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FUL Chapter 94


In the last 50 years, the empire has never had a war, apart from a small conflict with neighbouring countries.When the news of war broke out, the entire country fell into complete chaos.

Only then did the capital citizens, who dismissed the looting of the Trach tribe as mere conflict in the far eastern provinces, gradually begin to tremble in fear.

Furthermore, what shocked the academy students was the decrees issued throughout the empire.The academy was in mayhem because of the emperor’s order for all noble families.

In the event of a war, every family that swore allegiance to the emperor had to send one adult man to the battlefield. Failure to do so is strictly punishable under national law.

Most of the eldest sons had to carry on their families as successors, so it was the second or youngest son who was sent to battle.

Felix looked at the decree on the wall with a serious expression; he then turned and ran down the hallway.

When he turned the corner, the man he was looking for appeared from across the street. He saw Felix and stopped walking.


A more restless voice came out of Felix’s mouth. It was a voice mixed with worries, fears, confusion, and everything else.

But the other person was really calm.

Berg’s second son, who became an adult after his birthday only a month ago, smiled faintly at his brother.

Even among the students running around in a mixture of surprise and confusion, he stood upright, maintaining his usual neat appearance.

There was no resentment, no anger in his empty eyes.

* * *

The war drove the academy into a huge storm overnight.

Half of the third-year boys were second or third sons who were subject to the decree. In addition, there were many people who had become adults after their 19th birthday. They had to join the Imperial Knights in place of their father or brother and leave for the East on a designated date.

They still couldn’t accept this situation. The only thing that was left on their faces was the fear of dying.

That night, Felix sat absent-mindedly on the bed in their dormitory room. Thanks to the storm that swept through the academy, the dormitory was quiet.

It was a strange stillness.

Then, Felix’s gaze turned to the bed next to him. Adrian took off his school uniform as usual, organized it neatly, and sat on the bed in a neat manner.

He went through his schedule with an indifferent expression, as if to check his tomorrow’s schedule in advance. There was no emotion on his face to the point where it was creepy.

Even though he is someone who might be called up suddenly because of the decree, he is preparing for tomorrow without any agitation. Who knows, his schedule for the next day might be useless.

The calmer he was, the more Felix’s heart seemed to crumble.

“If you have something to say, say it.”

Adrian said, with his eyes still fixed on the timetable. It was such a calm tone.


When Felix didn’t answer, Adrian turned his head and looked at him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

He asked with a smile, as if the situation were nothing. But Felix did not believe the face that pretended to be indifferent. 

Who can laugh nonchalantly before leaving for the battlefield?

But Felix couldn’t say anything.

Don’t worry too much.

There must be another alternative.

You’ll be alright.

No words could comfort Adrian. Instead of deceiving Adrian with the right words, Felix bit his lips.

“……I’ll find someone to send in your place.

That was all he could say after much consideration.

The emperor’s decree was only given to aristocrats who swore allegiance to the emperor.

At one time, nobles used their power and wealth to hire knights to send them to war instead. However, when this was increasingly abused and most nobles simply passed their duties on to powerless knights, the emperor banned alternative service.

Therefore, in the event of a war, the nobles were forced to send their beloved son to the battlefield.

Of course, even at the risk of being punished, there were often cases where someone else was secretly sent to war instead of their son. If caught, it was difficult to avoid harsh punishment, but someone tried.

They couldn’t bear to send their beloved son to war.

Will father do the same?

Felix was in agony, recalling his cold-blooded father.

No matter how much Adrian was regarded as his replacement, it was undeniable that he was a descendant of the Berg family.

The Duke has been using Adrian with contempt, but this time it may be different. It’s about the life of his son.

Felix had a glimmer of hope that his father would agree to find someone to go to war for his brother.

The Duke is very powerful. Buying the chief of the Knights would not be too difficult for his father.

“……who will replace me?”

However, Adrian’s voice was not skeptical, and it was even mixed with explicit ridicule.

“Well, maybe it’s a great opportunity for our father to get rid of me.”

Felix frowned at his significant words. Every time Adrian uttered something negative like that, he felt like his heart was breaking.

“What do you mean?”

“You know, Felix. Father won’t do that for me.”

How do you know that?

Felix wanted to shout like that.

He wanted to shake his shoulders and tell him not to give up already and not to say such desperate words.

But somehow, the word only lingered in Felix’s mouth.

As he only puffed his mouth, Adrian grinned.

“I abandoned that vain hope a long time ago.”

After he said that, he blew out the candle without Felix’s permission.

Silence settled in the room with darkness.

Vain hope

Even in the dark, Adrian’s voice lingered in Felix’s head.

When Adrian’s rustling in the bed stopped, Felix sat still for a long time.

It’s not a vain hope.

He blamed himself endlessly for not being able to guarantee it.

* * *

He had not seen Lucy ever since the news of the war broke. She didn’t even show up to class all day.

Felix caught her book club friends and asked them, but they just shook their heads. He became nervous.

Felix knew how much Lucy loved her hometown and family, so he couldn’t even imagine how miserable she felt when she heard the news of the war. 

He circled the girl’s dormitory building and looked up at the window where Lucy’s room was.

He desperately wanted to climb up the wall and check if Lucy was okay or if she had cried all night.

“What are you doing here?”

When he turned around to see the voice he heard from behind, Rosé was standing behind him.

She looked up at the girl’s dormitory with her hands on her waist and looked suspiciously at Felix, who was standing.

“…… Lucy hasn’t come out of the room. When I checked her out when I brought her a meal in the morning, her face looked terrible.”

Even before Felix asked, Rose told him what he was curious about.

“It must be painful. since it happened in her hometown. How’s Colin?”

“……I stopped him from packing and going home right away.”

“Good job. He can’t even fight properly. Where is he going?”

Rosé sighed as she swept through her red hair.

“Anyway, I’m checking Lucy’s status from time to time. So don’t think about forcing yourself into the female student dormitory.”

Rosé said, maintaining her usual haughty attitude.

But Felix realized that she was deliberately acting resolute. He could feel the anxiety that she couldn’t hide in the corner of her face.

Her father, Count Millard, was a knight who made a name for himself in the Empire. He, too, will have to go to the East for the peace of the Empire.

“Don’t look at me with a sad face!”

Rosé, who read the expression on Felix’s face, burst into a rage. She paused for a moment and then opened her mouth.

“……As the daughter of a knight, I was always mentally prepared for this kind of situation. So I don’t want to get that sympathetic look from you.”

“It’s not sympathy.”

Felix corrected her words.

“It’s because I can’t believe it either. The fact that I have to send my family to war…….”

At that, Rosé’s eyes turned and looked at Felix. Only then did she realize that Adrian had come of age and was subject to the decree.

Rose hesitated and opened her mouth.

“Wouldn’t your father be able to find enough people for Adrian?”

Rose’s words, without knowing the situation, only made Felix bitter once again.

“I’ll be going now.”

Averting to answer, he turned away. His mind was more complicated than ever.

Lucy, Adrian, the war, the decree……

Everything was going down at once.

And in it, Felix couldn’t give up hope.

There’s no way my father would send Adrian to war. Whatever happens, father…

It’s funny to say this, but isn’t Adrian still “useful”?

But his expectations were crushed with a single letter.

It was a letter from the Duke.

The recipient was Adrian, telling him to prepare to join the Knights immediately.

Felix, who opened the letter instead of Adrian, clenched his fists as he slowly read the letters down.

His whole body trembled with anger at the thought of relentlessly betraying his handful of hope.



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  1. That resignation…

    As soon as Adrian heard about the war he must’ve immediately accepted that he’d be participating in it.

  2. I’m upset…
    I’m beginning to understand the Berg family more.
    Obviously Duke Berg is a POS who seemed to have preferred Felix as his heir since he’s the eldest and treated Adrian as a spare. Obviously this must have caused a lot of contention/issues between the Duke and Duchess of Berg, which must be why she always gave preferential treatment towards Adrian.

    Although to be honest it’s obvious neither parent are good to their kids anyway, whether or not they’re playing favourites.
    I feel bitter and sad for the Berg Boys.
    Felix just wants his mom’s love and Adrian wants his dad’s approval… or basically they want to be treated better by their neglectful parents. Hurts my heart man.

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