GGGCBP Chapter 10


Chapter 10: Strength + 1


Sun Yuan threw a pebble to lure another spore monster over.

Although Chu Yuntao had already informed them via WeChat that they wouldn’t be attacked as long as they stayed at least 10 meters away from the spore monsters. Liao Wei was still cautious as he hid far away.

He only had one life. His chances of survival would fall significantly in the subsequent games if he were to get injured.


Liao Wei sized up Sun Yuan and thought that those who took the initiative to combat the spore monsters were all a few screws loose.

Were they not afraid?


A female undergraduate spore monster had her head blown off; her dark red blood pooled where she fell.


His jaw dropped when he saw what had happened. His mouth formed an ‘O’ shape so wide that it could fit a whole fist. 

It died just like that.

He had witnessed firsthand how laborious it was for Chu Yuntao and the rest to deal with the spore monsters.

The spore monsters had their strength, speed, and combat ability greatly enhanced when they transformed. It was impossible to fight them barehanded even with three adults.

Ka-sha! Ka-sha!

Zhen Yu continued taking photos. 

“Bro, where did you get that baseball bat?”

Liao Wei asked as he put on a friendly attitude.

He didn’t have a choice; Sun Yuan could make short work of three spore monsters.

Sun Yuan was too strong!

Liao Wei quickly hid the U-lock behind him as he thought.

To think he threatened Sun Yuan, he was really seeking death!

Liao Wei felt sick with apprehension.

On the other hand, Sun Yuan merely ignored him.

“Bro, now that the world has been gamified, we should be helping each other! C’mon, don’t be so selfish.”

Liao Wei tried to persuade him.

“Then why did you try to chase us away just now? You wanted to hoard all the monsters for your group.” Zhen Yu sneered.

“Sigh, how am I supposed to defy Chu Yuntao’s orders?” Liao Wei answered resignedly. 

“The bat must have cost at least 10,000 points, right? It was really powerful with the explosive effects.”

Liao Wei tried to bait Zhen Yu into answering his question.

“10,000 points? You won’t even get the chance to touch it!”

She replied with contempt.

“It must have dropped from a spore monster then.”

Liao Wei pondered. The silver spear Chu Yuntao was using also dropped from a spore monster. It was also the reason why he dared to hunt them.

“You got them too?”

Sun Yuan raised his eyebrows as he marveled at their luck.


Since they weren’t on the same side, Liao Wei chose to not reply.

“Senior, you need to focus!”

Zhen Yu kindly reminded him.

As Sun Yuan looked over at all the spore monsters on the square, he decided to speed things up.

There was never a lack of courageous people in the world. Instead of hiding away, they decided to face the danger head-on. 

They were known as the strong.

All the rare monsters were gifts prepared by Silver Trojan for the strong. Not only were they worth more points, but they also dropped equipment.


Sun Yuan threw a pebble towards a group of spore monsters.

Four of them were alerted, and they rushed over.


Seeing so many of them charging towards Sun Yuan, Liao Wei laughed as he gloated.


Despite feeling apprehensive, Zhen Yu suddenly stepped forward. She retrieved her mobile phone from her pocket and threw it towards a spore monster.

She wanted to reduce the pressure on Sun Yuan by luring one spore monster away.

“Don’t worry, I can handle this.”

Sun Yuan was flabbergasted but hurriedly stopped her. Although he was touched by her actions, he was also worried that she would get hurt. 

“I’ll like to see your confidence crumble when you die!”

Liao Wei exclaimed as he curled his lips.

The two approaching spore monsters were male, while the other two lagging behind were female. 

Sun Yuan instantly sped up as he dashed away, covering 30 meters in the blink of an eye.

“F*ck. How is he so fast?”

Liao Wei was shocked to the core. With his speed, Sun Yuan could have competed in the Olympics.

As the spore monsters charged, it was apparent that they possessed different levels of ability. Those who ran faster were at the front, and vice versa. This was the situation Sun Yuan envisioned; he wanted to split them up to avoid getting surrounded.

When the first spore monster got near him, Sun Yuan swung the Explosive bat with all of his strength. 


As the head exploded, Sun Yuan kicked it in the stomach.


The corpse flew backward as though it had been hit by a car. It crashed towards the second spore monster, smashing it into the ground.

Sun Yuan darted towards it and swung the bat towards its head.


Its skull cracked and burst open, spraying its contents all over the floor.

Sun Yuan then retreated three steps as he planned his next moves.

The two bodies could probably delay one of the spore monsters.

As he expected, one was delayed while the other decided to pounce towards him like a cheetah hunting its prey.

The baseball bat swung outwards.


It sliced through the air but failed to make contact. The female spore monster reached out to grab the bat.


Even though it was slammed to the ground, it didn’t let go.

His pupil dilated as he felt danger. The spore monster had already formed some semblance of intelligence. 

The fourth spore monster pounced towards Sun Yuan to get past the corpses.

As her mouth stretched open, a tongue the thickness of a foot-long leech shot towards Sun Yuan’s mouth, intending to implant her eggs.

Liao Wei couldn’t be bothered with Sun Yuan anymore. He got on his scooter and was prepared to escape at a moment’s notice.


Zhen Yu was sweating profusely. She wanted to help but didn’t know how to.

Her legs lost all strength under the terrifying gaze of the spore monsters.


Sun Yuan stretched out his left hand and grabbed the fourth spore monster by the hair. He pushed her head down as he raised his right leg, smashing his knee into her face.


Her face caved in as her facial bones shattered. 


Fresh blood pooled over the floor.


Sun Yuan stomped down hard onto her calf.


He snapped her calf bone in half. Sun Yuan then threw her by the hair; she rolled over 10 meters away.

When Sun Yuan saw that the third spore monster was still holding onto the bat in his hand, he immediately let go. He then lunged towards her and unleashed three punches towards her eyes.

Peng! Peng! Peng!


Liao Wei was thoroughly shocked by Sun Yuan’s ferocity.

How is he human?

He’s definitely a beast in human clothing!

The spore monster was enraged and shot her tongue out as she tried to seize him with both arms.

Sun Yuan chose to ignore the incoming hands as he took the opportunity to grab her by the head, giving it a good twist.


He twisted the head 270 degrees, effectively breaking her cervical vertebrae.

Her body lost all strength as she crumpled to the ground, paralyzed.

Spore monsters were highly resilient. They could even survive such grievous injuries.

The spore monster that Sun Yuan threw managed to get back up as she limped her way over.

Sun Yuan retrieved his baseball bat and swung it aggressively towards her.

Every hit was accompanied by an explosion. The blunt impact and the fire damage caused the spore monster to screech in pain. 

He was lucky that it was currently rest time, or many more spore monsters would have been attracted by the sound.


Sun Yuan took a deep breath as he looked at the four bodies. He wasn’t as tired as he thought he would be. He only felt some lingering tension and excitement; he was fighting for real after all. It was totally different from controlling an in-game character.

It dawned upon him that this was reality.

“Senior, are you injured?”

Zhen Yu ran towards Sun Yuan and took out a piece of tissue paper, cleaning the blood splatters on his face.

“I’m fine!”

When Sun Yuan killed the spore monster with intelligence, a fist-sized ball of golden light came out of its body.

[You have killed 4 spore monsters, + 40 points.]

“It dropped an item?”

Sun yuan was surprised.

He picked up the ball of light.

It soon dissipated, leaving behind a peanut-sized stone.

“What’s that?”

Zhen Yu asked curiously.

The translucent round stone was prettier than an emerald. 

“It’s a strength attribute stone; it will raise your strength by one when consumed!”

Sun Yuan explained, “You can get one in the game store for 1,000 points.”

A glint appeared in Liao Wei’s eyes as he listened on the side, “Bro, are you willing to sell the stone? I’ll pay 100,000 yuan!”

“I’ll buy all of your stones for 1,000,000 yuan each!”

Zhen Yu scorned.


Liao Wei knew that the yuan was no longer a valid currency in the gamified world. He only wanted to cheat the greedy and the unaware; he felt awkward when he was rebutted by Zhen Yu.

Attribute stones were a precious commodity that aroused the greed of others. As such, he cleaned it on his clothes before popping it into his mouth.  

As it enters his stomach, a burst of warm energy appears within his abdominal area. It then spread throughout the body as he felt a surge of strength.

Sun Yuan could observe that his muscles had toughened while maintaining his flexibility.

[Strength + 1]

Sun Yuan was motivated by the harvest and cleared the square within 10 minutes, gaining 560 points.

He made a killing.

“Let’s enter the canteen.”

Sun Yuan directed Zhen Yu as he walked towards the canteen.

“Bro, you still want to continue?”

Liao Wei caught up to him as he persuaded, “I think you’ve earned enough; you should leave the rest for us.”

“You can kill the monsters if you want. No one is stopping you.”

Sun Yuan sneered.

Liao Wei wanted to chase him away; was he that easy to bully? 

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you; these monsters were reserved by Chu Yuntao.”

When Sun Yuan gave him the cold shoulders, he was livid but helpless against him. Liao Wei could only give Chu Yuntao a call.

The call was answered after three rings.

“Brother Wei, how’s the situation over at the canteen? Are there a lot of monsters?”

It was apparent that Chu Yuntao was exhausted after a battle; he sounded slightly out of breath.

“There was, but not anymore.”

Liao Wei answered depressingly.

“What happened? Was it Tang Yan’s group?”

Chu Yuntao knew that the Tang Yan siblings were also killing monsters.

“No, it wasn’t Tang Yan. It was a kid who came out of nowhere.”

When Liao Wei recalled how Sun Yuan abandoned his bat to pummel the spore monsters with his fist, he felt a chill down his spine. He wouldn’t dare do so if he was in the same position.

“Brother Chu, you guys should hurry over before he clears out the place.”

“Did you tell him that the monsters belonged to me?”

Chu Yuntao was displeased.

“I did, but he didn’t care.”

Liao Wei was helpless.

“Is the U-lock you carry about a toy? Weren’t you very fierce when you sent your roommate to the hospital?”

Chu Yuntao mocked.


Liao Wei felt wronged. He would have long made a move if his opponent was a noob. But against Sun Yuan, he wouldn’t dare, or else he would be the one lying in the hospital.

“Make sure to tell him that every monster in Gu Cheng university belongs to me! I’ll deal with anyone who dares touch my property. I still need to farm some points; see you later.”

Chu Yuntao ended the call.


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