GGGCBP Chapter 4


Chapter 4: Not an admirer

Name: Sun Yuan

Age: 20 years old

Class: Nil

Points: 2,100

Items: 1 divine coin, 1 gold hero badge

Skills: None

Sexual Intercourse: 0

Sun Yuan stood in stunned silence.

What was the point of an intercourse counter?

In the mobile game, when a player has sex with someone of the opposite sex, the counter would increase by 1.

Sun Yuan did not meet any player in the game, while the system protected NPCs from sexual harassment. Hence, his counter remained 0 both in-game and reality. 

Moving down the page was the player’s attribute.

Strength: 5

Intelligence: 7

Constitution: 7

Willpower: 6

Dexterity: 8

These are the players’ main attributes. They can be raised via items.

An ordinary human’s limit is 10 points per attribute.

Strength refers to muscle density, which signifies how much force one can exert.

Intelligence consists of both IQ and the mind.

Deductive reasoning, memory, learning ability, cognition, abstract and logical thinking are all under the domain of intelligence.

Constitution not only means physical fitness, but it also consists of physical resilience and regeneration. Simply put, the higher your constitution stats, the faster your body recovers.

Dexterity refers to agility and reflexes. 

Charisma and luck were the two minor attributes besides the five major attributes.

Sun Yuan’s stats were 5 and 3, respectively. 

Charisma affects your physical appearance and attractiveness to the opposite sex, while luck refers to how lucky you are.

Previously, Sun Yuan ignored these two attributes due to their impracticality. However, who does not want to look attractive or have extreme luck in the real world?

“Sun Yuan, excluding strength and luck, all of your attributes are higher than mine!”

Zhuo Wen peeked at his screen as he continued, “Am I that much of a noob?”

“Those are your current attributes. Now that the world is gamified, they can be raised,” consoled Sun Yuan.

He knew of three ways to improve attributes.

“Sun Yuan, I have searched throughout the menu, but I can’t find how to access the store. Can you spend some points on the information?”

Zheng Chun draped an arm over Sun Yuan’s shoulders as he continued, “Since you have so many points, why don’t you think of it as a contribution to the class?”

Everyone was more or less familiar with how such games worked in this day and age. It would be much easier to defeat monsters after purchasing some equipment.

Additionally, Silver Trojan also mentioned that everything could be found in the store. Everyone was curious if there were any rare items, but no one could even find the store.

Hence, Zheng Chun’s words evoked clamorous agreement.

“Sun Yuan, why don’t you spare some help. We have such a pitiful number of points to start with. If we spend them on information, we won’t have any left to spend on equipment!” interjected Lu Wenjun.

The others sized up Sun Yuan with a look of surprise.

He was usually quiet without much presence. Who would have expected him to be so conspicuous in a time of crisis.

Many people would have died at the Othello level if not for him.

“Hands off!”

Sun Yuan shrugged off Zheng Chun’s arm as he mocked, “You call 1,000 points pitiful? A question will only cost you a few dozen at most.”


Zheng Chun was dumbfounded as he fiddled with his Rolex. He only wanted to take advantage of Sun Yuan.

“You are inept in such matters; you should leave it to the school flower1.” 

Zhao Limin held onto Shen Jingran’s arm.

“Sun Yuan, why not help a little?”

Shen Jingran placed her palms together as she pleaded with him cutely and playfully.

“Sorry, but it is simply a waste to spend my points on such things.” refused Sun Yuan. 


A tinge of surprise appeared on Shen Jingran’s melon seed face.2

To think this guy rejected her suggestion. 

As the most sought-after goddess of the foreign language faculty, she would just mention it on her WeChat3 group chat if she wanted to eat fruits. There will be admirers flocking to deliver some. 

She was that beautiful.

An easy 9 out of 10. 

Ever since middle school, she had never experienced getting rejected by guys. But today, she tasted rejection. 

To add insult to injury, it was from someone who would not even qualify as an admirer. 

How infuriating!

Her cheeks went red with embarrassment and anger.

“Hmph, you get what you deserve.”

Li Wan spat as she observed from within the crowd. Her appreciation for Sun Yuan grew. He was indeed different from the other shallow men.

“How about we approach this from another angle. Why don’t we collate the questions to be asked and split the cost afterward?”

It was no wonder that Shen Jingran was a master manipulator. She managed to adjust her emotions and took charge of the situation almost immediately. 

“Good call. We would be wasting points if we were to go about asking the same questions.”

Zheng Chun added, “It’s better to be together.”


Zhao Limin raised her hand.

Everyone thought it was a decent idea.

“Sun Yuan, do you have any questions you want to ask?”

Shen Jingran asked with a smile on her face. It was as if the person who was rejected earlier was someone else. 

It wasn’t as if she was not angry, but she was trying to entrap Sun Yuan.

He will be seen as a stingy person if he dares to answer.

“Not interested!”

Sun Yuan stuffed all his textbooks into his backpack as he stood up to leave, “Beware of the spore monsters. They have a good sense of hearing and are quick on their feet.”

The group watched on in disbelief as he left.

“He left just like that?”

Zhao Limin was puzzled, “Did he really not have any questions to ask?”

“That brat must be thinking of asking someone later. What an insidious person.”

Zheng Chun fiddled with his Rolex, staring at Zhuo Wen, “No one is to share any information, not even if he’s your best friend.” 

“He isn’t that despicable.”

“Regardless, don’t share anything.”

Zheng Chun continued unhappily, “If you don’t want to join us, then scram.”

“Based on what? Your words?”

Zhuo Wen was feeling anxious.

“Enough, stop arguing. We don’t have all day, so start collating the questions.”

Shen Jingran frowned as she thought Sun Yuan performed well, and he seemed like a smart person. Why did he not agree to her proposition?

Did he have something to rely on?

I don’t understand.


Do you know how many admirers I have, hiding under their blankets every night, waiting for a text from me?

To think I entertained the thought of letting you on my team.

Opportunity only knocks once. It’s your loss.


Due to his identity as a closed beta player, Sun Yuan knew Silver Trojan was lying.

Anyone who believed that the hour of free time should be spent leisurely would be in for a world of pain. 

When the tower of god appears in an hour, the game would be much more challenging.

Silver Trojan would definitely force the players to attempt the tower. If they want to clear the tower and survive, they must fully use the time to prepare.

Spore monsters could be seen wandering about the school courtyard. Each kill gives you 10 points.

The usual strategy would be to hunt the monsters, accumulate points, and spend them on lottery draws. This is the usual way to get yourself equipped.

As a closed beta player, Sun Yuan knew of other methods.

Some rare monsters among the group would drop equipment upon death. His goal was to hunt them for the equipment. 

But before that, he had to find a vending machine on the school roof.

Players can only access the store via vending machines, where they can attempt lottery draws.

Within the school building, every class had its survivors. When the levels ended, many students rushed out, and not many people were left.

Only some who were knocked down and trampled on were left. They were either limping towards the exit or were lying on the ground, crying for help. 

Should they call the medical emergency hotline?

The emergency line was long overloaded with calls for help.

Sun Yuan took five steps at a time as he dashed up the stairs. He took less than 3 minutes to reach the roof.

Huff! Huff!

Sun Yuan panted heavily as he tried the door. He clenched his fists in excitement when he realized the door was unlocked.


In the past, the door was always kept locked. However, students always broke the lock, either to smoke or flirt with their girlfriends. 

As time passed by, the staff could not be bothered to keep it locked anymore.

And it was to the benefit of Sun Yuan now.


As Sun Yuan pushed the door open, the rusty hinges made creaking noises.

The roof was very spacious, but the cement floor was covered with dust and littered with cigarette butts and bird droppings.

It was also wet with the pink rainwater.

Even though the rain was lighter than before, it was still pink.

A few pigeons were seeking shelter beneath the eaves but were scattered by the sound of the creaking door.

As Sun Yuan swept his gaze across the roof, he spotted the vending machine in the northwest corner.

Standing at the height of 2.5 meters, the bright red vending machine was spotless. There was no dust nor signs of vandalism. A huge LCD screen was attached to its face.

“I found it.”

Sun Yuan ran over excitedly and smacked the vending machine.

“Switch on; I’m here to buy something!”


1school flower refers to the most beautiful girl in school

2Melon seed face (瓜子脸) is a beauty standard in China, think an inverted melon seed, small face with a sharp chin

3China’s largest messaging app


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