GGGCBP Chapter 20


Chapter 20: The Game Begins!

“There are a total of 33,121 teachers and students in Gu Cheng university. Subtracting those who failed the previous game and those who transformed into spore monsters, there are 16,263 lucky survivors. According to the rule, the 986 players who failed to gather here on time will be punished; they will be obliterated!”


Silver Trojan projected a giant virtual screen in the sky like movies were projected in the cinemas.

It showed all the students hiding around the campus.

The moment Silver Trojan announced the commencement of the punishment, their heads exploded, and they died instantly.

The silence could be heard on the field. 

There were even several females quaking in their boots who cried but dared not make any noise to avoid catching the eye of Silver Trojan.

“In this version of Civilization Attack, the tower of god makes up the core gameplay. We have carefully curated a selection of survival games guaranteed to leave you wanting more!”

The playful voice of Silver Trojan resounded through the campus.

“Every time the player clears a tower and reaches the top, they will be rewarded with tons of points, top-tier rewards, as well as honorary titles. Your names will also be listed on the standings, making yourself known to the millions of viewers across the Star League.”

“If you were to become the most popular player, you will receive luxurious rewards beyond your wildest imagination.”

“Originally, many of you would have been slaving away for the rest of your life. But now, conquering a tower of god will net you everything you can dream of.”

“Everyone, work hard in attacking the tower!”

Silver Trojan’s voice was like the devil’s sweet whisperings, arousing the players’ greed.

Leading up to the mysterious and magnificent gate of the tower was a 30 stepped perron; it had a small empty area at the top, right before the gate.

The gate was engraved with mysterious imagery depicting unimaginable horrors.


The gates opened, revealing a curtain of golden light that prevented the players from seeing the tower’s interiors. 

“Gu Cheng university’s tower of god is officially open. Players, please attack the tower as soon as possible!”

Silver Trojan laughed and spat out a cruel and bloody line.

“Do hurry. You only have 72 hours! If no one succeeds in reaching the top of the tower, all 15,277 of you will be obliterated.”

“Don’t bother escaping the campus. You will be killed immediately.”


Many people went white with fear; they never expected such a cruel setting. They would either clear the tower or die trying. 

“Why do you have to set such horrible rules?”

Lu Wenjun burst into tears.

Initially thinking that she wouldn’t be in harm’s way if she opts not to challenge the tower, she didn’t think that it would result in her entrusting her life to others instead. She would die if no one reached the top.

As her thoughts wandered, she abruptly turned her head towards Sun Yuan.

“Sun Yuan, you can reach the top, right?”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The other timid and scared girls also looked over.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely reach the top.”

Sun Yuan comforted them.

This rule was new to him as there was no one for Silver Trojan to kill when he was the only closed beta player.

An old man in his fifties ascended the steps confidently with a loudspeaker in hand. Reaching the top, he turned towards the field and addressed the students, “My students, don’t be afraid. The teachers will keep you safe. We have already organized an advance party with a dozen members to challenge the tower as soon as possible!”

“It’s Dean Wang!”

Li Wan got excited.

Wang Shuyuan was both famous and reputable in Gu Cheng university. He was passionate about his research and spent most of his time in his lab.

It was rumored that he would be awarded the title of Academician next year.

“Cui Xueren is a scumbag when compared to Dean Wang!”

Zhuo Wen was indignant.

As there were a lot of teachers and lecturers in the university, someone was sure to stand up and take charge. Or rather, Dean Wang had already taken up that responsibility.

On the other hand, Cui Xueren only knew how to cheat the students’ points; he was devoid of righteousness. 

As if cued by Dean Wang’s words, the twelve teachers who formed the advance party went up the steps, walked through the curtain of light, and entered the tower of god.

“Students with difficulties should seek dean Zhou!”

When Wang Shuyuan was done, he passed the loudspeaker to Zhou Hongzhi and entered the tower of god unhesitatingly.

Dean Zhou felt helpless.

Chancellor Cao had transformed into a spore monster while Vice-chancellor Miao was shell-shocked. If the world hadn’t been gamified, those qualified would be fighting over who gets to be the de facto leader.

However, everyone is avoiding the role like the plague.

Only the good-natured Dean Zhou was willing to step up and lead.

“Sigh, this job isn’t easy.”

Zhou Hongzhi looked at the lifeless students and sighed in his heart.

“Dean Zhou, can we challenge the tower?”

Tang Yan went up the steps with his hands in his pockets while chewing bubblegum; Tang Tang followed behind.


Zhou Hongzhi hesitated.

“Dean Zhou, there’s no reason to stop them if they are willing to enter the tower. Silver Trojan already said that everyone will die if no one manages to clear the tower.”

Cui Xueren approached and continued, “I will also send in the volunteers I have gathered.”

“But they might die!”

Zhou Hongzhi was worried.

“Many people have already died.”

Cui Xueren didn’t give a damn.

“So troublesome!”

Tang Tang complained and ran towards the tower, disregarding Dean Zhou’s opinions.

“Anyone who wants to enter the tower may do so.”

Cui Xueren hollered.

The higher the number of players challenging the tower, the greater the chances of success.

One by one, people started approaching the tower of god.

The world has never lacked people with courage; there were always ambitious people, what it lacked was opportunities. 

And now, the opportunity has arrived.

It hasn’t even been five minutes, but over 200 people have entered the tower of god.

“Anyone here is willing to go?”

Shen Jingran asked those around her while messaging the spares she had been grooming.

“Senior, you should eat something to keep your energy up!”

Zhen Yu unwrapped a piece of chocolate and held it out towards his mouth.

Sun Yuan accepted it this time.

He was hungry from missing lunch.

Wang Xu gritted his teeth and shouted when he saw what happened, “I’m going!”

If it wasn’t for his previous performance, how would Sun Yuan obtain the favor of such a popular streamer?

Doesn’t that mean that I would get a beautiful girlfriend if I became a strong player too?

“Count me in too!”

Zhuo Wen was also ready to fight; he didn’t want to be compared against Sun Yuan anymore.

“Clearing the game will help grow back my teeth, right?”

Zhou Ze touched his mouth and made his decision as well.

The class quickly decided who wanted to go. There were seven people from the boys while Zhao Limin and Li Wan were persuaded by Shen Jingran. 

“Zheng Chun, aren’t you going?”

Zhuo Wen taunted.

I…I’m not going. The rougamo1 I had for breakfast is giving me a stomachache.”

Zheng Chun grimaced and rubbed his belly.

It was an excuse.

He wasn’t willing to risk his life.

“Let’s go!”

Sun Yuan headed towards the tower of god.

Zhen Yu quickly followed.

“Let’s set off!”

Shen Jingran clapped and encouraged everyone, “We’ll definitely climb the tower and get the top-tier reward.”

Watching them leave, Zheng Chun curled his lips.

“What a bunch of idiots rushing to their deaths!”

Wasn’t it better to challenge the tower after gathering sufficient information?

As for the first clear reward?

Stop dreaming!

Since the Tang Yan siblings had entered the tower, the first kill belongs to them. 


1 Kind of like a Chinese burger.


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