GGGCBP Chapter 14


Chapter 14: Brother Sun, do you have a girlfriend?

“Sun Yuan, thank you!”

Wang Fang quickly thanked him.

Wang Fang, with a simple and honest look, was the exact opposite of a calculating and scheming girl. On the other hand, Zhang Qiuman could easily score a seven if she put on makeup and pretty clothes. She was also a smooth talker, addressing Sun Yuan as brother Sun as soon as she opened her mouth.

“Brother Sun, you’re very powerful!”

Zhang Qiuman praised, “You were killing those spore monsters as though they were chickens. You’re different from the other guys who could only run.”

Zhuo Wen and Wang Xu felt awkward upon hearing her words.

“You shouldn’t think that way; they just haven’t adapted yet.”

Sun Yuan tried to cover for them.

“That’s right, the world had just been gamified, and the monsters had just appeared. Once we get used to it, we can kill the monsters too.”

Not wanting to be underestimated, Wang Xu argued back.

“Brother Sun is absolutely right!”

Zhang Qiuman smiled sweetly as she couldn’t be bothered with Wang Xu, but she wasn’t convinced by their words.

She despised Zhuo Wen and Wang Xu for running faster than her; they were both cowards. She disdained them for not even entertaining the thought of saving her, the damsel in distress.

Just look at brother Sun; he took on three spore monsters alone!

Looking towards Sun Yuan, she found him handsome, tall, and strong. Being near him gave her a sense of security.

Exactly her type!

Desire could be seen through her eyes as she blurted out, “Brother Sun, do you have a girlfriend?”

If only she had such a handsome and powerful boyfriend to protect her in the apocalyptic world.

“Senior, you shouldn’t be so reckless in the future; it’s too dangerous!”

Zhen Yu approached Sun Yuan and opened a bottle of mineral water before handing it to him. At the same time, she secretly snuck a glance towards Zhang Qiuman.

Little b*tch, how dare you covet my senior. Have you looked in the mirror?

Do you think you’re qualified?

Scram if you don’t score above an eight.

Zhang Qiuman’s heart froze when she saw Zhen Yu’s appearance.

It’s over. I can’t compete!

“I’m not reckless.”

Sun Yuan acted with a plan in mind, “There were a total of five spore monsters. When I had them split up, so did the spore monsters. No matter how unlucky they are, they wouldn’t possibly attract all five of them, right? I could easily deal with the spore monsters even if there were four of them.”

“Four is a lot!”

Zhao Limin shivered at the thought.

“Back at canteen 1, Senior had already faced off and won against four spore monsters simultaneously.”

Zhen Yu planted her hands on her hips.

As senior’s teammate, his achievements are also my achievements.

I’m not weird.


Lu Wenjun and the rest were stunned at this revelation.

How did they not realize his prowess in the past?

They must have been blind to not have noticed his abilities. 

“Brother Sun, you’re amazing.”

Zhang Qiuman flattered.

“Hehe, it doesn’t matter what you say. Sun Yuan likes Sheng Jingran from our class.”

Zhao Limin could no longer stand her explicit and undisguised manner of speaking.

Zhen Yu’s ears twitched.

Sheng Jingran, the goddess of the foreign language faculty?

Most girls with good grades, temperaments, and looks were all well known throughout the school.

Zhen Yu had heard of her before. In fact, she had once thought of interviewing her for the clout.

“Brother Sun, what do we do now?”

Zhang Qiuman was displeased. Under normal circumstances, she would have ripped Zhao Limin a new one considering her bad temper. However, she didn’t want to reveal her vulgar side before Sun Yuan.

B*tch, I’ll let you off for now.

“You guys should hide here for now; I’m going to hunt some monsters.”

Sun Yuan answered, intending to leave.

“Brother Sun, can you bring me with you?”

Zhang Qiuman pleaded.

“Great Saint, you aren’t usually so aggressive.”

Zhuo Wen was worried, “Don’t ever forget that this isn’t a game. You only have one life, so don’t take unnecessary risks.”

“Great Saint!”

Wang Xu poked Sun Yuan’s arm and leaned over, muttering softly, “Is she Nangong Yu’er?”

Hearing the question, Zhuo Wen turned to look at Zhen Yu.

He had also thought she looked similar, but Nangong Yu’er was a big creator with tons of fans. Her popularity on Shark TV and Bilibili was no joke. 

It was rumored that many large spenders were pursuing her. The rockets she received in a night were much more than what Sun Yuan spent in a month.1  

And Sun Yuan was merely a commoner.

How could they not be aware of each other’s background after sleeping in the same room for three years?

There was absolutely no way for any of them to meet Nangong Yu’er; the difference in their status was insurmountable. It was even more unlikely for her to take the initiative to hand over a bottle of mineral water.

“Hi everyone, my name is Zhen Yu. I’m also senior’s teammate so let’s look after one another from now on.”

Even though Zhen Yu gave a cold business smile, it was highly effective.

“You’re Nangong Yu’er?”

Feeling nervous, Wang Xu swallowed his saliva. He was a diehard fan of hers.


She nodded as she thanked him professionally, “Thank you for your support. Make sure to catch all my streams.”

“I will! I will!”

Wang Xu was so excited that he was going insane, “C-Can I have a picture with you?”


It was a small matter for Zhen Yu.

“Do you understand the situation you’re in? What’s the point of taking the picture?”

Sun Yuan frowned. The hour is almost up; it was more important to find a way to survive the tower of god.

“I agree. We should listen to senior!”

Zhen Yu swiftly agreed and apologized to Wang Xu, “Why don’t we save it for the next time we meet? Since you are senior’s friend, we’ll definitely meet a lot in the future.”

A wave of envy and jealousy washed over Wang Xu when he heard her words. It seems like she had a close relationship with Sun Yuan. At the very least, they seem friendly enough to enjoy a meal together.

“You won’t be attacked by the spore monsters if you stay at least 10 meters away from them.”

Sun Yuan turned and left.

Zhen Yu quickly followed while Zhang Qiuman trailed behind them.

“Brother Sun, why not let me carry your bag?”

Worried that Sun Yuan wouldn’t let her tag along, she reached out to pull his backpack. By contributing a little to the team, she schemed to stay.

It would be harder for Sun Yuan to reject her.

Seeing this, Lu Wenjun and Zhao Limin scuttled after them.

What a joke!

Zhuo Wen and Wang Xu were trash who couldn’t protect them; they were better off following Sun Yuan.

“No need.”

Twisting his body, he dodged Zhang Qiuman’s hand.

“Sun Yuan, we’ve bought some information just now, why don’t I send them to you? You can have a look when you have time.”

Fishing out her phone, Lu Wenjun started typing. She wanted Sun Yuan to owe her a favor.

“Great Saint, let me explain.”

Zhuo Wen had an awkward look on his face.

He had planned to share the information in person to avoid leaving evidence such as WeChat messages. He didn’t want to antagonize the class that was persuaded into isolating Sun Yuan.

But now that Lu Wenjun has brought up the topic, Zhuo Wen would look selfish and calculating if he defended himself.

“No need, I was informed already.”

Sun Yuan laughed.


Lu Wenjun froze and subconsciously turned towards Zhuo Wen.

It must be him.

Everyone knew they were good friends.


Zhuo Wen was startled as well.

Even he, the one with the best relationship with Sun Yuan, didn’t dare to leak the information, but someone dared do what he didn’t.

Who was it?

No matter how hard Zhuo Wen racked his brain, never in a million years would he have suspected Sheng Jingran. Not only did she share the information the moment she got it, but she also planned to invite him into her party.

“Sun Yuan, let’s go together. There is strength in numbers.”

Lu Wenjun advised, but her intention was clear.

Zhang Qiuman sneered as she thought back to how they were chased like headless chickens even though they were numerous.

She made up her mind to never leave Sun Yuan’s side.

“It was hard to find a fool in this day and age.”

Zhen Yu lamented.

Thankfully, I managed to be senior’s first teammate with my wits.

Sun Yuan was troubled.

They seemed as though they would follow him even if he said otherwise.

It wasn’t about the risk of traveling in a large group but how he would continue hunting rare monsters. 

It would arouse suspicion.

No matter how lucky one was, it was simply impossible to keep coming across rare monsters. 

Since he couldn’t leave, he might as well take the opportunity to try something.

“Are you there, Silver Trojan?”

He shouted thrice, but there was no response. 

Outside on the road was a group of people speeding over on their scooters. They stopped outside the library.

The man in the lead had an average face but a toned body. Wearing t-shirts and shorts, he had a 2.5 meters long silver spear slung over his shoulder.

“It’s Chu Yuntao!”

Zhang Qiuman’s eyes lit up.

As one of the four princes of Gu Cheng, he was very famous. Even though he was a scumbag, his family was wealthy. It was claimed that more than ten women had abortions because of him.

What about it?

He compensated them sufficiently.

“Bro, you’re a good man. Listen to me and surrender your equipment. There’s no need for a fight.”

Liao Wei was touched by Sun Yuan’s act of saving Zhuo Wen.

He didn’t want to see a good man suffer.

“They’re here to rob?”

Wang Xu’s heart skipped a beat; he was horrified.

“What equipment?”

The curious Zhang Qiuman looked at the gold and red baseball bat in Sun Yuan’s hand and assumed it was the one.

Entering the library, Zhu Yuntao inspected the students before him. He couldn’t help but whistle when he spotted Zhen Yu.

“Zhen Yu?”

Chu Yuntao laughed, “Why don’t you follow brother Chu? Brother Chu will protect you!”


Zhen Yu flatly rejected him.

Chu Yuntao copied Zhao Zilong2 as he spun his spear around, looking proud of himself, “We’ve accumulated experiences from killing over 20 spore monsters. At the rate we’re going, we’ll be clearing out the campus soon. Not only are you safe with use, but you’ll also receive equipment.”

Hearing this made Zhang Qiuman excited.

“To only kill 20 spore monsters with your numbers, aren’t you embarrassed?”

Zhen Yu mocked, “My senior Sun alone killed more than all of you combined.”

“Who doesn’t know how to brag?”

“How ridiculous. Why not say he made the game?”

“Killing 20 spore monsters alone? Wow, so strong!”

Chu Yuntao and his gang kicked up a fuss over what she said.

No one believed her.

They had witnessed and experienced the spore monsters’ strength for themselves.

Liao Wei felt helpless as Zhen Yu was telling the truth. With how Sun Yuan dominated the battle against four spore monsters, it was still debatable if Chu Yuntao could win even with 20 men.

“Besides, I already have my own equipment. I don’t need yours.”

Zhen Yu quickly took out her Angry slingshot equipped with a bird projectile; she was prepared for battle, “Do you see this? It was given by senior Sun.”


Chu Yuntao was shocked and looked towards Sun Yuan.

Equipment was precious in the early stages of the game; why did he give it away?

Was he a spendthrift?

Even though Chu Yuntao didn’t know Sun Yuan, he could recognize him without a doubt.

The two male students at the back didn’t even dare to make eye contact with him when he entered the library. Neither did they have the balls to step forward and shield the ladies. Only the one with the baseball bat was calm and collected.

He knew immediately that Sun Yuan was a formidable opponent.


1 Rockets are a donation item on Bilibili, 500 yuan each.

2 Zhang Zilong was a god of war from the romance of the three kingdoms.


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