GGGCBP Chapter 26


Chapter 26: The Stingy Little Princess

“Another reward from a divine being?”

Sun Yuan was elated and quickly brought up his game menu. He noted the +1 on the envelope icon in the top right corner. 

It symbolized a new message.

He immediately tapped and opened it.

[The Extravagant Little Princess appreciates your wisdom and rewards you with a portion of dog food, looking forward to your future performance.]

“What the hell is this dog food?”

Sun Yuan frowned.

Wasn’t this like the worthless free gifts on Shark TV? It was given to everyone who registered an account with them. 

What about the Noble Saintess?

Are you not watching my stream?

Or are you unhappy with my performance?

He was lost in thought.

Based on the divine being’s name, the Noble Saintess had an 80% of being a sympathetic lady. Her previous reward was because he saved his classmates’ lives during the novice games.

This meant that he had to do something similar to receive a reward from her.

Saving others was fine if it was something he could easily achieve. However, he wouldn’t actively seek out people to save. Wouldn’t he be losing out if he ended up risking his life?

It was hard to be a good person in today’s world. One could even be deceived when helping an elderly up from the ground.

Forget it!

I’ll let nature take its course!

He continued picking mushrooms with Zhen Yu while they looked for Cui Xueren.

Silver Trojan was merely one of the many game managers overseeing Civilization Attack.

It was currently responsible for the eastern division of the Gu Cheng city game area.

There were 23 games of tower attacks being held concurrently. It had to garner the attention of the divine beings to increase its channel viewership.  It had to choose the most exciting moments to stream to the audience. 

While it was busy working away, a reward notification rang out. It got excited and hurriedly checked to whom it was for.

It was Sun Yuan!

He was the one who had a decent performance previously.

Silver Trojan immediately paid attention to the chat.

[This player is pretty good. He’s already selling the mushrooms for points while the rest are still searching for them. It’s a pity he isn’t ruthless enough. I would have emptied their pockets!]

The extravagant little princess commented on how Sun Yuan was too soft-hearted.

[He shouldn’t have charged them for the mushrooms. He should be helping the other players by giving them the mushrooms for free. That’s what a hero does.]

The Noble Saintess appraised.

[Tsk, get lost, you virgin b*tch. I enjoy watching a seemingly kind but secretly cunning man dominating the games.]

The extravagant little princess was arrogant and short-tempered. She was a known keyboard warrior on the broadcast network of the Star League.

Noble Saintess left the channel. 

“Why did you leave? Come back!”

Silver Trojan was driven mad with anger.

It could tell that the extravagant little princess was a cheapskate when dog food was donated. It was a free gift; it wasn’t worth anything. On the other hand, Noble Saintess gave a divine coin.

How could it endure when the big spender left?

Silver Trojan could only swallow its anger. As a small streamer, it didn’t dare to ban the chat.


The extravagant little princess felt satisfied when she got the other divine being to leave. She casually rewarded Sun Yuan with another dog food and left a word of encouragement.

[Good work Sun Yuan, keep it up! I’ll reward you with a divine coin next time!]

Of course, Sun Yuan was unable to see the chat.

With its authority as a game manager, Silver Trojan looked back on Sun Yuan’s performance via the game system. It was flabbergasted with what it saw.

How was he so outstanding?

He actually managed to decipher the key point of ‘the mushroom picking little red riding hood’ game and found the little fragrant pig. 

What’s even more impressive is that he was already earning points.


This kid had the potential to be his ace!

But wait!

I shouldn’t get too excited yet; I should continue to observe him.

Despite thinking so, Silver Trojan raised the importance of Gu Cheng’s tower attack. It now stood among the top three on its channel.

Every trojan, who were also the game managers, had their own channel. They also had several smaller channels broadcasting the players’ progress of the tower attack.

It was basically one big survival show.

Whoever performed well and had the potential to garner the divine beings’ attention would be pushed up the rankings by the trojans, giving them more screen time.

This was because the trojans wanted to raise their channels’ popularity to become the top streamer in the Star League.

It suddenly received a reward notification while observing Sun Yuan.

[Crimson Queen has rewarded player Jin Baixue with a divine coin!]


Silver Trojan was pleased. Just as it was about to check how outstanding the female player was, it saw that Noble Saintess came back.

[Noble Saintess enters the channel.]

Silver Trojan was delighted. This divine being must have gone around but failed to find any player worth rewarding. Hence, she came back for Sun Yuan.

Sun Yuan’s performance was indeed remarkable.

“Great, I’ve got two portions of dog food now. What’s the point of this?”

Sun Yuan chose to forget about it. It didn’t warrant him spending points to check its usage. There must be someone with the information as the game progresses. He’ll keep an ear out until then.

Explosions rang out constantly within the mushroom forest.

Sun Yuan wasn’t afraid he couldn’t find Cui Xueren. By following the explosions to their source, he would be able to find students who needed the mushrooms.

Some of them acted friendly and asked if he had found any mushrooms, while others stayed alert as they were worried about getting robbed. 

It was evident that order was gradually collapsing as some players started to use any means necessary to obtain honeydew mushrooms. Chu Yuntao and his group were prime examples.

“Senior, there’s a pheasant!”

Zhen Yu suddenly exclaimed in a low voice and tugged Sun Yuan as she pointed in the 3 o’clock direction.

“I see it.”

He pulled out the Hunting Boomerang from his waist and threw it out.


Flap! Flap! 

The alert pheasant fluttered its wings to fly away to no avail. The Hunting Boomerang had absolute accuracy on its return swing. It missed when it was thrown but managed to hit the pheasant on its way back.

“I once again thank Chu Yuntao for the freebie!”

Sun Yuan laughed out loud.

They would likely be having wild fruits and berries for dinner if it wasn’t for this equipment. 

There was nothing he could do about his unskillfulness at hunting in the wilderness.

The sky darkened as the duo hunted for dinner while picking mushrooms.

It was evening when Sun Yuan finally found Cui Xueren.

He led the volunteer group in search of the mushrooms.

“Make sure you look carefully; you’re not to miss any mushroom!”

Cui Xueren ordered.

“Good evening, Cui Xueren!”

Sun Yuan greeted him.

“Who are you? Where are your manners?”

Cui Xueren scolded; he hated disrespectful students the most.

“Why don’t we step to the side for a chat?”

Sun Yuan glanced at the volunteer group, “I’ve some top-secret information; are you interested?”

Cui Xueren pondered but was unable to guess what he was plotting.

“Set your heart at ease. I won’t harm you!” Sun Yuan said with a wink.

Cui Xueren agreed after some consideration. As a fully grown adult, he had nothing to fear against the student. He then walked over to Sun Yuan.


Initially crossing his arms to intimidate Sun Yuan, Cui Xueren realized that he had to look up at Sun Yuan due to his height.

This soured his mood. As an authoritative university figure, he usually sat drinking tea while the other party reported to him on their feet. 

“I’ve got 300 honeydew mushrooms. Are you interested?”

Sun Yuan got straight to the point.

Hearing this, Cui Xueren’s eyes lit up before he frowned and scolded.

“You should provide the honeydew mushrooms for free if you still think of yourself as a member of Gu Cheng university. Instead of thinking how you can benefit from the situation…”

“Stop, stop, stop, save your words. Just tell me if you’re buying or not!”

Sun Yuan was irritated.

“Student, with your attitude, you’ll definitely suffer a loss when you enter society!”

Cui Xueren mocked.

“Cui Xueren, do you think we’re dumb? Obviously, you’re trying to obtain the mushrooms for free!”

Zhen Yu sneered, “Enough of your high-sounding words; we aren’t falling for it!”

He wanted to continue his facade but gave up because he realized that the two of them were different from the other students. “How much?”

“10,000 points each.”

Sun Yuan named his price.


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