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FUL Chapter 99


Felix’s realization brought a faint smile to the Duke’s face.

He was patting his armrest rhythmically with his fingers. He didn’t seem like he was talking about the serious issue of war.

“There is no way that the Kingdom of Lausanne would have thought of withdrawing completely from the territorial dispute with the Beros Empire. They haven’t been able to pay attention to the conflict zones because they have spent the last few decades trying to stop the barbarians from looting.”

The next moment, the Duke laughed, as if he were in a pleasant mood.

“Luckily, I received information from the barbarians a few months ago that Lausanne was using a conciliatory plot against the imperial family. After that, I was able to figure out the plan that Lausanne would invade the eastern border of the empire with the barbarians they recruited.”

“Nevertheless, you didn’t inform the Empire about it, but rather used it as an opportunity to start a business.”

Felix is unable to contain his rage more than ever. The Duke maintained his composure despite his son’s hostile demeanor.

“As I have already said, the Imperial army will win the war. So don’t worry about the damage. No matter what war the Kingdom of Lausanne may cause, it will not affect the West at all.” 

Felix’s fists were clenched tightly on his lap. He cast a furious look at his father, who was sitting by himself in front of him.

What happens elsewhere does not matter as long as the capital where his family lives is safe. Does this mean that even if the eastern land is ruined by war or not, there is no need to worry about it?

Lucy’s family, which he had never seen, passed by in his head in a fuzzy image. Then Colin’s family and friends from the East also came to his mind and disappeared.

The innocent people’s cries in the East appeared to be heard far away.

Does he really not care one bit about this kind of thing? Isn’t it the terrible misfortune of the empire that such a person is sitting in the Duke’s seat?

In front of his son’s bewildered face, the Duke only smiled leisurely. As if he doesn’t feel any remorse for his actions, which contributed to the prosperity of his family.

“……Do you realize how many people are suffering because of your silence?”

Felix bit his lip and asked his father.

“Is money that important?”

“Money and power are the most important things to sustain a family.” 

The Duke added with a smile on his face.

“In order to protect ourselves, we have to make our family more prosperous. See what the men of our Berg have cultivated in the meantime. The legacy of our family, which even the emperor can’t attain, did not happen overnight.”

Felix was horrified by the Duke’s low voice.

“You’re saying you have to protect your legacy, but you’re driving your family to death.”


Duke asked with a face that he did not understand.

“………I mean Adrian. Adrian is going to be dragged to the battlefield overnight because of this war. Do you not feel sorry for your child?”

“Are you upset?”

The Duke laughed.

“He should be very honored to participate in the war in the name of his family. He will die for the honor of the Berg family.”


Felix couldn’t hold back any longer and hit the table. The plates and forks vibrated loudly. Despite this, the Duke did not bat an eye.

“Honor? What honor does our family have? What kind of honor do you have after exploiting the powerless?”

“It’s not something you should say because you’ve been enjoying a comfortable life because of that honor.”

At the Duke’s words, Felix felt as if he had been struck by lightning for a moment. He was unable to reply to the words that struck him deeply.

The duke laughed hysterically at him.


If, as you say, our family’s legacy is a disgrace, why are you still attached to this family? Why have you been so keen on succession classes lately?

The truth is, you know it. The fact that you’re nothing without your family. That’s why you couldn’t give up.

Felix stared blankly at the table with a shocked face.

The servants began bringing food in spite of the heavy, stagnant atmosphere.

They busily filled the empty plates between the father and son, who sat silently. Felix, however, did not have any appetite.

After a while, Felix rose from his seat. The servant, who was putting the meat on his plate, looked at him with a puzzled expression.

But Felix left the dining room without caring. Of course, his father did not stop him.


Felix moved along the hallway on the first floor, which was lit by a faint light.

In the long hallway, there were large portraits of the Dukes who had led the Berg family for hundreds of years.

These dignified men all had bright blue eyes beneath brilliant blonde hair. Their self-righteous eyes followed Felix.

As one of the oldest families in the empire, the procession of portraits continued endlessly. Felix could not hide his disturbed and mixed feelings as he walked in front of them.

How many Bergs have accumulated false wealth over the years? How many people and lands have suffered because of their family?

When he finally reached the end of the long-running portrait, an empty frame appeared. If nothing else happens, the space will be his place.

And by that time, he would have become a man worthy of the Duke of Berg’s position and have soaked in the family’s property.

Expelling the powerless from their homes and conquering empty lands at will.

Can I live like that?


Felix was lost in thought for a long time, looking into the empty frame. And after a long thought, he concluded.

No, he couldn’t possibly live like that.

He didn’t want to live greedily, like his father and grandfather.

Felix stood still and listened to the sound coming from the dining room. Soon after, the Duke came out and returned to his bedroom.

Felix turned his way back to his room and headed to the end of the hallway on the second floor. Located at the end of the corridor was the Duke’s office.

He didn’t run into anyone while he was on his way. This is because no one is allowed to enter the office except for a few maids and the Duke.

It was the first time in a long time that he had been in the Duke’s office.

Felix didn’t like this place, which was as stark and eerie as its owner. Coming here made him feel uneasy because he remembered being called here when he was younger to receive reprimands from his father.

A small flame blazed in the fireplace. The office, where the embers were dying down, was as cold as the Duke’s atmosphere.

Nevertheless, Felix’s eyes were burning fiercely as he looked around the office.

If he can’t escape his father’s prison, he’ll just bring it down.

He intended to bring the entire Duke’s irregularities to the empire. Felix was not going to stop, even if his family disintegrated.

Many people have already suffered because of their family.

He particularly felt that he would no longer be able to face Lucy directly when he realized that his father had concealed it on purpose despite knowing there would be a war. He believed he wasn’t deserving of it.

He plans to take matters into his own hands by exposing his father’s shortcomings.

Felix began to search the duke’s desk drawer and bookshelf. However, no documents are available regarding the Duke’s activities.

Of course, he couldn’t have kept the papers so poorly.

He’d never heard of a secret space in the office, but just in case, he pressed here and there and pushed it.

The protruding pieces of the desk, the dreary space under the drawer, the floor under the carpet… And finally, when he pushed a bookcase, Felix was able to find a small safe door on the wall.

Funny how the key to the safe door was right in front of the door.Was it the Duke’s arrogance that made him believe no one would dare to push behind his bookshelf?

Felix quickly put aside such curiosity, picked up the key, and opened the safe.

It contained a lot of documents he was looking for. After hurriedly looking around, Felix discovered a wooden chest lying alone on the top.

When compared to other documents piled up at once, it appeared suspicious that only the chest was enshrined.

The lid was engraved with three lights and a large wooden pattern, the symbol of the Great Temple. It meant the chest came from the temple.

He carefully took out the box and opened the lid.


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