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HHRA Chapter 2


Chapter 2 – So Miserable

From Chi Lang’s point of view, Sheffield did not express any doubts about his series of actions.

Sheffield just paused after saying his name, and said with a slight smile: “I don’t usually stay in the dormitory, but only recently returned to the dormitory occasionally, but I didn’t expect that student Micah didn’t know my name yet, it was an oversight on my part.”

Sheffield’s words were very decent, completely giving a perfect excuse for Chi Lang’s performance.

In his heart, Chi Lang was thinking that his performance was too abrupt and it was questionable whether he could get by. He didn’t expect Sheffield to be so considerate.

Chi Lang murmured a few words at random and waved his hand: “No, no, no, it’s my fault.” He silently wrote down the name of the body – “Micah”.

“As compensation, may I have the honor of inviting you to lunch?” Sheffield looked at him.

His eyes looked sincere, and a smile was on his face. Chi Lang, however, was a bit hesitant, he wanted to stay alone for a while and think about his current situation, but on second thought, it was okay for him to follow Sheffield to see what was going on at the Magic Academy.

“Okay, thank you.”

The smile on Sheffield’s face widened a bit, then he picked up a book from the table, “But I need to stop by the library to return this book.”

When Chi Lang followed Sheffield out of the dormitory, he deeply felt that accepting Sheffield’s invitation to eat with him was simply the correct choice.

Without Sheffield, he might not even be able to get out of his room – the door of this dormitory actually used a magic array and had to be magically powered to open the door.

Chi Lang was deeply worried. According to the popularity of magic in this place, magic was used even on the door of the room. There must be many places where magic is used in life, so what should he do? Chi Lang thought about it, he could only hope that he could have this body’s instinctive memory of magic, otherwise, it would be really difficult.

After leaving the dormitory building, he saw a row of sycamore trees planted on both sides of the road. The leaves were intertwined on the top of the head, and only a few thin patches of light fell on the ground.

Most of the students who came and went were wearing black robes, Chi Lang guessed that this should be the uniform of the college.

Chi Lang felt that Sheffield should be a well-known person, because these people who came and went, without exception, all stopped their eyes on Sheffield, but no one came up to say hello, which made Chi Lang feel a little strange.

But he didn’t think much about it, just thinking about the relationship between the original owner and Sheffield. According to Sheffield’s words, the two of them should be roommates, but Sheffield doesn’t come back to the dorm often, so they weren’t very familiar.

Chi Lang breathed a sigh of relief, but fortunately, the first person he met was not an acquaintance of the original owner, and Sheffield looked quite nice, with a gentle tone and a lot of smiles. Chi Lang decided to try and see if he could get some information out of Sheffield’s mouth again.

Sheffield, however, suddenly stopped in his tracks.

They were standing at a crossroads, in the middle of which a statue was placed, with a circle of sunflowers around the statue.

The statue was an old man, he was also wearing a robe, holding a book in one hand and a wand in the other, with a solemn and majestic expression on his face.

Sheffield’s smile became a little strange, and he made a strange gesture towards the statue, and then Chi Lang discovered that all people in robes must make this gesture when passing by the statue.

Although Chi Lang was not clear about the situation, he also followed suit.

When he looked up the information later, he realized that the statue was of a magician known as the “God of Magic”. In the field of magic, there is no god to believe in, and this magician was given the title of “God” because he had reached the peak of his study of magic.

—He was also the leader of the magicians who sealed the demon lords of the abyss a hundred years ago.

And the gesture they made was exactly the starting gesture of the sealing magic.

Although the cafeteria was called a cafeteria, Chi Lang felt that this place was not at all like a cafeteria. The hall was full of long tables, which were covered with a layer of white tablecloth, and several lamps were placed on the table.

There were quite a lot of people eating, but even with so many people, there was no noise. Almost everyone spoke in a low voice, even the sound of eating was also very small.

The place where the food was placed was several tables put together, but the variety of food was not very rich. Each dish had a small sign in front of it, with the name of the dish written on it. It was difficult for Chi Lang to identify the food from the appearance of these dishes, so he could only take “lamb chops” and “grilled eel” according to their names, both of which looked black and mushy.

The rule here was to pay first after taking the food, Chi Lang’s food was paid by Sheffield, a total of 25 copper coins. Chi Lang glanced at the copper coin, which was also engraved with the face of the man sculpted into a statue.

And this reminded him of another thing, he still had to hurry to take inventory of the original owner’s property, and then understand the price of goods, first of all, to see if his own subsistence was not a problem.

Chi Lang sat at a table with little people, and Sheffield sat across from him.

Chi Lang took the first bite of the food and felt that the texture was strange. Anyway, he couldn’t tell what it was, the taste was very bland and not very appetizing.

Sheffield asked him: “Why did you take these two dishes?”

“I saw that it said ‘lamb chops’ and ‘grilled eel’. The name should be delicious, but I didn’t expect it to taste so strange.”

Sheffield smiled: “The two dishes you mentioned are royal meals, which are not available in school. They have the same names but no one knows what kind of meat they are made of.”

Chi Lang nodded with difficulty, and suddenly didn’t want to eat anymore.

Sheffield didn’t put his mind on eating either. In terms of Chi Lang’s performance, he didn’t look like someone from this academy, or even from this country. Did he have anything to do with Micah?

He continued to test: “You don’t eat in the cafeteria often, so it’s normal not to know this.”

Chi Lang felt a little strange: “Why… do you know that I don’t eat in the cafeteria often?” Of course, the “I” refers to the original owner.

Sheffield put down the tableware, wiped his mouth, and said with a strong smile: “Everyone in the same grade should know that you don’t eat in the cafeteria.”


Chi Lang had a bad feeling in his heart.

“Last year’s New Year’s Eve, everyone attended the dinner party, and you were the only one who had to go back to the dormitory… Said you wanted to go back to eat black bread.” Sheffield said hesitantly, “Then when everyone inquired, they all found out that student Micah had not eaten in the cafeteria for a long time. And there were boxes of black bread in the dormitory.”

Sorry to bother you.

Chi Lang had an indescribable feeling that black bread was darker than the food in the cafeteria. Why did the original owner hoard black bread?

“It seems rude to ask this question, but I’m still curious, why do you have a soft spot for black bread, Micah?”

I’m also curious, Chi Lang thought. He hesitated: “Because…because it…it, in fact, I think it tastes pretty good after eating too much.”

Sheffield nodded, sort of accepting his answer, but added one more thing in his heart, this person should have nothing to do with Micah. The reason for coming here was probably because of magic.

Sheffield said: “This afternoon’s class is ‘Formula Study of the Principles of Magic’. Remember to go to the classroom early. Mr. Phil doesn’t like students to be late.”

What kind of class is this? Chi Lang was even more at a loss. He couldn’t understand the name of this class, let alone understand this class.

It turned out that he really did not understand the class.

The only thing that Chi Lang was lucky about was that he could understand the words of this world and could read the text, but there were other things he just couldn’t learn to understand.

For example, the course “Formula Study of the Principles of Magic”.

After listening to this course for an afternoon, Chi Lang concluded that this course should be a combination of mathematics and magic. It may be derived from mathematical knowledge to derive magic formulas, although he did not understand what the two could have to do with each other.

Chi Lang also has a wealth of mathematical knowledge, but the key point is that this magic academy is aimed at students from fifteen to twenty-two years old. There are eight grades in total. Chi Lang is now a fifth grader. Before the Magic Academy, there are six years of general education to teach some basic magic knowledge.

The difficulty of learning this course is roughly equivalent to skipping elementary school, middle school, and high school in modern times, and then starting to learn advanced mathematics.

This afternoon, although Sheffield was a helpful companion, he could answer Chi Lang’s questions patiently and never showed impatience, but after Chi Lang asked many, many questions, he was really embarrassed to bother Sheffield again.

It was too hard.

He wanted to give up this class.

However, this was not the end. After the afternoon class, they still had an evening class – “Stargazing and Divination”.

Chi Lang felt that although he did not understand the course “Formula Study of Magic Principles”, he probably knew what the course was about. But “stargazing and divination” he really didn’t understand.

A group of people was sitting on the lawn, and then a gray-haired teacher asked them, “Look at the night sky tonight, what do you see from these stars?”

What can I see besides the stars?????

Chi Lang stared at the starry sky. The stars were still beautiful, but nothing else. Then he fell asleep in class.

Then the teacher severely criticized him and asked him to write a paper on “stargazing and divination”.

It was so hard.

He wanted to quit school.

When Chi Lang finally finished the day’s course and was tired physically and mentally and just wanted to go back to the dormitory to sleep, Sheffield said goodbye to him: “I should go to the library to check some materials, maybe I won’t go back to the dormitory, so you should go back first.”

Chi Lang just wanted to say “yes”, then made a jolt. Without Sheffield, how was he going to open the dormitory door with the magic array engraved on it?

So he almost immediately caught up with Sheffield and said, “I’ll go to the library with you, and then go back to the dormitory together… is that okay?”

Sheffield was stunned for a moment, but still nodded: “Okay, but why?”

“Because I…I…I…ah, I want to go back to the dormitory with you.”

So miserable.

I can’t even open the bedroom door.

‘Without any knowledge of magic at all, it is not because of magic that he will appear here,’ the thought flashed through Sheffield’s mind, but he still had a mild smile on his face.

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    Poor mc 😭 it be really hard if you don’t get the og’s memory to help you get by. Immediate out too from the ml. Mc already provided much info by responding to ml’s convos 😅 bby he can manipulate you ah you were eaten completely clean. First baby steps/days of transmigration are always stressful to survive & adapt to huehuehue

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