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HHRA Chapter 1


Chapter 1 – The Dead Rose

In the land where sword and magic coexisted, young people always yearned for the world of magic, thinking that it was incomparably magnificent, so countless magic schools sprang up one after another.

The Saints Magic Academy was just one of the countless, unremarkable, third-rate magic academies.

And in this college, there was an ordinary accident happening.

The dormitory area…

Sheffield went back to his dormitory.

This was a small room with two narrow beds, both against the wall. A window was opened in the middle of the two beds, which was carved with an intricate pattern.

The window faced a dark brown fireplace, in front of which a small table was set.

His roommate was sitting at the table.

The roommate’s name was Micah Rahman.

The Rahman family name was not a prestigious family, but a declining noble family who could no longer decline, so Micah was reduced to living in this third-rate magic academy.

Their conflict stemmed from necromancy magic – although magic flourished and various factions existed, almost all magicians explicitly resisted necromancy magic, and necromancers were considered to be creatures that should be banished from the human realm.

And yesterday, Sheffield inadvertently discovered that Micah was using necromantic magic.

Sheffield also held a rose in his hand, which was at its peak of bloom, he had always liked this kind of flower, which was so bright that it was almost dark.

He placed the rose gently in the vase – only one red rose drooped in the vase.

Micah raised his head, and when he saw this scene, his body couldn’t help shaking, “Are you going to report me?” He had been studying necromancy for a long time, often in anxiety and fear, and there was even a feeling of relief after being discovered.

“If you report me, I’ll drag you down with me.”

Sheffield raised an eyebrow: “What are you going to drag me down with?”

Micah had borrowed a book from the library, which was also placed on the table. But he now recalled the contents of the book, only to feel a little chill emerge from his heart.

“I went through the history of the continent. As early as a hundred years ago, magicians and knights had almost wiped out the demon lords. There are only some demon lords that are still sealed… And among these sealed demon lords, there is a name called…” Micah was suddenly unable to speak.

Sheffield laughed: “Sheffield, there’s a man named Sheffield. It’s a coincidence, isn’t it?”

Micah’s face became even more ugly, in his point of view, even if these demon lords were still alive, they should hide and not dare to reveal themselves in the slightest, but Sheffield didn’t have the slightest intention to hide, he didn’t even hide his name.

“You are not worthy enough for me to hide my name. Even if you discovered it, you cannot hurt me.” Sheffield propped both hands on the table, his body leaning forward slightly.

The smile on his face was almost warm: “So what do you want to do now? Go ahead and say it, do you think anyone will believe it?”

Sheffield had always excelled in his magic coursework and was courteous to people.

The most important thing was that he didn’t match the usual image of a demon lord.

He had light blond hair that looked dazzling in the sun, and his eyes were gray, and when he looked at you, it would make you feel as if you were deeply valued by him.

Sheffield was kind to people, never argued with them, but never made deep friends with them either, and he treated everyone with courtesy and politely drew a line in the sand with everyone, always keeping to himself.

Everyone in the academy thought that he was a reserved person unique to the elite and nobility.

“You’re not worthy enough for me to report you. You’re already barely holding your own, aren’t you?” Sheffield took a few steps in Micah’s direction.

Micah’s face changed.

“Necromancy is such a soul-dependent magic, but your soul power is already weak, did you use some forbidden magic? Let me guess, is it to resurrect someone?”

Micah paused and then spoke with difficulty: “So, let’s be at peace with each other, I won’t tell others about you, and please don’t report me.”

Sheffield still had a smile on his face: “I’m sorry, I have to refuse this request. I’m not interested in your business. You can do whatever you want, but I don’t want to restrict my freedom of speech because of you.”

They finally parted without a word.

Sheffield still maintained his habit of breaking a rose every day, and when he returned to the bedroom with the rose again three days later…

Micah was lying peacefully on the bed, his breathing had disappeared and he died silently.

Sheffield was not surprised, this guy’s method of using necromancy was originally wrong, he was too hasty which caused too much burden on the soul, and it was reasonable to die naturally in this way.

He had no feelings of sadness for the death of this man.

However, the next moment, Sheffield’s eyes changed slightly.

He never doubted his judgment, Micah’s soul was indeed destroyed.

He looked at the dead Micah, but felt that a new soul was slowly awakening in this body.


Chi Lang had been having trouble recently.

As one of many college students in the new era of the 21st century, he was very happy. He listened to lectures, wrote homework, played games, and watched anime every day without any worries.

But he had been having a recurring dream lately.

Chi Lang had always kept in mind the core values of socialism and rejected any supernatural events with a materialist mentality. There were four people in his dormitory. One of the roommates believed in Buddhism and the other believed in Christianity.

He told his dream to his roommates and asked them about it.

The roommate who believed in Buddhism frowned slightly: “You, it should be that your marriage is coming soon?”

The roommate who believed in Christianity sneered: “You, kid, probably sold too many roses on Valentine’s Day.”

Thus, Chi Lang did not have any expectation that the two roommates could interpret the dream. He was still having that dream over and over again.

—In his dream, there was a field of roses in full bloom. The red color of those roses was so very, very striking that he woke up very impressed with the dream.

He found his last roommate, who was an atheist like him, and told him about his dream.

The roommate was stunned for a moment, then said, “I’ve been having the same dream for the past few days. But… I dreamt of a ruin with burn marks on the ground.”

Chi Lang let out a “tsk” and murmured, “It’s really weird, we were both hit by evil.”

The two of them discussed it for a long time without reaching any conclusion, so they could only give up for the time being, anyway, it was just a dream.

So, on an ordinary day like today, Chi Lang continued to sleep with a brave heart.

When he opened his eyes – he found that his sleeping position… changed from lying on his stomach to lying flat on the bed.

When Chi Lang opened his eyes, before he could notice his weird situation, he saw Sheffield first.

Naturally, he asked: “Hello… who are you?”

But once the words were out of his mouth, he always felt something was wrong. He looked around him, from the table to the fireplace, from the vase to the paintings hanging on the wall, and then silently pinched himself.

‘This is not a f*cking dream, ah,’ Chi Lang thought to himself.

Then he stood up, his mind was blank, he didn’t think about anything, went to the window and looked out.

—White gulls hovered in the blue sky, and in the distance were short, squarely arranged houses. And close by were several red brick and white tiled buildings with vines cascading over the walls. At the top of the nearest building, there was a clock.

It just so happened that at that moment the clock rang “dang”.

The people who were walking began to run, and laughter spread from afar.

No matter how Chi Lang looked, all the people he saw were not Oriental-looking, and these buildings, with his poor knowledge of architecture, he also understood that they were not modern buildings at all.

Chi Lang seemed to finally understand his situation a little bit, but understanding and acceptance are two different things. With his current state of mind, he couldn’t wait to sleep and return to his modern bedroom.

So he looked at Sheffield and asked without any hesitation: “Where is this…”

Sheffield: “Zefner City, Saints Magic Academy.”

Chi Lang nodded, digesting the words “Magic Academy”. He thought, “There are unnatural forces in this place,” and then he felt more powerless.

Then he saw his own face in the reflection of the window – a completely unfamiliar face.

Oh, it’s still soul-crossing.

Sheffield looked at Chi Lang, the dead and resurrected “Micah” who had no memory, and his heart surged with a sense of excitement like never before.

The excitement was just because he hadn’t seen anything interesting for too long.

And this brand-new soul, in such a short exchange, made him feel like he had something very interesting.

Chi Lang asked him: “Sorry, can you tell me who you are…” Chi Lang asked again about the identity of this stranger, although he also thought it seemed silly to ask, he really had no other way to collect information.

When he was finally slowly coming to terms with the fact that he had transmigrated, there was only one thought in his mind: why do other people have memories of the original owner when they transmigrate, but he has nothing, he doesn’t even know who he is.

Sheffield replied: “Sheffield. My name is Sheffield.”

On the table was also a book that Micah had brought back from the library.

The book took a large chunk of space to eulogize the great achievements of the magicians and put the magicians of that era on the altar of God, but only used a few short sentences to cover the demon lords.

The name “Sheffield” was very inconspicuous among the names of demon lords.

— “Sheffield, a fraudster, lived in the Rose Manor in the abyss.”



And they were roommates! ~( ˘▾˘~)

OMG, they were roommates! (~‾⌣‾)~

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