GGGCBP Chapter 1


Chapter 1: Game is online, official release 

Gu Cheng University, teaching building, classroom 302.

[Congratulations, you have defeated the final boss and attained every achievement, becoming the only player to clear the game. Your rewards have been distributed, do remember to check!]

[In a minute, the game will be officially released!]

[We wish you a pleasant gaming experience!]

Sun Yuan read the system notifications and lowered his phone as he leaned back against the chair.

I finally completed this mobile game after three years, from freshman to senior year.  

Come to think of it, I should still be the only closed beta player, right?

Regardless, Sun Yuan played for three years without encountering any other players. Despite being advertised as an online game, it was basically a single-player game. 

“The game is fun, what a pity not many people know about it due to its bad marketing.”

Sun Yuan felt that the game was doomed with its rushed development. 


Thunder roared as it started to rain.

Sun Yuan was stunned when he turned his head and glanced out the window.

Was the rain pink?

“All these are going to be on the test, you must remember them.”

Teacher Yao rapped the blackboard behind the podium.

However, none of the students took it to heart as he repeated the same line every lesson.

As teacher Yao was about to repeat himself, a black cube the size of a basketball appeared out of thin air. Silver arcs of electricity crackled around it. 

“Greetings, dear players. The closed beta testing of ‘Civilization Attack’ has officially ended in galaxy G63154, known to you as the Milky Way. As of right now, the game has been officially released!”

The gender-neutral voice reverberated jokingly in the classroom. 

“I am Silver Trojan, the game manager of this region. I am responsible for publishing missions, calculating rewards, scoring evaluations, as well as handing out punishments for rulebreakers.”

This sudden occurrence confused and bewildered everyone in the class. 

What in the world was happening?

Could it be a movie shoot?

“There is no meaning in studying, and working part-time is tiring, but you will be deemed the dregs of society if you do not partake in these activities. Not only will you be abandoned by your families, but you are also unqualified to pursue your love interest.”

“However, the chance to change your life is here!”

“Global gamification and monster invasion is occurring as I speak. You could have been rich, poor, a business owner, or a normal staff member. It matters not what your previous identities were, but from now on, all of you will be a player!”

“All of you will be competing on a level playing field with your own abilities determining victory or defeat.”

Silver Trojan suddenly emitted a clicking sound, releasing a copious amount of silver electric arcs. 

The arcs were like fish in the water, swimming throughout the classroom only to drill in-between the eyebrows of everyone. 

The arc was too fast to dodge. 

Everyone was startled with the timid girls shrieking in fear, but there was no harm to the body other than a slight tingling sensation in the brain. 

“Your player status has been distributed. By muttering ‘menu,’ you can open your game screen to access your status, quest details, and the game forum.”

Silver Trojan said dutifully.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

A virtual status screen immediately popped up in front of many students, showing them their status.

This led many students to cry out in shock.

This unknown technology was simply too amazing, far beyond Earth’s civilization.

Some students attempted to contact the police, but there were no signals on their mobile phones.

“Please look through your status later. The beginner stage is starting soon. Other than a few lucky players, everyone else has to play through three consecutive levels.”

“Due to the high mortality rates of these three consecutive levels, they are also called the deadly tripartite. Please give it your all.”

“If you fail the level, you will receive a punishment!”

Silver Trojan announced solemnly.

“What is the punishment?” 

Someone asked.

“Your head will explode.”

Silver Trojan’s reply resulted in an outburst by the students. 

“I will only state the rules once, so listen carefully!”

“While the game is in progress, players are strictly forbidden from speaking, communicating, and making noise to disrupt others. If caught, you will be punished immediately.”

“Similarly, I will only explain the levels once” If you do not understand, misheard, or missed it, it is on you. You are also not allowed to ask questions or leave the classroom. Failure to comply will result in death.”

Everyone tensed up upon hearing the words being spoken.

I felt much more nervous right now than when I took my high school entrance examinations. 

Some students were preparing to escape but were dissuaded when death was brought up.

“The first game is Truth or Dare!”

Silver Trojan gave no one time to process and adjust, starting the game immediately.

“If you are ever faced with death, and your only chance of survival requires you to kill another person, what will you do?”

“You are given one minute; please write either ‘kill’ or ‘don’t kill’ on a piece of paper.”

Everyone was dumbfounded by this evil question.

Could you not have asked a normal question?

Despite startling some students, others began thinking.

Could this game be a test of the player’s humanity?

Normally one would answer ‘don’t kill,’ right?

The students were all hesitant. Even though there were only two choices, you would be killed if the wrong answer was given.

Sun Yuan was stupefied as he glanced down at his phone.

Both the name and settings of this game directly matched the mobile game he cleared moments ago. Even the deadly tripartite was the same.

Could it really be?

When the system announcement mentioned that ‘Civilization Attack’ would be officially released in a minute, did it mean that the world would be gamified? 

To think I was worried about its lack of players due to its low popularity, who would have known the whole world was going to be forced into playing the game.

Hold on, now is not the time to be thinking about this, not when time is almost up.

I need to quickly recall how I cleared the level three years ago.

Back then, I chose ‘don’t kill’ as I thought myself to possess a heroic spirit and was willing to sacrifice myself for others.

I cleared it just like that.

Was the answer still as it was back then?

The countdown began.




Sun Yuan took a deep breath as he wrote down his answer. 

“Time is up. Stop writing!”

Silver Trojan laughed: “What do you think is the correct answer?”

“It is definitely ‘don’t kill.’ I believe this question is testing our humanity!”

Zhou Guan spoke confidently. 

Sun Yuan took a quick peek at him.

Zhou Guan was the smartest in class, the kind who received scholarships every year. It was said he earned over $10,000 a month just from creating content online.  

“I… I think killing is the correct choice!”

Zheng Chun spoke as he fiddled with the Rolex watch on his left wrist out of habit. 

“What is the reason?”

Silver Trojan asked with a smile.

“I have no idea, but you told us that this deadly tripartite has a high mortality rate. This suggests that choosing not to kill is the incorrect choice because many people will likely choose it. Hence, I choose to kill.”

Zheng Chun explained.

“Haha, smart.”

Silver Trojan complimented.

Zheng Chun’s eyebrow rosed, but before he could react, he heard Silver Trojan continue: “Unfortunately, you are wrong.” 

These words frightened Zheng Chun so much that he almost peed his pants.

“Is there anyone who can tell me the correct way to clear this level?” 

Silver Trojan asked. 

“100 points will be awarded to whoever answers correctly.”

“Oh, by the way, due to the gamification of the world and the invasion of monsters, the currency of the world has already collapsed. Dollars and Euros are useless now, game points are the new currency!”

“You can purchase a plethora of items at the mall with your points, including but not limited to: weapons, entertainment products, food and beverages, vehicles, and even plastic surgeries. In short, anything is possible!”

Zheng Chun frowned as he fiddled with his Rolex. If the value of his family’s assets depreciated, would he not lose his status as a silver spoon1?

 Sun Yuan looked around and determined that no one would answer before he raised his hand.

“The polite boy, your answer!”

Silver Trojan had a look of anticipation. 

It wanted to know if there was anyone in this class with the potential to be a strong player.

“Actually, both ‘kill’ and ‘don’t kill’ can be correct. All you have to do is answer truthfully.”

When Sun Yuan cleared the level three years ago, the system provided an explanation. The key lies in the word ‘truth.’

“Correct, 100 points!”

Silver Trojan was extremely satisfied: “Let me check, what is your name? Sun Yuan? Very good, I will be keeping an eye on you. I look forward to your subsequent performance.”

“What does it mean?”

Everyone failed to understand.

“This level is called Truth or Dare. If you answer truthfully, you will clear the level.”

Silver Trojan jokingly said: “To student Zhou Guan who claimed the question tested one’s humanity, I apologize. This game is not that deep. It merely tests your perception, something like a brain teaser.”

“You cheated!”

Zhou Guan roared unhappily.

“Okay, it is time for evaluations!” 

As soon as Silver Trojan finished speaking, the silent teacher Tao’s head exploded like a tomato being squeezed, splattering all over the place.

“Give me another chance!”

Zhou Guan shouted to no avail.


Xue Ba’s head exploded, killing him instantly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Everyone who answered incorrectly had their head exploded. Most of them thought of killing but chose otherwise. They were deterred from doing so as they wanted to appear humane.

Teacher Tao was no exception. 

The stench of blood filled the classroom as corpses fell onto the ground.


The boys could not tolerate the macabre scene, not to mention the girls, as they bent over and vomited.

The black cube projected three rows of text onto the blackboard.

Total participants: 45

Dead: 17

Alive: 28

This was only the first level, and over a third of the participants lost their life. The mortality rate was nothing to scoff at. 

The lucky survivors were all shivering with fear. About a dozen or so subconsciously swept their gaze over Sun Yuan, only to find him as cool as a cucumber. 


“I hope everyone puts in effort, for it is not my desire to have all of you eliminated during the beginner stage.

Silver Trojan encouraged.

Sun Yuan clenched his phone and kept a poker face, but his heart was racing.

The solution to the level was the same as in the mobile game he played. As the only closed beta player, would he not have a huge advantage in the subsequent levels?

He knew how to clear the Tower of God, kill bosses, as well as the locations of hidden treasures.

Not good!

He had to keep all this a secret from Silver Trojan, or he would be killed without a second thought. 

His knowledge would break the game.

“Attention please, the second game is about to begin!”

Silver Trojan announced: “Within five seconds, choose an organ to sacrifice and write it on a piece of paper!”

“The sacrificed organ will disappear!”

1to describe someone coming from a wealthy or privileged background

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