GGGCBP Chapter 24


Chapter 24: If You Come Across a Fat Sheep, Slaughter It!

The vegetation in the mushroom forest was dense, and the soil was fertile. If one was to look from a high altitude, it would seem as though an ancient beast had crawled through.

Sun Yuan had managed to collect enough honeydew mushrooms. Completing the task early, he was naturally in the mood to enjoy the scenery.

Viewership would go through the roof if a survival reality show was filmed here.

“This fruit should be edible, right?”

Zhen Yu picked a few bright red berries from a nearby bush.

“I don’t know.”

Sun Yuan answered honestly.

He was only an ordinary university student. He knew how to collect receipts when ordering takeout, take advantage of discounts and promotions, as well as source p*rn. However, he was clueless when it came to wilderness survival techniques.

Zhen Yu wet her lips; she was starving. 

“To ensure our safety, I think we should only consume meat.”

With his hunting boomerang, Sun Yuan could easily hunt animals. Cooking the meat over fire also sterilizes it so poison wouldn’t be an issue.


Zhen Yu nodded when the little fragrant pig suddenly accelerated towards a mushroom. It took a deep sniff before it tilted its head and bit the mushroom root.

“Woohoo, we found another!”

She cheered and removed the honeydew mushroom from the fragrant pig’s mouth; she kept it in her Pikachu backpack.

“Let’s continue.”

As a closed beta player, Sun Yuan wasn’t satisfied with completing the mission. He wanted to make full use of the first tower of god and earn many points to stock up for the future.

At the very least, he needed 50,000 points to double all five of his basic attributes.

As they continued to search, they could vaguely hear someone cursing away.

“There are people nearby!”

Instead of feeling nervous, Zhen Yu was excited. That was because Sun Yuan’s convenience store was finally open for business.

Afraid of getting robbed?

What a joke! With Sun Yuan’s ability, they should be content that he wasn’t planning on robbing them.


Sun Yuan hastened his steps.

“I’m begging you! Please return my mushroom; I’ve only managed to find one after searching all this while.”

A guy knelt on the ground as he begged for mercy.

Surrounding him were Chu Yuntao and his group.


Chu Yuntao got annoyed and kicked the guy, “Stop blabbering, or I’ll let you know how it feels to have your leg broken!”

“Brother, you can always find another mushroom but not a pair of legs. You will likely die here if they are broken. You should be thanking us for our kindness instead.”

Squatting beside the unfortunate guy, the short Li Lei gave him a tight slap when he was about to speak up again.


His left cheek swelled from the slap.

His name was He Ming. He recognized Chu Yuntao and knew that they were a group of bullies.

“Do you really think that I wouldn’t dare cripple you?”

Li Lei took out a butterfly knife and flicked it in his hand, “Get lost!”

He Ming wiped his tears on his sleeves and got up but was kicked by Li Lei and staggered forward.

“Where are we going next?”

Chu Yuntao kept the honeydew mushroom and asked the guy beside him with short hair and average build.

The short-haired guy was very perceptive; just as he was about to reply, he suddenly turned towards the 10 o’clock direction and shouted, “Be careful, something’s there!”

The group was instantly on high alert with their weapons raised.

“Chu Yuntao, don’t you feel shame for robbing a fellow schoolmate?”

Sun Yuan stepped out from behind a massive mushroom with Zhen Yu following behind like his lackey.

He Ming glanced at the two of them and concluded that they were idiots. Instead of running away, they chose to confront Chu Yuntao. Weren’t they asking to be robbed?

“Who are you trying to kid? In this day and age, it is the norm for the weak to present their wealth up to the strong, do you understand?”

Chu Yuntao was disdainful.

“This kid is very arrogant!”

The short-haired guy was surprised.

“He’s Sun Yuan!”

Chu Yuntao gritted his teeth as he said, “He was the one who took two pieces of our equipment!”

“Senior, the short-haired guy is Li Minglu.”

Zhen Yu informed him.

Li Minglu was one of the four princes of Gu Cheng university. His father was the boss of two listed companies, with a net worth of over 100 million; his family was loaded, to say the least.

Instead of clubbing and playing around with women, he liked to participate in motor racing. He was dangerously obsessed with it. 

He crashed a Lamborghini in his freshman year when he raced along the third ring road in the city. Despite his close shave with death, he was still madly in love with motor racing.

Although Chu Yuntao detests boredom and actively seeks out excitement via extreme sports, he knew where to draw the line and never partake in activities with his life on the line.

But Li Minglu was different; he was simply mad. It was a common sight for him to barge out of the track when he raced because he went too hard on the accelerator.

“Junior Sun, you should be celebrating your freebies quietly as you hide. Why would you take the initiative to show up here? Show off much?”

Lu Minglu pressed his phalanges, producing cracking sounds.

Sun Yuan threw the Wave spear to Zhen Yu because he wasn’t used to fighting with a long weapon yet. He then reached back to pull out the Explosive bat tucked in his backpack. 

His action infuriated Chu Yuntao and his group; they wanted to teach him a lesson. Though no one dared to do so when they recalled how impressive he was previously. 

A tense atmosphere covered everyone.

“Sun Yuan, you just wait and see. This young master will play you to death!”

Chu Yuntao cursed.

He Ming looked toward Sun Yuan in shock.

What just happened? 

Chu Yuntao was robbed by him? And it was even two pieces of equipment?

Why is Chu Yuntao holding himself back?

Turning his head, He Ming noticed that the group of over twenty people were merely insulting him verbally; no one dared to approach him. 

It definitely wasn’t because of the girl in high school uniform.

Does this mean that Sun Yuan alone managed to quell the whole group?

What the f*ck!

Since when did someone more impressive than the four princes of Gu Cheng appear at my university?

“I originally wanted to take care of you because of the freebies you gave, but it seems like you wouldn’t accept it!”

Sun Yuan satirized.

He didn’t feel anything for those who stooped to robbing their own schoolmates. 


Chu Yuntao was enraged and wanted to vent his anger on someone.

You’re the freebie and so is your family!

“How were you planning on taking care of us?”

Li Minglu had a sharper mind and understood that Sun Yuan wasn’t an idiot. He wouldn’t pick a fight for no reason.

“I’ve many honeydew mushrooms in my possession. Are you interested in buying them?”

Sun Yuan laughed.

As his voice fell, everyone focused their gaze on him. Some were even tempted to attack him for the mushrooms.

“How many do you have? And how’re you selling them?”

Li Minglu asked in return.

“It depends on how many points you have!”

Sun Yuan evaluated Li Minglu and noted his calmness; he wasn’t easy to deal with.

“Brother Chu, brother Chu, why don’t we just attack him?”

Li Lei suggested.

“Can you beat him?”

Liao Wei, who hadn’t spoken a word so far, interjected, “We lost when we had two pieces of equipment. Without any equipment on us now, how do you plan on beating him?”

Chu Yuntao also wanted to attack Sun Yuan but instantly calmed down when he heard Liao Wei’s words. 


They couldn’t beat him!

“We have 3,000 points; we’ll buy ten honeydew mushrooms.”

Li Minglu wasn’t planning on attacking Sun Yuan in the first place.

Despite not being united, they would still fight together. But now that it was a matter of life and death, casualties were a no-brainer. Not all of them dared to fight in the face of casualties.


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