GGGCBP Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Popular female content creator


Zhen Yu skipped class again today.

She slept well last night and only woke up when she wanted to. She laid in bed as she browsed Bilibili, reading through the comments.

Zhen Yu was satisfied that the video she uploaded yesterday had over a thousand comments. It seems like she was still popular and relevant.

But the number of haters had been increasing. 

After banning a few accounts that left malicious comments, she got out of bed.

Zhen Yu freshened up as she changed into a cute Japanese-styled high school uniform, put on black knee-high socks before stepping into a pair of round-toe shoes. She then packed her equipment for the day.

A fully charged Canon EOS R5, a tripod stand, two Huawei phones, an iPhone, two Audio-Technica headphones, and a 20,000 mAh power bank. 

Not forgetting her makeup pouch, travel umbrella, pepper spray, and some snacks…

She kept everything in her adorable Pikachu backpack.

As a content creator with over a million fans, she maintained a stringent requirement for her equipment to provide the best viewing experience for her fans. 

Where should she shoot her video today?

Oh right, she recalled hearing about a new Japanese restaurant opening at Wanda. She could go there after work for a mukbang food review.

Zhen Yu exited the dorm building and got on her beloved electric motorbike, preparing to get some dessert. But before she even left the campus, pink rain started falling from the sky.

It was so romantic!

Zhen Yu made an instantaneous decision as she rushed towards the grassy football field to shoot a video. 

Just as she arrived and had her tripod stand set up and ready to go, she noticed the disturbance coming from the nearby basketball court.

Some university students had transformed into monsters.

Zhen Yu initially thought it was a prank as she prepared to record the whole commotion as potential video materials. Who would have known that the top-heavy green-skinned monster would stick its tongue down a female undergraduate’s throat.

How gross.

If she didn’t escape after seeing that, isn’t she courting death?

Just as Zhen Yu got on her pink motorbike and was prepared to escape, she was grabbed by the arm and pulled off her motorbike. The male perpetrator had broad shoulders, a large waist, and was dressed in Los Angeles Lakers uniform. 

He then got on her newly bought motorbike and rode off.

How detestable!

Does he know he’s embarrassing Kobe?

He does not deserve to be a Lakers fan!

Without her ride, Zhen Yu could only complain as she ran like the other students.

How was she that unlucky?

She had two monsters chasing after her.

Was it because this fairy was too beautiful?

Zhen Yu rushed into the teaching building of block B. She planned to utilize the complicated terrain to block the monsters’ line of sight, giving her the chance to escape. However, they were much faster than she thought.


One monster leaped and grabbed onto her backpack, pulling her to the ground.


Zhen Yu unconsciously held onto the camera hanging on her chest when she fell. She was about to throw the camera but managed to stop herself.

It was very expensive!

The monster stretched its mouth wide open as a tongue the thickness of a leech shot over.

“It’s over, this fairy is going to die!”

Zhen Yu froze up, but a tall man suddenly rushed to her side. He held a red and gold baseball bat which he slammed into the monster’s head.


Its head exploded, and the headless corpse collapsed on Zhen Yu. The disgusting touch of the monster gave her goosebumps. 


The man roared as he went forward to welcome the other monster.

Her mind told her to run, but Zhen Yu could not take her eyes off the tall figure. She instinctively raised her phone and pressed the shutter.

Ka-sha! Ka-sha!

Time seemed to have frozen at this very moment. 

 Zhen Yu watched through the camera lens as the man swung the bat with all his strength, pelting the scary monster with blows.


There were even special effects!

Every hit that landed on the monster resulted in an explosion, blasting its flesh apart.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The monsters’ mournful cry, the bat’s impact, the explosion, and the senior’s labored breath merged as one.

Zhen Yu’s soul trembled as she got goosebumps. She felt that this was the most hot-blooded war song she had ever listened to.

Ka-sha! Ka-sha!

Zhen Yu stabilized her hands as she strove to take the perfect picture. She even twisted her body around as she searched for the best angle. 

Inspirations were surging forth within her head. 

She instantly came up with dozens of short video ideas.

“He looks so cool swinging the bat around!”

If I ever open a studio, I must have him as my assistant.

After killing the two spore monsters, Sun Yuan turned around and saw that the girl in her cute uniform and black stockings were still there. Not only did she stay, but she was also frantically taking pictures of him. 

Her face was flushed with excitement.

“Are you crazy?” Sun Yuan frowned. 

Looking at her outfit, she should be a 2D fanatic, right?

[You killed two spore monsters, + 20 points.]

“You’re the crazy one!” 

Zhen Yu retorted reflexively but held herself back when she remembered how he had just saved her. She lowered her head and admitted her mistake, “Umm, senior, thank you!”

“How do you know I’m older than you?” 

Sun Yuan was curious.

“That’s because I like none of my peers!”

Zhen Yu had a solemn expression on her face.


Sun Yuan was taken aback. Did he just get teased?

“Senior, you were so brave just now!”

Zhen Yu laughed as she crossed her right thumb and index finger, “Finger heart!”


Sun Yuan was at a loss for words.

Even though most girls looked stiff and fake when making finger hearts, this baby-faced freshman was simply too adorable.

The light blue and white sailor uniform with a loosely tied red scarf accentuated her fair neck. 

Her dimples showed when she smiled; she styled her brown dyed hair with twintails. 

It was a pity the front was as flat as a washboard.

“Aren’t you going to take the initiative to ask me for my name? How rude!”

Zhen Yu joked as she went up to a spore monster to snap a few pictures.

“Look for a place to hide. The world has been gamified!”

Sun Yuan advised as he turned to leave.

Zhen Yu chased after him, “You don’t recognize me?”

“Nangong Yu’er?”

Although Sun Yuan had no love for live streams, his dorm mates did. They even donated to their favorite streamers.

Nangong Yu’er was a game host on Shark TV, where she occasionally danced for her fans. She was also a content creator on Bilibili, uploading some creative videos.


Zhen Yu was delighted to hear the senior calling her nickname.

It seems like she was pretty famous after all.

From the looks of it, he doesn’t seem like a fan. Otherwise, he would have been more excited to meet her.

“Go, hide properly. The monsters don’t care for your popularity and beauty. Once caught, they will still implant their eggs in you.” Sun Yuan advised.

“How about you?” Zhen Yu followed Sun Yuan curiously as they left the teaching building.

This senior had no intention of escaping. He spotted a spore monster in the 1 o’clock direction and charged towards it.

“Are you kidding me? Is there a need to be that fierce?”

Zhen Yu was shocked.

When she was escaping from the football field, she caught sight of many students running away in fear and trepidation. He was the first person to approach the monster by choice.

“How cool!”

Zhen Yu muttered as she raised her Canon camera but soon furrowed her brows. She was unable to capture the senior’s face!

Despite only seeing his face a few times, she had already made an evaluation.

He was good-looking.

Just his face would give him a score of 75 out of 100. If he put on a little makeup and paid attention to his attire, even 85 was possible. 

But none of it matters! 

With only a bat in hand, he faces the monsters bravely. Even if he was slightly uglier, he would still be popular. 

Newly transformed spore monsters were just like newborns; they had low combat ability as the egg was only just implanted in them. When the host is completely taken over, the spore monsters would mature and be fully developed.

When that happens, their combat ability would be terrifying.

As such, now was a good time to farm them for points.

The female undergraduate spore monster was in hot pants with its left sandal missing; it had a good figure.

But once you notice the swollen head and green skin, you would lose your appetite.

A young spore monster had terrible eyesight. It mainly depended on its hearing and smell to hunt for prey. When it sensed Sun Yuan approaching, it immediately trotted over.

Sun Yuan was in no rush to attack.

It only took a few seconds for the distance between them to shrink to 3 meters.


The spore monster leapt.

This was the moment Sun Yuan had been waiting for. He dodged forward diagonally to his right as he swung the Explosive bat in his right hand towards the spore monster’s head. 

Since he was in combat, the Street Fighter gloves’ effects activated.

His physical ability instantly tripled.

The bat he swung accelerated noticeably.


He hits a home run on the head as it blasts apart.

[You have killed 1 spore monster, + 10 points.]

“Senior, how many of such monsters have you slain? Why do you seem accustomed to fighting it?”

Zhen Yu was shocked.

Didn’t the monsters just appear? Why did he seem familiar with their behavioral patterns? And what was that baseball bat?

“This is what it means to be gifted.”

Sun Yuan gave a perfunctory reply.

In actuality, all these were experiences he accumulated from his three years of playing Civilization Attack. All the monsters’ behavioral patterns were deeply ingrained in his mind.

“Senior, since you’re so strong, can I follow you for now?”

Zhen Yu showed a sweet smile as her snow-white fingers crossed habitually, “Finger heart!”


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