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HCIC Chapter 24


Chapter 24 New Century Underworld

Liu Fang sat on the single bed in the temporary lounge of the Underworld Quick Transmigration Department. She didn’t recover for a while.

The minister waited quietly for her to digest the remaining emotions, and then said: “Congratulations, you have completed the task and gained five points of merit.”

Liu Fang looked at him and asked, “Minister, is the world I travel through real or false? Also, didn’t you say that the original owner has already been reincarnated? Then why can they still issue missions? Why can I travel to the past to do missions?” 

The minister said with a smile: “I know you have many questions and are very confused. But these things I can’t tell you clearly in a short time. When you go to the dormitory to resettle, you can stop by the library to have a look. There is everything in it, and it will definitely answer your questions and solve your doubts. Now, let’s sign the contract first. Don’t worry, our quick transmigration department has very free working hours. It doesn’t matter when you do the tasks, it’s up to you to do them or not. But, at least five tasks a month, Otherwise, your basic salary will have to be reduced. You will be sentenced and punished if you don’t work for ten consecutive years. These are the rules of the underworld. You better read more about the laws of the underworld when you have time. Don’t think that you don’t have to abide by the law if you are a ghost.”

Liu Fang nodded, expressing her understanding, signed the contract according to the minister’s instructions, and then the minister gave her a smartwatch-like thing, it was pure black.

“Inside have a list of tasks and your personal information. You can learn how to use it after researching it. It’s very simple. There is also a navigation map on it. Just follow the instructions above to go to the library and dormitory. You can also wander around the underworld. After all, you are still a newcomer, so it would be good to go around and get to know more. Well, that’s it, I had to leave, and you can come to me anytime when you need something.”

After that, the minister left .

Liu Fang put on the “smart watch”, and immediately a light curtain appeared, showing her basic information:

    Name: Liu Fang.

    Gender: Female.

    Merits and demerits during lifetime: Average.

    Merit: 205 (of which 5 points of merit from completing tasks).

    Position in the underworld: Quick Transmigration Department——Concubine Contentment Division, an intern.

    Position before death: Ordinary person, Marketing manager of a branch office of a top 500 domestic company.

    Skills: The primary skill of mortal noble girls. Elementary level of martial arts for mortals.

    Force value: Entry level.

    IQ: average.

    EQ: Above average, not excellent.

    Appearance: More than average, not a beauty.

    Reincarnation serial number: It’s too long, let’s wait for two thousand years.


Liu Fang: … is the underworld technology so good now?

“Hello, Intelligent Housekeeper of the underworld at your service. May I help you?”

Liu Fang: (ー_ー)!! Very good. It also has an intelligent voice function. This is also very powerful!

“I want to go to the library.”

Liu Fang thought that she was not in a hurry to do the task. She still hasn’t recovered from the previous task, so she should take a rest and understand what this new-century underworld is like.

“Okay, now I will guide you.”

Liu Fang followed the voice navigation all the way out of the quick transmigration department, crossed two streets, and came to the Underworld General Library.

The library didn’t look very big from the outside, it was only when she entered that she realized that the space was very large.

Liu Fang raised her eyebrows: What kind of space technology is this?

Anyway, she doesn’t understand.

“Excuse me, what do you need to check?”

It was still the voice of her smart housekeeper.

Liu Fang said: “I want to know what my job is.”

“All right, I understand. What you want to check is ‘A Brief History of Quick Transmigration’. Please go to X row of X area. In there is a complete ‘A Brief History of Quick Transmigration series.”

Well, it’s still a series.

When Liu Fang arrived at the bookshelf, she realized that she was too naive. The two-story bookshelf in front of her, with the densely packed books on it, could this be called brief history?

Liu Fang: … Ha ha. I believe your evil!

Was this bullying her as a newcomer? She had never seen so many “Brief History”!

Can’t it be finished in one book? Otherwise, why called “A Brief History”!

The smart housekeeper seemed to know what she was thinking, “Because the underworld has existed for too long, even if it was a brief history, there are many, this has been simplified. Please check it out.” 

Liu Fang was already unable to complain, “So Many, Until what time I finish it!”

“You can choose to scan and record it into the smart library, and then go back and read it slowly.”

Liu Fang was convinced after hearing this: “Then why didn’t you say it earlier?”

“I am your smart housekeeper, I can only act according to your instructions. Would you like to scan the ‘A Brief History of Quick Transmigration Series’ to the smart library?” 

Well, what the smart housekeeper said was right, Liu Fang didn’t bother to get entangled, and said quickly: “Yes, I want to scan.”

“Okay, the ‘A Brief History of Quick Transmigration Series’ has been scanned and stored in your smart library, you can check it at any time. Please note that you need to pay five points of merit for the copyright fee when you read .”

Liu Fang: (⊙o⊙)! ! !

“The underworld also pays to read?”

“Of course. There are provisions in the Intellectual Property Protection Law. Please don’t try to break the law.”

Liu Fang: She has gained insight!

“Then I still want to check the laws of the underworld, where is it?”

“At ××××.”

Liu Fang went to scan all the books on the laws of the underworld section, and then learned that she still have to pay to read them.

Un, very well. The underworld was now “ruling the country by law”.

Afterward, Liu Fang went to her dormitory according to the navigation of the smart housekeeper. A single apartment with an elevator. The living environment was good.

The property staff who sent her up were very envious: “Are you new here? It’s amazing that you can apply for the quick transmigration department!”

Liu Fang was surprised, “Why? Is the quick transmigration department very good?”

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