GGGCBP Chapter 13


Chapter 13: Brother Great Saint’s Might

“I’m not giving it to you; I’m letting you borrow it.”

Sun Yuan wasn’t surprised by Zhen Yu’s refusal of the Angry slingshot. She didn’t look like the kind to take advantage of others.

“Aren’t you afraid I’ll escape with it?”

Zhen Yu found it strange as the weapon was useful for an ambush.

“Haha, are you that stupid?”

Sun Yuan answered with a question.

To Sun Yuan, it was merely another newbie weapon, but to a new player, the slingshot was a valuable weapon. As such, he tested Zhen Yu with it.

He could easily attain more equipment by hunting rare monsters; they even gave 1,000 points each.

As long as he had sufficient points, there was nothing he couldn’t buy.

Hence, using the slingshot to test her trustworthiness in deciding whether she could be part of his party was worthwhile.

On top of that, he couldn’t possibly face Chu Yuntao with a baseball bat and slingshot in each hand. Handing Zhen Yu the slingshot was simply maximizing its usage.

“This fairy has over 2 million fans online. How would I earn their adoration if I was stupid?”

Zhen Yu had both hands on her hips with a proud expression on her face.


Sun Yuan threw the Angry slingshot over to her.

“Hehe, thanks, senior!”

She held the slingshot with both hands and rubbed it against her cheeks, “You’re my baby from now on; I’ll treat you well.”

“Even though using the slingshot doesn’t require the technical know-how, with the angry birds tracking the enemy by themselves, I advise you to use it as little as possible. One projectile cost 10 points. It’s okay if you manage to kill a spore monster with one shot, but you’ll be losing out if you don’t.”

Sun Yuan enjoined.

“So expensive?”

Zhen Yu was tongue-tied. She had zero points to her name; she hadn’t earned any points so far, “How much does this slingshot cost in the store?”

“6,000 points excluding ammunition.”

Sun Yuan waved his bat as he continued, “The same as this fellow.”

Zhen Yu had a bitter look on her face as she clenched her toes, “Senior, you won’t make any unreasonable demand, will you? Let me make this clear, I’m selling my skills, not my body!”

Looking was prohibited.

If he really did so, she would rather part ways.

“Don’t worry, such equipment isn’t worth anything to me.”

Sun Yuan curled his lips, “What I want is the first kill equipment.”

“How do you get that?” 

Her eyes lit up.

“When the tower of god appears later, there will be all sorts of dangerous games and powerful monsters. The one at the top of the tower is the leader, or what we call the final boss.”

Sun Yuan explained to her, “The first player to kill the boss will receive a piece of equipment known as the first kill equipment. Not only is it strong, but it is also one of a kind.”

“I got it. Simply put, it is the reward for the first player to clear the tower?”

Zhen Yu suddenly felt restless; Sun Yuan seemed confident from his tone of voice.

Could it be that the thigh she was hugging was much thicker than she thought?

How exciting! 

Ten bird projectiles came with the slingshot. They were the size of a broad bean and shaped like a chubby red angry bird. 

How cute!

“Where to next?

Zhen Yu was eager to try her new equipment.

At the same time, her goodwill towards Sun Yuan increased.

Following a generous leader like him might not be a bad decision if the world is doomed.

Before Sun Yuan could even reply, cries for help could be heard from outside the library.

He approached the windows and spotted a group of students escaping from the direction of Yingcai supermarket. A cluster of spore monsters was frantically chasing after them.

In her rush to escape, a female student stumbled and fell. She was pounced on by two spore monsters before she could get up.


A foot-long and thick tongue forced itself into her mouth and went down her throat.

“Save me… Ugh…”

The undergraduate shouted for help but was forced to stop as she retched from the tongue entering her throat. She struggled with all her might to no avail.

No one moved to rescue her.

“How miserable!”

Zhen Yu trembled and subconsciously hugged Sun Yuan’s arm. 

Would she have met a similar fate if she hadn’t been saved by him?

“Go and hide!”

Sun Yuan quickened his steps as he ran downstairs.


Zhen Yu was startled, “Y-You’re going to save them?”

“Some of them are my classmates!”

Sun Yuan saw Zhao Limin, Lu Wenjun, Zhuo Wen, and Wang Xu. The other two behind were his roommates; he would save them if he could.

Liao Wei squatted on the steps leading to the library with a cigarette in his mouth. He repeatedly tapped the ground with the U-lock in his right hand.

Alerted by the cries for help, he immediately stood up and hid behind a pillar. Sneaking a peek from behind the pillar, Liao Wei saw a group of spore monsters chasing after some students.


Liao Wei was scared witless and ran into the library through the shattered glass doors.

He wanted to seek refuge with Sun Yuan. With his combat ability, they would definitely be able to escape unharmed.

A copious amount of blood flowed from the middle-aged spore monster’s corpse, making the floor slippery. In his haste, Liao Wei lost his footing and slipped. 


Liao Wei was almost scared to death when he landed on the still-warm corpse.

“How unlucky!”

Liao Wei cursed and hurriedly got up, only to see Sun Yuan running down the stairs, heading towards the exit.

“Don’t go out. The spore monsters are outside!”

Liao Wei reminded him urgently. 

Sun Yuan only shot him a glance before rushing out.

“F*ck, what’s he doing? Does he want to die?”

Liao Wei shook the blood off his hands and hid behind the glass as he peeped outside.

Sun Yuan bolted towards the escaping students.

“This… Is he saving them?”

Gaping at Sun Yuan in silence, Liao Wei was shocked by his action.

This must be what it means to be a hero.

“Great Saint, run!”

Zhuo Wen shouted towards Sun Yuan the moment he ran out of the library.

“Split up!”

Sun Yuan yelled.

After going through the deadly tripartite, Lu Wenjun, Zhao Limin, and Wang Xu admired Sun Yuan. 

Now that he had appeared before them, they promptly changed direction and ran towards him.

Other than the three of them, Lu Wenjun’s friends followed behind.

The rest didn’t know who Sun Yuan was and continued running along the pavements. This separated the spore monsters into two groups, three of them chasing after Lu Wenjun and friends.

As Sun Yuan charged, he brushed past Zhuo Wen.

“What’re you doing?”

Zhuo Wen was shocked and subconsciously reached out to hold Sun Yuan back, “Are you trying to die?”

He then heard a loud bang. Turning his head, he witnessed the scene of Sun Yuan destroying the monster’s head with his baseball bat.

“So fierce?”

His eyes were popping out of his head with astonishment; when did his roommate get so strong?

It was as if a deity had descended. 

As Lu Wenjun and Zhao Limin couldn’t outrun the guys, they fell behind. Adding on the fact that they rarely exercised, their legs started to slow down.

Seeing Sun Yuan kill a spore monster ignited their hope for survival; feeling invigorated, they shouted out.

“Sun Yuan, save me!”

Both Lu Wenjun and Zhao Limin cried for help.

“Don’t stop! Keep running!”

Sun Yuan encouraged them.

Lu Wenjun was fine, but the slightly chubby Zhao Limin was panted as she slowed down.


A spore monster growled and quickened its steps; it jumped and pounced towards Zhao Limin with all its strength.

Not having the leisure of targeting its head, Sun Yuan engaged the spore monster before him with a strike to the shoulder, lifting it off the ground. He then threw his baseball bat with a flick of his hand.


Zhao Limin shrieked in fear as she was pushed down by the spore monster.

As it extended its thick tongue to implant its eggs, a baseball bat struck the back of its head. The tongue grazed past Zhao Limin’s cheeks as it missed, leaving a trail of gooey saliva.

“Save me!”

Zhao Limin shouted and peed in fear.

Like a cheetah hunting its prey, Sun Yuan advanced 7 meters with a single leap, appearing before Zhao Limin. His right arm shot out, catching the bat before it landed, and swung it towards the monster’s head.


As the head exploded, bodily fluid covered Zhao Limin’s face.

“Behind you!”

Zhen Yu and Zhuo Wen shouted simultaneously.

Sun Yuan heard the whistling of the wind made by the monster charging towards him. Knowing that he didn’t have the time to turn around, he made a split-second decision to smash his left elbow backwards. 


The spore monster staggered back with an elbow to its face.

An ordinary person would never have the strength to send a spore monster staggering with an elbow, but Sun Yuan was special. His Street Fighter gloves tripled his physical abilities, increasing his strength and dexterity.

Immediately after the elbow connected, Sun Yuan turned and reached the monster’s flank in two steps, pummeling it.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Howling tragically, the newborn spore monster fell to the ground. It wanted to retaliate but was stomped on the back by Sun Yuan; it couldn’t move.


Despite seeing how Sun Yuan farmed the spore monsters back in canteen 1, he was still struck speechless by what he had just witnessed.

Was this the fabled aestheticization of violence?

Zhuo Wen and the rest were transfixed by the scene.

They had previously seen how a male student was tackled to the ground when he tried to take on a spore monster, resulting in the implantation of its eggs via the tongue.

Why was it that when the spore monsters faced off against Sun Yuan, they seemed so weak?

One against three?

Sun Yuan quickly swept them away

[You have killed 3 spore monsters, + 30 points.]

Lifting his head, Sun Yuan saw that two students were knocked over and had eggs implanted in them. 

The rest of the group took the chance to escape.

“Go into the library!”

Sun Yuan urged.

“Senior, aren’t you overpowered? To think I wanted to lend you a hand.”

Zhen Yu noticed that Sun Yuan was getting accustomed to killing spore monsters.

This was apparent during combat where he made rapid improvements as he consolidated his experiences.

“Great Saint, I never knew you had trained your body in the three years we’ve slept together.”

Pinching Sun Yuan’s biceps, Zhuo Wen spoke as he found them tough.

“Brother Great Saint, you’re overwhelmingly powerful. If it weren’t for you, we would be dead by now.”

Wang Xu was terrified.

In the second game of the deadly tripartite, he had chosen to abandon his teeth. His words sounded airy without them as he couldn’t articulate properly.

“Sun Yuan, waaaaah!”

Zhao Limin wanted to thank him but ended up crying instead.

“Wang Fang, Zhang Qiuman, this is my classmate, Sun Yuan!”

Lu Wenjun introduced Sun Yuan to her friends.

She felt a sense of pride in her heart when she spoke because they wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her classmate, Sun Yuan.


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