GGGCBP Chapter 11


Chapter 11: Hunting rare monsters

After the call, Liao Wei entered the canteen to find six spore monsters’ corpses on the first floor.

“F*ck, he killed so many monsters in the time I took to make a call?”

Liao Wei gulped down a mouthful of saliva. Despite feeling shocked, he was much more envious of Sun Yuan’s killing spree and gained points.

“Bro, how did you train that body of yours?”

Liao Wei initiated a conversation as his eyes roamed over Sun Yuan, inspecting his body seriously. 

With a height of about 1.8 meters, Sun Yuan had a slender build which hid his enormous strength. He was also agile enough to avoid a pincer attack by two spore monsters. 

“Something’s not right. His agility is inhuman.”

Liao Wei once practised boxing for 6 months. With this experience, he could appreciate the technicality and difficulty behind Sun Yuan’s actions as he dodged. If Liao Wei were to inform the boxing club owner regarding Sun Yuan’s ability, he would definitely be scouted as a pro boxer.

Sun Yuan turned a deaf ear to Liao Wei as he stared straight at a female undergraduate spore monster. 

She gave off an energetic vibe with her blue denim skirt, striped shirt, and small floppy hat. Unfortunately, she had already transformed into a spore monster.

Sun Yuan sniffed the air and detected a strong moldy stench emanating from her body.

He was sure that she was a rare monster.

Whenever a message popped up on the screen informing him of such a stench in the game, it usually meant that he had encountered a rare monster.

The real world was vastly different from the game. It wasn’t as convenient, and players had to rely on their senses to judge and decide. 

“Senior, what’s wrong?”

Zhen Yu, who hid nearby, was perplexed by Sun Yuan’s behavior. Zhen Yu wondered if the reason he was reluctant to kill the spore monster was that she was his type.


Zhen Yu felt that the dull undergraduate stood no chance against herself. 

“I’m just tired.”

Sun Yuan made a half-hearted excuse. 

Rare monsters were freebies in the games; they were easy to kill. But Sun Yuan wasn’t sure how they were in real life. He would be in trouble if they got buffed. 

Sun Yuan took precautionary measures by wiping out the five spore monsters nearby.

[You have killed 5 spore monsters, + 50 points.]

His actions aroused the suspicions of Liao Wei and Zhen Yu.

“What’s so special about this spore monster?”

Liao Wei asked as he inspected the spore monster with his eyes wide open but was unable to spot any difference. She still had a swollen head with green textured skin. 

“She’s an acquaintance.”

Sun Yuan had long prepared an excuse to cover his weird behaviors.


Zhen Yu sighed.

Liao Wei had no doubt that he would be at a loss if he spotted a familiar face among the spore monsters. He would also be hesitant to act.

Sun Yuan circled around to her back and took a deep breath. His body tilted forward as he sprinted explosively.


His 10 dexterity points, the limit of an ordinary human, fully displayed its effects as he quickly covered 20 meters in a flash. 

The rare monster reacted immediately and tried to turn around, but Sun Yuan was too fast.

He reached her before she turned and swung the Explosive bat towards her head.


Her head exploded in a shower of skull fragments and minced meat. 

The floppy hat flew up before gently landing on one of the canteen tables.


Worried that she was still alive, Sun Yuan hit her again in the chest.

“Bro, hitting the chest is in bad taste. You’re already an adult; can’t you hit somewhere else?”

Liao Wei jested with a laugh, “I would hit her butt instead.”

“Can you show some respect?”

Sun Yuan frowned.

He only wanted but failed to destroy her heart. He didn’t have any other intention.

Blunt weapons like his bat all had the same weakness. Besides the strength requirement, it wasn’t as destructive as a sharp weapon.

He could sweep, stab, slash, and thrust.


The spore monster collapsed onto the floor.

[You have killed 1 rare spore monster, + 1,000 points.]

Sun Yuan couldn’t control himself and smiled when he heard the notification.


Killing a rare monster was equivalent to gaining an attribute stone; it even drops equipment. What a great deal!

His greatest takeaway was that a rare monster wasn’t stronger than its regular counterparts. 

Sun Yuan would be killed by Silver Trojan if it knew that Sun Yuan possessed the knowledge of the rare monster’s spawn point as a closed beta player. 

He was breaking the game balance.

The spore monster dropped a golden ball of light the size of a coconut.

“Motherf*cker, another piece of equipment?”

Liao Wei looked upon the light as he struggled to contain himself. If it wasn’t because he couldn’t beat Sun Yuan, he would have tried to steal it.

Even an idiot understood that every additional piece of equipment would significantly increase the chance of survival in the game’s early stages.

“Senior, how lucky can you get?”

Zhen Yu was so envious that she could die.

As a game streamer, she understood the worth of such equipment.

Many rich players spent money on games they played; they usually spent between a couple thousand and tens of thousands. Some players were even willing to pay a few hundred thousand yuan to obtain a set of the best equipment available. 

But those were all games. No matter how godly their equipment and mounts were, they were still the same person in real life. 

Now that the world has been gamified and invaded by spores, every piece of equipment on the player would elevate their combat power, effectively raising their chances of survival.

If Sun Yuan didn’t have his Explosive bat by his side, Liao Wei would have attempted to snatch his equipment.

Sun Yuan chortled as he picked up the ball of light.

The light rapidly dissipated, revealing a pair of owl-styled safety glasses.

[Congratulations, you have obtained a pair of owl glasses.]

“What does it do?”

Liao Wei approached and reached out his hand.

The safety glasses were the kind worn by the Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention personnel.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Zhen Yu was vigilant, and she deployed her pepper spray towards his outstretched hand as a warning.

“It’s not even yours; why do you care?”

Liao Wei grumbled.

“Hmph! It is my duty as a member to protect my leader’s interest!”

Zhen Yu answered righteously.

“It’s just a pair of glasses.”

Sun Yuan said uncaringly.

When he picked up the glasses, the description popped up, but he already knew the details.

The glasses were something he used a lot in the game he played.

Name: Owl glasses

Type: Auxiliary equipment

Rarity: Elite

Effects: Grants protection against the elements when equipped. You would be able to see as clear as day during the night. It also serves as a telescope, allowing you to magnify your vision. You can even read the text on an iPhone 500 meters away.

Special Effects: X-ray vision would activate occasionally. Usage over a long period would result in dizziness, vomiting, etcetera. 

Remarks: Please behave appropriately, do not peep.

Sun Yuan put on the glasses and looked around the canteen.

When he tried the magnification function, everything in the distance immediately became clear. The glasses were a blessing for those with myopia.


Zhen Yu covered her mouth as she chuckled. With his tall stature, Sun Yuan looked silly in the owl-shaped glasses.

“Your acquaintance sure treated you well; she even left you a parting gift.”

Liao Wei was feeling as sour as vinegar. 

“Let’s go!”

Sun Yuan removed the glasses and kept them in his backpack. He readied himself for the next rare monster as he called Zhen Yu.

Now, monsters could appear anytime and anywhere; it didn’t matter day or night. Hence, the glasses would allow players to fight better at night. 

“Hmm? You’re not killing anymore?”

Liao Wei was startled. If he could kill the spore monsters as quickly as Sun Yuan did, he would clear out the canteen.

“I’m hungry.”

Sun Yuan randomly threw out an excuse but Zhen Yu, who was following behind, took his words seriously as she passed him some chocolate.

“Senior, this is for you.”

Zhen Yu was very caring and even opened the packaging for him.

“Do you know that food is precious now?”

Sun Yuan didn’t accept the chocolate.

Food and medicine were resources that everyone would fight for. Even though they can be purchased from the game store, it was simply too expensive.

The strong would definitely steal from the weak. 

“Doesn’t matter; I know that you’ll keep me fed!”

Zhen Yu giggled. When she saw that Sun Yuan still refused to accept her chocolate, she tiptoed and shoved it towards his mouth.

Sun Yuan dodged hurriedly.

“How flirtatious!”

As Liao Wei watched the two of them flirting as they left, he cursed. He then took out his phone and called Chu Yuntao.

“What’s up? Is that punk still killing monsters?”

Chu Yuntao asked darkly.

“No, he stopped.”

Was there any point in killing a few more monsters?

He already killed the most valuable monster.


As Chu Yuntao thought his prestige scared Sun Yuan, he smiled proudly.

“Brother Chu, have you gotten any equipment?”

Liao Wei asked.

“Not yet. Why?”

Chu Yuntao wasn’t stupid; he understood what Liao Wei wanted to convey, “He got some?”


Just as Liao Wei affirmed, he heard Chu Yuntao cursing away over the phone. Afraid that Chu Yuntao would blame him for not stopping Sun Yuan, he quickly explained, “Brother Chu calm down. He was merely lucky. It’s impossible to know which or where the monster would drop equipment.”

Liao Wei decided to hide the fact that Sun Yuan had gotten an attribute stone from Chu Yuntao to prevent him from blowing a fuse.

“What did he get?”

 Chu Yuntao queried.

“He got a pair of glasses; I don’t know its effect. But I know he has a powerful baseball bat. In game terms, I feel that it’s likely the most powerful weapon available now.”

Liao Wei then added, “It’s probably stronger than your silver spear.”

“Tail him!”

Chu Yuntao ordered.


Liao Wei understood that Chu Yuntao wanted to steal Sun Yuan’s equipment, but Sun Yuan wasn’t a pushover.

Oh no!

He would offend Chu Yuntao if he didn’t tail Sun Yuan, but what if Sun Yuan attacks him…

“Brother Chu, I can’t win against him!”

Liao Wei felt powerless.

“Brother Wei, I wouldn’t mistreat you.”

Chu Yuntao ordered, “Don’t worry, you just need to observe him from a distance. Don’t alert him; I’ll bring some people over right now.”

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