GGGCBP Chapter 32


Chapter 32: Sun Yuan’s Violent Show

Silver Trojan immediately spied on the channel when it saw a system announcement that Sun Yuan had been rewarded by a divine being.

Righteous Dark Demonic God and Noble Saintess were currently arguing in the chat.

[When was Sun Yuan shameless?]

Although Noble Saintess found Sun Yuan lacking in kindness, he was definitely not shameless.

[When he said, ‘Are you snatching his mushrooms or not? I’ll even help’, which induced the fight between Cui Xueren and Zhou Kai. Was he not shameless? He even profited from it.]

Righteous Dark Demonic God sent a sneering emoji.

[Regardless of his reasons, a murder is a murder.]

[They would have fought without his instigation.]

Extravagant Little Princess interjected. [But they wouldn’t have fought in his presence!]

Righteous Dark Demonic God sent another sneering emoji: [That’s what I appreciate about him. With a few words, he managed to benefit as the fisherman when the snipe and the clam fought.]

[A black-hearted person will view everything as black!] Noble Saintess scorned.

[Hey, it can’t be that you’re still trying to observe the brilliance of human nature in a survival game where the players risked their life, right Saintess? Not even the little girls nowadays are as naïve as you.] Righteous Dark Demonic God ridiculed.

[How can you endure when it insulted you like that Saintess? Quick, scold it.] 

Extravagant Little Princess enjoyed the chaos and instigated the two of them.

[Let me make a fair judgment. I didn’t witness any shamelessness, but I did observe players with the potential to be a profiteer.] A divine being with the nickname of ‘Full of Gold’ commented.

[Three mushrooms for 3,100 points, how ruthless, but I like it!] Full of gold commented and casually donated one divine coin.


Silver Trojan was very happy with the divine being’s donations because it would elevate its channel’s popularity.

[What’s the use in earning points? I like to watch slaughters. Hehe, Saintess, I’ve just found a ‘butcher’ who likes to kill people. Do you want to watch his butchering?] 

Righteous Dark Demonic God targeted Saintess because it knew this divine being detested acts of evil the most.

[Noble Saintess has left the channel.]

Silver Trojan noted that Righteous Dark Demonic God left the channel soon after it had driven Noble Saintess away. It had gone off in search of a bloody and exciting stream.

These divine beings had their likes and dislikes. During the game’s early stages, there had yet to appear a player with a strong and unique personality. Hence, the divine beings are hopping in and out of the various channels to have a look.

“You must be my ace, Sun Yuan!”

Silver Trojan was looking forward to it.


[You have a new reward notification, please check it as soon as possible!]

Sun Yuan’s eyebrow twitched and quickly brought up his game panel.

The divine being was called Full of gold; what a weird name.

Zhen Yu pushed her face towards the screen and saw that it was another reward from a divine being. She counted and was envious of the 3 divine coins in Sun Yuan’s possession.

“Are the divine beings blind? Why is none of them rewarding this beautiful fairy with a divine coin when I’ve been chatting non-stop?” 

Zhen Yu was depressed.

Why was the difference between them so great when they were all players?

“Don’t worry; you’ll definitely be rewarded if you work hard enough,” Sun Yuan comforted.

“I’ll be dead by then.”

Zhen Yu pouted but understood from experience that such things couldn’t be sought.

They chatted as they followed the map towards the teleportation array.

As a closed-beta player, Sun Yuan did not actually need a map to guide him to the array.

The morning mist dissipated, and the sun brought forth a wave of warmth as it shone upon the primeval mushroom forest.

It was a sunny day.

By the time it was 10 am, the two of them were only 5 miles away from the teleportation array. They could make the distance in 10 minutes if they ran.

“Keep your guard up; there might be an ambush!” Sun Yuan reminded her.

Advancing a few hundred meters, their cautiousness paid off when two male students charged out from behind a huge mushroom to block their path.


Zhen Yu immediately drew her Angry slingshot and loaded a bird projectile, ready to fight.

She had encountered countless PKs in video games, but those were merely games; her character would just revive. 

This was reality, and she only had one life. 

Sun Yuan turned back, and a burly student came out from his hiding spot. “You guys wouldn’t be able to escape.”

“It’s a pincer attack.” 

Zhen Yu was taken aback. The three were obviously prepared, and their hands might have already been stained with human blood.

“The three of you intend to rob our mushrooms?” Sun Yuan asked.

“I won’t beat around the bush. Hand your mushrooms over, and we’ll let you go.” Zhang Yong held a wooden stick and said with a stern expression, “Otherwise, we’ll beat you to death!”

“Bring it on!” Sun Yuan replied.

Finding the Wave spear challenging to wield due to its length, he threw it to Zhen Yu and drew the Explosive bat peeking out from his backpack.

“Zhang Yong, this guy doesn’t seem easy to deal with!” Yu Hailong, who appeared on Sun Yuan’s rear, shouted when he found the situation unfavorable.

The prey was too calm for someone caught in an ambush.

It was a 3v2. If they removed the girl from the calculation, a 3v1, but not even a shred of fear could be seen on their prey’s face.

Something is wrong.

He either has something to rely on, or he’s a fool.

“Do we have a choice? We must attack even if they aren’t easy to deal with.”

Sun Jie spoke and charged toward Sun Yuan.

They had already discussed beforehand that the mushrooms would belong to whoever worked the hardest.

“Zhen Yu, Run!”

Sun Yuan ordered as he welcomed Sun Jie.

Although Sun Jie had an average height, it was apparent from his muscular arm that he had built up his strength from playing basketball.

As their bodies neared, Sun Jie, who had been staring at the bat in Sun Yuan’s hand, suddenly swayed his body rapidly before Sun Yuan could even brandish the bat. He wanted to avoid giving Sun Yuan an easy target to swing his bat.

His footwork and eyesight resulted from his many years in street basketball.

“I would’ve easily gotten past you with a between-the-leg dribble if we were on the court!” 

Sun Jie suddenly brandished the wooden stick in his hand toward Sun Yuan’s head.

Fast! Accurate! Ruthless!

It’s fine if I don’t act, but I’ll take your life in a single hit once I do.

Any other person would have been flustered by Sun Jie’s aura and actions but not Sun Yuan. He had 10 dexterity and a tripling bonus from the Street Fighter gloves.

Even though Sun Yuan acted later, his explosive power was shocking. His explosive bat struck Sun Jie’s wooden stick like a meteorite. 


Sun Jie only felt a surge of strength gushing towards him before the wooden stick was struck out of his hands. The baseball bat flew towards him unabated as it darkened his vision and hit him on the head.


Sun Jie’s head exploded in a shower of blood and flesh.

Zhang Yong, who was three meters behind Sun Jie, went soft in the legs and instantly broke out in cold sweat; he instinctively turned tail and ran.

This guy was too brutal. 

“Why are you running away? Yu Hailong scolded.

If it was a 2v1, he would still have the courage to fight for his life, but now that it was a 1v1, he stood no chance against Sun Yuan alone.

Should I capture and threaten him with the girl?

Yu Hailong’s line of sight landed on Zhen Yu.

At this very moment, Sun Yuan covered 7 meters and reached Zhang Yong with two strides; he then swung that bat towards Yu Hailong’s back.


The explosive and burn effects were triggered on his body.


Zhang Yong fell face down as he screamed in agony.

Lifting his foot, Sun Yuan kicked Zhang Yong in the face with his 361° shoes. Blood dripped from his broken nose, and his screams were cut short in his throat.


Initially intending to capture Zhen Yu, Yu Hailong shrank back at the scene and ran for his life.

He couldn’t win!

That guy was too strong.

The three of them had previously surrounded and killed two guys, snatching one mushroom. Who would have known that they would be decimated on their third attempt?

Zhen Yu, who had her Angry slingshot trained on Yu Hailong, withheld her shot when she saw that he wanted to run.

Players like him were trash who wasn’t worth spending the 10 points bird projectile on.

Sun Yuan sprinted at full speed and covered over 40 meters in 3 seconds to appear behind Yu Hailong.


The baseball bat struck out.

“How did he catch up so quickly?” Yu Hailong was dumbfounded. Despite not looking back, he was sensitive to his surroundings from his years of basketball experience.

The sound of the wind signified an approaching body.

“I can’t escape!” In such a desperate situation, Yu Hailong was astonishingly calm and twisted his waist as he swung the wooden stick toward his back.

“Senior, watch out!” Zhen Yu was anxious. The opponent was very cunning and launched a sudden counterattack such that Sun Yuan was charging headfirst into it.

But Sun Yuan didn’t panic in the slightest. Pushing down with the tip of his toes, he leaped over Yu Hailong.


Sun Yuan landed and was carried forward two steps by his momentum before he managed to stop himself. He then pointed at Yu Hailong with the baseball bat, “You guys wouldn’t be able to escape!”

He had returned Yu Hailong’s proclamation word for word.

“Brother, I was blind to not have realized your capability. Can you please let me off?” Yu Hailong pleaded.

He killed Sun Jie and wounded Zhang Yong in quick succession. What can I even do?

“Would you have let me go if I couldn’t beat the three of you?” Sun Yuan responded. 

“We only want the mushrooms and wouldn’t kill anyone!” Yu Hailong argued.

“How was it possible to control your strength when you’re fighting for your life in snatching these mushrooms? Those you let live after you rob will still die when the game ends at noon.” Sun Yuan looked intently at Yu Hailong, “You should have been prepared to die when you decided to rob people of their mushrooms.”

Seeing that his pleas were falling on deaf ears, Yu Hailong pounced over at Sun Yuan.

“F*cking hell!”

I’ll fight you to the death!

Unfortunately, it was all for naught.

One swing from Sun Yuan and Yu Hailong was writhing on the ground.

“Your body is too powerful, senior; you’re such a beast!” Zhen Yu came over and poked Sun Yuan’s arm.

“Search them and check if there’s anything of value,” Sun Yuan ordered.

He needed to earn more points to strengthen his body with attribute stones.

Who knows, he might one day attain a body that can survive even a nuclear explosion.

“Got it!” Zhen Yu raised her eyebrows as she laughed and searched the bodies for valuables. Looting the enemy was her favorite part of video games.

He Ming, who witnessed Sun Yuan’s battle while hiding in a bush, was frightened like a quail with his neck shrunk down.

This guy was ridiculously strong!

It was no wonder that Chu Yuntao’s group did not dare to offend him.

He Ming only came over when he heard the noise of battle and wanted to see if he could take advantage of the situation; the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

He didn’t think he would be treated to Sun Yuan’s absolute dominance.

He can’t be offended! He can’t be offended!

Just as He Ming prepared to leave, a crossbow bolt struck him in the thigh.


He cried out in pain.

“Someone’s here!” Zhen Yu shouted like a frightened rabbit as she ran towards Sun Yuan.

She only felt safe when she was by senior’s side.


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