GGGCBP Chapter 16


Chapter 16: PK On The Campus, The Unrivaled Sun Yuan

“You think I’ll be intimidated by you?”

The long-haired youth disdained.

The other students started to yell and swear. Even if the heavens were to fall, they were not afraid as Chu Yuntao was there to prop it up.

Even when they were arrested by the police for assault, they were merely locked up for two days. It was all thanks to Chu Yuntao.

Wang Xu didn’t move, but Zhuo Wen went over to stand with Sun Yuan.

“Mosquito, it’s none of your business. Get lost.”

Sun Yuan urged.

“Do it!”

The long-haired youth shouted and charged towards Sun Yuan. The metal chain in his hands whistled as it flew towards Sun Yuan’s head.

“Watch out!”

Zhen Yu yelled.

Sun Yuan will be severely injured if he gets hit by the chain. That guy was too ruthless.

Grabbing Zhuo Wen by the back of his collar, Sun Yuan pulled him backward and pushed him out of the encirclement. 


Charging forward, Sun Yuan clenched and slammed his left fist like a battering ram towards the long-haired youth’s face. At the same time, he evaded the chain by dodging to his left. He pressed down with his toes the moment they touched the floor. 


Just as the thought surfaced in the youth’s mind, he was hit and bleeding from his nose. He couldn’t react to the attack.


He was knocked off his feet and kicked in the stomach midair. 


The youth flew backward and blocked the others from approaching, effectively breaking the encirclement. 

Sun Yuan thought that he would deter the others from attacking with his show of strength, but he miscalculated their temper.

Their fierce and aggressive nature wouldn’t let them be deterred by such a punch.

Moreover, Chu Yuntao had already made it clear that whoever took him down would get the right to claim his equipment as their own. 

Chu Yuntao’s Wave spear was simply too powerful. It made everyone excited to obtain a weapon of their own.

It was dangerous to fight and kill spore monsters, but they were used to fighting against humans.

“Great Saint!”

Sun Yuan was someone who valued his own life. Now that the situation had progressed beyond his expectations, he bolted out from the group. Zhuo Wen’s eyes reddened and rushed forward with gritted teeth.

Although Sun Yuan hesitated when he saw that the group had no notion of stopping, he ultimately decided to brandish his baseball bat.

Since his opponents attacked first, there was no reason for him to stay his hand. 

A guy with a buzz cut acted quickly and smashed his U-lock towards Sun Yuan’s head, but he only saw a flash of the bat before feeling its impact on his weapon. 


An enormous force erupted.

The U-lock went flying while his wrist was hurt by the shock. He wanted to retreat, but it was too late to do so.

The red and gold baseball bat smashed into his arms.


His forearm first fractured and twisted from the blunt impact of the bat. It then exploded, shattering his bone and scattering his flesh. The broken arm hung lifelessly from his shoulder.

The long-haired youth was ruthless not only to others but also to himself. Enduring the pain, he pushed both palms off the ground and ran towards Sun Yuan. He took out a pocket knife and stabbed it towards Sun Yuan’s abdomen.

With Sun Yuan’s high dexterity and the effect of the Street Fighter gloves, he quickly dodged the pocket knife with a sidestep. He then brandished the bat and attacked the body.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Every attack was accompanied by an explosion of spark and flesh.


Everyone was rooted in fear when faced with the bloody scene. No one dared to attack anymore.

Although they had sent people to the hospital bloodied, it was the first time they were on the receiving end. 

“What a strong weapon!”

A tinge of greed appeared in Chu Yuntao’s eyes, and he dashed out with his spear in hand. Thrusting the spear towards Sun Yuan, Chu Yuntao hollered, “Xiao Lei’zi!”

A short guy darted out from the back of the group and threw a boomerang at Sun Yuan with all his might.

Sun Yuan tilted his head to dodge the boomerang; his neck would have been sliced open if he was any slower.


Zhen Yu screamed.


Not only did he dodge the boomerang, but he also managed to parry the spear thrust towards his chest with the baseball bat. 

“His reaction speed is abnormal; he most likely has already enhanced his body.”

Chu Yuntao pondered.

He stared at Sun Yuan, feeling regretful that Sun Yuan wasn’t his subordinate. 

Since he failed to appreciate his kindness, he can go and die.

“Senior, watch out! The boomerang is returning.”

Zhen Yu reminded with a shout.

“Take cover!”

Zhuo Wen was worried.

Chu Yuntao had a scheming smile on his face.

Sun Yuan was doomed if he hid.

The boomerang was a rare middle ranged weapon. Its effect was a 100% hit rate.

It will always hit its target no matter where they hide.

Therefore, the only way to defend against it was with brute force.

Even so, the cautious Chu Yuntao thrust his spear again towards Sun Yuan’s chest.

Sun Yuan neither hid nor turned but swung the baseball bat backward without a shred of hesitation. It accurately struck the boomerang nearing his back. 


The boomerang was swatted away and landed in a flower bush over 20 meters away.

“Oh f*ck!”

Chu Yuntao was flabbergasted at how Sun Yuan could locate the boomerang with his ears.

Too strong!


Li Lei was stunned.

A normal person would choose to dodge when faced with a pincer attack, right? Why did he have to perform just a high-level maneuver of deflecting the boomerang behind his back?

How reckless!

But it matters not, for there was still Chu Yuntao’s spear to deal with.

Just as the silver spear was about to pierce into Sun Yuan, it was deflected by the baseball bat.


It was blocked.

Sun Yuan’s instantaneous explosive ability supported his agile and complicated movements within a short time.


The crowd was speechless.

You can even block this?

Are you still human?

Seeing that Sun Yuan was okay, Zhen Yu sprang into action and ran towards the flower bush. She wanted to snatch the boomerang to prevent a second attack. 


Li Lei also moved and frantically ran.

Gritting his teeth, Chu Yuntao activated the spear’s effect.

Wave Strike!


Even though the silver spear was deflected, light gathered and condensed into another spear strike, stabbing towards Sun Yuan’s eyes.

This was the Wave spear’s hidden might.

It could unleash two attacks back-to-back; the close distance made it unavoidable.

“Let’s see how you survive this.”

Chu Yuntao smiled proudly as he prepared to loot the corpse.

But it was as though Sun Yuan expected the manifestation of the second spear. After parrying the first spear, his elbow utilized the rebound of the impact. It drew a circle as the bat smashed towards the second spear.


The light-condensed spear shattered.


Chu Yuntao gaped at Sun Yuan, his face a mask of shock. This made his average face uglier; he looked like a squashed toad.

Sun Yuan sprinted forward as he swung the bat.


As Chu Yuntao cursed, he hurriedly raised his weapon to block but failed and was hit on the shoulder.


Knowing that it was a critical moment, he gritted his teeth and rolled away when he stumbled. Keeping a distance from Sun Yuan, he quickly popped a healing pill into his mouth.

Originally intending to follow up with another attack, he changed his mind when he saw how alert Chu Yuntao was. Instead, he decided to snatch the boomerang when he noticed the short guy running towards it.

The threat a ranged weapon posed towards him was too big.

“Lei’zi, watch out!”

Chu Yuntao roared, “Everyone, stop him!”

Unfortunately, no one dared to move.

The combination attack of Chu Yuntao and Li Lei that managed to kill over a dozen spore monsters was broken by Sun Yuan right before their eyes. They were utterly terrified. 

He was someone they couldn’t afford to anger.

Li Lei was fast, even with his short stature and legs. Adding that the distance to the flower bush was within 30 meters, he soon caught up to Zhen Yu.

He pushed her to the ground before hopping into the flower bed to retrieve the boomerang.

But at this moment, he heard the wind whistling behind him. Before he could turn around, he was kicked in the back of his knee.


Li Lei lost his balance and fell.

“Why is he here?”

Li Lei was confused; wasn’t he fighting with Chu Yuntao?

He had his back turned towards Sun Yuan, so he missed what happened. But everyone else witnessed how Sun Yuan galloped like lightning and reached him in the blink of an eye.

His speed was terrifying.

Sun Yuan raised his foot and kicked Li Lei’s head.


In a daze, Li Lei was unable to get back on his feet.

Retrieving the boomerang, Sun Yuan approached Zhen Yu, “Are you alright?”

“I-I’m fine.”

Zhen Yu’s face was flushed with excitement, “S-Senior, You’re too awesome!”

Initially assuming that they would be taken advantage of, but senior dominated the battle.

The library was immersed in pin-drop silence.

A depressing atmosphere spread among Chu Yuntao’s group; their faces were one of fear and shock.

Deflecting the boomerang and blocking the two strikes of the spear, they were thoroughly shocked by Sun Yuan’s might.

“G-Great Saint, how are you so fierce?”

Zhuo Wen was startled.

It hasn’t even been an hour since the deadly tripartite ended, but Sun Yuan seemed as though he was a different person.

Shouldn’t there be a limit to gaining strength?

Unless his identity as a student was only a disguise for his status as the ultimate fighter?

“This game is too f*cking unfair!”

Chu Yuntao cursed.

Because he obtained two pieces of equipment before meeting Sun Yuan, he thought the game was fun and satisfying. His prowess to suppress the spore monsters was why he dared to rob Sun Yuan.

However, he was taught a lesson instead.

“It’s over. I made the wrong choice!”

Feeling depressed, Zhang Qiuman held her face with both palms.

There were more than twenty people, but they couldn’t win against one Sun Yuan.

How useless can one be?


Sun Yuan wouldn’t let me back onto his team if I go back now, right?

Pausing her train of thought, she only felt regretful.

[What’s going on? What equipment is Chu Yuntao snatching from Sun Yuan?]

Lu Wenjun stared blankly at Sun Yuan before lowering her head towards her phone. Reading Sheng Jingran’s reply, she pursed her lips in thought.

She had typed a whole paragraph worth of words to explain the situation, but now…

She replaced the paragraph with three words instead.

[All is well!]


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