GGGCBP Chapter 34


Chapter 34: Sun -Ip Man- Yuan

“Sun Yuan?” Xu Qingshan glanced over and perked up when he saw Sun Yuan and Zhen Yu.

He had a very good impression of this schoolmate and felt that he was someone worth befriending. Still, he furrowed his brow and called out, “Sun Yuan, run, these people are snatching mushrooms!”

Xu Qingshan didn’t want Sun Yuan to meet the same fate as him.

“What’re you doing?” Zhao Caiwei was so mad that she wanted to vomit blood. 

Do you think you can beat all these people alone?

Isn’t it better to have Sun Yuan as a helper?

“You’re going to get him in trouble,” Xu Qingshan explained. 

He felt that against the large number, having an additional Sun Yuan wouldn’t make a difference and would only be sending another freebie to the enemies. “Sun Yuan, run away!”

“Caiwei, one way or another, we will suffer a loss. There’s no need to implicate Sun Yuan.” Zhao Siyu sighed. She was racking her brain for a solution to minimize their loss.

The other two girls, Bao Qi and Wang Yu were scared out of their wits. Their lips trembled as their eyes darted around, looking for a way to escape.

Xu Jing rolled her eyes and said, “Chu Yuntao, you should go catch Sun Yuan. Besides the pig, he has a lot of honeydew mushrooms.”

“What’re you saying?” Xu Qingshan was nervous. Her actions would bring trouble to Sun Yuan.

“We’ve just caught our pig this morning and had barely gotten any mushrooms, but Sun Yuan had the pig since yesterday. Now that a whole night has passed, I’m sure that he has many mushrooms in his possession.”

Whenever Xu Jing thought back to how she had to search throughout the night for the mushrooms while they slept, she felt rage building up within her.

“Chu Yuntao, can you let m-us off since I’ve told you this secret?” Xu Jing actually wanted to say ‘me’ but was worried that she wouldn’t be welcomed by Xu Qingshan and the gang if Chu Yuntao refused her.

One should always prepare an escape route.

“Y-you’re biting the hand that feeds you!” 

Xu Qingshan raised his hand in anger and was on the verge of hitting Xu Jing, but he froze as he couldn’t do something shameless like hitting a woman.

What made him even more anxious was that Sun Yuan had brought Zhen Yu over.

“You know them?” Li Minglu glanced over at Sun Yuan as he bantered, “I knew it. How can there be so many people smart enough to figure out the pig’s ability? Did you give them the information?”

“Y-you guys are together?” Xu Jing shivered in fear when she saw how Li Minglu put on a pleasant attitude as he chatted with Sun Yuan.


I think I did something stupid!

“He’s called Xu Qingshan, a decent guy!” Sun Yuan smiled, “How about you rob someone else?”

Chu Yuntao and the gang were often embroiled in a brawl and understood that Sun Yuan was intervening. They instantly got vigilant as they stared, ready to retaliate if Sun Yuan attacked.

Zhao Siyu was flabbergasted that Sun Yuan alone was intimidating the thirty over people in Li Minglu’s group and was even taking charge of the situation.

What’s going on?

Could it be that Sun Yuan was exceptionally good at fighting?

Was he an expert like Ip Man who could fight 1v10?

“Don’t push your luck, Sun Yuan. You’re taking us for pushovers because we’re not bothering you, is that it?” Chu Yuntao was in a bad mood.

“You guys are friends?” Li Minglu asked curiously as he evaluated Xu Qingshan. What did Sun Yuan see in this guy?

“Nope!” Sun Yuan shook his head.

“Then why are you interrupting us?” Liao Wei was confused. His gaze landed on Zhao Siyu as he continued, “She isn’t as pretty as Zhen Yu either unless she’s your type?”

Indeed, Zhen Yu was too lively. She was the extroverted girlfriend with whom one could enjoy a good meal and joke around. Zhao Siyu, on the other hand, was a traditional feminine girl. She was dainty and weak-looking and would bawl her eyes out if she was hit.

“Maybe he likes men instead!” Li Lei joked and laughed but realized no one else was laughing with him.

This made him awkward.

Li Minglu observed the serious expression on his men’s faces out of the corner of his eyes and sighed internally. They seemed to still be scared from how Sun Yuan managed to beat them all and claimed their equipment as his own.

That’s a normal reaction!

One had his arm broken while the other was still in a coma as a result of the Explosive bat’s impact on his body. It was unlikely for them to survive through the subsequent games.

It was also the biggest factor on why they weren’t willing to offend Sun Yuan. 

They might be able to kill Sun Yuan if they fought, but what would they do if they suffered a severe injury or maybe even crippled?

Are they supposed to wait for death?

“Sun Yuan, since everyone had chosen me to be the leader, I’m responsible for their wellbeing.” Li Minglu rolled up his sleeves to reveal the hidden blade attached to his arm, “What should we do when we’re short of nine honeydew mushrooms?”

His actions served to gain his men’s trust and cement his position as the leader.

“Qingshan, how many honeydew mushrooms have you guys gathered?” Sun Yuan asked.

“18!” Xu Qingshan replied without hesitation.


Chu Yuntao and the gang were filled with desires as their eyes rounded.

“You idiot!”

Xu Jing wanted to clobber Xu Qingshan on the head. Why did you answer honestly? Can’t you lower the amount?

“Hoo, your luck is pretty good!” Li Minglu said sarcastically.

“It’s thanks to the pig!” Xu Qingshan didn’t think himself capable.

The pig, however, was caught by the experienced Xu Qingshan, who had done so multiple times when he accompanied his grandfather to hunt in the forest.

“Since you’ve enough mushrooms, why not give them the pig?” Sun Yuan suggested.

“Sure.” Xu Qingshan was okay with that.

“What do you think?” Sun Yuan asked Li Minglu.

“Wouldn’t we suffer if we couldn’t find any mushrooms?” Li Minglu then suggested, “Why not throw in the big-nosed girl’s mushrooms since she betrayed you?”

“Huh?” Xu Jing, who didn’t think she would be so unlucky, cried out, “I-I’m sorry, Sun Yuan, it was just a slip of the tongue.”

Sun Yuan paid her no heed.

“Qingshan, say something!” Xu Jing pleaded.

“I don’t have a friend like you!” Xu Qingshan refused. He had wanted to split up with Xu Jing yesterday but was softhearted and persuaded otherwise when Zhao Siyu said she would likely die if left alone.

Hence, they brought Xu Jing along.

“Siyu, help me!” Xu Jing held onto Zhao Siyu’s arms, “We’ve been roommates for four years. Are you going to hang me out to dry?”

“It’s Sun Yuan who you should be begging!” Zhao Siyu sighed in her heart.

You only thought of surviving the disaster by pushing it onto someone else, yet failed to consider how Sun Yuan had managed to find the mushrooms early in the game. How amazing was that?

So long as Li Minglu and Chu Yuntao weren’t dumb, they would not easily slight Sun Yuan.

The game has barely begun, and you’ve already set yourself up against someone with high potential. How dumb can you get?

“I was wrong, Sun Yuan. You’re a bigger person than I ever will be, so can you please give me another chance?” Xu Jing smiled apologetically.

“I’ll take everyone with me except her, and I’ll give you the pig; what do you think?” Sun Yuan paid her no heed as he negotiated.

“Sure!” Li Minglu was actually dissatisfied with the result of their negotiation. With a numerical advantage, it stands to reason that they should be claiming all the mushrooms and everything else of use to them. Unfortunately, Sun Yuan was too big a variable for him to take a gamble upon.

“Don’t do this to me, Sun Yuan…” Xu Jing was absolutely horrified. Why am I the only one to be treated as such?

She almost peed her pants when she saw Sun Yuan gesture toward the others for them to leave and reacted quickly by slapping herself across the face.

Piak! Piak! Piak!

“Sun Yuan, I’ll apologize to you, so please don’t leave me behind, okay?” 

Bao Qi and Wang Yu paled with fear as they listened to the crisp sound of Xu Jing’s slap.

“Let’s go,” Sun Yuan urged the rest of them to leave.

“Thank you!” A sincere smile could be seen on Xu Qingshan’s face. “We would have been doomed if it wasn’t for you.”

“We can talk later; we need to leave now,” Zhao Siyu urged Xu Qingshan as she shot a glance over at Xu Jing.


You reap what you sow.

He Ming had limped over with a tree branch as a walking stick and witnessed the entirety of the situation. He was utterly flabbergasted.

What the hell?

Why are they giving Sun Yuan so much face?

To think they let him bring so many people away with him.

What happened to your crossbow, Li Minglu? Did it rot? Weren’t you very fierce when you shot me with it just now?

Shoot him!

What are you scared of when there are so many of you?

Surround him, gang up on him, trash him!

He Ming trembled with rage.

When will society ever get better? What is the correct way for scrubs like me to survive? Tears rolled down his cheeks. This game only knows how to oppress scrubs; when will we be able to live with our heads held high?

“Lei’zi go bring the honeydew mushrooms over,” Li Minglu ordered.

He didn’t want to touch Xu Jing as he found her ugly.

Xu Jing turned and ran, but how was a weak and untrained girl like her supposed to outrun a man?

Li Lei quickly caught up to her and stomped down on her back.


Xu Jing was sent sprawling onto the ground.

Li Lei would have been gentler if he was dealing with a beauty like Zhen Yu or Zhao Siyu but against someone ugly like her?

Just die!

Li Lei did not hold back his strength at all.

“I was wrong, Sun Yuan! Save me, please!” shouted Xu Jing.

Bao Qi and Wang Yu held hands as they walked with trembling legs; they were too afraid to even look backwards.

Bao Qi only looked back when ten minutes had passed.

“They didn’t chase after us!” Bao Qi patted her chest in relief, looking like she had just survived a disaster.

“What are you talking about? How would they dare to chase us with Sun Yuan here?” Wang Yu glared at her good friend. Please keep your mouth shut if you’re going to spout nonsense; what are you going to do if you annoy Sun Yuan?

“It’s all thanks to you!” Xu Qingshan thanked Sun Yuan, embarrassed. “I owe you another favor now.”

“Thank you!” Zhao Siyu thanked him. Her gentle temperament was very lovable. 

“You’re welcome; it wasn’t anything much.” Sun Yuan casually waved them off. “Where’re you guys going now?”

Zhao Siyu was filled with mixed feelings when she heard Sun Yuan’s reply.

It might be nothing to you, but you just saved our lives.

She had already readied her heart for them to be robbed, but Sun Yuan swooped in and effortlessly solved the issue with a few words.

She subconsciously looked at Zhen Yu; this girl was lucky to be able to follow Sun Yuan.

“We plan to go to the teleportation array; why not come with us?” Xu Qingshan invited both Sun Yuan and Zhen Yu along.

“Sounds good!” Sun Yuan was heading in that direction as well.

As noon approached, more and more players gathered near the teleportation array.

There were players who had completed the mission and wanted to proceed to the second floor. There were also malicious players who hadn’t collected sufficient honeydew mushrooms and wanted to rob others of their mushrooms.

No one was willing to die after all.

As it wasn’t easy to be a lone wolf, many players had gathered in groups, forming temporary teams.

Sun Yuan’s group of two boys and five girls looked weak and easily bullied and quickly caught the eye of a seven men group.


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