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FUL Side Story 02


Lucy, as if she had become a farmer, became busier as spring came.

Inside the duchy, there was a garden she cherished. Recently, she almost lived there because she didn’t miss plow days or seeding days.

She also made medicines out of herbs and other plants and performed some volunteer work using the medical skills she learned in medical school.

Felix, who was busy, also had a similar situation. He spent almost every day in his office working, and he frequently traveled for work. As a result, it was difficult for the two to spend time together.

Lucy, who had been stumbling around the garden all morning, finally cleaned up and wiped her sweat with her sleeves.

Suddenly, she raised her head and looked at Felix’s office. But there was no movement in the window. This is because Felix left the mansion early in the morning for work. The empty office looked more lonely.

When she returned to their room with a lonely heart, there was some paper on the table. The memo only had two sentences scrawled on it in Felix’s handwriting; it appeared that a servant delivered it.

Two o’clock. In front of the fountain in Bethel Square.

Lucy, who had read the writing, smiled quickly.

She immediately threw off her filthy clothes and hurried to the bathroom to wash herself.

She wiped the water off and then opened the closet. She typically wore achromatic, cozy clothing at home, but today she noticed a pretty colorful, adorable dress.

Lucy dressed herself and quietly walked out of the room.

She vaguely heard the twins’ laughter. It was playtime for the kids, so the tutor and nanny were watching them.

Strangely, the children’s laughter seemed to be getting closer as she descended the stairs in peace and quiet.

And the moment Lucy was already down the stairs.

She came across the twins exiting the playroom. Walking while holding the tutor’s hand, Knox and Eston stopped.

Lucy made a hasty attempt to hide behind the stairs, but the two kids had already found her.


The twins called Lucy with gleaming eyes.

“Mom, where are you going?”

“I’m not going anywhere. Just the garden.”

“Dressed like that?”

The children were quick-witted.

Knox and Eston came running to Lucy, letting go of the tutor’s hand. Before she could leave, the twins clung to her skirts.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m not going anywhere”

“Lies! Then why did you wear this?”

“I just like to wear it!”

“I want to go too!”

“Take me with you!”

Lucy’s lies didn’t work on the children.

“I want to play with my mom!”

“I want to play with my mom, too!”

The nanny and the tutor were standing behind them, pityingly glancing at her. This is due to the fact that they were well aware from prior experience that they could not handle the kids behaving in such a gooey, gum-sticking manner toward their mother.

When her lies didn’t work, Lucy decided to use the last resort.

“Phew, yes, that’s right. Mom, is going to play.”

“I’m coming, too.”

“I want to follow you!”

“Yes, yes.”

Lucy pretended to listen to the twins and slipped.

“Aunt Rosé misses you, too.”

At the same moment, Eston and Knox, who were both holding the skirt of Lucy, both looked up.

“Aunt Rosé?”

The children who asked with bewildered eyes, suddenly let go of her skirt and slowly stepped back.

“Yes, I’m going out to see Aunt Rosé today.”

The children were rendered speechless. Lucy was able to contain her laughter as she thought back on some memories.

Last fall, the children who begged Rosé to play with them during her visit to the Duchy boldly suggested playing tag, and Rosé immediately removed her shoes.

Recalling their mother and nanny who always lost to them, the twins expected Rosé to play the role of a tagger and act like them but the person involved seemed to have a different plans.

Less than ten minutes after Rosé took the twins to a large open space in the garden, the screams of the children began to resonate in the Duchy.

What Lucy and Felix saw when they looked out of the window was Rosé, who was chasing the twins with her skirt gravely raised.

As the twins ran from their seats whenever they heard the word Rosé, Perhaps the moment remained etched in their minds. 

“What’s wrong? You said you wanted to follow me. Let’s go see Aunt Rosé together.”

Shake~ shake~

The children shut their mouths and shook their heads.

“Why? You said you wanted to go, too.”

Shake~ shake~

The twins exchanged glances with each other, and then calmly greeted Lucy.

“Mom, have a safe trip.”

“Mom, have a safe trip.”

Then they sprinted to the tutor. The twins, who held their home teacher’s hand tightly, urged the teacher and asked him to go somewhere else.

Lucy burst into laughter as she watched the twins calmly following their tutor and nanny.


Bethel Square.

Lucy stepped outside the carriage to inspect the fountain. She had a distant view of Felix.

Felix quickly located her and waved his hand.

Through the throng of people, Lucy sprinted to him and immediately gave him a bear hug.

They haven’t gone out on a date as a couple for such a long time.

“Felix, have you been waiting for long?”

He responded while giving Lucy a bear hug.

“There’s no such thing as ‘a lot’ waiting for you.”

Her ears rang with the sound of his voice.

“I will always wait for you.”

Soon after he released Lucy, he held her hands and led her somewhere.

“It looks like there are more people today.”

Lucy looked around the square full of people with a puzzled expression.

“Because it’s spring festival day.”


Only then did Lucy think of the date. Because of the garden work and taking care of the twins, she temporarily lost all awareness of the festival’s approaching date.

“I wanted to walk with you like this, even if it’s not necessarily because of the festival because the weather is so nice,” he said.

He was right; it was a day that no one could resist coming outside because the sky was clear and it was a moderately warm day.

Holding hands tightly, the two made their way through the crowd.

It had been a while since they had fun together, so she wanted to walk quietly, but things didn’t turn out the way she had hoped.

This is due to people’s stealthy eyes following them everywhere.

Lovely blue eyes and long blond hair. A pleasing face

His appearance, the features of the Duke of Berg, attracts people’s attention anytime, anywhere.

In addition, the carriage that Lucy rode was still there.

People appeared to be aware of the Duke and Duchess of Berg’s presence in Bethel Square thanks to it.

Additionally, the duchess, the woman walking alongside the duke while holding his hand, was a commoner.

Felix seemed to have caught the oblique glance directed at them quickly. He removed Lucy from the crowd and led her into an alleyway filled with street vendors.

On both sides of the street, there are stalls set up indefinitely, vendors slinging their wares, and people stopping briefly to take a closer look.

Lucy started to remember the old memories she had temporarily forgotten as she took in the surroundings.

Leaving their friends, a boy and a girl vanished into the crowd.

Did she and he both recall the same event? Felix looked at them and grinned softly.

The two kept a cordial distance while walking. The spring sun shone brightly on the top of their heads.

At one of the stands, Felix purchased a women’s brim hat. He placed the hat atop Lucy’s head.

“Because the sun is shining.” Felix said as he personally tied a ribbon under her chin.

Lucy was startled to feel eyes on them. 

However, it was the nearby young women who were glancing at the two. They were enviously glancing at Felix and Lucy as he tied the ribbon with a kind touch.

Evidently, Felix attracted admiration from more people than just the ladies.

Nevertheless, the person in question did not appear to have paid it any attention.

Felix gave Lucy a friendly smile and even arranged Lucy’s hair.

Lucy thought as she looked at Felix’s smile. I believe that rather than the sun, it is your face that shines.

“Shall we go now?”

After leaving the hat vendor, Lucy and Felix resumed their stroll.

Felix continued to scan the area even after purchasing the hat as if he were looking for something.

Lucy asked, “Shall I guess what you’re looking for?”

“What is it?”

Lucy grabbed Felix by the wrist, moved forward, stopped in front of a stand, and pointed to one place with her finger as Felix’s chin twitched as if to guess.

“This one.”

A crystal necklace was gleaming under the sunlight at her fingertips.


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