GGGCBP Chapter 25


Chapter 25: My Senior Is Too Outstanding

“You can only get three honeydew mushrooms with 3,000 points.”

Sun Yuan quoted his price.

“Make it six, or the deal is off!”

Li Minglu bargained.

“Three, take it or leave it. I can always sell my mushrooms elsewhere.”

Sun Yuan persisted.

“Scram, you can sell to whoever wants to buy. This young master isn’t buying any.”

Chu Yuntao lost his patience and butted in.


He Ming, who was watching from the side, was speechless and resentful.

Where was the craze look you had when you robbed me of my mushroom just now?

Why aren’t you robbing him?

You think I’m easy to bully, is that it?

“Whatever, it’s not like there’s a shortage of buyers! The honeydew mushrooms are a scarce commodity after all.”

Sun Yuan shrugged his shoulders, “Oh right, vice department head Cui Xueren of the youth league committee cheated plenty of students of their points. He must have collected at least twenty or thirty thousand points. I doubt he’ll mind spending 10,000 points for a honeydew mushroom!”

He turned to leave after he said his piece.

“Hold on!”

Li Minglu shouted, “Since you’re willing to sell these mushrooms, it means that neither you nor the chick needs them anymore. In that case, can’t you lower the price a little?”

“Young master Li, did you also bargain when you bought your sports car? My impression of you is dropping as time goes by!”

Zhen Yu egged on.

“If it wasn’t for the difference in value between points and cash, I wouldn’t mind giving you a million!”

Li Minglu was also helpless.

Points were an absolute currency; it was much more valuable than the yuan.

“This is my final offer. Three honeydew mushrooms for 3,000 points, take it or leave it.”

Sun Yuan brandished his baseball bat.

It was to deter them from having any thoughts of attacking him.

“Forget it. There’s plenty of time left; we’ll just search on our own!”

Li Lei spat out a mouthful of thick phlegm.

“As you wish! Zhen Yu, let’s go.”

Sun Yuan called out.

“Wait, don’t leave. We’re buying!”

Li Minglu compromised.

“Lu’zi, forget it. We’ll just rob others if we can’t find any!”

Chu Yuntao was unable to put down his grievance with Sun Yuan. 

“Trust me on this!”

Li Minglu got serious, “Come on, pass me all your points.”

With his prestige in the group, he quickly gathered all their points and walked toward Sun Yuan.

Initially worried he would be cheated and wanted to inspect the goods, he was caught off-guard when Sun Yuan threw three honeydew mushrooms over. 

It changed the way he viewed Sun Yuan. 

“This junior sure is courageous!”

Li Minglu laughed, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll abscond with the goods?”

“Since you’re willing to trade, it means that you’re a smart person!”

Sun Yuan thought in his heart, I can’t wait for you guys to rob me; that would give me an excuse to rob you instead!

Opening the game menu, Li Minglu initiated and confirmed a trade of 3,000 points.

The trade was completed instantly.

“It’s a pleasure doing business with you!”

Sun Yuan left.

“Chu Yuntao and Li Minglu let this kid go just like that?”

He Ming was jealous to the point of puking blood.


Did he have a big d*ck?

“Lu’zi, I can’t come to terms with it!”

Chu Yuntao was crossed.

3,000 points wasn’t a small amount; it was equivalent to killing 300 spore monsters. How could Chu Yuntao not be vexed?

He had really lost face today.

When had I, Chu Yuntao, ever suffered such a loss?

“Yuntao, the game had only just begun. There will be plenty of opportunities to make a comeback in the future. The important thing right now is to clear the tower of god.”

Li Minglu comforted him.

“That Silver Trojan is full of bad taste. I’m afraid it will play dirty and improvise a new rule at a moment’s notice. That’s why we should collect as many honeydew mushrooms as we can.”

He looked towards the rest, “You guys too. Don’t mind the points I took. I won’t take advantage of you!”

“No worries, brother Li!”

Although he claimed such, Li Lei still felt the pinch.

With his abundant social experience from interning at his father’s company, Li Minglu understood the heart of these students. However, he didn’t act to burst this facade.

“Great. We’ll look for a water source and catch a pig.”

Li Minglu ordered.

“Catch a pig?”

Everyone was confused.

“Why do you think Sun Yuan had a pig with him?”

He asked.

“Is it his dinner?”

Li Lei ventures a guess.

“Isn’t it easier to butcher the pig and carry the edible meat? The pig wouldn’t have any chance to escape when it’s dead.”

Li Minglu looked at Li Lei, “And don’t forget that he had already completed the objective of the current game. They have all the time in the world to look for food, so the pig isn’t their dinner.”

“What’s the reason then?”

Li Lei couldn’t understand.

“Did any of you notice the clump of red hair on its head?”

Li Minglu laughed and spoke confidently, “If I’m not wrong, honeydew mushrooms must be the pig’s favorite food. It is a pro at searching for them.”

This was the only explanation he could come up with for Sun Yuan to collect a large number of honeydew mushrooms in such a short time. 

“Brother Li, you must be the reincarnation of Zhuge Liang!”

Li Lei was thoroughly impressed.

“Since you figured out his method, why did you buy his mushrooms?”

Chu Yuntao was unhappy.

“It’s better to be prepared since we might not have enough time.”

Li Minglu hugged his shoulders and continued, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he pays me back tenfold.”

Everyone was confident and motivated with the assurance to clear this level. 

Within the group, Liao Wei kept turning back with admiration in his eyes as he gazed at Sun Yuan’s shrinking figure.

I didn’t make the wrong judgment; he was indeed outstanding.

Zhen Yu was lucky to be able to follow him.

But Li Minglu wasn’t bad either.

There would be a good show when they clash in the future.

Somewhere within the mushroom forest, Zhen Yu felt unhappy.

“What’s wrong?”

Sun Yuan inquired.

“Senior shouldn’t have traded with those bunch of bad people.”

She felt that they were a threat to others just by surviving.

Take the unfortunate guy who was robbed of his mushroom as an example.

“But there are very few players with the ability to fork out 3,000 points now. Why will I let go of such a fat sheep?”

3,000 points were equivalent to three attribute points. It was a notable boost for Sun Yuan to cap out his endurance and increase his strength to eight. 

Besides, how did he get his mushrooms?

It was all found by the little fragrant pig.

He barely put in any effort.

It could be said that Chu Yuntao and his group had killed all those spore monsters for Sun Yuan.

“Relax, the tower attack had just started. They might not even survive this round. Even if they did, they are cannon fodder who will split the monsters’ attention from us.”

He abruptly stopped and called out behind him, “Come out!”

He Ming stepped out from behind a huge mushroom tree with a smile on his face, “My fellow student, do you still have any honeydew mushrooms on you? Can you spare me three?”

Hearing this brought down Zhen Yu’s mood.

I’ll forget it if you ask for one.

But you asked for three the moment you opened your mouth. Who do you think you are?

“Do you have points?”

Sun Yuan asked in reply.

“I-I’ve 300 points!”

He Ming actually had 1,000 points from surviving the three novice games but was worried Sun Yuan would want them all.

“Although 300 points won’t get you three mushrooms, I can tell you how I got mine.”

Sun Yuan instantly deduced that He Ming was lying to him.

As a closed beta player, he knew all the methods of earning points.

300 points was an odd amount. It was apparent He Ming didn’t earn his points from killing spore monsters because his body was clean of blood. Furthermore, he doesn’t have the look of someone who dares to fight against monsters. Hence, his points must have been from the novice games, and he should have received 1,000 points in total.


He Ming pricked up his ears.

“It’ll cost you 500 points.”

Sun Yuan quoted.

He Ming pleaded with a bitter face, “You’ve just earned 3,000 points; what are my points to you? I’ll give you 100 points, so can you please tell me how you got the mushrooms?”

If possible, he wanted to freeload off Sun Yuan.

Sun Yuan simply turned and left.


He Ming caught up and reached out to grab Sun Yuan’s sleeves.


Sun Yuan swatted the hand away.

“Fine, I get it.”

He Ming sighed, “I only have 300 points!”

“I dislike those who lie!”

Sun Yuan sneered, “You should be happy that I’m not asking for all 1,000 points.”


He Ming discovered that Sun Yuan had a sharp gaze that seemed to see through him; he was too embarrassed to cook up another lie. 

“Okay, okay, 500 points!”

He gritted his teeth and endured the loss, “But I’ll pay you after receiving the information!”

“Do as you please. I’m leaving.”

Sun Yuan felt that dealing with the guy was a waste of time.

“You’re really a piece of work. Not even Chu Yuntao can deal with senior Sun, and here you are, afraid that he will cheat you of your points. What can you do if he wants to take them by force?”

Zhen Yu was dumbstruck, “Your cautiousness is meaningless and futile.”

He Ming thought about it and agreed that he could only fork out the 500 points for the information.

“This type of fragrant pig is exceptional at seeking out honeydew mushrooms. Catch one, and you’ll be fine.”

Sun Yuan tugged on the leash made of vines in his hand.

He Ming was flabbergasted at the revelation.

He didn’t suspect Sun Yuan of providing false information but slapped his own forehead instead.

I’m so dumb!

Why else would he capture a pig?

He must have had his reasons for doing so.

How did I not think of this?

I’ve really wasted these 500 points.

He Ming quickly snapped out of his depression. I’ve to quickly go catch a pig and collect some honeydew mushrooms. I’ll earn a fortune selling them later.

Amidst his excitement, he was struck with a thought.

Where am I supposed to catch a pig?

“My fellow student!”

He caught up with Sun Yuan again, “Where did you catch the pig?”

“Any water source will do.”

Sun Yuan shook his head. He was the kind of person who couldn’t think for himself; he wouldn’t survive long.

“Oh, I see!”

He Ming was enlightened that wild animals needed to consume water and that he could lie in wait for one near a water source. But how was he going to find a water source?

“My fellow student…”

He continued to ask questions.

“If you climb up a huge mushroom, you can look out over your surroundings!”

Sun Yuan sighed. These 500 points weren’t worth it; it was too tiring.

“I got it.”

Looking around, He Ming spotted a huge mushroom and immediately started to climb.

“He didn’t even thank you!”

Zhen Yu pouted, “How rude.”

“Don’t ask for so much!”

Sun Yuan wasn’t bothered. There were all sorts of people in the world. He had seen students who were more bizarre than this.

“You’re right. Just look at how he’s climbing the mushroom. I highly doubt he’ll be able to catch a pig!”

Zhen Yu didn’t look favorably on He Ming. The difference between him and senior was literally heaven and earth.

No, I’m insulting senior by using him as a yardstick.

Failing to climb up the mushroom on his first try, He Ming slid down the stalk. He felt frustrated and turned toward Sun Yuan.

He noticed the female student in black stockings chatting and laughing with him.

Why were they experiencing this game as though they were on a camping trip?

He Ming was distraught.

The world should just end right now; hurry up!

“I wonder where Cui Xueren is.”

 Sun Yuan couldn’t wait to find the fat sheep.


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