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GTTB Chapter 7


Shen Yansheng felt much more relaxed since she talked to doctor that day, and didn’t have frequent nightmares at night.

She was in a better mood, and her appetite improved as well.

When having breakfast with Lu Jingce this morning, Lu Jingce suddenly said, “Make time on the weekend.”

Shen Yansheng was stunned for a moment, then looked up at Lu Jingce, “Where are you going?”

” I have a social event, you go with me.”

Shen Yansheng said “Oh”, and said, “I thought you are taking me somewhere to play.”

Lu Jingce looked up at her, smiled, and said, “Where do you want to go?”

Shen Yansheng took a sip of milk and said, “Forget it, Mr. Lu has a lot of things to do every day, I don’t have the face to ask you to play with me.”

Lu Jingce didn’t understand where her ideas came from, placing the peeled eggs on her plate, he got up and said: “There is an early meeting, I’ll go first. I will leave Uncle Chen here to send you to work later.”

Shen Yansheng said “Yes,understood. “

After Lu Jingce left, Aunt Ping couldn’t help but said with a smile on her face, “Miss Shen, to be honest, I’ve been in the Lu family for so many years, and it’s the first time I’ve seen Mr. Lu being so caring.”

Shen Yansheng smiled, and didn’t take Aunt Ping’s words to heart.

She knows men of this class too well, they are rich and powerful, women are just accessories to them, they tease them when they are happy, and leave them aside when they get tired of it, and don’t bother to ask a question for ten and a half months.

She also didn’t feel that she was special to Lu Jingce. He might be very interested in her now, but after three to five months, he might get tired of her.

During the weekend, Shen Yansheng originally thought that Lu Jingce’s social gathering was in the urban area, but who knew it was in the suburbs and had to go up the mountain.

When they arrived at the place, Shen Yansheng realized that she that they came to Beijiao Hot Spring.

After getting out of the car, they went back to the room to rest first, Shen Yansheng found out that following Lu Jingce has an advantage, the place to live when going out is always of the highest standard.

Take their room as an example, there is a private hot spring in the yard.

Shen Yansheng was a little happy, walked to the yard, knelt down and soaked her hands first.

Lu Jingce was leaning against the door leading to the courtyard to make a phone call, seeing Shen Yansheng squatting there playing with the water, he couldn’t help but smile.

Shen Yansheng originally thought that when Lu Jingce went out to socialize in the afternoon, she would soak in the hot spring in her room by herself. Unexpectedly, before Lu Jingce went out, two guests were ushered in.

At that time, Shen Yansheng was taking off shoes, sitting by the hot spring pool to soak her feet, when the doorbell rang, Lu Jingce followed while talking in phone to answer the door.

Shen Yansheng raised her head, and also looked in the direction of the door.

She thought it was the hotel’s food and beverage department delivering lunch, but when the door opened, a girl walked in first.

This girl is a little strange, wearing a black coat, black fisherman’s hat, black sunglasses, black mask, her whole body is tightly wrapped, and she can’t tell what she looks like at all.

But even if you can’t tell what the other person looks like at all, you can almost imagine that the other party must be a beauty just by looking at the figure and clothing.

Shen Yansheng was looking at this woman curiously, and then saw Xie Rin coming in, he walked over to greet her, and said with a smile: “Sister Shen, long time no see.”

Shen Yansheng didn’t know what Lu Jingce was playing, of course, she also not qualified to ask. Anyway, in front of Lu Jingce, she only had to be obedient.

She smiled and said, “Hello Mr. Xie.” At this time, the woman in the room took off her hat, sunglasses and mask, took a breath, and said loudly, “I’m suffocating.”

She came out, raised her hand to Shen Yansheng with a smile, and said, “Hi.”

Only then did Shen Yansheng see the woman next to Xie Rin clearly, she was really surprised.

Although she doesn’t chase stars, she knows that the beautiful woman in front of her is the most popular female star in the entertainment industry right now.

Of course, she wasn’t surprised that in Lu Jingce’s circle, there were so many women who wanted to follow one of them. But she was a little surprised that Zhou Wanying was the same.

Judging by her appearance, she should be with Xie Rin.

Zhou Wanying was pretty and had a cheerful personality. After greeting Shen Yansheng, she walked up to her and knelt down to talk to her, “I’m Zhou Wanying, do you know me?”

Shen Yansheng smiled and said, “Of course , I’ve seen several of your movies, and you acted very well.”

Zhou Wanying was a little shy, and said, “Oh, I’m afraid the audience won’t like it.”

She chatted with Shen Yansheng by the hot spring pool for a long time, and said: “Can you ski? The ski resort next to here will be closed at the end of the month. Let’s go skiing in the afternoon.”

Shen Yansheng actually likes snow very much. Before the accident at home, she would go up the mountain every winter. Watching snow, skiing is one of the daily activities in winter.

It’s just that in the past half a year after the family accident, those hobbies that burned money in the past seem to have been a thing of the previous life.

She smiled and said, “I have to listen to Lu Jingce. If he wants to go down the mountain after a party, I have to go with him.”

Zhou Wanying blinked and thought, Lu Jingce asked me to play with you.

But she didn’t dare to betray Lu Jingce, and said with a smile, “It’s okay. It will take a long time for these men to socialize, and they will probably play cards at night. They socialize theirs, and we play ours.”

For lunch, they went to the Chinese restaurant on the third floor , and booked a private room.

Among the four, Zhou Wanying was definitely the one with the most lively atmosphere. She kept talking during the meal and mentioned halfway through that she would take Shen Yansheng to go skiing in the afternoon.

Hearing this, Lu Jingce looked sideways at Shen Yansheng, and asked her, “Will you?”

Shen Yansheng felt that Lu Jingce looked down on her, and said, “Of course I will. You don’t know how well I can play.”

Lu Jingce glanced at her, with a smile in his eyes, and then told her, “Be careful.”

Shen Yansheng said “um, I know.”

At one o’clock in the afternoon, Lu Jingce and Xie Rin had a dinner party, and the two left after eating at half past twelve.

When he was leaving, Xie Lin rubbed Zhou Wanying’s head, and said dotingly: “Ski slowly, don’t break your bones again.”

Zhou Wanying patted his hand, “Don’t curse me.”

Xie Lin smiled ,and followed Lu Jingce out.

After the two men left, it was the private space of the two girls.

Although Zhou Wanying was recruited by Lu Jingce to be Shen Yansheng’s playmate, she felt like old friends with Shen Yansheng at first sight and liked her very much. They went skiing in the afternoon, and found a clean tavern to drink in the evening.

Zhou Wanying drank a few more cups, her cheeks turned red, her chin was propped up, she looked not as happy as she was during the day, her smile seemed a little sad, “Actually, I know that Xie Rin will not marry me, But I really like him, so much that I know he won’t marry me, but I still can’t bear to part with him.”

She looked at Shen Yansheng with tears in her eyes, “Shengsheng, what about you? Why are you with Lu Jingce ? Do you love him?”

Shen Yansheng smiled when she heard the words, she wiped Zhou Wanying’s tears with a tissue, and comforted her: “Wanwan, you are drunk, don’t think too much.”

As for whether she loves Lu Jingce?

She felt that there was no simpler relationship in the world than she and Lu Jingce.

He will not love her.

She will not love him either.

After Shen Yansheng and Zhou Wanying finished drinking, it was almost early morning when they returned to the hotel.

She pushed open the door and saw that Lu Jingce had returned, sitting on the sofa and reading a document.

She also drank some wine just now, and she was a little wobbly when she walked. She took off her shoes by leaning on the wall, but she was dizzy for a long time and couldn’t find the slippers. Lu Jingce had to act as a human cushion.

Seeing her like this, Lu Jingce knew that she had drunk too much. He picked her up on his lap and pinched her face, “Who told you to drink?”

Shen Yansheng closed her eyes, her consciousness was a little unclear, and said in a daze: ” I drink as much as I like, you don’t mind me.”

Lu Jingce smiled and pinched her cheek, “Who are you talking to?”

Shen Yansheng frowned and shouted dizzy, Lu Jingce picked her up horizontally, got up and put her on the bed, and then made a phone call asking the front desk to bring up the hangover medicine.

However, Shen Yansheng woke up before she got the anti-alcoholic medicine. She got up from the bed and started clamoring to take a bath in a daze.

Seeing that she was quite drunk, Lu Jingce worried about letting her into the bathroom alone and didn’t allow her to wash.

But Shen Yansheng felt that she smelled of alcohol and felt uncomfortable all over her body. She insisted on washing, but Lu Jingce dragged her and refused to allow her to go, saying, “You stagger when walking, and you are not afraid of falling down?”

She frowned and looked at Lu Jingce, “Then watch me wash.”

After she finished speaking, the room was so quiet for a moment that the sound of a needle falling to the ground could be heard.

Lu Jingce stared at Shen Yansheng for a few seconds, then narrowed his eyes dangerously, and said, “Say it again.”

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