled again: “So soon? I thought it would take a long time.”

“Because he seems to have a guest, so I left first.” Chi Lang glanced at Sheffield’s face, “Sheffield, if you don’t want to smile, you don’t need to smile.

“I feel like you’re, like, wearing a smile all the time. If you’re not really happy, it’ll be exhausting.”

Sheffield’s eyes were a little erratic. He looked at the church again, and then looked at Chi Lang: “I just remembered something and felt a little uncomfortable.

“What, what did you say to that friend of yours?” Sheffield asked him.

“He said the magic handbook was fake.”

“Didn’t I tell you? It must be fake. Although Hubert is good at magic, his magic is not so sharp.” Sheffield pulled Chi Lang back.

There were not many people on this road, as if all the hustle and bustle were isolated in another world.

“That handbook reduces the time of magical gestures by a lot, and the spell is also shortened as much as it can be, so that you can gain magical suppression in a short period of time in a sparring match, but it is also very risky, and it is easy for the magic to backfire. The person who compiled this handbook must be someone who is extremely talented but not too old, only that kind of person can write such things.”

“You’ve already read it? But it’s really true.” Chi Lang nodded, “My friend said it was written by a teenager from Howard’s family…”

“Howard… I didn’t guess that. But it is indeed the style of this family.”

“Sheffield, what about you, how do you like to use magic? I see you didn’t seem to recite many long spells in your final exams either.”

“For me, all magic spells below the forbidden spell make no difference, it’s all very simple magic, but above the forbidden spell…” Sheffield smiled, “it’s been a long time since I’ve used it.”

Sheffield gave him the feeling of being far away again, and Chi Lang shook Sheffield’s hand: “Let’s go to the watch shop again, I have something left there.”

The owner of the watch shop and Luth are friends. He went to another city a few days ago. Before leaving, he left the key to Chi Lang. He originally wanted Chi Lang to practice more clock skills.

But Chi Lang has been busy with love recently and hasn’t been here for a long time.

Sheffield surveyed the inside: “Are there any of your pieces here?”

“These are the owner’s. I’ve only been here for how long, I can’t do this yet.”

Chi Lang quickly found his belongings in the utility room, but he hesitated and pretended to be looking for it.

Until Sheffield asked him: “Do you need me to help you find it?”

“No.” Chi Lang finally handed the things in his hand to Sheffield.

It was a pocket watch with a rose engraved on it, the rose took up most of the face, the dial was placed in the lower left corner, and the hands looked small and delicate.

“This is the store owner’s collection, and as soon as I saw it, I thought it would suit you. It’s kind of a birthday present.”

In fact, Chi Lang begged the owner for a long time before the store owner relented and sold it. Fortunately, due to the mechanical time, he was able to repair some very precise pocket watches, so he saved some money, borrowed money from Luth, and finally agreed to work here to pay off his debts.

Sheffield smiled: “I thought you’d give me what you made.”

“This thing is too complicated, if I do it seriously, it will take a year and a half, but I calibrated the watch, it was going a little faster, and now it is going very accurately.”

Chi Lang seemed a little excited: “If you want me to do it myself, you may have to wait for your future birthday, I will definitely make a unique one, the most suitable one for you.”

After Sheffield put away the watch, he put his hand lightly on Chi Lang’s face: “Actually, it doesn’t have to be that accurate.”

“Why? Ah, you also like to set your watch two minutes forward, so you don’t feel so anxious when you’re in a hurry?”

“No,” Sheffield approached Chi Lang, “will we always be together?”

Chi Lang was silent for a while, and then said a little embarrassedly: “Why do you ask such a question? It’s not like you… and don’t just insert the flag!”

Although Sheffield didn’t understand Chi Lang’s last words, he still leaned his face obediently: “I’ll set the time to stand still.”


Sheffield kissed him.

Chi Lang felt Sheffield’s tongue gently pry open his lips and probe gently into his mouth.

The sound of the clock in the watch shop seemed to be magnified a hundred times, and at the same time, there was the sound of “tick” and “tack” as the hands turned.

Chi Lang suddenly understood what Sheffield meant.

He also wanted to stop time, if only time could stop at such a beautiful moment.

After Sheffield ended the long kiss, he was still kissing him one after the other.

Chi Lang finally took advantage of a gap to say a word: “Wait a second.”

Sheffield stopped kissing, moved closer to his ear, and bit his earlobe: “Let me kiss for a while.”

“Kiss! Take a break and kiss again.”

Chi Lang looked at Sheffield’s pale blond hair, which was still reflected by the sun, and even the tips of the hair seemed to have fragments of light.

It was a beautiful moment, except that he was reminded of the Howard teenager he had seen in the church.

He understood where his familiarity came from.

“Sheffield, I met someone in the church today with the same hair color as yours, ah, what a beautiful color.”

He reached out to touch Sheffield’s hair.

Sheffield, however, took a few steps back and smiled gently, “Be fair, you let me kiss first before you can touch the hair.”

Big brother, how can you be so childish?

This hair color is not a good memory for him. How can the people of the abyss have the color of the sun, as well as the Howard family…

Seeing Chi Lang’s tangled look, Sheffield still kissed him directly.

He finally determined one thing over and over again in that kiss.

—This person is mine.


It’s a pity that even the most proficient magician in time magic can’t stop time, or he would have trapped his rose in a torrent of still time.

He suddenly felt a little petty, and asked with a fake smile, “So, do you think I look good or he looks good?”

Chi Lang was very puzzled: “Who’s ‘he’? That person from the Howard family?”

Then Chi Lang said, “I can’t even remember what he looks like. I only noticed him because he has the same hair color as yours.”

It was such a satisfying answer, how could he have come up with such an answer?

Sheffield looked into Chi Lang’s eyes and felt that the vague possessiveness in his bones began to flare up again.

He really wanted to kiss Chi Lang’s eyes.

—No, I want to kiss him everywhere.

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