GGGCBP Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Divine being

“There is no such thing as a free lunch. You need to purchase information with points.” 

Silver Trojan continued, “However, owing to your stellar performance, I’ll answer your question for free. One divine coin is worth 10,000 points.”


Gasps could be heard throughout the room as everyone looked towards Sun Yuan, green with envy.   

Even though everyone was clueless regarding a divine coin’s worth, it must be huge if it exceeds 10,000 points.

It’s a hefty amount if you think of it as 10,000 yuan.

And what is this divine being?

It sounds unfathomable. 

Shen Jingran curled her lips in disappointment. If only she had mustered her courage to share a hint with everyone, she would be receiving the divine coin instead. How regretful. 

“That much?” 

Sun Yuan was delighted.

If the items in this game were priced the same as the mobile game, 10,000 points would be a huge fortune. He would be able to afford three pieces of novice equipment, greatly enhancing his survivability. 

What a great start to the game.

“I don’t recommend exchanging it for points,” advised Silver Trojan. “Divine coins can only be bestowed by divine beings. On the other hand, you can accumulate points by completing quests and killing monsters. Furthermore, some equipment only accepts divine coins.”

Sun Yuan immediately calmed down.

Yes. It made sense for divine coins to be scarce since they were not present in the mobile game. 

“What is a divine being?” asked Sun Yuan.

“Please purchase the information.”

“How am I supposed to show my gratitude for the bestowment then?”

 “You don’t!”

Silver Trojan replied coldly as it scanned the channel. It seems like the Noble Saintess had already left. 


It seems like the channel is still not popular enough to attract the attention of divine beings. 

Was it because of the way it streamed?

Regardless, for the channel to receive a bestowment proved that its effort was not in vain. 

As players receive bestowments, the channel’s popularity rises. When the channel is popular enough to rank in the top 100, it will appear on the home page.

By then, the whole of Star League would be aware of this channel.

“How I wish to be a big streamer, appearing on the home page!” thought Silver Trojan as it looked towards Sun yuan with hope.

It was still undecided if Sun Yuan was going to be his ace. Best to keep him under observation.

“Can we leave the classroom now?” asked Shen Jingran.

“Hold on, it is time to give out your rewards!”

Silver Trojan evaluated every player’s performance, “For clearing the beginner stage, every player will receive 1,000 points. For his excellent performance, Sun Yuan will receive an additional 1,000 points and a free lottery draw. You also embodied humanity’s wisdom and courage during the Othello level allowing every player to pass successfully. For that, you are awarded a gold hero badge. Don’t bother asking me what it does. If you want information, exchange it with your points!”


Sun Yuan not only received twice as many points, but he also got a free lottery draw and a gold hero badge. Everyone was drooling as they listened on.

Sun Yuan gave a small chuckle.

He had no need for information. As a closed beta player, he already knew everything about the game.

Apologies, but that is the perk of being a closed beta player. 

His inventory showed 2,000 points, one divine coin, and one gold hero badge.

The badge is a special currency used for buying special items. At the same time, it also showcases the player’s ability.

In Civilization Attack, there is something known as the tower of god. It spawns monsters and bosses like in MMORPGs. 

If the players cannot clear the tower within the stipulated time, monsters would break free and wreak havoc upon the outside world.

Some towers have special entrance requirements, such as possessing a certain amount of gold hero badges. 

“The game is absolutely fair. Even if you have any objections, you should keep it to yourself and follow the rules. The game has the final say after all.”

Silver Trojan solemnly exhorted, “You will have an hour of free time. You can choose to drop by the store and buy some entertainment products if you want. A tower of god will open afterwards.”

Naturally, with Silver Trojan’s deviousness, the tower of god was not explained.

It will only be interesting when the players attempt the tower blindly. That way, divine beings might feel inclined to watch.

Shen Jingran ridiculed, “Fair? How is it fair when those outside the room are exempted from this game?”

She would have skipped class today if she knew what would happen.

Everyone had an indignant look on their faces as they heard what she said.

“Even an idiot can tell there is something wrong with this rain, right?”

Silver Trojan asked mockingly, “Or are your brains smaller than a walnut?”

Everyone moved towards the window as they looked out over the school courtyard.

Some students found the pink rain romantic as they frantically took selfies and shared them in their chat groups. 

She Jingran was filled with resentment, “Where is the so-called fairness? Why do we have to participate in this survival game when they do not?” 

“Continue watching!”

Silver Trojan was too lazy to explain.

Under the banyan tree was a girl posing in the rain.

Her body suddenly started twisting around as her head began to swell. Her eyes looked as though they were going to burst while her body started turning green.


The girls went pale as they shrieked

“Mon… Monster?”

Lu Wenjun’s lips trembled, feeling thankful for not going out for a selfie.

Sun Yuan had already made peace with his current situation. According to the mobile game, Earth was invaded by a spore species after the world was gamified.

The pink rain was a result of the spore contamination.

Acting as a carrier, they infect via contact. The young, weak, and old were more easily infected. Once infected, they would transform into spore monsters and attack humans.

The player’s mission was to survive in this monster-infested world and aim to defeat the spore mother to end the invasion. 

The girl’s boyfriend, who was taking photos, turned tail and ran.

After turning into a spore monster, her speed and explosive power were significantly boosted as she chased after her boyfriend. When she was three to five meters away, she suddenly leaped towards him.


The boyfriend was knocked onto the floor. He struggled as he slapped, punched, and pushed, but to no avail.  

She hugged him tightly as she opened her mouth, revealing her foot-long tongue as it forced its way into his mouth.

“What… What is she trying to do?”

Zheng Chun felt his body go cold.

Silver Trojan did not answer, but Sun Yuan knew.

This was how the spore monster laid their eggs. They secrete their eggs through a tube in their tongue into their prey’s body.

Similar to how a zombie spread its infection via a bite, the spore monsters transformed other humans via their eggs. 

When she was done laying eggs, she released her boyfriend and left to hunt her next prey. The boyfriend clutched his throat in pain as he gave off an inhuman growl.

After a while, the transformation began as he showed the same symptoms as before. His head swelled, and green appeared throughout his body, turning him into a spore monster.

“During your hour of free time, stay clear of the spore monster. They will not attack you if you stay away from them. Do savor your last moment of comfort!” 

Silver Trojan announced excitedly, “With the destruction of the old world, a new world arises. Best of luck, my players!”

It then addressed Sun Yuan, “I’m optimistic about you, perform well. Don’t die in this novice area.”

It hoped Sun Yuan would continue to excel, earn Noble Saintess’s favor, and receive more bestowment.

“Don’t leave!”

When Shen Jingran saw that Silver Trojan was about to leave, she shouted, “Can the world return to how it was before?” 

“You will be granted a wish by the game committee when you clear the game. You can wish for anything and everything!”

Silver Trojan then disappeared in a flash of crackling arcs.

Everyone was depressed. Reaching the end felt impossible.

Sun Yuan accessed his phone and found Civilization Attack installed but was unable to launch the game. It matters not as he already knew everything like the back of his hand.

It was the game he played and liked the most.

He had the confidence to clear the game a second time.

“Is this the end of the world?”

Lu Wenjun leaned against the window as she observed the spore monsters in the courtyard. Her legs were trembling in fear.

“Just like how we can easily crush an ant, the advanced alien civilization can easily crush us. We don’t have a choice but to struggle for survival.”

Shen Jingran opened her game menu, “Besides, it isn’t that bad. Just think of it as playing another video game.”

If you can’t resist, just accept it. 

She decided to clear the game and save the world, becoming its savior.

Lu Wenjun mocked, “This is not a game; you can’t resurrect when you die!”

“Then don’t die.”

Shen Jingran was confident. She was delighted when she scanned through her status page, “With an intelligence of 9, I should be the smartest in class, right?” 

No one was in the mood to reply as they opened their game menu.

A few cautious students even hid in a corner, not wanting the others to see their status.

Sun Yuan finally had the time to check his own status.

The screen layout evoked a sense of familiarity. 

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