GGGCBP Chapter 17


Chapter 17: Freebies Are Nice

[What the hell?]

Sheng Jingran immediately sent a message.

Lu Wenjun ignored WeChat and kept her eyes trained on Sun Yuan.

Oh my god!

Who would have known Sun Yuan fought so well?

He sure hid well.

It felt like the discovery of a wild beast in her everyday life. 

“Still want to continue?”

Playing with the boomerang in his hand, Sun Yuan calmly asked Chu Yuntao and his group.

Apart from the buzz cut guy screaming in agony, no one uttered a word

~Make more time~

The ringtone from Sun Yuan’s pocket gave everyone a fright.

Fishing out his phone, he saw a call from Sheng Jingran. He assumed that it wasn’t anything important and hung the call. 

“From the looks of it, none of you want to fight anymore.”

Gazing at the buzz cut guy on the ground, Sun Yuan sneered. He did not feel apologetic even though it was his first time inflicting such a serious injury.

Because he would be dead right now if he wasn’t strong enough.

“I give up. Return me my boomerang, and we’ll leave; everything will be water under the bridge, we’ll mind our own business.”

Ever since young, Chu Yuntao had never been at a disadvantage. Although he spoke as such, dissatisfaction could be felt from his tone. 

He still wanted to save face.

“Dream on.”

Sun Yuan mocked.

“What did you say?”

Chu Yuntao’s cheeks flushed, “No one has ever dared talk to me like this.”

“Then there will be from now on.”

Sun Yuan sneered, “Not only do I want your boomerang, but I also want your silver spear. Leave it behind and scram!”


Chu Yuntao was furious and wanted to fight again.

“Brother Chu, calm down!”

Liao Wei rushed over and held him back with both arms, “Tolerate it, for now, we’ll deal with him next time.”

He lamented in his heart as he spoke.

No wonder he dared bring that female freshman around to fight the monsters. If Liao Wei had that kind of strength, he would bring at least five girls around; three freshmen and two seniors.

“Great Saint, why not let it go?”

Zhuo Wen advised.

Chu Yuntao had a strong family background.

“We’ll see how things go.”

Chu Yuntao spoke and intended to leave.

Sun Yuan suddenly moved and arrived before Chu Yuntao in the blink of an eye. Raising his Explosive bat, he slammed it down.

Surprised, Chu Yuntao hurriedly raised his Wave spear to block.

Sun Yuan reached out with his hand and grabbed onto the spear shaft. He followed with a kick to Chu Yuntao’s abdomen.


He cried out in pain as he stumbled backward.

Sun Yuan stopped his attack upon snatching the spear and turned towards Liao Wei instead.


He reacted immediately and raised both hands to show his unwillingness to fight.


As if indicating that everyone should leave, Sun Yuan walked towards the scooter he arrived on, “Zhen Yu, let’s go.”


Jogging over to him, Zhen Yu once again felt his might.

“Sun Yuan!”

Chu Yuntao shouted angrily, “Give me back my Wave spear, or we’ll be enemies who can’t coexist under the heavens.”


His words frightened Zhuo Wen, Zhen Yu, Lu Wenjun, and the rest.

“We already are.”

Sun Yuan gave him a cold-eyed stare and said, “Any other student in my position would be dead by now when faced with your attacks. It is only out of the kindness of my heart that I’m letting all of you go.”

Zhuo Wen and the rest were startled.

That’s right. The only reason Sun Yuan survived was that he was strong. If they were in his shoes, they would have died many times over. 

This made them realize the terror and ferocity of Chu Yuntao’s group.

“Go back and cry to your father if you’re unhappy. Feel free to call all your friends as well; I’ll happily face them anytime.” Sun Yuan disdained, “There is no such thing as too many freebies, especially those with free equipment like you.”


Zhen Yu held back a laugh; she didn’t know he had such a sharp tongue.

Just as Sun Yuan got on the scooter and was about to start the engine, Zhen Yu got on the basket again.

“Senior, set sail!”

Seeing that he didn’t move, she turned and looked at him suspiciously, “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t you feel uncomfortable sitting there?”

Sun Yuan was indifferent, “There are so many scooters there, just take one.”


Zhen Yu was at a loss for words and looked over to the side of the road.

Chu Yuntao and his group arrived on scooters.

If they were willing to kill for equipment, snatching scooters wasn’t even worth talking about.

“What do you mean by huh? Get on with it.”

Sun Yuan urged.

“But those scooters aren’t as comfortable as riding with you!”

Zhen Yu pouted her little red lips as she had just lost her chance to cultivate her relationship with senior.

What a pity!

She randomly picked a scooter, got on, and felt guilty as she looked towards the group of people.

It was her first time snatching someone’s possession.

She felt a little nervous.

But why did she also feel good about it?

I didn’t unlock a new fetish in myself, right?

“Let’s go!”

Sun Yuan started the engine and left.

She quickly followed before glancing back at the group.

These people didn’t even dare curse out at them; they could only watch as the two of them rode off. And the dignified Chu Yuntao of Gu Cheng university was left looking like a beaten dog.

She couldn’t help but take a picture with her R5 camera.

It would have been a piece of big news before the world turned.

Wang Xu stared blankly at Zhen Yu.

The hem of her uniform skirt fluttered in the summer wind. It occasionally floated up, exposing her thighs and black stockings…

His goddess was extremely beautiful.

But now, she was by Sun Yuan’s side, chatting and laughing away. She even addressed him as senior endearingly.

Wang Xu’s heart shattered.

Nangong Yu’er, I eat steamed buns and salted vegetables every day. I skimped and saved just so I could send you gifts.

Can you please call me senior too?

“Rotten luck.”

Zhang Qiuman longed to replace Zhen Yu as Sun Yuan’s partner, but she had already made her choice, and there was no point crying over spilled milk. Hence, she squeezed out a smile and walked to Chu Yuntao’s side.

“Brother Chu, a momentary gain or loss is nothing in the grand scheme of things; the game has only just begun. I believe that you will be the one to complete and clear this game.”

She encouraged and tried to cheer him up.

Chu Yuntao ignored her, took out his phone, and made a call.

“Brother Minglu, I had my equipment snatched by someone called Sun Yuan.”

He spoke in a low voice, “He has at least five pieces of equipment on him. You will benefit greatly if you deal with him.”

He ended the call when he was done and immediately dialed another number.

“Tang Yan, weren’t you the lightweight champion of the national professional boxing championship? I was just robbed by a kid even when I had over twenty people on my side. He was very strong; I don’t think you’re his opponent…”

To cause trouble for Sun Yuan, Chun Yuntao didn’t hesitate to sell himself short.

Liao Wei sighed and thought that Sun Yuan wasn’t cruel enough.

Since he had already offended Chu Yuntao, he might as well go all in and have him killed.

Wasn’t he seeking trouble by letting him off?

Li Minglu, Tang Yan, and Zhao Jike made up the rest of the four princes of Gu Cheng. Besides their strong family backgrounds, they were capable as well.

Now that Sun Yuan was on their radar, he was in big trouble.

Sheng Jingran called again.

“What’s up?”

Riding the scooter with his only free hand, Sun Yuan scanned the surroundings to avoid an ambush.

“You fought with Chu Yuntao? How much did you lose?”

The urgency could be heard from her voice.

“It’s fine now.”

Smiling slightly, he hoped to receive a few more freebies from someone like Chu Yuntao.

Most people wouldn’t kill just to avoid future trouble as they barely fought a few times throughout their entire life, Sun Yuan included. He wasn’t used to it yet. Only a few exceptions like Chu Yuntao could kill without batting an eyelid. 

He had to adapt fast.

“How can there be no issue? Chu Yuntao is someone who will never be aggrieved. Offending him only causes trouble for yourself.”

Sheng Jingran reminded, “Don’t let your guard down.”

“I’ve already persuaded him.”

Sun Yuan didn’t want to talk anymore, “I’ll be hanging up if there’s nothing else.”

“You persuaded him? Based on what?”

She quickly asked.

Zhen Yu was eavesdropping on the conversation and couldn’t help but curl her lips when she heard the question.

He was persuaded by Sun Yuan’s fists!

Du! Du! Du!

Sheng Jingran, who was on the rooftop, almost threw her phone in anger when she heard the call disconnect.

This rascal, how dare he hang up on me.

Do you think I’ll keep giving you the chance to be my dog?

But how did he deal with Chu Yuntao?

I need to get the facts right. I’d need to reevaluate his worth if that was the case.

She then called Lu Wenjun.


“Senior, you can locate objects via sound?”

Zhen Yu was curious.

“No, I was keeping track of it out of the corner of my eyes.”

Sun Yuan explained.

He finally had time to inspect the new equipment.

Name: Wave spear

Type: Offensive weapon

Rarity: Rare

Effects: It has strong piercing damage, which allows it to easily pierce through a steel plate three centimeters thick. It also has an additional skill, wave strike. It can turn a strike into a two-hit combo, making it difficult to dodge or guard against.

Remarks: No matter where I am, I’ll wreak havoc upon my enemies.

“Senior, quickly send me the information; I want to see it too.”

Zhen Yu urged.

“This spear is much more useful than my bat against the spore monsters.”

Sun Yuan was satisfied with the spear.

The khaki-colored boomerang was made of wood. It was sturdy and felt good in his hand. It was the type used by the aboriginal tribes. 

Name: Hunting boomerang

Type: Mid ranged weapon

Range: Maximum range of 100 meters, an effective range of 70 meters

Rarity: Elite

Effects: When thrown, the Hunting boomerang will always hit its target on the way back.

Special effects: The weapon is dangerous and might hurt the user if not used correctly.

Remarks: I am the king of the wild, the strongest native hunter.

Noticing the absolute accuracy of the boomerang, Zhen Yu couldn’t help but sigh in relief, “Senior, it was a good thing you blocked it. You would have been hit by it even if you chose to dodge.”


How did Sun Yuan break Chu Yuntao and Li Lei’s combo attack?

It was because he already knew of their effects. When he saw the weapons, he calculated the most effective way of using them together. 

Using the spear to attack and draw attention, the boomerang will fly out and back, which activates its absolute accuracy. Even if it fails, the Wave spear could unleash a wave strike.

The wave strike and the absolute accuracy synergized well; it was a deadly combo.

Chu Yuntao was really down on his luck to meet Sun Yuan. Even a player who had improved his physical attributes five times would have been done in by the combo attack.

“Equipment with these effects should be worth quite a lot, right?”

Zhen Yu queried.

“The Wave spear is worth 7,000 points while the Hunting boomerang is worth 5,000 points. 

Sun Yuan abruptly felt that farming the spore monsters for points was too unrewarding; it seemed like he should seek out freebies instead.

“Tsk tsk!”

Zhen Yu was envious.

She also discovered that he was not only good at fighting, but he was also cautious and sophisticated in his thinking.

Anyone seeing the Hunting boomerang for the first time would hardly think of the possibility of absolute accuracy and take measures against it.

She considered his words and was about to flatter him when their game menu suddenly popped up in front of them. 

Ding Dong!

[There is a system announcement, please check it immediately.]


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