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HHRA Chapter 24


Chapter 24 – When the Stars Shine

Sheffield smiled first, and said in agreement: “Then, Lord Priest, may I ask you to remove this Holy Light investigation from the person I care about very much?” His hand, however, remained on the scabbard.

Rafael frowned imperceptibly, barely maintaining his poise, but the smile on his face remained.

There was a sound of rapid footsteps, and an old man in a clown suit was inserted between them.

The old man raised his head: “Ah, what are you doing? Put away that scabbard or something.”

Chi Lang recognized that it was Luth, but he didn’t expect Raphael to call Luth’s name right away.

“Master Luth, it’s just a few verbal disputes with these two friends, nothing happened.”

Luth was taken aback: “How did you recognize me?” He lowered his head and looked at his outfit, indeed he was still wearing a clown suit.

Chi Lang also just reacted to his own costume, but just now Raphael still saw that they had met outside the magic tower.

“I learned a divine art related to the soul by chance, plus I met Master Luth in the magic research society,” Raphael explained.

Luth suddenly realized, “Oh”: “It’s really incredible. I remember that in the church, you have to be a cardinal to learn the divine arts related to the soul, right?

“I didn’t expect that one day, even a junior would be able to casually perceive my soul.”

Luth seemed a little unhappy: “Sheffield, do whatever you need to do to entertain this guest well. After all, this is the ‘Palace of Knowledge’. How can we not show the power of a magician?”

“As you wish.” Sheffield smiled, moved the scabbard up, and pressed it against Raphael’s neck.

Raphael had no choice but to take a step back: “I will not stop this divine method. I noticed from outside the magic tower that day that this friend’s soul power looks very special, similar to what I used to be… I have been haunted by many necromancers before because of this.”

Luth scratched his ears, the expression on his face was a little confused.

Noticed from outside the magic tower, and the soul power is very special, the same as he was before, does this mean that their souls once had something in common?

Chi Lang looked at Raphael: “Sheffield, remove the scabbard, I have something… I want to say something to this priest.”

Sheffield slowly retracted the scabbard.

Chi Lang held Sheffield’s hand and smiled: “Wait for me here.” Then he said to Raphael, “This way.”

They walked to the farthest corner of the ‘Palace of Knowledge’, where there was still dust on the ground and almost no one came.

Chi Lang took out the flintlock gun first, and then looked at Raphael: “Tell me, Lord Priest, what did you mean just now?”

Raphael extended his right hand: “So should I say hello first if we meet formally for the first time?”

It was a strange phrase, but Raphael ended it with a soft, “Nǐ hǎo.”

– It’s Chinese.

He carefully observed Chi Lang’s reaction and said with a smile, “Should I say ‘hello’?”

Then Raphael said it again in English: “In this case, no matter which country you are in, you will be able to communicate, right?”

Chi Lang was still a little nervous, but after hearing Raphael finish this English sentence, there was only one thought in his heart, this familiar, Chinese English feeling. That’s right, it must be a fellow countryman.

He actually felt some relaxation, and then stopped Raphael from continuing to speak English in time.

“Friend, let’s communicate in Chinese.” Chi Lang said, “You know that I am… an outsider through the so-called soul power?”

Raphael narrowed his eyes, “Yes, before I learned this divine art, the power of my soul was very similar to yours.

There was a sudden burst of noise in the center of the Palace of Knowledge. The magicians were divided into two groups, and they were clamoring loudly. The person in charge was holding the magic handbook, looking a little overwhelmed.

Raphael looked over there: “Sorry, I might have to go over there now. Why don’t you come to the church if you have time? Whether you want to reminisce about the past, or think together about how to …… get back, or want to know how to get rid of the necromancer’s entanglements …… you can come see me.”

Raphael squeezed a smile on his face and walked towards the magic handbook.

Chi Lang stood there and thought for a while, then ran back to find Sheffield.

Sheffield also looked at the center where the quarrel erupted, his eyes were a bit icy.

“What’s wrong, why are they suddenly arguing?”

Sheffield withdrew his gaze, and when he looked at Chi Lang his gaze was again gentle: “Nothing, it’s just because some people want to give the magic handbook only to a small number of people, but some people say it’s completely open.”

Chi Lang blinked: “Then do you want to go and see that magic handbook?”

“Don’t want to.”

“Raphael also went over, he seems to be entangled,” Chi Long asked tentatively, “then why don’t we run away?”

“Why do you use the word ‘run away’?” Sheffield’s words were tinged with laughter.

“Isn’t it fleeing? Run away so he won’t find you, let’s go let’s go, you go in front, I’ll cover you from behind.”

Chi Lang pushed Sheffield from behind.

Raphael glanced in the direction they had left and returned his mind to the matter at hand.

In front of him, the magicians have been divided into two camps.

“What are you talking about? Of course, this is going to be reproduced in many copies for everyone to learn together,” one side said.

“Isn’t this casually exposing for Necromancers to learn too? Do the elves also come to learn? All the races come to learn?” said the other side.

“Magic has no racial boundaries.”

Raphael listened for a while and then said, “Everyone…”

But as soon as he opened his mouth, the focus of everyone’s argument shifted back to him.

“By the way, how did you, the church, find this magical handbook?” A magician wearing a hat and a mask asked. He had already searched the whole Zefnar City for this magic handbook, then went to travel around for more than ten years, and finally returned to Zefnar City, not expecting that it would actually be found by the people of the church.

“Actually, it was found with the help of a young magician from the Howard family…”

As soon as the surname Howard came out, the magicians present were stunned for a moment, but the hat-wearing magician did not embarrass Raphael on this issue.

It’s just that Luth suddenly asked: “Then why did you buy so many star stones? Don’t you want to do full magic shielding?”

Raphael said without changing his face: “That’s because the trace of the necromancer was found here, and it was originally intended to be used against him.”

“Then you bought too much,” said another magician from the Magic Research Society who was in charge of purchasing supplies.

Raphael paused for a moment and explained, “That necromancer is very cunning and can keep resurrecting on different bodies.”

“If you don’t believe me, I brought all the star stones today, used and unused, and was going to ask you to help me analyze this necromancer…”

Raphael asked a few knights to bring up several chests. These chests were closed and there was a restriction on them. After opening the chests, these star stones gathered together and glowed with each other.

The magicians gathered around. For some reason, when they approached together, some of the star stones began to dissipate. They dissipated as if the stars had shattered.

“Necromancy magic is very repulsive to other magic, basically it can’t be used with any other kind of magic… So we just need to use a little bit of magic and these star stones will dissipate,” the magician with the hat said.

But there were inevitably magical fluctuations in the Palace of Knowledge, so when the lid of the magic-restricted chest was opened, all these star stones began to dissipate.

Raphael straightened his priestly robes: “Now you can trust me, I really never thought about shielding the magic with star stones and using it in the Palace of Knowledge.”

Starlight poured out, flowing from the underground of “Palace of Knowledge” to the lobby of the theater, and then drifted outside the theater.

Chi Lang followed behind Sheffield, lowered his head and walked forward step by step, he hesitated for a long time about what to say.

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of starlight gushing out.

The starlight slowly floated out from the main entrance of the theater, scattering in the air but landing slowly.

Chi Lang stopped and poked Sheffield: “What is that?”

“The sight after the star stone shattered. Perhaps Raphael tried to use magic shielding, but was discovered.” Sheffield held a lot of malice towards Raphael, and spoke in a bad tone. He thought about Raphael’s behavior in the worst possible direction.

Sheffield held Chi Lang’s hand, and there was still the pattern of the cross on the back of Chi Lang’s hand. The Church’s Holy Light investigation has not been completely lifted.

The breeze was blowing lightly, the little starlight fell into the fountain, and the surging water was also twinkling. The midnight clock began to strike in the distance, and the hooves of the carriage drew nearer and farther away.

Sheffield kissed the back of Chi Lang’s hand as if with a bit of dissatisfaction.

It never occurred to him that he would one day kiss the cross that belonged to the church.

Chi Lang looked at the starlight, all he could see in his eyes was the starlight slowly drifting down, and he spoke, “It’s too surreal.”

“Starlight? Basically, every month, a magician shatters a star stone, so you can see it often. If you want to see it, you can buy some back and put it on the rooftop…” Sheffield said.

“No, I’m talking about you.”

Sheffield laughed: “Because of the identity?”

Chi Lang shook his head and nodded again: “Even so… can I kiss you?”

He looked at Sheffield: “Although it seems that I should ask something first and wish you a happy birthday first, but…”

Starlight seemed to fall on Sheffield’s face, and Chi Lang came up and kissed him.

And the starlight continued to surround them.


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