GGGCBP Chapter 12


Chapter 12: Lucky mascot

“Where are we going?”

Zhen Yu waited for Sun Yuan to get on the scooter before sitting down on the basket. Instead of looking tomboyish, her petite size made her cute.

“Library 1.”

About 30 meters from the entrance of Gu Cheng university was an ancient building. It wasn’t suitable as a teaching building, so it had since been refurbished into a library. 

Zhen Yu frowned in thought.

Why did they have to go all the way to library 1?

There were plenty of monsters in the nearby teaching buildings. Spore monsters were also wandering about on the road. 

Are the monsters there special?

When Zhen Yu thought of such a possibility, her lips twitched, but she managed to rein in her curiosity. 

A beautiful fairy should know when to play dumb.

“Senior, that sneaky bastard is following us.”

Zhen Yu was cautious and had kept an eye on the canteen door. To no one’s surprise, the guy with the U-lock followed them on his scooter. 

“He’s definitely aiming for your equipment! I just don’t know if he’s acting on his own or scouting for Chu Yuntao.”

Things would get troublesome if it was the latter.

Chu Yuntao had a strong familial background; he was not to be trifled with.

“Stop guessing; it’s definitely under Chu Yuntao’s order. A sane person wouldn’t have dared lust after my equipment after watching me slaughter the spore monsters.”

Sun Yuan analyzed.

“Senior is absolutely right.”

Zhen Yu suddenly tapped her knuckles against her head in realization.

How vexing.

Senior wouldn’t think that I’m stupid, right?

Please don’t despise me!

Zhen Yu turned around and snuck a peek at Sun Yuan; his calmness evoked her curiosity as she asked, “Aren’t you afraid? Chu Yuntao is not easy to deal with.”

“If we were still in a society governed by the law where money is synonymous with power, a commoner child like me would definitely not be his match. But that world has already ended.”

Sun Yuan smiled, “Now, the harder fist wins.”

Sun Yuan can easily face off against ten people with his Explosive bat and Street Fighter gloves. He had purposely let the U-lock guy go to report back to Chu Yuntao.

Because Chu Yuntao would be entering the tiger’s den if he came. 

It was not known whether he had any good equipment on him.

Sun Yuan was anticipating his arrival.


Zhen Yu was surprised as she didn’t expect Sun Yuan to be prepared.

His calm demeanor when he spoke was so domineering!

It’s a pity she didn’t take a picture, how regretful!

The scooter did its job as it shortened the time they took to travel from canteen 1 to library 1 from 10 to 3 minutes.

Sun Yuan pressed down on the brake with his feet planted on the ground, slowing to a stop.

The entrance was devoid of movement besides a few spore monsters wandering about.

“Wait here.”

Sun Yuan ordered after parking the scooter. With the bat in hand, he ran up the steps.

Crouching down, he entered the library through the broken glass door.

Manning the circulation desk was a middle-aged female staff with curly and light red hair.

Initially in a daze, she let out a growl when Sun Yuan entered. She climbed onto the desk, intending to implant her eggs in him.

Unfortunately, her chubby body weighed her down, and she wasn’t as deft as she thought. She lost her footing and fell from the desk.


Her flesh wobbled like a meatloaf landing on the ground.

Upon transforming into a spore monster, her sense of pain had numbed. She picked herself up to continue the attack, but Sun Yuan didn’t give her a chance.

Taking a step forward, the bat drew a home run.


She fell like a gutted pig when her head shattered. The stench of blood filled the air as it spilled from her neck.

“Ah! This auntie also transformed.”

Zhen Yu entered the library and felt sad when she saw the scene.

“Your acquaintance?”

Sweeping his gaze over the first floor, Sun Yuan counted 30 over spore monsters, two of which were already rushing over.

“We chatted before when I came to borrow some books. Her son liked to watch my streams. She wanted me to become an idol to motivate and energize him.”

Zhen Yu explained.

“Looks can be deceiving. I didn’t expect you to read.”

Sun Yuan was surprised, “How did you find the time to read between studying and streaming?” 

“Time is just like clea- uh, time is just like the water in a sponge, you can find some if you squeeze hard enough.1 Besides, streaming is a job for the young. I can’t possibly do it forever, can I?”

Zhen Yu pouted, “Furthermore, if I’m going to stream my whole life, I’ll be living off donations. How can I entertain my viewers and gain support and adoration with just a pretty face? I’m not willing to be a skin-showing streamer.”

She hated getting comments asking her to reveal some skin. 


Sun Yuan was honestly impressed by her. She didn’t rely on only luck but worked hard enough to achieve success.


Zhen Yu gave a sweet smile, “Now that I’m a part of your team, you have to take good care of me.”

“It depends on how well you perform.”

When he played online games in the past, he once dreamed of joining a party full of beauty. However, every party he met was full of guys. He never thought that his dream would come true in real life.

Sun Yuan went upstairs when he didn’t detect any moldy stench on the first floor. Even though there were only about 20 spore monsters on the second floor, the small space made it seem as though there were more than that.

Sun Yuan began baiting the monsters over with pebbles.

As the seventh monster approached, his eyes brightened when he smelled the moldy stench wafting off its body.

The rare monster had appeared.

It was a male undergraduate with thick glasses and acne scars on his face.


The rare monster leaped to no avail. The moment the battle started, the Street Fighter gloves activated its effects.

The tripling of his physical abilities allowed him to crush the monster with ease.

[You have killed 1 rare spore monster, + 1,000 points.]

Great, he gained the equivalent of an attribute stone.

Sun Yuan was extremely satisfied.

As the monster collapsed, two balls of golden light came out of its body.

“Woah, items appear again, and there’s even two of them!”

Zhen Yu made a clapping motion in celebration but restrained herself to air claps so as to not alert the nearby spore monsters.

“Haha, how lucky!”

It was out of his expectation as well.

Very rarely did a rare monster drop two items in the game.

Could Zhen Yu really be a lucky mascot, bringing luck to the party?

“Quick, open it up.”

Zhen Yu urged.

She knew how to behave and did not reach out to pick them up.

“You can help pick them up if there are outsiders around.”

Sun Yuan exhorted her.

Whoever killed the monster gets the item?

Sorry but such rules don’t exist. It belongs to whoever picks it up.


Zhen Yu nodded heavily. She had been accepted by Sun Yuan, right?

She was elated.

“If Zhen Yu had not left the party, she would be able to see the item details. As such, she could only observe through Sun Yuan’s screen when he checked.

“It’s beautiful!”

Zhen Yu was stunned and screamed when she saw the bean-shaped object after the light dissipated.

Hidden within the smaller ball of light was a bean the size of a fingernail. The round milky white was as smooth as silk and emanated a warm glow.

An image of a female angel could be seen on the bean. The light radiating softly formed a pair of white wings on the side of the bean.

Name: Angel’s Love

Type: Medicine

Rarity: Rare

Effects: Upon consumption, it immediately heals all physical injuries, stops bleeding, and relieves pain. It can heal even the most severe of injuries and restore physical strength. The treatment duration is proportional to the severity of the injury sustained. A heavier injury would require more time to heal. It is ineffective against diseases, toxins, and mental injuries.

Special effects: Excessive consumption can lead to drug dependence.

Remarks: Be a healthy person by feeding horses, chopping some firewood, or touring the world.

“Good stuff!”

Zhen Yu couldn’t help but express her excitement when she read the details, “Having an Angel’s Love was equivalent to a second life.”


Sun Yuan nodded in agreement. He didn’t expect to obtain Angel’s Love so early in the game. He was planning to buy some basic healing items before entering the tower of god.

There was no such thing as having too many healing items.

“How much does it cost in the store? It must be expensive.”

Zhen Yu wanted to purchase an entire bottle if it was at a reasonable price.

“A pill costs 10,000 points.”

Sun Yuan was familiar with the prices of healing items.

“So expensive?”

Zhen Yu was discouraged, “Doesn’t that mean I have to kill 1,000 spore monsters?”

She understood the importance of attribute points through Sun Yuan. If she had that number of points, she would buy some attribute stones instead.

“I suggest you buy a variety of cheap healing items. You’re better off waiting for a monster to drop this kind of pill.”

Sun Yuan consoled, “You would be wasting the pill if your injuries aren’t severe enough.”

“You’re right!”

Zhen Yu felt better. As a mascot, she wouldn’t be charging into battles anyway. “What’s the other item?”

“Angry slingshot.”

Sun Yuan sent her the item information.

Name: Angry slingshot

Type: Mid-range weapon

Range: Maximum range of 250 meters, an effective range of 200 meters

Ammunition: Bird projectile

Rarity: Elite

Effects: Upon reaching 10 meters from the enemy, the projectile would become an angry bird. It would strive to hit the enemy no matter how they dodge, exploding on impact. 

Special Effects: The player will feel rage while using the weapon. When the anger can no longer be suppressed, the player will want to destroy everything in sight.

Remarks: I’m the king of destruction, and I never miss.

“What an interesting weapon!”

Zhen Yu was desirous of the weapon. She could let loose projectiles while hiding at the back; it suited her well.

“You can hold on to it for now.”

Sun Yuan passed the slingshot to Zhen Yu.


Zhen Yu was thunderstruck and didn’t know how to react.


This was too precious!

I only followed you because you could protect me while I adapt to the game. I wasn’t planning on giving myself to you!

“I… I can’t accept it!”

Even though the slingshot felt good in her hands, like playing with an anime figurine, she stuffed it back into Sun Yuan’s hand.


1 original saying, 时间就像乳沟,只要挤一挤总还是有的, time is just like a cleavage, you can find some if you squeeze hard enough


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