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HCIC Chapter 25


Chapter 25 New Century Underworld

“Of course. This is one of the top ten departments. It is famous for its good treatment and high salary! If it weren’t for my lack of merit and three views. I would have applied for the job a long time ago.”

[San guan (三观) refers to views on the world, life and values (世界观 shì jièguān, 人生观 rén shēng guān, 价值观 jiàzhíguān), notions popularized in China by materialist philosophy. The three views are often invoked when discussing a person’s character]

Liu Fang raised her eyebrow, “what? Does the quick transmigration department still see the three views when recruiting people?

“Of course” The property staff said “Quick transmigration, who didn’t want to try? This is the hot genre in a novel! But, the quick transmigration department has high requirements on the three views of recruits. Especially the revision division, which can only be entered by talented people.”

“Revision division?”

“Yes. The revision division under the quick transmigration department was specifically established to restore the way of heaven in the three thousand worlds. The people in it all have unique skills, and some of them were great meritorious persons during their lifetime. Some of these people did not want to reincarnate, so they simply entered the revision division. Not only they can experience different lives one after another, but they can continue to practice and can stay in the underworld for a long time in the future. They can even participate in the assessment and be ranked in the immortal class.”

Liu Fang seemed to hear an incredible world.

“Wait, wait. Immortal also has to take the exam now?”

“Of course. In the past, the immortal had to go through several lifetimes of catastrophe, reincarnation and so on. Only after accumulating enough merit can they have a chance to be ranked in the class of immortals. Now, there are too many small worlds, the gods are too busy, the underworld is full of ghosts, and the Ksitigarbha can’t handle it. It can only be reformed. Anyway, you have to reincarnate for many lives and cultivate enough merits to have a chance to become immortal. Simply, The Heavenly Court and the Underworld revise the laws and formulate new regulations for becoming immortals. In this way, we will all have the opportunity to be immortals, and have fun.”

[Kṣitigarbha is a bodhisattva primarily revered in East Asian Buddhism and usually depicted as a Buddhist monk. Kṣitigarbha is known for his vow not to achieve Buddhahood until all hells are emptied. He is therefore often regarded as the bodhisattva of hell-beings, as well as the guardian of children and patron deity of deceased children and aborted fetuses in Japanese culture, where he is known as Jizō or Ojizō-sama, as a protector of children]

The more Liu Fang heard the more confused she became: Is this really the underworld she knew when she was alive?

The property staff was still talking: “Then the reason for the quick transmigration department to have good treatment and high wages is that the merits there are the best to earn! However, very few can do it for a long time. An intern can’t bear and resign after a year or two.”

“Why?” Liu Fang was puzzled, “Since the treatment is so good, why would someone resign?”

“Oh,” the property staff shook his head and said, “Isn’t this obvious? Have you read the quick transmigration novel? One life after another and still carries the previous memories. After a long time, they either can’t forget the people and events they have experienced, or gradually forget their own origin, and was completely immersed in it. Wasn’t that easy to become crazy! So, most people can’t do it for a long time.”

He looked at Liu Fang and said, “I hope you can keep doing it. After all, life in the quick transmigration department is really easy. At least better than those who can only wait in the underworld.”

Just as the elevator arrived, the property staff took Liu Fang to her apartment and opened the door, “See if there is any problem. If there is no problem, sign this acceptance form.” 

Very good. The current rules and regulations of the underworld are more comprehensive and detailed than those of the human world.

After checking it, one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom, and one balcony. The area was not big, about twenty or thirty square meters. The home appliances were complete. Only, there were no daily necessities inside, and the water, electricity, and gas, networks were all open, so there is no problem.

But Liu Fang was curious, “There is still an Internet in the underworld?”

The property staff laughed, “Of course. If there is no Internet, wouldn’t it be boring for us to be ghosts? If you are boring, you know that accidents are easy to happen. So, The Internet in the underworld is even better than the human world, fast enough, and cheap. By the way, the heavens and hells in the West are also equipped with the Internet, and it is our patent. Wasn’t it awesome?” 

Awesome! It was simply awesome! !

Liu Fang gave a thumbs up with a smile, and her face was full of pride like the property staff.

After signing the acceptance document, the property staff said before leaving, “You have to look at the prices in the underworld. By the way, don’t forget to pay the property fees, water and electricity bills and so on. Now ghosts also have to abide by the law. If you default, you have to be punished. The punishment of the underworld is not as gentle as the human world.”

Liu Fang nodded in thanks, sent the property staff away, closed the door, looked at the small apartment, and couldn’t help shaking her head and laughing: “Now that I’m dead and become a ghost, I still have to live a “human” life for a while. ah.” 

She has to work, has to eat… and she was also drunk

[Zui le (醉了) is a buzzword on the Internet. Drunk can be used to express helplessness or incomprehension or admiration for people or things]

Liu Fang was not in a hurry to buy the daily necessities. She first sits on the sofa to check what she wants to know.

First of all, what was the Quick Transmigration Department?

Opening the smart library, Liu Fang discovered that her “smart watch” also has chat tools, online payments, post bars, novel websites, etc., which were as colorful as the human world!

And in the smart bookstore, there was also a smart question-and-answer software, but it is just like the one in the world, you ask questions on it, and then someone answers.

It seems that smart question and answer was easier to solve Liu Fang’s doubts.

Indeed, there were special newbie guidance posts on it, which were very detailed, and there was also a brief explanation of the establishment of the Quick Transmigration Department.

In order to save trouble, Liu Fang clicked on the newbie guide post.

It stated: The Quick Transmigration was established more than a hundred years ago. One day, the inspectors of the underworld and the heavenly court discovered at the same time that as the technology in the world became more and more developed, the way of heaven seemed to have changed, so much so that thousands of worlds were created.

In the past, three thousand worlds were really just three thousand worlds. Now, as the spiritual civilization of the world becomes more and more developed, whether the novels, TV dramas, or movies human love, they can all form a small world under the power of will.

This small world may be due to a certain novel, movie, or TV series at the beginning. But after it was born, it will be a real world, and then it will have its own civilization, its own rules, and even continue to develop.

After several years of observation, they found that these small worlds will not be destroyed easily, but because their rules were not perfect and the way of heaven was not strong enough, loopholes were easy to appear.

If there was a loophole in the way of heaven then it was terrible. In light case, there will be many time travelers and reborn people. If it was serious, it will be over sooner or later.

Now that it has become a small world, with people in it, real, full of flesh and blood, even have the way of heaven. Whether it was the underworld or the heavenly court, they have to manage it!

All of the people inside were registered in the so-called three life stones, the book of life and death. The underworld and the heavenly court can’t turn a blind eye, can they?

[Represent the three stages of human life: the past, the present, and the future. The stone stood at the end of Naihe Bridge. The stone was formed when Nuwa create humans]

[The Book of Life and Death is a complete registry of all humans and animals, from the day they are born, until the day of their preordained death]

Therefore, the Underworld set up the Quick Transmigration Department, and the Heavenly Court established the Supervision Department. One was responsible for finding people to repair the loopholes in the way of heaven in these small worlds, and the other was responsible for monitoring the way of heaven in these small worlds.

In short, it was not a useless job to do these things. It was a great merit to repair the way of heaven and make it perfect. It was very beneficial to the heavenly court and the underworld.

Who made the superstition was banned nowadays, it was not easy to be a god.

There were fewer and fewer believers who believed in them, and the power of faith was getting lower and lower. They still have to cultivate, at least they have to maintain the skill of longevity.

Then without the power of faith, how can they cultivate? How to maintain the realm of longevity?

Therefore, they discovered the benefits of merit.

Merit can also allow them to cultivate, maintain and even further enhance their realm.

Although they have lived long enough and death means nothing. After all they have lived enough.

But once these gods really disappear completely. No one will manage the way of heaven, it will run wild like a wild horse, and the world will be in chaos.

Therefore, this group of gods who were used to suffering and self-sacrifice tried their best to solve this problem. Not necessarily for themselves, but also for those innocent and ignorant mortals.

There must be a way for them to survive, right?

Therefore, the Quick Transmigration Department was created.

As for Liu Fang’s concubine’s contentment division, it was only in the last few decades, and the specific reasons were similar to when the quick transmigration department was established.

There were so many small worlds, and now even a casual thought of an ordinary mortal in the world may create a small world, and there will still be mortals and other things that will follow.

And these small worlds were even more fragile, like newborn babies. But the dead cannot be allowed to continue to stay in the world, they still have to be brought into the underworld. In this way, the underworld will become more overcrowded.

And there were many ghosts who were full of resentment, and the underworld was utterly exhausted from overwork.

In the beginning, the quick transmigration department was actually full of great meritorious persons with strong minds, or ghosts with a certain foundation, or spiritual ghosts.

Their soul power was strong, and they can repair and improve the way of heaven without affecting the original world’s way of heaven.

But later, there were more and more small worlds, and the way of heaven was very fragile, unable to bear the passing of these powerful souls from other worlds.

Moreover, the resentful souls in the small world also want to resolve their grievances so that they can be reborn as human beings cleanly.

There was no other way, in the end, all the gods can only give their best to make a tool that can correct the time and send some ordinary souls to the past.

Then, the quick transmigration department recruits suitable ghosts as staff, and assigns appropriate tasks to each of them, so that they can go to those small worlds to mend the way of heaven, and also solve the grievances of the resentful souls stranded in the underworld.

That’s how the revision division came about, and so did the other divisions of the quick transmigration department.

The Concubine contentment division was actually a task issued by some transparent little concubines in various small worlds. Their mission goals were also very simple, they basically wished to live their lives peacefully and happily until the end of life.

Not as resentful as those ghosts in other branches, but some small regrets, or not reconciled.

The merits and virtues paid were not much, and no one will purposely wait to see the revised life before reincarnation. In this way, it becomes what the minister said when Liu Fang first came. Newcomers disdain the lack of merit. The veteran felt the task was too simple.

The most important thing was that the original owner has basically been reincarnated. To do tasks, it must be transmigrated as a baby. There was no summary of the previous life, no cheats, and no memory of the original owner’s previous life.

Not to mention the long time spent and it wasn’t useful. If the tasker was too good, the way of heaven there may be shattered, and the whole small world will be completely ruined.

Therefore, in just a few decades, the division has accumulated a lot of unfinished tasks. No one was willing to work with restraint. It was not good if it was too awesome, it was also not good if it was too weak. So much fuss, Who will go!

The post stated, “Human nowadays, oh, no, ghosts. Every newcomer, who doesn’t have a dream of Mary Su, Jack Su, and Long Aotian? Naturally, they want to be vigorous and refreshing!”

The concubine contentment division was only suitable for veterans to relax occasionally. By the way, they were not willing to marry and have children. Veterans were too lazy to bother to be good wives and mothers. Basically, they were going to be a goddess of war or the queen of business.

But, the way of Heaven can’t bear it. After all, they were souls from another world, which was different from the natives there. Wishing great strength, and a lot of merits. It’s over, the whole small world was shattered again wow!

In the end, those veterans who want to relax occasionally will go there to live a leisurely life for a few years and then find a suitable opportunity to ‘die’ and come back.

As for mission failure? Deduction of merit? Hehe!

The veterans said: It doesn’t matter! ╮(╯∀╰)╭

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