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HHRA Chapter 25


Chapter 25 – Identities

The kiss Chi Lang gave was so light that it barely even touched Sheffield’s lips, and then he stopped after that.

“So, are we considered… lovers now?”

Sheffield’s Adam’s apple rolled and nodded slightly.

Chi Lang didn’t know what to do next: “Then we… go back?”

Sheffield gave a low laugh, like an ambiguous teasing.

He put his hands on Chi Lang’s face, “Kissing is not the same as sticking it. Do you know how to kiss?”

Sheffield lowered himself, his eyes glowed with falling starlight.

But Chi Lang took a step back at this time: “Let’s go back and… kiss again, it’s time for Luth and the others to come out here.”

His heart was still beating violently, although he also liked the environment here, but he was still worried about being watched by a large group of people.

“Let’s go back… dear?” Sheffield lengthened his tone.

Chi Lang felt that there was nothing wrong with what he said. He thought for a while and said, “So let’s go back quickly, and go back now to improve efficiency.”

“Go back by carriage?”

Chi Lang looked ahead, the shadows of the trees on both sides were slanting, and around the corner in front of him was Lake Suna, which was often crossed by birds at night, and these birds would bring up a stream of light when they flew over, which was a strange sight in Zefnar.

He wanted to go back quickly, but also wanted to walk back with Sheffield along this road.

Chi Lang pointed to the front: “Let’s walk back.”

They walked hand in hand on this road, there were some fallen leaves on the ground, and there would be a slight “ka-cha” sound when they stepped on it.

Chi Lang was in a daze and stepped on these leaves unconsciously, listening to the sound of “ka-cha” and “ka-cha” when they break.

His foot just stepped on a leaf, Sheffield also stepped over, they stepped on the same leaf.

Chi Lang finally couldn’t help but look at Sheffield. Sheffield’s smile was covered by the shadow of the leaves, as if melted in the night.

Chi Lang began to feel that he was helpless, even stepping on a leaf could make his brain empty and his heart beat faster.

He thought about the last time his mind went blank, it was during the Advanced Algebra exam.

“You, move your foot, I stepped on it first.” He poked Sheffield.

Sheffield laughed, lowered his head, and moved his foot.

Chi Lang took advantage of Sheffield’s lowered head to give him a kiss on the cheek, and explained in a serious manner, “Don’t smile, I want to kiss you as soon as you laugh.”

Sheffield smiled: “It’s okay.” He turned his head and kissed Chi Lang on the right cheek.

“I can kiss back.”

They continued on their way, Chi Lang whispered as they walked, “Then you smile later, I’ll kiss you, and then you kiss me again.”

Sheffield didn’t say anything back.

“Okay?” Chi Lang shook Sheffield’s hand.

“Okay,” Sheffield paused for a moment, his words carrying some coaxing, “I can keep smiling, can you keep kissing me?”

The night was quiet and long with a fresh breeze.

Chi Lang fell asleep in a daze, probably because he was too happy so he stayed awake, but he woke up early the next day and he didn’t feel sleepy either.

As soon as he got up, he saw that Sheffield had removed the old rose and put a new one in the vase.

Sheffield kissed Chi Lang’s face very naturally, and said with a smile, “Good morning. Are you still going to Luth’s today?”

“Ah, good morning,” Chi Lang hesitated for a moment, “I might have to go to church today.”

Sheffield stared at him and buttoned up his sleeve for him, “Why?”

“Raphael, he may be someone I know.”

Sheffield understood Chi Lang’s meaning and obediently held Chi Lang’s hand and kissed him at the corner of his eyes, then the right cheek of his face, and finally at the corner of his lips.

“I’ll go with you and wait for you outside the church.”

“Will it be fine? Otherwise…” Chi Lang was a little worried.

“No,” Sheffield gently raised his chin, “it’s not so bad that you can’t even look at a rose if you’re called a demon lord.”

He looked at Chi Lang: “How about it? Let me accompany, let me see, let me… kiss?”

Chi Lang felt that there was no end to his dizzy state, he nodded.

Sheffield’s other hand pushed the door open, and he leaned into Chi Lang’s ear: “Please go, my rose”

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This was the second time Chi Lang went to the church, the silver oaks outside the church were still lush.

The sunlight fell through the gaps in the leaves. Chi Lang said seriously, “Then you wait for me here, don’t run around, it’s more secluded and no one will notice.”

Chi Lang walked towards the church, after a dozen steps, he turned his head again and saw Sheffield standing in the shadows, a fine halo of light floating on his face.

Chi Lang thought about it and decided to follow his heart. He ran back and rubbed his face on Sheffield’s.

Sheffield smiled: “Go, come back early, I won’t run.”

“It’s okay, if you walk around, I can find you too.”

Sheffield watched as Chi Long walked into the church.

He looked at the steeple of the church, and felt no reverence or disgust, so he still had a smile on his face.

Until a four-wheeled carriage stopped in front of the church.

The reins used for the horse were made of rare magical materials, and the horse stepped on a floating magic formation under its hooves.

The horse didn’t need to run much at all, and the carriage could go a long way. At the back of the car, a sunflower blooming in blood was printed.

This was the family crest of the Howard family, a family that had been fighting for the kingdom for many years and had a reputation. With the sunflower in the color of blood, which means to fight in the blood to welcome the light.

Sheffield saw the sunflower, his smile slowly disappeared, and after a while, he moved his eyes.


Chi Lang was welcomed into the parlor.

He and Raphael sat at each end of the long table, with a cup of tea set in front of him.

Raphael first exchanged pleasantries with him and then went straight to the point: “Your Excellency, should we first show our identities? If we talk like this, it doesn’t feel like we have much trust. Talking about our previous identities might bring us closer together, don’t you think?”

Chi Lang nodded: “However, don’t use the word ‘Your Excellency’, it’s weird, you can use something like ‘Old Tie’, ‘Brother’, be more cordial.”

“Okay,” Raphael cleared his throat, “Brother, which city are you from?”

“I live in H City.” Chi Lang only mentioned where he lived, but did not mention his age or identity.

Raphael was a little surprised: “Me too.”

Chi Lang had some doubts and asked, “Which district do you live in?”

Raphael gave the approximate location where he lived.

It happened to be similar to the location of Chi Lang’s university.

Chi Lang was a little confused, lowered his voice, and asked tentatively, “After every exam, there is a poem.”

Raphael raised an eyebrow.

“What’s the line before ‘A leap to relieve a thousand sorrows’?” Chi Long asked.

“…X University Yifu Building, a leap to relieve a thousand sorrows…”

Very good. X University Yifu Building, the highest building in the university, overlooking the crowds of candidates struggling with their exams.

“May I ask which department you’re from, brother? What year?” Chi Lang instantly felt a lot more connected to this person.

Raphael said the same major and year of admission as Chi Lang.

“…It’s a coincidence, I’m also a major in this field.” Chi Lang had a bad premonition.

Raphael was a little surprised: “You also live in the fifth dormitory building, right? On which floor?”

No way, this could really be an acquaintance.

“Fourth floor.”

From Raphael’s expression, Chi Lang thought they must be on the same floor again.

Chi Lang finally asked, “So which dorm room do you live in, I’ll count to three and we’ll say it together.”

After three seconds, Chi Lang completely felt that this world was so mysterious.

‘This guy is my roommate.’

After a five-minute friendly exchange, Chi Lang and Raphael re-established a friendly revolutionary relationship.

This priest who looked very attractive and powerful was actually his roommate, Song Xinan.

—Also used to have strange dreams with him.

Song Xinan was the most clean person in the dormitory. Sometimes, he was too clean. He liked all kinds of miscellaneous books, never listened much to class, and the most laid-back guy during the exam week, but he could always pass no matter what.

“So, the reason why we can come here is that dream?” Song Xinan tapped on the table.

“I don’t know.” Chi Lang replied, “Actually, I’ve only been here for a short while. But you seem to be doing better than me.”

“Actually, it’s because… I have the ability that allows me to use divine arts without restriction for a certain period of time… So I’m doing quite well in the church.”

Chi Lang was shocked: “Wow, you are much better than me. I also have such a strange ability. In one minute… I can strengthen the use of machinery.”

Song Xinan froze for a moment: “I should have thought of that, we both should have special abilities.”

“What are you going to do next? After I visited Margaret that day, she told me there was no way to be able to cross the realm.”

“Yes, I asked Margaret as well, and she told me that the Pope might have a solution, or that Hubert’s magic handbook has it… She didn’t tell you, supposedly because you don’t know either divine magic or magic.”

Chi Lang felt rather confused: “Since it is in Hubert’s handbook, shouldn’t you already know it?”

“That’s fake,” Song Xinan sighed, “Hubert was under the care of the Howard family before and left a lot of notes, but the current handbook was written by a descendant of the Howard family, a very talented magician…”

“Then do you have a chance to get in touch with the Pope? I am now trying to find a way to enter the Magic Research Society. There should be more information channels in the future. If we work together, our chance will be higher.”

“That being said, it’s not easy to get in touch with the Pope… Do you just want to go back? If you can’t go back, do you have other plans?”

“If I can’t go back, I’ll just live a good life here.”

Song Xinan suddenly reacted to something: “Yesterday in the opera house, what did you say to me?”

Chi Lang remembered the extremely embarrassing incident yesterday.

“Ah, I may have fallen in love by the way. But for some special reasons, I may not be able to introduce him to you until later.

“If there is really a way to travel through the realm, I’d like to show him my hometown as well.”

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