GGGCBP Chapter 18


Chapter 18: Sun -Nouveau Riche- Yuan

“The one-hour free time has ended. Every player to have received this notice must gather beneath the tower of god, at the field. Failure to arrive within 15 minutes will result in death.”

Zhen Yu read the message and turned her gaze towards the field. 

There was nothing there.

“I’m going to the rooftop of the teaching building to purchase two attribute stones; what about you? Do you want to follow me or head to the field first?”

Sun Yuan closed the game panel and took a deep breath.

The hardest game, the tower of god, was finally about to start.

From what he knew, the tower of god was the core aspect of this game.

Players who manage to clear and conquer the tower of god will receive various top-tier rewards, achievements, and titles.

In other words, it is a must to challenge the tower of god if the players desire to strengthen themselves.

“Of course, I’ll follow you!”

Zhen Yu answered without any hesitation.

Was there even a need to ask?

She had to hug his thigh till the day she died.

Students started to appear around the campus as they headed towards the field.

After experiencing the deadly tripartite, getting chased by spore monsters, and seeing their classmates die before their eyes, Gu Cheng university students had learned to follow instructions when given.

If Silver Trojan said it would kill, it definitely wouldn’t show any mercy.

Sun Yuan climbed up to the rooftop with Zhen Yu and saw that Sheng Jingran was still waiting for him there.

“What took you so long? There isn’t any time left to discuss anything!”

Sheng Jingran complained while glancing over at Zhen Yu, scrutinizing her from head to toe.


Not bad!

Because of her own outstanding look and ability, she didn’t feel inferior to Zhen Yu.

Her gaze then swept past the silver spear in Sun Yuan’s hand and the baseball bat sticking out from his backpack.

“He really managed to snatch Chu Yuntao’s equipment?”

She was shocked.

She had already gotten ahold of the facts from Lu Wenjun, but she didn’t believe any of it. Chu Yuntao was known to be domineering, and provoking him was as good as pulling out a tiger’s tooth.

Seeing is believing, Sun Yuan was much stronger than she gave him credit for.

“So be it.”

Sun Yuan didn’t really care.

He had already gone through the games in the tower several times. While he might fail to obtain the first kill reward, his survival in the tower was pretty much guaranteed. 


She was triggered by his reply and almost lashed out at him. When has goddess Shen ever received such a reaction from a guy?

Does he still want to be her dog?

“Hello senior, my name is Zhen Yu.”

Bringing out her professional smile, Zhen Yu introduced herself innocently.

“I’m Shen Jingran.”

Noticing Sun Yuan approaching the vending machine, her lights lit up and hurried over, “You’re buying something?”


He had obtained equipment and 2,000 points from killing two rare monsters. Adding on the points from the normal spore monsters he killed, he had a grand total of 2,790 points.

“What do you plan on getting?”

Shen Jingran was curious.

“Attribute stone.”

Sun Yuan had already decided, “It is the most useful item.”

“Huh, how many points do you have?”

She was astounded as she knew the price of an attribute stone when she browsed the store just now.

An attribute stone costs 1,000 points.

One would need to kill 100 spore monsters to purchase an attribute stone.

He actually manage to kill that many spore monsters within an hour?

How ridiculous!

“Less than 3,000 points.”

Sun Yuan casually replied.

“Come again?”

She was startled but managed to blurt out, “Within an hour?”


He simply nodded.

She frowned involuntarily at his response and thought he must be bragging to look good before her. She had seen such behaviors before with her admirers; they all wanted her attention.

After giving it more thought, she calculated that he would need to kill over 200 spore monsters to collect that many points.

How exaggerated was that? Even if he took 30 seconds to kill a spore monster, he could only kill 120 of them in an hour…

But she didn’t expose his lies since he was someone she had decided to groom as a backup. What if she hurt his pride, and that deters him from pursuing her?

“Actually, a slight attribute boost isn’t that useful this early in the game. Why don’t you try for a lottery draw?”

Sheng Jingran suddenly went silent. Her pupils dilated as she stared blankly at the two transparent stones, which were even prettier than emerald, materializing from the vending machine.

There were even two of them?

She was utterly stupefied.

Sun Yuan really managed to earn 2,000 points!

“It’s beautiful!”

Zhen Yu sighed.

“Its effect is even better.”

Sun Yuan threw both stones into his mouth.


Shen Jingran couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva as she watched in envy.

“What does it taste like?”

She asked.

Her 1,000 points from the deadly tripartite were spent on lottery draws, 100 points per draw.

Her luck wasn’t bad as she won one piece of equipment and two medicines.

“It’s tasteless, but it melts in your mouth. It causes a stream of warm energy to circulate around the body.”

As he sensed the changes within his body, he described, “It feels like I’m soaking in a hot spring while getting a massage from two beauties. It’s extremely comfortable!”

His motive in getting these two stones was to enhance his physical ability and recovery.

“You didn’t spend the 2,000 points you started with on attribute stones too, did you?”

Sheng Jingran quipped and laughed.

“I did.”

Opening his attribute page, he saw that his constitution had increased from 7 to 9. One more stone and he would reach the current limit of a human.

He was looking forward to it.

Zhen Yu noticed that Shen Jingran’s lips moved as she mumbled to herself. Her experience with fan interactions as a streamer told her that this senior of hers was a sore loser.

“Why did you not try the lottery?”

Sheng Jingran grumbled, “1,000 points give you 10 draws. You would have won many items if you tried 40 draws!”

“I’m luckless. The more I draw, the more I lose.”

Sun Yuan knew himself best.


As it was a difference in spending habits, she could say nothing to convince him. 

“Oh right, what about that divine coin of yours? You couldn’t have changed it for points just to buy more attribute stones, right?”

“I can’t bear to.”

Sun Yuan shook his head.

“Good, you should keep it for now.”

Shen Jingran was finally at ease. She would have been distressed if he had spent all his points.

Who knows how things would play out? The saved coin might end up in her hands in the future.

“Senior, from what she said, it seems like you earned a lot of points?”

Admiration could be seen in Zhen Yu’s eyes, “And there’s even a divine coin? What’s that?”

“It was okay; I didn’t earn that much.”

He replied calmly as he didn’t find it much, “As for the divine coin, it is a valuable currency!”


Shen Jingran wanted to punch someone when she heard what he said. You had four times my number of points, and you call that okay?


I really miscalculated.

I should have taken the initiative and followed him. That way, I would have gotten a split on his earned points.

Sun Yuan didn’t care what she thought and bought five of the cheapest medicines.

Name: Novice healing potion

Type: Consumable

Rarity: Common

Effects: It quickly stops bleeding, relieves pain, and heals minor wounds. Repeated consumption within a short period of time would result in lowered effect.

Remarks: Don’t look down on me just because I’m a novice; I’m the best at administering medicine.

“I’ll give you one.”

He gave Zhen Yu one potion, “I might not be able to protect you during a crucial moment. Apply the medicine yourself, and don’t die.”

The novice healing potion was a silver metallic syringe a thumb’s length. Pressing down on the protective cover with the thumb will break it, plunging the thumb onto the needle for injection. It was easy to use.

It was 100 points each.

“Thanks, senior!”

Zhen Yu was very grateful and gave him a bow with both hands on her knees.

“Time to go, let’s head to the field.”

Sun Yuan said as he walked towards the stairs.


Shen Jingran was speechless.

Where is my medicine?

Why didn’t I get one too?

Didn’t silver trojan say you secretly liked me?

It doesn’t seem that way to me!

Wait a minute, is he playing hard to get?

That’s not right.

For someone without any dating experience, how is it possible for him to utilize such a high-level technique?

Even though Shen Jingran still had her first kiss saved and had never dated before, she was smart and had studied up.

“Senior sister, let’s go!”

Zhen Yu called for her.

“Sun Yuan, you’re too loose with your spending; you need to plan how to use them properly.

Shen Jingran caught up to them and continued, “I got some medicine from the lottery draws which we could all share. You should have tried the lottery for more equipment to maximize our points usage!”

Zhen Yu shot a glance at Shen Jingran. Even though she didn’t explicitly mention anything about forming a party, she used words such as ‘we’ and ‘our.’ She made it seem as though they were a party that would live and die together.

Any other guy would be especially excited to team up with a beauty, right?

But Sun Yuan only swung the Wave spear in his hand and hid the Hunting boomerang with his t-shirt behind his back.

Sheng Jingran pinched her eyebrows.

How vexing.

A dork really couldn’t read the room.

She had heard from Lu Wenjun that Sun Yuan had obtained two pieces of equipment from Chu Yuntao, so he had at least three pieces of equipment on him. Can’t you take the initiative to let me have one of them to defend myself?

The trio left the teaching building.

“Senior sister, you can have this scooter.”

Zhen Yu said and ran over to Sun Yuan, intending to sit on the basket.

“You little b*tch, how dare you try to steal my dog.”

Although Shen Jingran was depressed, her successive failures on Sun Yuan calmed her down.

Haste makes waste.

Let’s take it slow.

“Go ride with Shen Jingran.”

Sun Yuan denied Zhen Yu and left after revving the engine.

Shen Jingran’s scooter was a two-seater that could accommodate them both.


Shen Jingran relished in Zhen Yu’s failed attempt to share a ride.

It showed that Sun Yuan didn’t enjoy the Japanese schoolgirl style.

Many students headed towards the field looked enviously at the trio on their scooters.

Not only did a vehicle allow them to conserve energy, but it also allowed them to quickly escape if need be.

After passing by male dormitory 7, the field was in sight.

“Is that the tower of god?”

Zhen Yu’s gaze landed far ahead.

There was nothing but grass on the soccer field an hour ago, but a tower over 10 meters tall could be seen now.

Despite being called the tower of god, it was strikingly similar to the Yellow Crane Tower in Jiangnan. 


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