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HCIC Chapter 10


Chapter 10 The Shcoral’s Wife

Liu Fang: … Mother really thought it through!

“Daughter naturally believes in mother. Thank you for mother’s hard work. Mother has taken so much trouble for me. Daughter is very grateful. I can only honor you more in the future.”

After that, Liu Fang put down the roster, got up, and respectfully bowed to Madam Liu.

Madam Liu waved her hand, “In the future, live your life well, don’t make me worry is the best filial piety. Get up quickly, take a good look at it, and tell me when you have decided on a candidate.”

“Yes, mother.”

Liu Fang got up, sat on the soft couch, and read the roster carefully.

There were not many people, only seven, but they were indeed in line with her requirements, and their life history has carefully investigated.

Generally speaking, they were all people with clean family backgrounds, upright family styles, the family member was simple, pure, and honest. As for the appearance, it was really ordinary.

But Liu Fang didn’t care too much about appearance, as long as it didn’t look too unsightly, she can still accept it.

As for love, I’m sorry, she was an older leftover girl who has never been in love or married in her previous life. She really didn’t understand what love is.

She just wants this life to be simple. Having a leisurely and relaxed life until the end of life.

In fact, up to now, she was still ignorant about the content of her work.

Although when she was in the underworld, they told her that it was a life without worries, and she could complete the task when she died.

But at the beginning, when she transmigrated, she was very confused.

This concubine department, to put it bluntly, was the task released by various concubines. In fact, she has no idea what the reason for these concubines to release the task.

After she transmigrated, except the map of this world and all the historical background. She didn’t know anything.

There was no golden finger, and there was no memory of the original owner’s previous life. It was as if she herself had been reborn.

It’s completely different from the kind of task she imagined.

And after transmigrated, she still has a lot of things she didn’t understand: Does this world really exist? If it is true, then what about the tasks mentioned by the underworld? Can she really be reborn at will and traversed at will?

In short, in this experience mission, Liu Fang discovered many problems that she had not had time to think about in the underworld at that time.

But now, she can’t get the answer. The only way was to wait for the end of the mission, and then find the “people” to ask clearly when she return to the underworld.

As for how to complete this task? In fact, she really didn’t quite understand.

Simply, Liu Fang took what she heard in the underworld as her mission goal : worry-free life and death.

As for what kind of life the original owner of the mission wanted to live, was she want to marry into a wealthy family and live an extravagant life? Or a small family from a humble background, warm and simple?

She can’t take care of that much anymore.

She only follows her own thoughts and did what she feels comfortable with. She could only guess some thoughts of the original owner.

She didn’t care what the outcome will be. Anyway, she was already dead, the worst was to die again. It’s nothing.

She just take this experience mission as her new life. Thinking about it this way was equivalent to earning it



In March, in addition to the vigorous start of the Spring Festival, people in the Capital also began to go out for outings in groups of three or five, and large families even held banquets every three days.

After all, everything was recovering and the spring was shining, it was a good time to play, and it was also a good time to have a blind date.

Although Liu Fang was very reassured about the people on the roster given by her mother, she still has to see it with her own eyes to be sure.

As for how to see it? That was also simple, as long as she meet these scholars by chance when she went to the outskirts of the Capital to play, she will be able to see one or two across a group of people.

Liu Fang didn’t need to worry about the specifics. Madam Liu will arrange it.

Therefore, on this day, Anhe, who had cultivated her mind at home for a long time, was mercifully released by Madam Liu and asked her to accompany Liu Fang to Lake Yang in the suburb of the Capital.

Lake Yang was once an imperial garden from the previous dynasty. The entire lake was surrounded by mountains, and the environment was beautiful, like a fairyland.

In the Great Jin Dynasty, the founding emperor felt that the previous dynasties were too extravagant and there were too many imperial gardens! At the beginning of his dynasty, he was too poor, and he really had no money to support these expensive gardens. So part of it was opened up for the people in the Capital to enjoy.

And Lake Yang was one of them.

The courtyards around the former imperial garden were also auctioned off to the founding fathers and wealthy families.

In this way, the founding emperor lost a hot potato that required money to maintain and made a lot of money to maintain the construction and operation of the country at the beginning of the founding of the dynasty.

Therefore, this emperor was also very business-minded.

Although the people of the world despise the merchants and traders. They understand that without them, the world really cannot move.

And this also proves that one-tenth of the rich people were worth a lifetime of raiding the poor.

Therefore, the business taxation of the Great Jin Dynasty was very fine and heavy. At the same time, officials and nobles were not prohibited from doing business, but the business tax was high.

The business tax paid by an ordinary person doing business was completely different from the business tax paid by a seventh-rank official, let alone those high-ranking officials and dignitaries.

However, this was also beneficial.

It has been more than 40 years since the establishment of the Great Jin Dynasty, and the national strength was at its peak, which was entirely due to the correct reason for taxation.

In the Great Jin Dynasty, farmers paid less tax, and there were no harsh taxes such as poll tax. The payment was based on the number of fields they own. If ordinary people own fields, the amount they own will not be that much. It was different from high-level and large households. It will be hundreds of acres or thousands of acres, and this number will be huge.

Moreover, the land tax of the Great Jin Dynasty was not exempted from this.

That is to say, except for the emperor’s decree and occasional tax cuts in a certain place due to natural disasters. Usually, no matter whether they have fame or not, the common people and nobles were the same and have to pay taxes.

Including the emperor’s farmland, he has to pay taxes, let alone others?

This was also because the Great Jin Dynasty has just been established less than a hundred years. It was a new dynasty that has broken the old and established the new. If the emperor of the previous dynasty dared to do this? Ho ho.

It was because the agricultural taxation of the Great Jin Dynasty was low, and it was nothing to the common people or the nobles. Then the business tax and other things were collected more heavily. In this way, the national treasury was so full, and the national strength was stronger and stronger year by year.

Therefore, from the beginning of March, the people in the Capital were really crowded, there were people everywhere, bustling and lively.

Anhe and Liu Fang rode the carriage all the way to the suburbs of the Capital. Along the way, they met several noble young ladies who went sightseeing. Having the right amount of people, Anhe responded to their invitation and played with them together.

When they arrived at the edge of Lake Yang, there were sergeants from the Five Cities and Horse Divisions who specialized in maintaining law and order. There were also officers of government offices and other officials guarding, patrolling, and maintaining security.

There were also two large parking spaces for carriages next to them, which are guarded by people.

This was similar to the tourist attractions of nowdays.

Liu Fang and Anhe disembarked from the carriage, the guards dismounted, the momo and maids also got out of the carriage, carried the utensils from the carriage, and arranged a place for them to rest for a while.

Liu Fang and Anhe first brought paintings and calligraphy to join the other noble ladies, went to the lake to see the scenery, and chatted while watching, which was quite lively.

Lake Yang has surging blue waves, the lake was shaded by trees. The willows were fresh and green, the grasses were soft, and were surrounded by green mountains, white clouds, and blue sky.

Lake Yang was very large, and the surrounding grass was also very wide. There were paths between the grasses, and it was very leisurely to walk through it.

Therefore, even if there were many people, they still have their own fun and do not disturb each other. Occasionally, they can also smile at each other. Joyful and harmonious

In this kind of season, no one will care about status, but will only be immersed in the beautiful scenery and the happy atmosphere, and have no time to care.

Liu Fang was walking along the lake with the crowd. After walking for a while, she met the target of her outing: the group of poor scholars on the roster.

Of course, it’s not just the seven of them. It’s impossible for all seven of them to know each other, and were in the same group.

But among the group of scholars she met, there happened to be four groups of people who knew each other, and then they merged into a group of scholars.

In this way, the seven people that Liu Fang wanted to meet by chance were all among them.

Yang An was also among them.

Today, he was wearing a white robe embroidered with emerald green bamboo patterns, a sapphire crown on his head, and his black hair was tied high, his face was like a crown of jade, and his bearing was extraordinary.

In fact, he didn’t understand what he was thinking at the moment he went out. Instead of tying his hair with the cloth belt he was used to, he wore the only sapphire crown and the new clothes he had just made. As if he has the thought maybe he can meet her?

At this moment, Yang An saw Liu Fang through the crowd, and he suddenly realized where the urge to go out came from.

Of course, he bowed his head and smiled, laughing at himself that he turned out to be a hypocrite. It turned out that he also had the idea of ​​clinging to the high. He always thought himself was benign and openhearted, magnanimous, and happy to lead a simple life.

It’s ridiculous!

Maybe it was because the matchmaker frequently came to the door recently and talked with him about too many girls. So he had such an unrealistic idea in his mind.

Yang An shook his head and thought no more. Just relax and talk to your classmates about recent current affairs.

The Great Jin Dynasty atmosphere was still very open. Nowadays, the common people and the scholars, more or less, would discuss the political affairs of the court.

Especially now that it was Spring Festival, and they were in the Capital. Even if they don’t participate, they will inevitably have a small talk.

Liu Fang and others listened to the excitement they were talking about, so they stood not far away and listened.

After listening for a while, they finally understood something. It turned out that they were discussing the recent female marquis that was granted by the emperor.

In the Great Jin Dynasty, there were already female officials in the imperial court, and there was nothing to discuss when a woman was an official. It’s just the female marquis was the first to be conferred because of her merit!

Therefore, recently, whether it was in the court or among the people, there has been a lot of discussion on this matter.

It doesn’t mean that the female marquis was not worthy of her position, nor does it mean that the courtiers and the common people have a prejudice against the female marquis. It’s just the dispute about the position of the crown prince caused by the fact that a woman was awarded the title of nobility.

The current emperor was Emperor Wen, the eldest son of the founding emperor. He became the crown prince naturally and finally ascended the throne smoothly.

However, the current emperor, the empress of Emperor Wen, that was, his original wife gave birth to only one eldest princess, no prince, and have no other children after so many years.

In fact, it was nothing if the empress has no children. The problem was: this eldest princess’s civil and military skills were extraordinary!

Not to mention being smart since childhood, but also kind and virtuous. In this way, the princes were really too mediocre in comparison.

Whether it’s the courtiers or the commoners, they always sigh: If only the eldest princess was the eldest prince! Then, there was no dispute about the position of the crown prince.

Now with female marquis, it has allowed the courtiers and the common people to see another possibility: since there were already female officials and female marquis, then it was not impossible that there will be a crown princess and a female emperor in the future!

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