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As I expected, I was able to reach the vicinity of the capital only after driving for three full days in a wagon.

On the first day, they starved without eating anything, and on the second day, she shared half a potato with Jeffrey, and before splitting the potato at the end, she ate another half to satisfy her hunger.

I was still hungry because I didn’t finish my meal satisfactorily, but it was better than leaving Jeffrey and eating alone.

“We can’t sleep here tonight, let’s get off.”

Jeffrey suggested that

Since it was already a time when it was not possible to enter the capital, it was recommended to spend time outdoors.

Certainly, it was a good choice to get off the wagon at dawn, when the guards at the top of Griam were less vigilant.

Then you can leave quietly without anyone noticing.

But that method would create another risk.

I shook my head at him.

“No, it would be better to get off at that time when we enter the capital tomorrow.”


“If you get off tonight, how are you going to get into the capital?”


When I asked, Jeffrey stopped answering and was speechless halfway through.

“You said you were being chased by the guards.”

The guards in the capital and the provinces had different managers, so they wouldn’t share information unless they were vicious criminals or wanted bounty criminals, but they still needed to be careful.

Besides, Jeffrey and I are still children.

There was no way they would sit still and watch as the two of us, with such a sloppy appearance, try to enter the Capital without a guardian.

“If possible, let’s go inside the capital and get off. We’ll probably head to the warehouse operated by the top to store the wagons. Then we can get off.”

“What if we get caught?”

“We have to be careful not to get caught.”

In my experience, when they arrived at the top, the head would enter the main building to report.

Then, the employees had to wait on the spot until the Head returned, so it was necessary to take advantage of that time to get off the wagon.

“Then we will really part ways tomorrow.”

Jeffrey said suddenly.

Jeffrey was saddened by our parting.

The truth is, after being with Jeffrey for the past three days, we became close. It was a pity that we had to go our separate ways.

“It’s not like we won’t be able to see each other forever, and there will be a day when we will meet again someday.”

“Do you think so?

“Yeah. And you agreed to pay the potatoes back.”

When I finished speaking, Jeffrey smiled broadly.

Jeffrey, who first said he would pay me back with two potatoes, promised again to pay me back six potatoes after getting more potatoes from me.

“Now, we better rest until tomorrow morning and save some energy.”


Now that we’re parting, Jeffrey will be running around the streets.

I don’t know how he becomes a mercenary, but he will surely be able to overcome the current difficult situation and succeed.

I just wanted to give him some help, but there was nothing I could do for him right now.

All I can do is wish him the best of luck in his future.

I carefully covered Jeffrey’s neck with blankets. Jeffrey seemed to be embarrassed because the kindness I gave him was uncomfortable, but he did not refuse my touch.

After covering Jeffrey with blankets, I also sat next to him.

I was pretending to be fine, but I was anxious.

I was worried about my mother, who would have been horrified to learn that I was gone, and I was worried that Grand Duke Crichton would not believe me.


As soon as morning came, the wagons that entered the capital stopped at the headquarters.

Jeffrey and I walked through the tent, looked around, waited for everyone to move away from the wagon, and then cautiously descended.

Jeffrey, who is taller than me, came down from the carriage first, and then I followed.

Jeffrey helped me get on the floor easily.

I didn’t really need any help, but I began to quietly get out of the top after expressing my gratitude to him with a wink.

It was only after we finally left the headquarters at the top of Griam and reached the dark alley, we were able to breathe the breath we had been holding back.

“We’re really going to part now. Meet your grandfather safely and go back to your mom quickly. She’ll be worried.”

Jeffrey warmed up and told me.

Jeffrey, who is young and speaks with praise, was so cute that I patted him lightly on the head.

Perhaps it was an unexpected move, Jeffrey shook his head in embarrassment.

I quickly took a step away from him and smiled brightly.

“Yeah. You should take care of your health, too.”

“… Yes.”

She looked at Jeffrey, who answered awkwardly and then turned around.


Just as I was about to take a step, Jeffrey called my name.

When I turned around and looked at Jeffrey, his face unexpectedly looked like he was about to cry.

“I’m going to pay back the potatoes, so you have to wait!”

Then he shouted out loud and left the place first.

I waved at Jeffrey as he left.

Nothing was decided on how and when to meet, but somehow, I thought I could meet him again.

As I left the alley, bright sunlight greeted me.

The sunlight I saw after three days was bright and warm.

I started walking towards Grand Duke Crichton’s house, tracing my memory.

It was only after a short thirty-minute walk that I reached Grand Duke Crichton’s house.

Every time I looked at it, the majestic appearance was overwhelming. After taking a deep breath, I approached the soldier protecting the house.

“Excuse me.”


When I called the soldier, the soldier looked at me with a puzzled face.

“What’s wrong, little lady?”

The soldier asked with a laugh, dumbfounded, as if he was surprised by the rare visitor.

It wasn’t that he ignored me or turned away from me. I thought they would chase me off, but that was fortunate.

“I have come to see the Grand Duke.”

“I’m just asking, just in case, which noble family are you from?”

“No. I’m not…”


When I denied it, the soldier narrowed his eyes as if he were thinking.

Then he soon opened his mouth.

“I’m sorry little lady, His Excellency is very busy taking care of state affairs, so we can’t meet him unless we make an appointment.”

That was the expected answer.

After all, there is no reason for Grand Duke Crichton to meet me now.

The reason he tried to meet me first was to entrust me with a request. A request to a famous mercenary to find his daughter.

But now I am neither a mercenary nor an adult.

She was just a young commoner child.

Should I say that it is fortunate that the soldier did not frown harshly and kick her out?

I shrugged in disappointment.

If I couldn’t go inside, I had no choice but to wait for Grand Duke Crichton to come.


“What’s going on?”

Just as I was about to open my mouth, a deep voice came from behind.

“Grand Duke! You’re here?”

I turned around slowly as I watched the soldiers salute while holding my arms.

I turned around and there was Grand Duke Crichton, who looked much younger than when I first met him.

“I asked you what’s going on.”

The soldier was embarrassed and stiffened when Grand Duke Crichton asked him.

“This child here wanted to see the Grand Duke. I was about to send her back.”

“I see. Then work hard.”

“Yes, sir!”

When Grand Duke Crichton moved forward, the soldier opened the door.

Seeing Grand Duke Crichton moving away slowly, I came to my senses and shouted.

“Help me!”

Even though my voice could be heard, Grand Duke Crichton did not stop walking.

I needed words to stop the Grand Duke from leaving.

So, I shouted urgently.

“Cornelia Crichton!”

As expected, the moment this name was mentioned, the Grand Duke had no choice but to stop.

Grand Duke Crichton stopped and looked back at me with a stiff face.

He had a scary face, as if he had heard something he shouldn’t have heard.

“What did you say, kid?”

Grand Duke Crichton’s voice was as terrifying as his face.

I swallowed my dry saliva, looking at the Grand Duke like that.

“I said Cornelia Crichton.”

“Why do you know that name…”

“She is my mother. Please… Help my mother.”

Grand Duke Crichton frowned fiercely and looked down at me.

“Are you talking about that name, knowing what it is?”

Grand Duke Crichton’s voice sounded threatening.

I know why he takes it so sensitively.

For Grand Duke Crichton, Cornelia Crichton, my mother, is the only daughter that he searched for all the time and could not find.

Because she’s his only daughter.

However, a little girl who suddenly appeared said that her mother was Cornelia Crichton, so he had no choice but to accept it sensitively.

But he will eventually have no choice but to pay attention to what I say.

Grand Duke Crichton has been waiting ever since her mother left.

“I know. She’s the missing daughter of Your Grace the Grand Duke.”

I spoke to him without losing to his threatening gaze and voice.

“And it’s also my mother’s name.”


The Great Duke of Crichton glared at me silently.

Numerous doubts and distrust crossed his eyes.

In the meantime, time continued to pass.

If it wasn’t anything special, I’d wait until he cleared the doubt, but I had to do this urgently.

“If you can’t trust me, you can go and check it out yourself. It’s in Delphi village, you can get there in three days by carriage from here. Please make a decision as soon as possible. My mom is very sick.”

Thinking of my mother who was looking for me even amid pain, I was filled with sorrow inside.

If it were not for now, I would never have had a chance to save my mother.

If Grand Duke Crichton doesn’t believe me, she will not last another year and close her eyes permanently.

I don’t know what brought me back to the past, but the opportunity came to save my mother, so I had to seize it.

I couldn’t lose my mother again this time.

Perhaps because of the sadness, tears quickly formed in my eyes.

I tried not to cry, but the tears that had already been filled up flowed down my cheek like a flood of tears.

“Save Mom… please.”


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